Wednesday, September 07, 2016

The US Senate Republicans are prescribing death to American infants that have severe cases of microcephaly..

Life Expectancy

Individuals with microcephaly may live a normal life span. In severe cases, however, babies born with the condition die in infancy.

This from a political party in the USA that believes in life at conception. 


This is unconscionable !!!!!!! The American people have been compromised by the US Senate Republicans.

There is every reason to believe the generation of children facing this disease is being disposed of by the US Congress because of POLITICS!

The American children in utero are being held hostage for funding that Planned Parenthood would receive. Children are going to suffer because the Republicans in the US Senate are playing politics with WORDS to punish the very agency that may very well be asked to assist these women. 

September 7, 2016
By J.J. Gallagher

Congress failed (click here) to move forward a $1.1 billion funding package to help the country address the outbreak of Zika for the third time Tuesday, just as Florida reported seven new locally-transmitted cases of the virus.
In addition to the 56 people infected with the disease in Florida, 2,686 travel-related cases from across the country have been reported to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). At least 23 of these cases have been transmitted sexually. The CDC reports that 624 pregnant women have tested positive for some evidence of the virus, and 16 babies have been born in the U.S. so far that have birth defects linked to it.
Led by Senate Democrats protesting language they say will limit funding to Planned Parenthood, lawmakers voted down the spending package by a 52-46 vote, falling short of the 60 votes needed to move forward on the legislation....

The US Senate has NO RIGHT to stand in the way of women who seek care through Planned Parenthood.


The statistics below are the direct responsibilities of the US Senate Republicans. There was no doubt this had the potential to be a very serious virus and could compromise the lives of American children. 

June 28, 2016
By Erin Kelly

...Florida has 223 Zika cases, (click here) including 40 pregnant women. The Florida Department of Health announced Tuesday the first confirmed case of microcephaly in an infant born in Florida. Microcephaly is a condition in which a baby is born with an unusually small head, often due to abnormal brain development.The Florida baby's mother contracted Zika while in Haiti.

"If you don't think the Zika crisis is an emergency, just wait," Nelson said. "These numbers are just going to increase...We need to stop playing these political games."...

US Republicans like to state their priority is to say, "Life begins at conception." Really!!!!!!!!!

This proves the US Republican Senate doesn't care about American children at conception. This is politics and there should be arrests of those that are to blame for crafting a political bill and not a SIMPLE, UNCOMPLICATED FUNDING MEASURE to facilitate care and research to end this nightmare. 

There is no treatment for Zika. There is no vaccine. Pharmacies and MDs are encouraging people to take the flu vaccine at this early date. Promotions for the flu vaccine began about two weeks ago that I have seen. There is nothing else the medical profession can do except look at their pharmaceutical lists and wager on an outcome that might stem the virus and it's devastating outcomes.

This level of victimization of the American people by the US Senate Republicans is a crime. There is every reason to demand FBI investigations and the reason for the 'word structure' that Mitch McConnell uses chronically in obstruction of any legislation. This is taking politics far over the line of legal. This is beyond ethics. This is a contemplated plan to use this emergency for political gain. It is corruption that is malicious and harmful to the American people!