Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Great Democrats of Wisconsin

Senator Vinehout (click here) and Chris Iannone at Fair Wisconsin event in Eau Claire, WI October 2008

According to a conversation with Wisconsin State Senator Vinehout on CNN, the Wisconsin 14 are staying in Illinois.

They are staying until the Wisconsin Senate recesses and they cannot be dragged into a session they oppose.

Regardless of the shenanigans of the Wisconsin Republicans from yesterday to the next adjournment, the fourteen Wisconsin Democratic Senators are very powerful people.  They hold the potential of protecting their public employees from a governor that views their earnings as disposable for his politics.

Right now the Wisconsin Legislature cannot pass a budget.  They don't have a quorum.

That means the cuts in the budget that would raise the cost of health care and pensions to the state employees cannot be passed into law either.

Basically, the Senate Republicans under the mentoring of a governor to a plutocracy should have never pulled this stunt.  I admire the Senators that remain in Illinois.  Their statement alone is so incredible to realize the 'tricky' of the Wisconsin Republicans does not change their resolve.  They are there 110% for their constituency in full view and insight to the ruthlessness of the current Republican majorities all the way to the State Executive Branch.

The Wisconsin Republicans have made, "W"rongfully, the state employees of Wisconsin a national platform.  They are locked into their abuse of power and they are simply using their wrongful administration to continue this ludicrous victimizing of these people.  The Wisconsin RNC should have never placed such 'political capital' on Wisconsin.  It is "W"rong to victimize innocent citizens for political rhetoric.  It is simply wrong.  The good people of Wisconsin should not have been put under a microscope for national politics.  The political races are over and it is time to govern.  So far, the Wisconsin Republicans haven't begun to govern so much as continue the priorities for their party.

The great leadership I am witnessing with the Wisconsin Democrats give people hope.  That hope is very important.  It is necessary so average citizens feel important to their government and empowered to 'go forward' into an agenda of fairness and compromise.  That hope is a commodity that prevents victimization.

As long as the Wisconsin Democrats have the will to stand up for compromise, fairness and better outcomes for the Middle Class, they will receive unending loyalty and support.  It is difficult for them and their familes.  But, their fortitude is all that is required now and any other force other than freedom to assemble and freedom of speech dissipates with the hope they provide. 

Unfortunately, their state has tremendous pressure in these circumstances it should have to withstand, but, we are all in it and we will prevail. 

Thank you to fourteen great Democrats.

KINDLY remember 'one thing.'    Just one thing.  We are the amateurs.  These Democrats never intended to be under fire like this.  They may stumble on occassion as they are demoralized and then regroup.  They have the right and best priorities.  We all need to stay together and keep pulling for each other.  We don't have an 'agenda.'  We cannot expect to 'read minds' either. 

We can do this. 

Oh, yes we can.

US House Representative Peter King's double standard.

In his opening salvos, King quoted Attorney General Holder in stating what keeps him up at night.


King won't allow Attorney General Holder to testify because it would contradict 'the focus' he is seeking.

House hearings are suppose to be inclusive and I could understand how an extremist should not testfy on his own behalf (Or should he?), but, to quote the Attorney Gerenal of the USA out of context of his own comments, statistics and focus is simply outrageous.

On the other side is Representative Ellison.  He noted the White Christian dynamic that plays out in extremism in violence noted in the Pro-Life Movement, the Gun Lobby and Anti-Semitism.  He stated there was never a panel such as this before focusing on the worship services of Christian extremists.  He is correct.  This is the first time a 'religion' is being scrutinized for extremism in their 'practices.' 

However, Homeland Secretary Janet Napoletano did warn, and quite correctly, about these racist christian extremists.  What happened when she did, though?  The Right Wing Media immediately began to 'radicalize' their viewership and readership. 

APRIL 17, 2009

Veterans a Focus of FBI Extremist Probe  (click here)

...The initiative, dubbed Operation Vigilant Eagle, was outlined in February, two months before a memo giving a similar warning was issued on April 7 by the Department of Homeland Security.
Disclosure of the DHS memo this week has sparked controversy among some conservatives and veterans groups. Appearing on television talk shows Thursday, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano defended the assessment, but apologized to veterans who saw it as an accusation.
"This is an assessment of things just to be wary of, not to infringe on constitutional rights, certainly not to malign our veterans," she said on NBC's Today Show....

Where did the radicalization of the electorate occur?  With Murdoch Media.  That's where.   The reason is because this is the Republican electorate base.  Gun toting, caucasian males engaged in hating government and the Middle Class.  Hello?  Anyone out there?

So, the focus of Representative Ellis is more than correct.  This is a highly unusual event and victimizes people within their core belief systems regaarding God or in this case Allah.  It should not be tolerated and Rep. King needs to apologize to the Muslim community. 

Online commentary: Congressional hearings on Muslim extremists stand to divide Americans (click title to entry - thank you)

4:18 PM, Mar. 5, 2011


...The unfortunate truth however, is that throughout our history, there have always been politicians who tried to capitalize on the aftermath of such tragedies. Rather than resolutely responding to the threats or rallying their countrymen in a common struggle, some have taken a less responsible path. Often, under the cloak of patriotism, they have found ways to divide Americans....

Chaos In Wisconsin After Senate Vote On Collective Bargaining

This is the Middle Class reality in Wisconsin now that the Plutocrats manipulated their reality.

I hope everyone is proud.

"One Day Longer, One Day Stronger."

The Minority Leader of the Senate, Mitch McConnell, states the President is absent from the Budget debate.


The Republicans are pathetic.  Any excuse is a good excuse.


If Senator McConnell can't 'get the job done' without someone holding his hand then he needs to resign.\

In case Senator McConnell has forgotten, the President went through a great deal of trouble to submit 'A Budget" the country needed. 

I do believe the SENATE VOTE was insufficient to pass the BIZARRE and PARITSAN budget submitted by the House.

The PROBLEM with the NATIONAL DEBT is not the budget, it is the size and scope of the military, the LACK OF TAXES by the wealthiest in the country and in a minor way, the entitlements.  Because if the wealthy put money back into the USA Treasury (The place where they found it.) the entitlements could be modified in a realistic way to extend their effective life to the next three generations until they decided to repair it again.

The truth of the matter is, the plutocracy and the media that caters to them are throwing Grandma under the bus. 

They are throwing our children under the bus and they are throwing the American Dream under the bus.

Because the Repbulicans and their cronies don't want to take responsibility they won't take responsibility.

Clarence Thomas committed an ethical violation according to the law.  No Power Play that was advocated by a comedian should be the reality of the American people.  If it was a 'so called' liberal judge on the court they would be impeached by now.

Steven Colbert's antics are renditions of 'Moot Court' in a university setting.  Wow.

Then everyone wonders how the electorate are so out of touch with the reality of their own lives and life experiences.  Will Americans ever 'do the right thing' for themeselves again?

Anyone want to return to the Bush/Cheney Policy of Nuclaar Proliferation?

This is the only mushroom cloud ever to enter the political debate in the USA.


The Republicans chronically stir up the elections by 'causing thought' about threats. During the Pre-invasion of Iraq all we heard is the treat of 'The Mushroom Cloud."

That stopped after the plutocrats of the oil industry wer allowed into the vat of oil in Iraq. What then occurred was a policy of nuclear proliferation by selling nuclear capacity to Asia and the Middle East. It was and still is the philosophy of the Republicans to arm every country on the globe with nuclear arms to 'nullify' the threat.

I want to have Americans ask themselves, given the instability of the Middle East and dictators such as Gadhaffi, is that a good policy to elect into office?

The Republican Party stands for something and if anyone believes it is benevolent in any of its content, they are wrong. The Republicans serve the wealthy, they put the national debt and deficit square on the shoulders of the Middle Class and make the world a more dangerous place. Why can't that be impressed on the electorate of the USA?

How many people today watch investment bank commercials in amusement rather than 'engagement?'

Every election the American people are unable to be loyal to principles and allow themselves to believe they have good leadership on both sides of the aisle, so place 'your bets' on Election Day things will be different THIS TIME.
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Santorum is a candidate? Why? Money and Fun. That is the focus of the RNC candidates this year.

...“We’ll never get another Ronald Reagan, but we need someone like Reagan,” the professor stated. “We need people who will take on the institutions.”...

Okay, then the USA now knows there are no exceptional leaders in the Republican Party anymore.  I know I had that figured out.

Santorum is trying to Reagan in any way he can.  He stated he doesn't understand why it is so difficult to bomb Libya as Reagan did.

Think about that a minute.

The attack began at 0200 hours (Libyan time), (click here) and lasted about twelve minutes, with 60 tons of munitions dropped. Eighteen F-111 bombers supported by four EF-111 electronic countermeasures aircraft flying from the United Kingdom bombed Tripoli airfield, a frogman training center at a naval academy, and the Bab al-Aziziya barracks in Tripoli. During the bombing of the Bab al-Aziziya barracks, an American F-111 was shot down by a Libyan SAM missile over the Gulf of Sidra. Some bombs landed off-target, striking diplomatic and civilian sites in Tripoli, while the French embassy was only narrowly missed. Some Libyan soldiers abandoned their positions in fright and confusion, and officers were slow to give orders. Libyan anti-aircraft fire did not begin until after the planes had passed over their targets. Twenty-four A-6 Intruders and F/A-18 Hornets launched from aircraft carriers bombed radar and antiaircraft sites in Benghazi before bombing the Benina and Jamahiriya barracks. A number of bombs missed their targets and hit residential areas, along with a number of Western embassies in Benghazi.

And after all was said and done, Gaddafi was still the dictator in Libya with two dead grandchildren.

The attacks failed to kill Gaddafi. Forewarned by a telephone call from Malta's Prime Minister, Karmenu Mifsud Bonncii, that unauthorized aircraft were flying over Maltese airspace heading south towards Tripoli, Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi and his family rushed out of their residence in the Bab al-Azizia compound moments before the bombs dropped. According to Giulio Andreotti (the 42nd Prime Minister of Italy) and Abdel Rahman Shalgham (Libya's Foreign Minister from 2000 until 2009), Italian politician Bettino Craxi
was the person who actually warned Gaddafi.

The planes were spotted and reported to Gaddafi.  Now, while it created remorse by Gaddhfi and the Lockerbee

While the bombing served a purpose and we are all grateful Libya is disarmed of its nuclear weapons, the idea the same tactic would result in better outcomes is nothing more than silly. 

But, true to form, as long as a candidate sounds like Reagan 'enough' he won favor among those in Iowa.  That is the rank of the Right Wing.  They lie and deceive and 'find messages' that work to win votes regardless of the truth or their ability to carry out the realities of the words.

Bachmann found words in a law she should have read and debated rather than running around screaming there were death squads and Granny killers.  But, she didn't.  Santorum will seek to appear Reaganesque even though he hasn't got a chance at winning the Presidency.  Why bother?  Money.  Fame.  Temporary Power.  Influence the elections across the country at all levels so people like Walker are elected that cater to plutocrats and rob the Middle Class of their integrity, values and power.

That is what occurred yesterday in Wisconsin.  The integrity of the Middle Class was robbed, made to feel inadequate in their own defense through the only mechanism their democracy affords them.  The Republican Party has no shame, they do not respect the lives of the Middle Class and will rob them of every nickel.  Republicans love to demoralize the Middle Class right up to the point where they can lie to them for votes.

Why isn't Chrisi running?  No surprise here.

...In fact, on the occasions (click here)  when the Legislature granted the unions new benefits, it was for pensions, which were not subject to collective bargaining — and it has not happened in eight years. In reality, state employees have paid 1.5 percent of their salaries toward health insurance since 2007, in addition to co-payments and deductibles, and since last spring, many local government workers, including teachers, do as well. The few dozen school districts where employees agreed to concessions last year still saw layoffs and cuts in academic programs.

“Clearly there has been a pattern of the governor playing fast and loose with the details,” said Brigid Harrison, a political science professor at Montclair State University. “But so far, he’s been adept at getting the public to believe what he says.”...

The American electorate is chronically robbed of their dignity, it is just that they allow it so much they sincerely don't seek it anymore.  The events in Wisconsin to demoralize the public actually plays into the strategy of Republicans.  The more demoralize people become the easier they are to lie to because they don't care anymore.

Republicans, by methodology and track record, are not good people.  The reason the Middle Class is facing their reality today is because for eight long and stupid years they were lied to, deceived, corralled like cattle to fear the unknown and then robbed of their treasury.  The wealthy that reaped the riches sowed during that time needs to be taxed, but, are they?  No.  What is occuring is a 'moral tax' by the Middle Class and that is all that will occur. 

The country is in trouble.  The monies hoarded by the wealthy need to be returned to the USA treasury.  If the Middle Class continues to be demoralized and continues to make the mistakes of believing the Republican manipulation of the truth, they will disappear.  A nation of Plutocratic Peasants.  That is what will be left if that isn't what exists already.