Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Can we please have confirmation of this?

Is the media on lock down about the information attorneys are stating is true. Shut the place down!

I don't want to hear how these people died.

Who left Gitmo open while defense workers were put on furlough? 

U.S. denies report of mass Gitmo hunger strike (click here)
The Associated Press
Posted : Monday Mar 4, 2013 19:43:57 EST
...The lawyers said the protest was prompted by a series of searches that began on Feb. 6 in which a number of personal items, including religious CDs, blankets and legal mail, were confiscated, and included what they felt were overly intrusive searches of their Qurans by Arabic translators that amounted to desecration.
“As their health has deteriorated, we have received reports of men coughing up blood, being hospitalized, losing consciousness, becoming weak and fatigued, and being moved to Camp V for observation,” the lawyers wrote, referring to a camp that is used in part to hold men who violate prison rules.
A prison spokesman, Navy Capt. Robert Durand, said the Department of Justice would respond to the attorney’s letter, but added that there were only about six prisoners who have missed enough meals to be classified under the military’s rules as being on hunger strike. He said that number has remained constant for about a year.
“There is not a mass hunger strike among the detainees,” Durand said. “Some detainees have attempted to coordinate a hunger strike and have refused meal deliveries. Most detainees are not participating.”
He said detainees “have chosen one routine search in early February as the rallying point for their grievances.” He also said Qurans are treated with respect.

I don't consider drone warfare or cyberwarrior a need for a medal. This is ridiculous. How does the military measure a medal for drone warfare, number of kills? That is insane. It is not a reasonable form of warfare when the majority of our soldiers put their lives on the line.

I demand the military hold public comment periods at all bases and in public requests before making a decision in 30 days. This is outrageous. I suppose we want to be able to match China's cyber invasion with impetus for decorations and pay differentials. Computer specialists have been engaged in the military for a long time. All of a sudden there has to be combat pay? They sit at home and see their families without interruption. Excuse me?

Hagel orders halt to production of drone pilot, cyberwarrior medal (click here)

By Karen DeYoungUpdated: Tuesday, March 12, 12:52 PM

...A letter from committee Chairman Carl Levin (D-Mich.) and James M. Inhofe (Okla.), the panel’s ranking Republican, asking for reconsideration of the warfare medal was on Hagel’s desk when he returned Monday from a trip to Afghanistan.
While they were “supportive of the new medal,” the senators wrote that they were concerned “that it is given precedence above awards earned by service members for actions on the battlefield.” Drone pilots and cyberwarriors generally operate in the United States.
Little said that Hagel has placed Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, in charge of that review, to be completed within 30 days.
“The fact of the matter is that production of the medal has stopped,” Little said. “No one has been nominated for this medal. No one is in training for this medal. So we do have time to make a final decision.”

The USA needs defense cuts. I mean, hello?

That is pure ignorance talking. She does not and never has care to understand obesity.

"Victory in NYC for liberty-loving soda drinkers. To politicians with too much time on their hands we say: Govt, stay out of my refrigerator!"

She does not care. There isn't anything else to understand. She is getting 'out there' to sell a Christmas book she is writing.

It is and has always been about money for Sarah.

Drinking unhealthy sodas is not liberty. It doesn't even come close. Either our leaders care about Americans and seek to serve the citizen or they view our citizens as consumers and seek to serve the Plutocracy.

If a leader cares about the citizen, then liberty is about being healthy and not victimized.

If nothing else, we ought to have warning labels with nutritional content on cups.

Sarah Palin basically has the attitude that if one laughs long enough and hard enough at the fat kid, the child will change. That is pure, unadulterated ignorance. It is also bullying.

If Sarah Palin can't contribute to the HEALTH DIALOGUE of the country, then she doesn't need to be telling children to eat their candy canes, either.

Government is not about allowing citizens to deteriorate in their lives, it is about improving citizens' lives through investigation of what causes their problems. That is across the board. There is a reason for government regulation and it always benefits the citizen.

C. Edward Koop recently passed away. He was the one that ended the debate about the ills of cigarette smoking. Now, the Republicans that have no ideas for an economy want to place citizens back in the void of knowledge and protections.

"Heart Attack Grill" is not about liberty and that sign is disgusting. People who have frequented this grill have actually died of a heart attack. They were grossly obese. 

This is not America. This is Plutocratica. People are a commodity, not a citizen.

WEDNESDAY, FEB 13, 2013 01:08 PM EST

There can be little doubt that John Alleman died (click here) in the manner he’d been preparing for all his life. The 52-year-old unofficial patron saint of the Las Vegas restaurant called Heart Attack Grill was taken off life support Monday after suffering a heart attack a few days earlier....


- the positive enjoyment of various social, political, or economic rights and privileges

permission especially to go freely within specified limits

 Understanding liberty involves how we imagine the individual's roles and responsibilities in society in relation to concepts of free will.

Free will is the definition of liberty in the USA. That free will does not preclude acting responsibly within the society we live.

Sarah Palin defines liberty outside the societal norms of the USA. She does it recklessly and in threat of citizen's well being.

The only way Congress is going to break out of it's deadlock is for Democrats to change the national dialogue.

The Democrats are NOT going to like this, but, they abandoned their base in the Red State 'areas' in the country and as a result the extremists in the GOP have developed a strong hold on the electorate and the political dialogue in these districts.

Ryan's budget is nonsense and everyone knows it. But, the problem is that he gets away with it politically. The RNC Chairman has a small donor base concentrated in ideology. The handwriting is on the wall, but, if the Democrats want to stop the loggerheads in the Congress among Republicans they have to put candidates in districts of the Republican leadership in the Congress.

The First District in Wisconsin needs a Democratic candidate willing to take on Ryan and win. It is the only WAY the political dialogue will change. The extremist political dialogue has to change within the electorate. Ryan won because he was running for Vice President. I stated that when he was nominated with Romney.

Ryan is a bit of AN Icon to the Super-rich in the GOP base. So, they will dump a lot of money into his candidacy, but, it was buoyed by the national ticket IN 2012. Now, if others believe that the way I do, that means Ryan is vulnerable. We have witnessed him at town hall meetings and know he is dogmatic and refuses OR CAN'T relate to people that speak up. It is those tapes a Democratic candidate has to listen to and find the voice of those Ryan ignores. It is important. If the dialogue of those that oppose him can actually be heard on the campaign trail it will change and the Democrats will begin to build their base back again.

That will be true throughout the Republican leadership. They need to have serious opposition with the desire to win. The Democrats will win. If not in 2014 then in 2016. It will happen, but, the base needs to be re-established and the extremism seen for what it is. The country is in the balance. If anyone believes the Republicans are just another name for the Plutocrats then they will understand the danger that lies ahead for the country.

I'll look at Ryan's budget, but, I promised to read the military budget, too. I think Secretary Hagel is the best man right now to review the military budget. He will put the soldier first and to that end his focus will bring spending back into alignment to where it needs to be while removing hideous technology such as the F35. 

But, all this needs to be a part of DISTRICT dialogues to bring about awareness. Americans will take up the challenge to understand their government if they are given the chance. They have time consuming lives these days. It is difficult for them to set aside time to study government spending. In that is the reality of where the Paul Ryan Budget lives. If is sounds right then it is right regardless of the reality otherwise.

The Republicans are dragging out the dialogue on MONEY for the very reason they have nothing else. The Democrats have to push for movement on Immigration reform (the clock is running for our Dreamers) and on gun control. The MONEY problems of the country are not all that, but, it is all the Republicans want to dialogue about. 

Why hasn't Ryan taken a strong position on Immigration Reform? What is he afraid of? So long as Republicans dictate the political dialogue surrounding money they keep their extremist funding. If they lose that funding they will be floundering in the elections, too.

There is plenty of moral dialogue lost because of extremist money. It is time to reclaim it and make the Democrats the party with answers.

We know what the gun problem is. Mark Kelly and Former Congresswoman Giffords have dedicated their lives to this issue. We know what is ahead of us.

We know what the economic problem is. President Obama has been pushing back against it for the past four years. We can't lose ground on this.

We know what the banking problem is. Senator Warren is a testament to that reality.

We know what the immigration problem is. We need to move forward to change the problem into an asset. President Obama started that with an Executive Order.

We know we have a national debt. We know how to address it and the untimely idea of cutting spending in the face of success for four years. We know we have to address these issues and pass them on to our children.

We know how to privatize government when the time is right and it is not a threat to the pride in our country or the sovereignty of our nation. We have witnessed privatization in the past that works for both the country and the people. Our local economies are leading the way.

We know that victimizing women takes away their rights and does not empower them. Women are still trailing in their achievements in the USA. If we can't provide that path to success for women in this country it will be a disgrace.

We know what a healthy nation looks like. We know obesity victimizes our youngest people and sends them into disease processes that will shorten their lives. 

We know what education looks like and our students are achieving, but, this is the first generation that graduated into unemployment. How do we change that paradigm? And it has to be how and not maybe when. We have to build sustainable economies and the sustainable energies to power it. The more we postpone building the country we need the longer there will be poverty and the increase in it. The only way to fight poverty is to provide opportunity. Until the country has turned the corner on that reality, there is no looking back to building a new world view. The old world view nearly destroyed us. We can't' have that back.

We know what morality is and it is far more than church going and quoting our spiritual books. Morality is about security for our people and knowing they have purpose in their lives.

We know the problems we face as a nation. We know the solutions. We can't let extremist views mar what we know is the truth and the way forward.

I am quite certain a lot of thought went into any of "The Sequester" cuts.

I am somewhat sure the Secret Service closing the White House Tours also reflects cuts to the First and Second Lady's budget, too. These lovely ladies were always hosting the young children of our military families at the White House. Considering the Secret Service is closing down public exposure to White House it may impact all the activities as well. I am curious as to the Easter Egg Roll, too.

What next in the way of privatizing the White House, one armed bandits?

Quite possibly a new First Couple. It is all grandstanding. If the American people can't afford to keep the White House Tours operating then it should not be privatized even if it is a donation. Trump could have donated to benefit the Treasury without carry on about tours.

..."This is about trade-offs," (click here) said White House spokesman Jay Carney. "Because when you have the kind of severe cuts that the sequester represents, you have to reduce your budget accordingly, and then you have to make choices about what you do and what you don't."
The tours affect the budget of the Secret Service, which sent out this statement:...
President Obama had nothing to do with the choices in where to cut the budget of the Secret Service.

The electorate of the USA needs to differentiate themselves from rhetoric and what is important to them. Privatizing government is not in the best interest of the country. Have Americans no pride when it comes to their priorities and what they will seek as give aways from Wall Street?

Posted: Mar. 12, 2013 | 2:08 a.m.
Two years have passed since Seth Meyers (click here) ridiculed Donald Trump at the White House Correspondents Dinner. But Trump still wants to kill Meyers.
Last month, Howard Stern asked Trump to play a game: What would Trump's choices be if he had to marry, sex or kill three guys - Meyers, Bill Maher and President Barack Obama?
Trump said he would marry Obama, have sex with Maher and kill Meyers.
"I'm very honored he would still kill me," Meyers says, laughing. (He performs stand-up Saturday at The Mirage for $52.94-$74.94 per ticket.)
Meyers became a Trump nemesis after the comedian made jokes such as this one at the 2011 political roast:
"Donald Trump often appears on Fox, which is ironic because a fox often appears on Donald Trump's head."
Just this past December, Trump grumped on Twitter that the "Saturday Night Live" star "bombed" during a "dismal" comedy gig in Texas....

There will be no end to how laughable the White House Tours become if privatization begins to take over the White House.  We don't need an Apprentice challenge to whom can provide the best White House Tour.

The country does not need it, but, Mr. Trump is welcome to contribute all he wants to the USA Treasury.
It is a moral 'thing' and Mayor Bloomberg is on the moral side of conversation.

Let's face it, the larger the cup the more people pay. It is about money. If the standard shifts the entire market place will shift and it should.

There are dearly few people that seek seconds with a meal. If they are drinking 20 ounces or more with their initial order, that is a huge increase in calories and fat.
NEW YORK | Mon Mar 11, 2013 7:17pm EDT
...The judge (click here) called the ban "arbitrary and capricious" in an 11th-hour decision that dealt a serious blow to Bloomberg, who has made public health a cornerstone of his administration, with laws prohibiting smoking in restaurants, bars and parks; banning trans fats; and requiring chain restaurants to post calorie counts.
At a press conference, Bloomberg said the judge's ruling was "totally in error" and promised to keep pressing his effort to combat a growing obesity epidemic linked to heart disease and diabetes. He has successfully fought off past court challenges to the smoking ban and the calorie count rule....
By the time it gets to the Supreme Court, Scalia will be screaming broccoli or asparagus or some kind of vegetable objection.

No one is forcing anyone to purchase soda, that is not the argument. Purchasing the larger soda becomes an addiction and it is scientifically measurable to the dependency. We know all the documentaries that have proven the dangerous of the Super Sized Diet. It is simply wrong and needs a government to turn it around. I look forward to the Mayor's victory.

The facts have been around for a long time, but, this is the first legal action since social behavior is nearly impossible to change. ie: tobacco

Neurosci Biobehav Rev. 2008;32(1):20-39. Epub 2007 May 18.

Evidence for sugar addiction: behavioral and neurochemical effects of intermittent, excessive sugar intake. (click here)

Avena NM, Rada P, Hoebel BG.


Department of Psychology, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ 08540, USA.


Avena, N.M., Rada, P., Hoebel B.G., 
Evidence for sugar addiction: Behavioral and neurochemical effects of intermittent, excessive sugar intake. Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews XX(X), XXX-XXX]. The experimental question is whether or not sugar can be a substance of abuse and lead to a natural form of addiction. "Food addiction" seems plausible because brain pathways that evolved to respond to natural rewards are also activated by addictive drugs. Sugar is noteworthy as a substance that releases opioids and dopamine and thus might be expected to have addictive potential. This review summarizes evidence of sugar dependence in an animal model. Four components of addiction are analyzed. "Bingeing," "withdrawal," "craving" and "cross-sensitization" are each given operational definitions and demonstrated behaviorally with sugar bingeing as the reinforcer. These behaviors are then related to neurochemical changes in the brain that also occur with addictive drugs. Neural adaptations include changes in dopamine and opioid receptor binding, enkephalin mRNA expression and dopamine and acetylcholine release in the nucleus accumbens. The evidence supports the hypothesis that under certain circumstances rats can become sugar dependent. This may translate to some human conditions as suggested by the literature on eating disorders and obesity.

Mark Kelly, "This is a social safety issue...." He is correct. There are far too many guns on the street. What is to prevent a gunman to send a person into a Walmart and purchase ammunition so he can commit a crime? Nothing. There is too much opportunity for gun crime and violence.

The gun culture in the USA is limited to a selective population in the USA and they are encouraged by the NRA to continue to purchase weapons and spend money. This is a gun economy gone wrong. We need regulation to protect the majority of Americans. 

The electorate needs to ask themselves how much they sincerely understand about the Second Amendment and how much is myth. They need to ask themselves how much they use a gun in their lives. Many will say never. 

Currently, the NRA is doing the same thing Cheney did when he was predatory to find young people to recruit for the military, they put multi-million dollar cars on the NASCAR racetrack. That will promote a more and specialized population to purchase more guns and become NRA members. 

The entire nation are not NASCAR fans. We know who these folks are because they were on the front lines in Iraq. They are small town people and they sacrifice for their country. Their opportunities in life are somewhat limited, too. They are not coming from booming economies even at the height of Bush's predatory economy. The NRA is inappropriate in seeking higher guns sales among a focus group of people. I guarantee there will be a problem with violence in that audience. 

The problems in Afghanistan include a Western influence that runs into cultural tragedy.

Noor Ahmed Gul visits his sisters' graves. Photo: Bryan Denton/The New York Times

Anthropologists  need to work with the people of Afghanistan to understand the complete upheaval of their traditional values causing such distress with their people. So much for nation building.

I would suggest Afghan anthropologists if there is such a thing, but, probably better a European group if no one else is available. This is an emergency in Afghanistan and it needs to be addressed. It won't disappear by itself.

This is a national emergency, the people have been demoralized at a level to profound for even parents and family can realize and it is becoming endemic through at the very least young females.

The girls need heroes. Resiliency. Boyfriends come. boyfriends go. A pretty girl is too good to be true. Fathers are only guilty of protecting a pretty girl's reputation. Foolish star crossed lovers of William Shakepaere's Romeo and Juliet required reading in my day.

In this undated file photo, Malala Yousufzai, the 15-year-old girl who was shot at close range in the head by a Taliban gunman in Pakistan, reads a book as she continues her recovery at the hospital in a Britain hospital. (Queen Elizabeth Hospital/AP/File)

The families are unaware of any 'early warning signs' and there are no significant hospital facilities to stop these women from causing their own deaths. This is somewhat generational. The families, the parents, are applying their traditional values to a changing social paradigm with their young women. It is a form of oppression they are not willingly accepting. I am sure their romantic relationships are source of comfort in a war torn nation. This is not a minor problem and I am sure it is palpable daily among the citizens.

This is not a Taliban problem, this is a clash of cultures based in Western Freedom. NATO is being a focus of anger for many reasons and I betcha the Green-on-Blue attacks are somewhat based in what is occurring in the communities of the country.

The changes in the Afghan society is going to be felt by the young first. They are being educated with goals to improve the brain trust so the country can stand on it's own in regard to prosperity and a movement out of poverty. The young people are seeking a higher form of status as well. They are being empowered by freedom and choice but not by cultural norms. It is a common problem called "The Generation Gap," but when new freedoms for women in a country that has influence to continue the Burka there is going to be dire consequences. 

President Karzai needs to rise to the occasion, stop worrying about his negotiations with the Taliban and tell his people how proud he is of their advancement into the modern era. The young people are seeking new venues of freedom for themselves and it won't happen in a sterile environment void of sexual expression either. It is human nature and not a matter of sexual oppression while the world changes otherwise. It never happens that way.

Sexually modest clothes and behaviors are socially okay in a country laden with sexual expression. It is THE FASHION of the new Afghanistan. Being an 'attractive girl' is something the young women and men need to learn in a way that promotes the freedom they are looking for. Afghanistan has a real opportunity here, but, it needs to do it right.

An example of this is Saudi Arabia. That country has moved forward in a way that has provided education for women and their own sense of social control. Saudi Arabia has been very successful with The Generation Gap. The problem here of course is that CONSERVATIVES such as The Taliban threaten lives with guns and otherwise. I can't say that was not a problem in Saudi Arabia at one time. Today, Saudi women are even driving cars.

Saudi Arabia has anthropologists. There may be an acceptance of such specialists through The Red Crescent Society. This is war zone, the work will be difficult, complicated and grueling and gruesome but it needs to be done. We are talking about loss of populous and could effect minimally a loss of an entire generation of children.

MAZAR-I-SHARIF, Afghanistan: On the surface, (click here) the Gul sisters seemed to have it all: They were young, beautiful, educated and well off, testing the bounds of conservative Afghan traditions with fitted jeans, makeup and mobile phones.

But Nabila Gul, 17, a bright and spunky high school student, pushed it too far. She fell in love.

Her older sister, Fareba, 25, alarmed at the potential shame and consequences of Nabila's pursuit of a young man outside of family channels, tried to intervene. Their argument that November day ended in grief: side by side coffins, both girls dead within hours of each other after consuming rat poison stolen from their father's grain closet.

Interviews with family members and government and hospital officials here reveal a tragedy of miscalculation: Under pressure from her older sister to halt communication with the boy, Nabila tried to eat just enough poison to scare her family but not kill herself. But she misjudged. Overwhelmed by guilt and grief, Fareba followed by taking her own life on the doorstep of the city's most holy shrine.

The sisters' deaths shattered their family and have struck a chilling chord for the residents of Mazar-i-Sharif, a city increasingly marked by the despair of its young women. For many, the deaths have come to symbolise a larger crisis: an intensifying wave of suicide attempts....

Although the government says it does not collect data on these cases, the city's main hospital says it has been overwhelmed, with three or four such patients coming in every day, up from about one or two a month a decade ago....

I can't imagine New Zealand seat belts are not much different than USA seat belts.

By Rebecca Quilliam 
2:50 PM Tuesday, March 12, 2013
Pregnant women (click here) are being warned that vehicle crashes account for more than half of all New Zealand's foetal deaths due to a maternal injury, according to a new study.
The University of Otago study found that of the 41 foetal and newborn deaths due to maternal injury between 1997 and 2008, 21 involved motor vehicle collisions.
The university's Injury Prevention Research Unit director Professor Hank Weiss said he found the rate of foetal death resulting from such crashes was about twice that of infant crash-related deaths in New Zealand.
The research also showed that while Maori made up 15 per cent of the population, they account for 27 per cent of the foetal deaths due to maternal crash injury....

Pregnancy is pregnancy anywhere in the world, so I am sure there are reasons to seek application of these findings to further investigation in the USA. It would be a challenge to find adaptations for women, but, I am sure it can be done by adding something to the seat belt for use during pregnancy to make a softer landing for both mom and her expectant condition. Needless to say, women should not stop wearing seat belts either.

C-section birth raises allergy risks (click here)

6:30 AM Tuesday Feb 26, 2013
Being born by caesarean section greatly increases a baby's chances of developing allergies, a new study has found.
Infants delivered by C-section were found to be five times more likely than those born naturally to become allergic to common triggers such as dust mites and pets....
...The discovery lends support to the 'hygiene hypothesis' that links childhood allergy to over-clean conditions early in life....
...The researchers from Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit also collected information on the families' history of allergy or asthma, household pets, tobacco smoke exposure, baby illnesses and medication use. Half of all children and teenagers in the UK have experienced allergies by their 18th birthday, and each year the number of allergy sufferers in the UK increases by 5 per cent, half of whom are children....

So while infants are experiencing allergies when born by C-section, their mothers are becoming OCD addicted. Evidently, the obsessions of worrying about baby leads to greater concerns that lasts longer than they should. I have to wonder if some of this is due to age and/or number of children in the family.

New mums prone to OCD - research (click here)

9:40 AM Friday Mar 8, 2013
New mums are more likely to suffer from compulsive behaviours, like repeatedly checking an appliance is off or washing their hands, according to a new study.
The research published in The Journal of Reproductive Medicine, found 11 per cent of mothers have obsessive-compulsive symptoms after giving birth. The rate is two to three per cent for the general population.
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is an anxiety disorder that includes unwanted, persistent thoughts or images....

I would think focusing on quality of parenting would provide a brand new venue for the USA Anti-abortion folks, too. That is something we never see in the USA. We always hear how a political issue dreamed up by Right Wingers is more important than any other quality of life issue in the USA. We never hear about the intense research they have done to improve the lives of women, children and families, though. Can they honestly be taken seriously? I don't think so.

While on the topic of scams by telephone, the Social Security Administration has a problem.

These cards are in use by every government agency under the sun these days and the Social Security Administration is no different. This is their courtesy card handled through Comerica Bank.

What could do wrong?

Plenty, but, the one I have in mind is a scam by a company affiliated with a phone number easily dialed without realizing what our elderly are getting involved in. The entire paradigm scam scares me for all those that do not use direct deposit and find this card the only access they have to their benefits.

On the back of the card is a Customer Service (USA) phone number. The number is 1-888-741-1115. Easy enough. Convenient. Toll free.

There is a company that solicits for a coupon program they claim will provide at least $1000 of coupons at their website and magazines. 

The coupon savings program is called "Grocery Savings Book" which is stated to cost $99.95. There are magazines they offer called "My Magazines." The cost of the entire program is suppose to be a one time charge of about $118.00. And of course the purchaser can try before they buy. The customer is allowed a month before their card is charged. Actually the charge takes place in about 21 days after the card number is provided and at least four days before the end of the 'opportunity to cancel' occurs.

The problem is this the company's phone number is 1-800-741-1115. It is exactly the same as the SSI Direct Express Card by design. After I learned about this I spoke with a representative using a charm offensive. He admitted he makes very good commissions and the card number was known by the sales personnel to match the Direct Express phone number but with an 800 number rather than 888 number.

The number that is supplied to the elderly to cancel the charge to their card and end the program is automatically answered and produces an email confirmation nearly immediately once the automated answer is completed. But, it doesn't matter, the Direct Express Card is charged anyway even if the call is placed before the cut off date to cancel. 

Look, if a senior has difficulty seeing and that is nearly a given for the elderly and simply dials an 800 rather than 888 they are going to be connected to these sales people when they never intended to. They are going to be sucked into a scam and the circus begins they can't stop unless they ask SSI for a new card which I think costs at least $5.00.

When I spoke to an SSI office they were not aware of this problem and stated they encourage all their recipients to seek direct deposit with a bank of their choice so they have a relationship with them. I don't think that is good enough. There needs to be an investigation and the opportunistic phone number(s) need to end. This is exploitation of the innocent and the salespersons know it and proceed to make lots of money for themselves and their employers.
The Dominican Republic? I never get a call from the Dominican Republic.

On March 11, 2013 at 2:33 PM, I received a phone call from 849-963-4896.

The caller should have left a message. I would love to entertain the idea of a Briebart article about prostitution. Or better yet about the Jeb Bush corruption in outsourcing Florida jobs to sell magazines. Heck, if the caller was selling magazines I would have been happy to say no. See, I don't purchase anything from outside the USA if I can purchase it here. Which is most everything in my life. Except prostitutes. I wouldn't have a clue where to find them other than the Dominican Republic.

Even if the caller wanted to scream at me over my writing, it would have been fun.