Saturday, February 13, 2010

A lot happened today. A lot.

The USA military advanced their position in Afghanistan to secure the nation from the Taliban. The campaign is mostly considered successful. I understand there are soldiers dead. I am sure there are unintentional consequences in civilian deaths.

Nothing that happens in war is good. Only necessary at times. There is no upside to any conflict. Not really.

Al Qaeda and the Taliban never put children first in New York City or on planes from Boston or those that might have been by chance in DC. They never put into perspective the civilian involvement in Afghanistan or Pakistan when they carried out their attacks in the USA and with our allies. They never stopped in remorse of their acts. Bin Laden and Mullah Omar continue to grovel for existence among the people of those countries using intimidation for their justification for living.

There is justification for the actions of the USA military. NATO has suffered significant deaths among the troops, but, it has also suffered significant deaths among its civilians. I can't justify second guessing General McCrystal and his decisions. I believe he acts in ways he feels necessary and the region of Afghanistan that was 'taken' by NATO and the USA military was justified. It is unfortunate any of this occurred due to the diversion of a war to Iraq. It is somewhat silly at this point to even reflect on that reality. The abandoned war and escalating corruption.

If NATO and the USA are to go forward to secure the nations they came to fight for, then the operations into Marjah were vital. Eliminating the training grounds and 'base' of Taliban and extremist operations had to take place and it was high time it did.

The Iraq Inquiry goes forward in Great Britain and in the USA we are still waiting for Obama nominations to take their offices to carry out necessary inquires. Unfortunately, it takes time to account for wayward directions of past administrations.


The Olympics went forward after the venue committees determined outdoor competition was again safe to continue. How horrible was that and the opening seemed to admit there was a missing spirit when one of the flame wouldn't light.

What a loss that was. I am sure the rest of the events with be festive and provide for the experience of a lifetime for the rest of the contestants and their nations.


And what is this Alabama thing all about? Anti-Depressants? Like the guy that knocked out over $20,000 worth of television screens. Bizarre stuff.


No sense in discussing Congress, no one is happy no matter what they do. I actually believe Harry Reid did the best thing he could do by cutting down the size of the jobs initiative. I mean let's face it, all the 'bipartisan' Republicans have to contribute is pork. Maybe what the country really needs is to give in to the "W"rong minded Republicans for the sake of 'political peace.' I don't believe peace occurs in the USA without a Pow-Wow and Peace Pipe. Speaking of which it looks as though the Native Americans that have been snowed in without power might have been saved by Keith Olbermann (click here). That is like so cool.

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. It is a better day to read the Republican Health Care Bill.

Good night.