Friday, August 17, 2012

What did we do right to increase Ryan's tax rate in 2011? He and Romney are in the same club.

Romney/Ryan pay less than most millionaires in the USA. We just don't know about Thompson.

Aug. 17, 2012 4:20 p.m.

Paul Ryan and his wife, Janna, paid an effective tax rate of 15.9% in 2010 and 20% in 2011, according to tax returns provided by the Romney-Ryan campaign to the Journal Sentinel on Friday.
In 2010, Ryan and his wife paid $34,233 in federal taxes on $215,417 of adjusted gross income.
In 2011, they paid $64,764 in federal taxes on $323,416 of adjusted gross income.
A little more than half of the Ryans' total income in that two-year period came from the congressman's congressional salary.
But the couple also earned significant outside income from dividends, capital, real estate and other sources.
For example, in 2010, the couple reported $39,013 in income from "rental real estate, royalties, partnerships, S corporations, trust, etc....
They don't care about transparency. Ryan simply mirrored the same standard as Romney. Now, Thompson is refusing to release any tax returns. That is the type of leadership Romney/Ryan propagate. The lead in opposition to the American people, that will not stop, it will only get worse and we will see more and more exploitation of our democracy if elected. 
John Kraus

Facing calls to release his tax returns, (click here) Thompson desperately clings to discredited poll

Thompson Campaign Attempting to Distract From Thompson's Blow Up On The First Day of the General Election

MILWAUKEE – John Kraus, Tammy Baldwin For Senate Communications Director issued the following statement in response to the Thompson campaign's desperate attempt to discredited Republican poll to distract the media and voters from the fact that Tommy Thompson refuses to release his tax returns and supports cutting taxes for millionaires like himself while raising taxes on Wisconsin's middle class.

"In the face of calls to release his tax returns, and after a testy and rattled exchange with the Wisconsin press corps on the first day of the general elction, Tommy Thompson is trying to distract voters by clinging to a widely discredited pollster who used to work for George W. Bush," said Tammy Baldwin for Senate Communications Director John Kraus, "Thompson can try to dodge and distract all he wants but the people of Wisconsin want to know why Tommy won't release his tax returns at the same time he is calling for tax breaks for millionaires like himself and tax increases for the middle class."...

By Seth Hanlon | August 4, 2011

Republicans in the House (click here) of Representatives got their way this week: The final budget deal struck with President Barack Obama raises no additional revenues while cutting more than $2 trillion from public investments, defense, and government services that all Americans rely upon. That’s a better outcome than a Tea Party-caused default but it’s a bad deal for America’s middle class.
Meanwhile, America’s millionaires won’t be asked to contribute a single dime. That’s unfortunate because they certainly can afford it. Not only have their incomes been skyrocketing but data released this week by the Internal Revenue Service reveal that their tax rates have plunged over the last two decades. As a percentage of their incomes, millionaires are now paying about one-quarter less of their income to federal taxes than they did in the mid-1990s....

Vice President Biden is a regular Joe. He is an asset to the Middle Class, hence the American people.

Vice President Joe Biden speaks at the Institute of Advanced Research and Learning in Danville, Va., Tuesday.
Steven Mantilla/The Register & Bee/AP
He is a great legislator. He has spent most of his life protecting the Middle Class in the USA. He understands loss at a very profound level. The Second Lady Biden is an educator. She understands and believes in Community Colleges. We don't have to worry about lobbyists living within the Executive Branch.
With a new 'super PAC' ad that mocks Joe Biden for all manner of verbal slips, it’s almost as if Republicans are mirroring the way Democrats attacked Sarah Palin in 2008. (click title to entry - thank you)

By Peter GrierStaff writer / August 17, 2012

...Already this week, Team Romney has accused Mr. Biden of injecting race into the campaign, because he told a largely black audience that the GOP would “put y’all back in chains.” And on Friday, the "super PAC" American Crossroads is releasing an ad that mocks Biden for all manner of verbal slips, from the “chains” remark to his assertion that “jobs” is a three-letter word....

We all know Joe does not necessarily have the best manners every minute of every day. But, Joe is Joe and he demands a great deal of respect for his work in the Senate for so long.

I think President Obama said it the best, " wasn't the best choice of words."

It is what it is. We can trust inarticulate Vice President Biden. All the CIA agents are still intact, right? 

Go, get 'em, Joe!

I am beginning to feel like one of the Romney boys. "Mitt says no and no is no." I don't want to be talked down to.

President Obama has come to us as a resource to assist with important measures to rebuild our country after the global economic collapse. The USA people are the backbone of this country. We can rebuild our own country, we don't need Mitt Romney's help. We don't need it at all. 

The Family Research Council is afraid of the truth. They do promulgate intolerance and hatred.

Flags fly above the entrance to the Family Research Council headquarters after a security guard was shot in the arm on Wednesday.

The Family Research Council is welcome to fly the flag of the USA over it's headquarters, no different than any other peaceful organization in the USA, but, they do not embrace all Americans.

Aug. 17, 2012 10:25 am
Jesse Walker
Family Research Council president Tony Perkins (click title to entry - thank you) on Thursday said the shooting at the conservative Christian organization's Washington, D.C., headquarters was an act of terrorism and he accused the Southern Poverty Law Center of fostering the climate that allowed the crime to occur...

The Family Research Council is a Political Right Wing activism group. It should be prepared for people that feel the oppression of their policies and views. 

The Family Research Council was Michael Powell's best friend during the Bush/Cheney years. They worked to elect and re-elect Right Wing political figures to effect laws that would ostracize members of the USA as being unworthy of recognition of wholesomeness, feelings of love and the ability to sustain marriage relationships.

Violence is never to be rewarded, but, if guns didn't flow MORE THAN water in the USA, there would not be as much LICENSE to commit violence against innocent people. After all, the FRC and the NRA are practically poured from the same political mold.

Below is a reporting from FRC Action, The Legislative Affiliate of Family Research Council. Not exactly what I would call a peaceful demeanor for a family based organization, now is it? 


"Coward for Hire" isn't exactly a slogan that attracts business--or, in King & Spalding's case, keeps it. Barely two weeks into the drama over the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), the law firm that quit the suit has lost--not one, but two--high-profile clients. Yesterday, the National Rifle Association (NRA) joined the state of Virginia in firing K&S for walking out on its contract with the U.S. House of Representatives. The NRA's decision will rock the legal community, since King & Spalding had represented the gun lobby in last year's Supreme Court case, McDonald v. Chicago. Sources say the two sides had been negotiating a bigger role for the firm after it won the Second Amendment suit. But, like Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, the NRA has new doubts about the firm's credibility....

If one didn't know better, the DEMEANOR of The Family Research Council is down right militant. So, if the Family Research Council insists on activism that acts to limit the freedom of Americans while escalating the number of guns on the street and insisting judges in the USA, across the spectrum represent their values and only their values; they need to be prepared for what threatens other Americans into action in protection of their own understanding of the world.

The Family Research Council exudes intolerance while insisting on legislative dominance over the populous of the USA. If that isn't threatening, then I don't know what is. 


The gunman has the argument, as far as I am concerned, that his impetus was aggravated by the very entity he choose as a point of violence. It isn't as though the Family Research Council can declare innocence to their desire of oppression of innocent Americans, now can they?

I believe one person was injured during the rampage. Lucky. They are very lucky no one else found the violence ONE gun can bring to a peaceful scene in the USA.

They certainly are paying the price for their art. When is their probationary period?

Gee, whiz, it isn't as though they were caught dealing drugs or something.

Moscow needs to provide an incentive for good behavior, so they need to know when they can receive probation for good behavior.

I don't think they did any damage to the church, did they?

They could do public service at the church for their probation, too. I hate to say this about Russia, but, I get the feeling feminism is a real issue there. I don't recall a Punk Rock guy band going to these extremes to be recognized.

MOSCOW, August 17 (RIA Novosti)
18:35 17/08/2012

Three members of the feminist punk collective Pussy Riot were sentenced to two years prison on Friday after being convicted of hooliganism and inciting religious hatred by a Moscow district court.
Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, 22, Maria Alyokhina, 24, and Yekaterina Samutsevich, 30, were convicted for staging an anti-Kremlin “punk prayer” in a central Moscow cathedral in February.
The three have already spent more than five months in pretrial detention, which, according to Russian legislation, equals ten months in prison....


"I told you so."

Besides the tragedy upon us with global warming, I stated years ago the troops should be home by 2012. It is on the blog.

If Karzai wants to embrace the Taliban and bring them on into his military to be trained, that is his headache. We are not starting this mess all over again. 

We need to be out of there, now! There isn't anything NATO can do to improve the dynamics in the region.

Karzai sabotaged his own country. We are not refighting this war.

When it comes to the Presidential and Vice Presidential debates, I want to know the plans for Afghanistan and our distressed soldiers?

This is the force used against tribes in Africa when natural resources are mined or drilled. Nigeria had the same problem over oil some time ago.


They were going to kill them all if necessary. Government forces did exactly that in Nigeria when tribes objected to the pollution they were exposed to due to drilling.

The miners need more pay from the largest platinum mine in the world. Just that simple. None of this would have happened if they had been given the pay they were promised.

Tanks? Tanks? Over a pay dispute? This is outrageous. I would have asked for a lot more than money, like better working conditions and quality of life for my family, insurance policies for my family when I die in the mines for mining platinum.

16 AUGUST 2012

..."We are shocked and dismayed (click here) at this senseless violence. We believe there is enough space in our democratic order for any dispute to be resolved through dialogue without any breaches of the law or violence.
We call upon the labour movement and business to work with government to arrest the situation before it deteriorates any further. I have instructed law enforcement agencies to do everything possible to bring the situation under control and to bring the perpetrators of violence to book. We extend our deepest condolences to the families of all who have lost their lives since the beginning of this violent action," said President Zuma....

Military hubris that believes they have a right to ridicule the President reminds me of another time when it proved to end a distinguished officer's career.

There are Veterans having a different view of the world and with a suicide rate of 26 last month, I really believe it is completely irresponsible to go down this road.

An election year battle (click title to entry - thank you) between liberal and conservative veteran groups over President Barack Obama's national security record has taken a nasty turn, with a prominent pro-Obama group VetPAC raising questions about the service record of Ryan Zinke, a former Navy SEAL who is chairman of an anti-Obama group.
“It’s Swift Boat Veterans all over again,” retired colonel Dick Klass, vice-president of VetPAC, told BuzzFeed. “It’s some guys being used, they are trolling for money among the Boone Pickens and Koch Brothers.”...

George W. Bush was never able to kill the man who killed so many in the USA. The USA went to war in retaliation for an attack on our civilians and our economy. President Obama carries the responsibility for the outcome of the raid. It is just that simple. Leaks did not kill Osama bin Laden. Think about that for awhile. And when it comes to leaks the Bush White House championed one that ended the career of a valuable CIA agent seeking to impact the trade of nuclear materials, so when people talk about leaks they need to get their act together. President Obama does not tolerate leaks and has ordered investigations. I wish people would grow up, the military really is about life and death; not just of soldiers either.

Army had 26 suicides in July, its highest monthly total on record and double the June total (click here)

WASHINGTON — Suicides among active-duty soldiers in July more than doubled from June, accelerating a trend throughout the military this year that has prompted Pentagon leaders to redouble efforts to solve a puzzling problem.
The Army, which is the only branch of the military that issues monthly press statements on suicides, said 26 active-duty soldiers killed themselves in July, compared with 12 in June. The July total was the highest for any month since the Army began reporting suicides by month in 2009, according to Lt. Col. Lisa Garcia, an Army spokeswoman....

Ramadan is suppose to be a time of peace and reconciliation, that doesn't seem to be the case in Afghanistan.

Eid al-Fitr is practiced at the end of Ramadan. It might prove to be an assault on foreign troops. NATO really doesn't belong there anymore. The training mission now appears to be training the Taliban. The mission needs to end.

Another Afghan police attack kills 2 US troops

By By KAY JOHNSON and AMIR SHAH, Associated Press – 18 minutes ago  

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — A newly recruited Afghan village policeman opened fire on his American allies on Friday, killing two U.S. service members minutes after they handed him his official weapon in an inauguration ceremony. It was the latest in a disturbing string of attacks by Afghan security forces on the international troops training them.
Later Friday, an Afghan soldier turned his gun on foreign troops in another part of the country and wounded two of them, a spokesman for the NATO coalition said.
The attacks in the country's far west and south brought to seven the number of times that a member of the Afghan security forces — or someone wearing their uniform — has opened fire on international forces in the past two weeks.
Such assaults by allies, virtually unheard of just a few years ago, have recently escalated, killing at least 36 foreign troops so far this year. They also raise questions about the strategy to train Afghan national police and soldiers to take over security and fight insurgents after most foreign troops leave the country by the end of 2014....