Saturday, December 24, 2011

Largest Reindeer Herd in the world is becoming threatened by poor Canadian environmental oversight and laws.

The reindeer is central to the lives and cultures of indigenous peoples across the sub-Arctic.

It would seem as though Canada has no respect for their indigenous people either.

The world’s largest reindeer herd (click title to entry - thank you) has plummeted in size, with local indigenous people blaming the spread of massive industrial projects in the area.
The George River herd, which once numbered 8-900,000 animals, stands today at just 74,000 – a drop of up to 92%.
The herd roams the vast tundra of Quebec and Labrador in eastern Canada. Known as caribou in North America, the animals are central to the culture of the Cree and Innu people of the region....

Besides the new industrial pollution and dynamics played out, there is habitat loss and of all things OVER HUNTING !  The herd nor the Innu people have no protection from either environmental assault or exploitive hunting practices for profiteers.

CARIBOU HUNTING (click here)
Canada and Alaska

Canada was never good at protecting baby seals, why would any expect them to protect Reindeer.

Russia Bans Baby Seal Massacre, Canada Continues Killing Spree (click here)

Baby seals are safe from being massacred in Russia, as the country announced Wednesday that it had banned hunting the animals. The announcement came weeks after Prime Minister Vladimir Putin called it a “bloody industry”.  Anti-seal hunting protesters had gathered in 20 cities and towns across Russia this week to urge a halt to the practice....

This Holiday Season reflect on the preciousness of the natural world and the reverence it needs from First World nations.  Thank you.