Tuesday, September 27, 2011

That's our man, Mike! Thank you, Mike. Did you bring your camera? (click title to entry - thank you)

Mike is promoting his new book and I saw him on "Piers Morgan."  He stated he doesn't have groupies.  Well,  he is wrong.  His entire hometown of Traverse City are his groupies.

I have sat in theaters and auditoriums where people spontaneously will say, "I love Mike, don't you?"


"I think of Mike as my brother, he is great."  So, I don't want to hear how he doesn't have groupies, because the entire city of Traverse City loves this man and the revitalization he has brought to their town.  

I have attended the festivals in Traverse City for some time now and the area where Mr. Moore has made his home is amazing.  Vital and alive.  That is very difficult to do, but, Michael Moore has inspired the city and it loves him for it.  I am confident the people "Occupying Wall Street" are uplifted by his arrival to raise their spirits.  He is a great guy.  You'll never tell me otherwise.

This is his picture from the Los Angeles Times.  I guess Wall Street hasn't invaded there yet.  It was Silicon Valley yesterday that proved a wonderful place to have a Town Hall with President Obama.  He stated during that town hall to a man currently unemployed that discrimination against the unemployed is illegal if the Congress would pass the American Jobs Act.  Maybe I need to read it. 


Oh, yeah.  The Traverse City Film Festival donated hundreds of new seats to a school in the town if they would observe Martin Luther King Day.  Michael was the impetus to that and it happened, now all the children have new auditorium seats and a new best friend.  Michael does great work, but, he never brags about it.  He is a sincerely nice man.

The Sunday Conversation: Michael Moore (click here)

The documentary filmmaker discusses his new memoir, 'a book of nonfiction short stories'; getting assaulted over his political views'; his suit against Bob and Harvey Weinstein; and his latest project....

Deadly Typhoon Nesat hits the Philippines (click title to entry - thank you)

That is no minor storm.

Updated September 27, 2011 21:52:23

Powerful typhoon Nesat has hit the east of the Philippines and brought the capital Manila to a standstill.

Authorities have ordered more than 100,000 people to seek shelter from heavy rains and winds gusting up to 170 kilometres an hour and a vast rain band also flooding remote farms and vicious winds tearing roofs off buildings in coastal towns as the typhoon heads north.

Commander Edgardo Ollet is Chief of the Operations centre of Phillipines National Disaster Risk Reduction management. He says 10 people are confirmed dead and parts of Manila are underwater:

Presenter: Tracee Hutchison
Speaker: Edgardo Ollet, chief Philippines Operations Centre, National Disaster Risk Reduction Management

September 26, 2011
2313 gmt
Indian Ocean Satellite

September 27, 2011
1414 gmt
Western Pacific Satellite

September 27, 2011
1232 gmt
Pacific Global Satellite

The storm is concentrated in the Asian continent.  There is little activity over Africa or Europe and minor involvement with a the Antarctica air flow in circulation north of the ice continent and east of Madagascar.

Date: 23-27 SEP 2011
Typhoon-3 NESAT
  1  13.60  138.00 09/23/12Z   30     - TROPICAL DEPRESSION
  2  13.90  137.20 09/23/18Z   35     - TROPICAL STORM
  3  14.10  136.40 09/24/00Z   40     - TROPICAL STORM
  4  14.90  135.10 09/24/06Z   40     - TROPICAL STORM
  5  15.10  133.60 09/24/12Z   45     - TROPICAL STORM
  6  15.00  132.30 09/24/18Z   55     - TROPICAL STORM
  7  14.70  130.60 09/25/00Z   65     - TYPHOON-1
  8  14.70  128.80 09/25/06Z   70     - TYPHOON-1
  9  14.60  128.10 09/25/12Z   70     - TYPHOON-1
 10  14.60  126.90 09/25/18Z   75     - TYPHOON-1
 11  15.20  126.10 09/26/00Z   80     - TYPHOON-1
 12  15.80  124.70 09/26/06Z   80     - TYPHOON-1
 13  16.00  123.90 09/26/12Z   80     - TYPHOON-1
 14  16.30  122.90 09/26/18Z  105     - TYPHOON-3
 15  16.50  121.90 09/27/00Z   95     - TYPHOON-2
 16  16.80  119.80 09/27/06Z   85     - TYPHOON-2

The storm track moving from east to west and landfall.


The storm is significant in size when compared to the global picture.  It is drawing water vapor off the Indian Ocean.

The boats aren't suppose to be at the level of the street.

Authorities ordered more than 100,000 people across the country to shelter from Typhoon Nesat's rains, winds of 75mph and gusts of up to 93mph. (click here for more photos)

A man carries his daughter during the evacuation.

The storm has a second name as well.  

Pedring’ on way out, now over West Philippine Sea (click here for video)

7:42 pm | Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

09/27/2011 | 09:04 PM 
Typhoon Pedring (international codename Nesat) left a path of destruction and at least eight people dead as it crossed northern Luzon and exited to the West Philippine Sea on Tuesday, officials said.

Mass transport was disrupted and millions of residents were left without power as strong winds and incessant rains battered a large swathe of Luzon including Metro Manila, one of the areas placed under Signal No. 2 since Monday afternoon…

Mike Rowe gives testimony to Congress. (click title to entry - thank you)

He notes how vocational arts in high school has vanished.  He also claims there are 470.000 jobs in manufacturing and transportation due to a 'skills gap' in the American Work Force.

He and Discovery Works is promoting a jobs effort at "mikeroweworks.'