Wednesday, March 12, 2014

They better not contemplating any aggressive stance with those guns. The Ukrainian ship needs to be at sea and under observation. I would not trust the ship being left in port. It can still be boarded by people intent on being some kind of irrational hero.

Ukrainian sailors parade on a ship off Sevastopol, Crimea. The Ukrainian military has avoided confrontations with Russian forces in Crimea. (Viktor Drachev / AFP/Getty Images / March 12, 2014)

KIEV, Ukraine — For all its moral outrage (click here) and vows never to be partitioned, this country has become almost a bystander to the struggle over its future....

I take issue with that statement. I think the Crimea likes getting all this attention and it emboldens them. The world really doesn't know what the Ukraine will say about it's leadership until May. Keeping everything optimistic to the outcomes within legal elections is the best for the Ukraine. They need to carry out their lives and decide about their votes for May.

Yanukovych is a danger to the people. He dismantled the national military and put militias throughout the country. Even under the constitution preferred by Yanukovych he isn't allowed to assault the sovereignty of the country. What about this seems to be unclear, because, it isn't unclear to most of the Ukrainians.
This is medical waste regardless of where it originated and the companies producing it has to pay for it's proper disposable.

This is illegal dumping.

February 22, 2014 6:45 pm
MCKENZIE COUNTY, N.D. — Federal and state health officials (click here) are investigating leaking trailers loaded with thousands of pounds of potentially radioactive filter socks and debris parked on rural property southwest of Watford City.
A special agent with the Environmental Protection Agency criminal investigations unit is assigned to the case and a radiation control team from the state Health Department was on scene Friday.
Brad Torgerson, with the state Health Department’s waste management division, said the team determined that radiation levels “do not appear to present any public health hazards.” He said the company, RP Services, of Riverton, Wyo., was told to put the waste in proper containers and submit a plan for cleanup....

Senator Chambliss has resigned his seat when his time expires.

He is also wrong. At least Senator Feinstein actually conducts oversight. Chambliss is just being political to demonize a Democratic Senator.

I can't imagine an entire US Legislative body being spied on through covert methods by the CIA. That is a return to J. Edgar Hoover or worse McCarthy. 

By Stephen Dinan 
The Washington Times

...“Although (click here) people speak as though we know all the pertinent facts surrounding this matter, the truth is, we do not,” said Georgia Sen. Saxby Chambliss, the committee’s vice chairman....

Well there is a brilliant statement. What does he mean he doesn't know? He is a member of the oversight committee, it is his responsibility to know. What is his role in this as well? At least Senator Feinstein knew something.
Gas explosion. I really think homes and buildings need to be electric without gas lines within them or under the streets. If a power plant runs on natural gas it can supply the electricity any city needs. Natural gas pipelines among homes and buildings is a really bad idea.

Besides, the future doesn't require pipelines of gas. The future is about alternative energies and they don't pipelines.

Ozier Muhammad/The New York Times
Firefighters work to extinguish the last flames from an explosion caused by a gas leak that destroyed two buildings on Park Avenue in the East Harlem neighborhood of New York on Wednesday. 

Published: 12 March 2014 07:27 PM
Updated: 12 March 2014 07:40 PM 

NEW YORK — A gas leak (click here) triggered a large explosion in East Harlem on Wednesday morning, destroying two buildings, killing at least three people and wounding more than 50 others. Around 10 people remain missing, according to the authorities....
Ten still missing. That is not good. I am sure the cold in NYC has something to do with it.

Guns define power.

John Bacon
9:58 a.m. EDT March 12, 2014

...Forensic investigator (click here) Lt. Col Johannes Vermeulen, using the items as props, testified in Pretoria that the evidence indicated Pistorius was not wearing his leg prostheses when he fired four shots through the bathroom door and smashed it in with the bat on Valentine's Day 2013, South Africa's Times Live reported....

Why would any pilot want to divert from the Chinese destination?

The USA, Russia, China, Japan, Phillipines have absolutely no intelligence on this. None at all. In the age of airline security, no one has a clue.

Anyone check the Nicobar Islands? The India military wants get involved, why aren't they? They should take the initiative in international waters. They should not wait to be invited. This might have impact on their waters and nation.

Did national intelligence of nations forget the damage a jet can do? All it needs is a refueling station. There are a lot of cities within reach. I'd have refineries report their sales, too. Any oil shipments diverted? They all made it to their destination without delay and with original capacity?

Malaysia Airlines flight vanishes over South China Sea: An international hunt for clues in the disappearance of a Malaysia Airlines passenger jet intensified, with dozens of ships searching a vast expanse of sea and investigators chasing down leads. But authorities acknowledged that they were stymied. 

By William Wan 
Published: March 11

 BEIJING — As frustrations mount, (click here) the sniping has begun in the search for the vanished Malaysia Airlines jet. China has criticized the Malaysia-led investigation for not searching hard or fast enough. Malaysia has criticized Vietnam for releasing — prematurely, Malaysia insists — photos of possible debris amid the search.
Meanwhile, some families of passengers have criticized them all for lack of communication, accusing them of general incompetence and of caring more about their image than about survivors....

Tesla has to file lawsuits. All car companies direct market.

Deciding winners and losers?

All car companies use direct market called, "Build a ...whatever" (click here)

Then the website will hook the buyer up with a place to purchase it called a dealer. The model is no different than Tesla's marketing.

By Darryl Isherwood/  
March 11, 2014 at 5:06 PM
March 12, 2014 at 8:19 AM

Looking to get your "green" on with a luxury electric car? (click here)

If Tesla is your choice, you might have a hard time finding one after the state Motor Vehicle Commission today unanimously passed new rules that will limit Tesla's direct sales business model.

The new rules made more stringent the need for a franchised dealer, a model that the electric carmaker says is "anti-Tesla" as the carmaker operates through storefronts that allow for buyers to purchase directly from the manufacturer.

"The Administration has decided to go outside the legislative process by expediting a rule proposal that would completely change the law in New Jersey," the company said in a statement posted on its corporate website. "This new rule, if adopted, would curtail Tesla's sales operations and jeopardize our existing retail licenses in the state. "...

Even though there is no direct legislative action, the agencies of any government are defined and delegated powers by legislative measures. Time to get on with it. I will say this, dealerships increase employment. But, putting Tesla out of business will only reduce the possibility of current employment and it's future expansion in to the markets.

The Commerce Clause (click here)
 ...The Commerce Clause has historically been viewed as both a grant of congressional authority and as a restriction on states’ powers to regulate. The “dormant” Commerce Clause refers to the prohibition, implied in the Commerce Clause, against states passing legislation that discriminates against or excessively burdens interstate commerce....

Why is war mongering a lie and very bad idea?

February 27, 2014

Raleigh, N.C. – PPP’s newest poll in Iowa (click here) finds a tale of two primaries. On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton continues to lead all potential candidates by wide margins. She keeps 67% of the Democratic vote, while the only other candidates to garner support were Joe Biden at 12%, Elizabeth Warren at 5%, Mark Warner at 3%, Andrew Cuomo at 2%, and Cory Booker at 1%. The 67% figure is down slightly from when we polled in July (71%), but that decrease in support seems to have gone to voters now unsure about whom they will vote for instead of any specific candidate. Clinton fares best among those identifying as very liberal (79% of the vote) and women (71%). While her favorability rating is also down slightly from July, 82% of Democratic voters still view her favorably, compared to only 9% who view her unfavorably....

March 06, 2014 
McCain Least Popular Senator in Country (click here)
-PPP's newest Arizona poll finds that John McCain is unpopular with Republicans, Democrats, and independents alike and has now become the least popular Senator in the country. Only 30% of Arizonans approve of the job McCain is doing to 54% who disapprove. There isn't much variability in his numbers by party- he's at 35/55 with Republicans, 29/53 with Democrats, and 25/55 with independents, suggesting he could be vulnerable to challenges in both the primary and general elections the next time he's up....

Patton isn't criticizing when women get married, she cleaverly is attacking the unmarried birth rate in the USA.

She is trying to turn it on it's head by attacking the age of marrying women. That is why it is so 'old age' in it's focus.

Gosh, look at that, women are getting married mostly between the age of 15 and 29. Amazing. (click here)

And where exactly are the women married with spouse present? Huh? Huh? Where is that? Oh, the bachelor's degree or more. I'll be darn.

Patton is either a covert right winger that needs to come out of her closet or she simply wants fame anyway she can get it. 

Just as a point of disinterest, 33 percent of American women are unmarried when they give birth. That's what stuck in Patton's craw. The real question is how many teen births occur in the USA that compromise their future, the future of their children and the potential to marry successfully. That's what has to be answered. Do teen moms have a propensity for poverty? Answer that and maybe teens won't be prey anymore for adoption services.

Patton’s arguments (click here) are based on outdated facts. As she acknowledges, her book is advice — not a study. “There are very few statistics in this book, and my research has been limited to talking with people I know, like and trust,” she writes. But that advice sends young women the wrong message: That they should relegate their hard work, in the classroom and the workplace, to the back seat and instead focus on catching a man in college, lest they risk becoming “a spinster with cats.” In fact, 91% of college educated women (and men) do marry, suggesting that the vast majority of those wishing to wed find a partner. Here’s what’s wrong with some of Patton’s other advice.....

The cracks in the land start to meet there is more instability.

Fracking drilling sites are irreversible. The more holes in the ground, the more lateral drilling, the more instability will result.

The Columbus Dispatch 
State officials shut down a fracking operation (click here) in northeastern Ohio Monday after two earthquakes were felt in Mahoning County.

Ohio Department of Natural Resources officials say the order was a precaution and that the temblors — felt in Poland Township and the village of Lowellville near the Pennsylvania border — were not related to area waste-injection wells, one of which was tied to earthquakes near Youngstown in 2011.

“Out of an abundance of caution, we notified the only oil and gas operator in the area and ordered them to halt all operations until further assessment can take place,” Mark Bruce, an ODNR spokesman, said in a statement.

A magnitude 3.0 quake was reported at 2:26 a.m. and a magnitude 2.6 at 11:45 a.m. yesterday, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. The location was just south of Youngstown, near a seven-well fracking operation....
I think the stocks are in safer hands today then ten years ago. I think GM is going to have a better future than anyone wants to admit.

By Emily Flitter and Aruna Viswanatha and Ben Klayman

NEW YORK/WASHINGTON/DETROIT (Reuters) – Federal prosecutors are examining whether General Motors <GM.N> is criminally liable for failing to properly disclose problems with some of its vehicles that were linked to 13 deaths and led to a recall last month, according to a source familiar with the investigation.
The New York-based probe is in its early stages, and the source did not elaborate on the legal theory behind the potential criminal liability.
Federal investigators are reviewing information about how GM handled reports of problems with ignition switches that first came to light 10 years ago, according to the source.
The source did not want to be named because the probe has not been disclosed publicly.
GM declined to comment on Tuesday. Shares of GM closed down 5 percent to $35.18 on the New York Stock Exchange....

The bankruptcy proceedings were excuses for Jeep, too. Jeep was suppose to issue a recall for air bags and never did.

James R. Healey
5:38 p.m. EST March 5, 2014

In an unusual move, (click here) General Motors CEO Mary Barra says she's personally directing the recall of 1.37 million GM cars with a potentially fatal flaw in their ignition switches — one GM has known about since 2004 but kept using at least until late 2006.
Separately, GM President Dan Ammann came close to directly blaming the "old," pre-bankruptcy reorganization GM for the recall. He told the trade publication Automotive News at the Geneva Motor Show: "This is a new leadership team. We're aiming to do things in the right way."...

Sink is BOA.

...After months of diligent courting (click here) by the three candidates and a $9 million barrage of political advertising by outside groups, voters in Pinellas County, Fla., chose Jolly over Alex Sink, a Democrat and his main rival. Jolly won 48.5 percent of the vote and Sink received 46.6 percent. A third candidate, Lucas Overby, a Libertarian, won 4.8 percent....

Rddy was on CNN trying to be legitimate. Most people aren't as stupidly ignorant as these bozos hope they are.

Christopher Ruddy (click here), 49, the chief executive officer and founder of conservative media company Newsmax Media, is giving a tour of his neighborhood in an Acura driven by his chauffeur, Hector. The car heads south on I-95 from West Palm Beach to Boca Raton. It’s the heart of Florida’s Red Belt. Ann Coulter lives a few blocks away—Ruddy spent New Year’s Eve there. Rush Limbaugh is just across the bridge. Donald Trump, David Koch, Patty Mellon Scaife, and a host of other Republican power brokers have homes across the lagoon in Palm Beach....
By John Mariani
February 28, 2014 at 10:14 AM
February 28, 2014 at 12:25 PM

...The technology's birthday (click here) is reckoned as March 12, 1989, the date that Sir Tim Berners-Lee wrote a paper proposing a system for managing information on the internet that would become the framework for the Web. He released the code for the system for free on Christmas Day the following year.

The Web made it easy for ordinary users to pull documents from the internet and to use it to interact with others.

In 1995, only 14 percent of American adults were using the internet, according to previous Pew research. That exploded to 87 percent in Pew's latest survey. The trend is similar for broadband use, which is nearly universal today....