Saturday, September 14, 2013

Separation of Church and State

When it was known Russia was passing a discriminatory law regarding the LGBT community, it sounded too much like the spread of Christian Evangelical dogma through political systems. Rachel Maddow found a link between the Russian movement and a religious organization called, "World Congress of Families." (click here) It all started to come together. But, I took further.

The Evangelicals aren't conspirators, they are a movement, albeit, a movement of hate, but a movement just the same.

"The K Street Gang: The Rise and Fall of the Republican Machine" (click here)

In the USA there is suppose to be separation of church and state. It has been watered down by the Robert's Court. But, when one looks at the way Americans were indoctrinated into a Culture of Fear, I had to ask myself why. There was the obvious Wall Street reasons of greed as with Vietnam; but; was it the only reason if I am to believe there is a religious political movement to tie government to the promotion of religious dogma.

In the USA there was an organization known only as "The Family" that provided special treatment to Republicans in Congress. 

"The Family Foundation" (click here) is located in Virginia and provides substantial fellowships to those that seek it. Abraham Vereide founded the organization in 1935 as well as "The National Prayer Breakfast." He was well known to people such as Billy Graham and rubbed elbows with political leaders on a regular basis. He founded Goodwill Industries. He died in 1969 and would not consent to the "The Family" as it exists today.

In 2008, the year it was fairly obvious the Republicans were going to lose their grip on the USA, there was a book published. It was written by Jeff Sharlet. 

Jeff Sharlet told NBC News that when he was an intern with the Fellowship "we were being taught the leadership lessons of Hitler, Lenin and Mao" and that Hitler's genocide "wasn't an issue for them, it was the strength that he emulated."

"The Family; The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power" (click here)

The troubling realization of the growing discrimination in Russia and the link to extremists Christians is too spooky. Let me propose a 'dynamic' that could be instilled in a culture strong enough to drive the politics of a nation. It was not long ago NGOs were being regarded as trouble by the Russian government.

Iraq was a war of choice. What if an NGO went into a First World Communist nation with the idea that fear of the USA, as demonstrated in reality, by parking missiles at Russian borders, causing nuclear escalation with North Korea and Iran, ignoring the tragedies and deaths by the Polish government and the new nations backed by the Russian government, could actually bring about war; would the naive believe that was possible unless they converted to a Christian god that pleased the USA?

Now, to be fair to the then President Bush, he stated openly that Muslims were not the problems, but, the Islamic Fascists were. So, in a back handed way that only Bush could state, he was attempting to mitigate hatred. But, for a nation, the only Superpower to be angry all the time and seek war and conflict all the time is a strange posture for the USA.

What allows NGOs into a sovereign nation? I am not talking United Nations. Either an invitation or war.

...The NGO Coordination Committee for Iraq, (click here) or NCCI, is an independent initiative that was launched by a group of NGOs present in Baghdad in April 2003. At the time of inception, the 14 original members focused on establishing a base for objective aid coordination, highlighting intervention priorities and optimizing aid responses in Iraq. NCCI’s activities eventually evolved in accordance with the changing situation in Iraq, and in turn the organization developed into a comprehensive forum where NGOs can exchange information regarding humanitarian activities and policy decisions in Iraq....

For an organization of NGOs to thrive immediately after the March invasion by the USA is astounding and is not a mistake or coincidence.

Senator Reid and Minority Leader Pelosi need to do something abourt the poor leadership in the House.

...Who is the tea party? (click here) Well, understand, when I was in school I studied government, among other things. And prior to World War I and after World War I we had the anarchists. Now, they were violent. Some say that's what started World War One, the anarchy movement. But they were violent. They did damage to property and they did physical damage to people. The modern anarchists, don't do that. That's the tea party. But they have the same philosophy as the early anarchists. They do not believe in government. Any time anything bad happens to government, that's a victory for them....

Senator Reid needs to pass a bill in the Senate stating no paychecks for anyone for the same length of time the government is unfunded after the funding is passed. In other words, if the government is not funded for a week, then the Congress receives no pay for the week of deadlock and an additional week as a tax to make up for the damage that occurred during that week of disruption.

Call it "The Tardy Tax." For everyday the Congress is tardy at doing the work assigned them they are doubly taxed as a penalty. 

And no one saw this coming? Well, congratulations, living in bliss is killing people.

"...Right at the edge of the foothills. A half a year's rain, in hours...."

172 people unaccounted for? I am assuming some are children. What river is this?

St. Vrain, Poudre and Big Thompson Rivers. Three rivers. People literally drove to their deaths.

Stay off the roads? What roads? There is complete undermining of the entire infrastructure. The area needs to be evacuated, never mind about roads. Those people should be nowhere near this water.

Elevation. About fifty feet of elevation made the difference between life and death.

It is because of drought. There have been major fires in the area. The vegetation was damaged. Nearby areas have reported rock and mudslides since July because of devastating fires followed by rain.

The elevations change rapidly in the area. The mountains are over 13,000 feet and Denver, Colorado is the Mile High City at an elevation of just over 5,000 feet. That means the rain in the mountains had nothing stopping it, caused erosion at high elevations and washed down stream at a high rate of speed because it was falling 7000 feet. 
US Drought Monitor 
July 2, 2013

Colorado was dry and the areas north of Denver are no longer under a drought threat.

Denver and the areas north are the areas effected today. It is the yellow and white areas on the Colorado Drought Map. It has been getting significant rain since the wildfires. That is what did this.

The drought thoughout the USA is historic. The trend from 'baseline' began in 2011 and began to spike summer of 2012. Drought is the same type of disaster as any tornado or hurricane, but, has a long timeline. The loss of vegetation opens the land to excoriating heat that will result in huge erosion and soil loss once the rains start. Governors across the nation, especially where there has been sustained drought, need to assess their exposure to DROUGHT IN RELATION TO ELEVATION and lower lying cities and towns.

Emergency warnings need to be ongoing and early, but, the people of these cities and towns need to understand the danger that might be involved where they live. 172 people had no idea what was coming!

A rubber ducky floats down Ninth Street alongside North Boulder Park in Boulder, Colorado, on September 12.  
Governors need to pay attention and UNDERSTAND the threat the Climate Crisis is bringing. It wasn't like this should be a surprise. This is what happens when legislators decide they know more than the science and the scientists. This is what happens. I don't feel sorry for anyone, except, the citizens that were lied to and mislead by their leaders and their propagandized political media.