Tuesday, October 26, 2010

President Obama inspires early Democratic voter turnout.

...Democrats, (click title to entry - thank you) however, hold a small lead among those who have already voted....

The latest Zogby Interactive survey of likely voters conducted from Oct. 22-25 also found President Barack Obama's approval rating holding steady 47%....

There was no violation during the Florida Debate. Once again Scott is making a fraudulent charge.

If those type of problems were to be completely avoided, the debate committee needed to refuse access to the stage by staffers completely and provided their own staff to pass urgent messages to the candidiates.  I mean the mess could have been catatrophic if Ms. Sink sincerely received bad news about her daughter while sitting there.
The questions already asked were answered.  The questions to come were not known to anyone.  And the message is basicaly benign in that it was an enthusiastic 'touch of details' to her presentation to the camera.  There was no coaching and Scott had no right to complain.  There were no details to an answer given and the complaint was baseless.  It was at a time when the candidates were relaxed and taking a break.  Ms. Sink did not seek information or ask for the cell phone.  She clearly didn't have any control over the moment and she is a MOTHER.  It was a vulnerable moment of Ms. Sink and one has to wonder if the staffer was actually paid by Scott.

Jeeze !

Why does Scott insist on distracting from the issues, is the real question?

..."After the debate tonight, (click title to entry - thank you) one of my campaign advisers admitted he tried to communicate with me during one of the breaks," Sink said in the statement. "While he told me it was out of anger with Rick Scott's repeated distortion of facts, it was a foolish thing to do. It violated a debate agreement and I immediately removed him from the campaign."...

What is amazing at all is the criminal background of Scott.  What does anyone believe he is going to do as Governor?  Do they believe he is going to be a benevolent Governor or just one that will 'set himself up' for when he is no longer in office?  I wish people had better memories these days.

Scott has proven he is not trustworthy, so why trust him now?

Shunning Corrupt Franchise and bolstering the Local Economy. Embracing the "Gold's Gym Model."

A twenty-two year franchise is significant, but, with damage to the community by the plutocrats the individual gyms have to be granted relief by the courts for their grievance.  Contributing to corrupt and dangerous politics was NOT in their contract and their franchise status will directly allow such donations.

Donation to Rove-tied group sparks Gold's Gym revolt (click title to entry - thank you)

Four Bay Area gyms will leave the brand in response to big donations by the chain's owner to anti-gay candidates ...

The violent troposhere today is garnered from a global dynamic. It is all due to excessive heat from the Climate Crisis.

The primary velocity to the current conditions of the mid-latitude vortex causing tornado outbreaks is comes from the huge air mass in the Pacific.  There are contibuting dynamics from the Arctic air mass now decending into middle of the NA continent.  The 'street' of vortexes in the eastern Pacific over and near Hawaii are actually transferring the heat from Equatorial latitudes to higher latitudes ot deliver it into the mid-continent distribution.  The location of the heat injection system at mid-latitudes is where the jet stream ? normally ? is located, except it is nearly a straight line injection system.  This is a dramatic example of what were once normal trends in weather systems and air circulation systems are now harnessed by this 'water planet' with extreme heat distribution needs.  Better said, not needs, but, physics.  The confusion of what people preceive as a normal condition in weather is actually from from it. 

The normal season for tornadoes, especially this extreme outbreak conditions as today is long over, yet the reality of it occurring speaks to the Climate Crisis and the past tipping point of Earth we are all facing.  This is a sad reality for nations.  They haven't achieved a safe troposphere for their citizens while mining and drilling of fossil fuels continue with abandon and the CO2 (carbon capture) practices of any industry is nothing more than propaganda..  Wall Street abuses.

 October 26, 2010 

The weather at Glacier Bay National Park (Crystal Wind Chime) is stagnant.

Scientists warned about this before it started, long before it started.  Shipping across the top of the world will remove 'Earth's whitest snow' and the reflectivity of solar rays and heat back into space.  The IPCC has to demand the prohibition of this use of Arctic waters.  There are also threantened species that will be facing extinction.  There is an entire ecosystem within that ice and under the ice that will alter the balance of the oceans.  This is complete stupidity on the part of those that will seek to use the reduced sea ice as a shipping route.


Increased shipping likely to accelerate climate change as Arctic warms  (click title to entry - thank you)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010, 16:00 [IST

Washington, Oct 26 (ANI): Scientists have revealed that as the ice-capped Arctic Ocean warms, ship traffic will increase at the top of the world.
And if the sea ice continues to decline, a new route connecting international trading partners may emerge - but not without significant repercussions to climate, says a U.S. and Canadian research team that included a University of Delaware scientist.

Growing Arctic ship traffic will bring with it air pollution that has the potential to accelerte climate change in the world's nothern reaches.  And it's more than a greenhouse gas problem --  engine exhausted particles could increase warming by some 17-78 percent, the reseachers say...

Local Time :: 6:52 AM AKDT (GMT -08)

Lon/Lat :: 58.8° N 137.0° W

Elevation :: 33 feet

Temperature :: 37 Fahrenheit

Conditions :: Overcast

Windchill :: 34 Fahrenheit

Humidity :: 83%

Dew Point :: 36 Fahrenheit

Wind :: 5 mph from the North North West

Pressure :: 29.67 inches (steady)

Visibility :: 10.0 miles

UV :: 0 out of 16

Clouds :: Overcast 2200 feet
              (Above ground level)

"Unfortunate," is what the Rand Paul says about this episode of violence. I demand Rand Paul immediately condemn this act of violence by his supports.

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This is outrageous !

Unfortunate.  They believe it is unfortunate.  It is far more than that.

Well, here is the other side of the coin. A USA military under the control of a ? freely elected ? citizen cabal.

 The soldiers were thrown into a war where either one survived or died.  There was no real exit strategy from the beginning, only a map of a march from Kuwait into Iraq's oil fields.  It wasn't a military invasion with purpose, so much as a military invasion for the plutocracy. 

Many, many in the USA knew exactly what was being done and that is why Bush and Cheney were always on the defense about it.  The people in the USA that were outrageously upset over the Iraq invasion, the demonstrators, the soldiers against the war, the anti-war movement knew long before the first tank rolled across the Kuwait border this was an illegal war.  If it weren't for them and their prowess about their own country and international aggression of their military by the plutocrats there would have been a world war.  


It was those and the United Nations that opposed the invasion with inspectors 'on the ground' in Iraq finding absolutely nothing to justify such actions that prevented escalation beyond the Iraq borders.  The invasion is why the global community now is justified in their skepticism of any peaceful intentions of the military.  With the Wikileaks documents there is a growing justification for worrisome methods of the wrongful use of the Executive Branch of the USA.

Al Pessin
The Pentagon 25 October 2010
The U.S. Army general (click title to entry - thank you) who commanded coalition forces in Iraq for 2 1/2 years denied allegations on Monday based on the WikiLeaks documents published last week that his forces undercounted Iraqi civilian casualties and condoned the abuse of prisoners by Iraqi forces.

General George Casey, who is now Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army, says troops under his command in Iraq did not intentionally underreport the number of civilians who were killed during his tenure, from mid-2004 until early 2007. "I don't recall downplaying civilian casualties.  In fact, we actively went out and tried to count civilian casualties, to the extent we actually sent leaders, soldiers, down to the morgues in Baghdad to count civilian casualties," he said….

Wow. I remember him at the United Nations before Bush's invasion into Iraq. He told the truth. No WMD.

He was scared to go back to Iraq.  I think was also scared for the people of Iraq.  

He was stating at the United Nations that Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction and that the USA was wrong in their intentions.

The regime was brutal, but, considering what is going on now I can't honestly say it is much different, just different people.

I believe the reason Saddam became who he was and as ruthless as he was had a lot to do with the country's ethnic divide along really specific boundary lines.  Saddam simply oppressed the revolution of the Shia and the Kurds.  

We don't belong in Iraq.  We never did.

...Iraq's  top court (click title to entry - thank you)  last year jailed both Aziz and Saddam henchman and cousin Ali Hassan al-Majid for 15 years for their role in the 1992 execution of 42 Baghdad wholesalers.

Aziz had earlier been acquitted in the first of four trials for alleged crimes against humanity. 

His family, now in Jordan, has repeatedly called for his release from custody, saying the 74-year-old was in poor health suffering from heart and respiratory problems, high blood pressure and diabetes. 

Named foreign minister in 1983 and then deputy premier in 1991, Aziz was believed to have wielded little real power of decision-making. 

But he became one of the regime's best-known figures abroad who matched his US peers in debate.... 

In an Iraq prison, who won't have poor health.  He should be exiled and sent to his family.  I do believe Aziz was a voice of reason with the Saddam government.  I would hate to think such people regardless of the actions of the government would be killed for their 'pleading' role both internationally and domestically within the inner circle.  He has no real power anymore.  The Shia and Kurds have their own governments today.  I don't see his execution as meaningful so much as pathetic.