Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I found this an interesting editorial in the Tehran Times. It speaks to 'regional security' for what might be the first time.

July 16, 2014
By Abdollah Ghanbarloo

...a final point, (click here) all states share responsibility for each other’s security. Their common interest requires international cooperation for eradication of violent extremism. There are two main ways to solve Iraq’s problems. Firstly, Iraqi government needs a new national dialogue and new national reconciliation project between Shiite, Sunni, and Kurdish populations to build a new Iraqi society based on the principles of equality, understanding, toleration, and friendship among all groups....

The editorial explains quite clearly the events of rebellion throughout the region. This editorial also speaks to elements of the region that have interests in establishing and sustaining a peace. There are chances that can occur without any more sectarian violence if all nations are willing to recognize their part in regional stability. 

Iran more than any other country has the potential to end any sectarian violence by leading and bringing about regional stability. For far too long, extremist groups often characterized as terrorist elements have fought for their continued presence. It has to end. The groups that are primarily Shia need to accept leadership of their religious leaders who lead in peace without violence as a focus of their purpose. 

I would hope the Russia forces were to end the east Ukrainian insurgents.

I think Russia is providing a lot of mixed messages. I am sure it serves it's purpose well. But, Russia needs to end the ambivalence costing it so much economically. Russia is losing it's status globally. It is time for President Putin to end the discussion about another Russia state in eastern Ukraine. It isn't good for Russia or Ukraine and it certainly isn't good for the people of Eastern Ukraine. It is time to jail those standing even in defiance of Russia in regard to separatism.

July 16, 2014
VOA News 

...The Pentagon (click here) says it is increasingly concerned about Russian military forces massed on the border with Ukraine.  It confirmed NATO estimates that 10,000 to 12,000 Russian troops are deployed there, adding the force "certainly has the capability to conduct operations on either side of the border."

Tensions between Moscow and Kyiv escalated Tuesday after a top Ukrainian defense official warned the country faced an imminent Russian military attack and Ukraine's security chief said he had "absolute proof" Russia was involved in the downing of a Ukrainian military transport plane a day earlier.

Later Tuesday, 11 people were killed in an airstrike that destroyed an apartment building in the eastern Ukrainian town of Sniznhe.  Pro-Russian separatists blamed Ukraine's air force for the attack, while a Ukrainian military spokesman, in a thinly veiled accusation against Russia, called the airstrike a "cynical provocation."...

It is about time to have EIB to end it's supply of money to those not engaged in peace.
Suspending investments
...The 28-nation EU has been under strong pressure from the U.S. and Ukraine to take a hard line against Russia.
The EU leaders will ask the bloc's bank, the European Investment Bank (EIB), to suspend financing of new public sector projects in Russia, the draft statement said.
EU countries will work together within the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) to suspend EBRD financing of new projects in Russia, it said.
EU diplomats say taking action at the EBRD will be complicated as Russia is one of 64 countries that are shareholders of the bank.
Russia has traditionally been the biggest recipient of the London-based EBRD's funds - the bank lent 1.8 billion euros ($2.44 billion) there last year. The EIB pledged to lend more than one billion euros to Russia last year....

Another demonstration of Tea Party anarchy.

The rules were written before he started to pout, yet, he is out to declare a legitimate election illegal. They rule by power, not the rule of law. Just another clear indication of their lawlessness.

Mississippi State Sen. Chris McDaniel’s (click here) legal team said on Wednesday that they will more than likely challenge the tea party favorite’s loss in the Mississippi Republican primary runoff election between him and incumbent Sen. Thad Cochran.
Mitch Tyner, an attorney representing McDaniel, said at a press conference in Jackson that voting records are still being reviewed but enough evidence – including crossover votes – has already been found to make the challenge and that official paperwork would likely be filed within the next 10 days.
McDaniel’s team is still rigorously reviewing poll books in search of voter irregularities. Cochran, a six-term senator, had made an appeal to African-American and Democratic voters to help him in the GOP runoff on June 24. He was declared the winner by 7,667 votes. McDaniel, who led after the first round of voting on June 3, alleges there was fraud in crossover votes and has been trying to raise money to fund the legal challenge....

The sentences should be commuted to "LIfe without Parole."

There is no adequate answer for carrying out the death sentence anyway. California needs to get rid of the death sentence and commute any inmate to Life without Parole. 

July 16, 2014
By Bob Egelko
...For most of the 748 current Death Row inmates, (click here) "systemic delay has made their execution so unlikely that the death sentence carefully and deliberately imposed by the jury has been quietly transformed into one no rational jury or legislature could ever impose: life in prison, with the remote possibility of death," said U.S. District Judge Cormac Carney of Santa Ana.
Out of more than 900 convicted murderers sentenced to death in the state since 1978 under the current system, Carney said, 13 have been executed, 94 have died from illnesses, suicide or other causes, and 39 have had their sentences overturned....