Thursday, March 07, 2013

That's odd. Shark alerts at the same time in two separate hemispheres.

Muriwai is on the east coast of North Island, New Zealand. It is also home of a large colony of gannets. 

Gannets are also found along the Gulf of Mexico. I have no clue if there is a direct correlation, but, the chance is there is a strong attraction to birds that dive into the water to feed by sharks. It would be an interesting study for a biologist concerned about shark survival. It would be a worthwhile study for separate studies to be conducted by non-communicating scientists in the USA and New Zealand. Their work could be published at the same time with the same investigative methodology. It would be interesting. The gannets might have the same creature habits in the same cycle regardless of the hemisphere.

As many as four sharks may have been involved in a fatal attack on a swimmer at Muriwai Beach this afternoon.
A witness told 3 News he spotted the lone swimmer whilst he was out fishing at the beach, on Auckland’s west coast, shortly before 2pm.
The distressed man - believed to be in his 40s - signalled for help when he was attacked by a shark, before he was pulled underwater.
At this point, the witness says three or four other sharks appeared in the area....

The gannets in Florida were one of the most impacted birds during the BP Deepwater Horizon oil disaster.

The bird lives (click here) largely within the waters of the continental shelf from New England south along the Atlantic Coast to Florida, and west along the Gulf Coast to Texas and Northeast Mexico. Large concentrations of adult birds are often seen off the New England coast.

Shark alert at Muriwai Beach (click here)

2:43 PM Friday Mar 8, 2013

Swimmers were told to get out of the water at Muriwai Beach near Auckland today after a report of a shark.
Lifeguards believe it was a false alarm and may have been Maui's dolphins that were swimming in the area, which was the site of a fatal shark attack last Wednesday.
Muriwai Volunteer Lifeguards chairman Tim Jago said a board rider reported seeing a small shark, about 1-2m long, at Maori Bay, next to Muriwai, about noon.
Swimmers and surfers were asked to get out of the water while lifeguards deployed a boat to investigate....

I have been able to formulate logic from Senator Rand Paul.

If a person is worried as to whether or not they are an enemy combatant within the USA, citizen or not, if you have made the "No Fly List;" worry. Be very worried. 

The TSA No Fly List (click here)

After realizing Attorney General Holder made a clear delineation between combatant and non-combatant in his letter to Senator Rand Paul, there is a good chance if a person is on the TSA No Fly List; their social life will want for acceptance. No Cafe' table for you, dear.

I don't believe any sanctions will accomplish what they are suppose to accomplish.

The sanctions are radicalizing the leadership of these countries. They can be viewed as desperate measures to stop the nuclear programs.

Ever since The Axis of Evil speech and the invasion into Iraq as well as the fall of Gaddafi the change in direction of these countries are profound. I would venture to say the paths they are on are intractable. What reason does North Korea have to stop their current programs?

U.N. approves new sanctions against North Korea (click here)

The vote Thursday by the U.N.'s most powerful body on a resolution drafted by North Korea's closest ally, China, and the United States sends a powerful message to North Korea that the international community condemns its ballistic missile and nuclear tests - and its repeated violation of Security Council resolutions.
The new sanctions are aimed at making it more difficult for North Korea to finance and obtain material for its weapons programs....

The United Nation's Security Council needs to meet their sanctions with additional humanitarian aid. It is the only reasonable response to increased sanctions.

I don't doubt China is agreeing to the sanctions, it has already stated they have no influence with North Korea.

I think this is an incredible challenge and it requires more than simple sanctions to stop this insanity. There needs to be rigorous economic and humanitarian projects to add dignity to the people of these nations. When the people do better their leaders quite possibly will move away from their radical agendas which would of course cause deaths within their countries if they ever launched a nuclear attack on any other nation.

I don't believe any of their leaders what deaths within their nations. They have families, they have friends, they have religious affiliations that mean a great deal to them. They can't save them all in a retaliative attack on their countries.

Economic opportunities could easily bring cultural exchanges and an opening of dialogue between nation's peoples. Humanitarian opportunities are, of course, food but also needs to include medications and protected physician visits as well as the ability of the impoverished to survive the winter months and grow food during the summer months. It needs to include the ability to have clean water. 

China could facilitate the movement of humanitarian aid to the people of North Korea to buffer the wrath of the leadership. It is a measure that has a great deal of hope to bring relief to the people of North Korea. With relief from suffering is the understanding the world is a much better place than they could have ever imagined. It would change the definition of the demands of the people from desperate to benevolence.

There is nothing to lose here, but, every opportunity to change the path of anger and desperation of nation's too overwhelmed by the power of other nations to invade.

Another east coast hurricane off the USA.

March 7, 2013
0230:19z (9:40 PM EST)
UNISYS Water Vapor Satellite of the west and north hemisphere (click here for 12 hour loop)

It has virtually shut down the nation's capital.

By DAVID DISHNEAU Associated Press 
Published: 3/6/2013  5:27 AM 
Last Modified: 3/6/2013  12:39 PM
HAGERSTOWN, Md. — A powerful snowstorm (click here) charged into the nation's capital on Wednesday, dumping heavy, wet flakes on the Mid-Atlantic region, snapping tree limbs and knocking out power to about 100,000 people. 

Federal offices in D.C. and schools in the region closed ahead of the storm. Commuter trains were canceled or on an abbreviated schedule, leaving the typically bustling city streets quiet. Forecasters warned more power outages were the biggest problem from a storm expected to dump up to 10 inches of snow in Washington and as much as 8 inches in Baltimore by Wednesday night. 

Minor tidal flooding was possible along parts of the Delaware and New Jersey coast, the western shore of the Chesapeake Bay and the lower Potomac River, the National Weather Service said. 

The storm pummeled the nation's mid-section and headed east. In Virginia, more than 200 car crashes had been reported. In Pennsylvania, many parts of the state had 4 to 6 inches of snow. 

By mid-morning, Washington had heavy snow with strong winds, but not much was sticking to wet roads or sidewalks. Baltimore was breezy and overcast with rain....

It is definitely a hurricane. It has a fairly concentrated 'eye' (low central pressure). It is more than mid-latitude vortex.

March 7, 2013 
UNISYS Water Vapor GOES East satellite (click here for 12 hour loop)

I don't care what the National Weather Center calls it, it has the physics of a hurricane. What we are witnessing on a very regular basis are hurricanes (heat systems) throughout the year. These are especially dangerous because of the cold temperatures and the loss of electricity and heat.

The size is the entire length of the east coast of the USA.

Below is an article from NASA.

Storms Come in Many Forms (click here)

March 7, 2013
This is an infrared photo of the Indian Ocean. It is interesting to realize what one is looking at and the high resolution of the photo. The skies are black. We are literally looking at a picture of Earth from space with incredible detail. There can be no doubt about the dynamics of Earth on any given day. 

This photo illustrates three vortexes and one severe thunderstorm all in one hemisphere of Earth. A vortex in the northern hemisphere, one in the southern hemisphere and one at the equator. The severe thunderstorms are occurring at the equator as well. The extratropical storms are at the poles of Earth where ice is melting and adding water vapor to the troposphere. 

The Republicans want to end her career.

Caitlin Halligan is an attorney that has the potential to become a Supreme Court Justice. The Republicans have no plans to let her career go forward. It is just that simple. She is more than qualified for the position she was nominated and the Republicans know that, but, have no intention of allowing her career to go forward.

Republicans Block Judicial Nominee’s Confirmation for a Second Time (click here)

WASHINGTON — Senate Republicans on Wednesday blocked the confirmation of Caitlin J. Halligan, a prominent New York lawyer, to become a federal appeals court judge in the District of Columbia, the second time in two years Republicans have filibustered her nomination.
The Senate, in a 51-to-41 vote, fell well short of the 60-vote threshold needed to cut off debate and bring Ms. Halligan’s nomination to a vote. The largely party-line vote, with only Senator Lisa Murkowski, Republican of Alaska, joining with Democrats in favor of ending debate, was reminiscent of the previous filibuster of Ms. Halligan — another largely party line vote of 54 to 45....

Technology and war machines don't mix.

One of the goals of Donald Rumsfeld was to have a mechanized military. Why? Because in his ASSESSMENT of the AMERICAN PEOPLE (the real enemy) is that when deaths to troops reaches 5000 the American people demand a war to end.

In the case of Iraq, the American people demanded the war to end far sooner than the deaths of 5000 American troops. The war was wrong and as soon as the 911 funk wore off the social dialogue, it became all to real what the Iraq war was all about. It was about oil and not about national security.

Donald Rumsfeld wanted, and I am sure still today, battalions of robots. He wanted a military staffed with machines that would kill by computer programming and dominate any country on demand. Dead serious. He stated, I heard and I know the military tests such possibilities.

The reason?


The real enemy is the American people. They whine and cry about their sons and daughters dying in war and that prohibits 'The Cabal' (Star Chamber) from carrying out it's goals.

See, there are only a few men that know what is best for the country and unfortunately the morons that are citizens in the USA just 'don't get it.' They don't understand there are superior thinkers lining the halls of their military to carry out a dreamscape of freedom for all other nations of people. If only the USA military could be called up on a hand held I-Pad or a Samsung Galaxy or a Thinkpad in the "Situation Room" all the people of the world would live in paradise and million/billionaires in Texas and Oklahoma would have all the oil they want to continue a quality of life they are ENTITLED TO.

In this world of human beings it is the CONSCIENCE of the people that stops heinous killing by the USA. It is people that stand in line for hours at voter booths that stop the madmen who would seek world domination for the sake of an economy. It is the people that whine and cry about their dead sons and daughters. It is the peace movement. It is the Global Zero and heroes like Valerie Plame that causes pause to enter the sanity of governing in the USA. 

When those voices are silenced through death by drones OR OPPRESSION BY THREAT, through their unnecessary leverage to prevent senseless killing of our brave military, through the very need to save lives of sons and daughters, it is then humanity ends on Earth. We cannot allow that to happen. War by machine needs a United Nation's Convention until every nation has signed it and it is ended everywhere on Earth.

This is not an option. It is real and the convention to end War by Machine has to go forward.
When a government turns against it's own people, it no longer serves a purpose. The government begins to serve it's own power and not the citizens of a country.

There isn't anything else to say. It is recognized internationally. 

A government of machines is not a government, it is a corporate entity that serves the purpose of profits.

Governments of any nation are suppose to protect people. They are suppose to increase quality of life for it's citizens. When the citizens of a country become the enemy, the government is the problem and not the people.

End of discussion, whether it is the USA or Syria, it is highly immoral which leads to an empty purpose for life on Earth.

The USA Drone Program in regard to Americans demands comparison.

There is sincerely no difference between bombs from Assad and bombs from USA drones. NONE. So, the idea the USA has the right to kill citizens is out of the question. Just that simple.

Syrian opposition leader: Assad signed deals with Israel (click here)

Published: 03.07.13, 08:37 / Israel News

President Bashar Assad's regime secretly signed economic and diplomatic deals with Israel, a Syrian businessman who is a member of the opposition in the war-torn country told Al Arabiya.

Firas Talas, the brother of Manaf Talas, Assad's former right-hand man who defected in July, said one of the deals called for the direct supply of Syrian oil to Israel. He claimed Assad's people murdered former prime minister Mahmoud Zuabi because he planned to expose the agreements. (Roi Kais)

If the USA is using drones to kill within its borders or outside it's borders in undeclared wars (civil or international), it is an international incident requiring intervention by the UN Security Council.

Tlass is the brother of Manaf Tlass, (click here) a former high-ranking Syrian official who was very close to Assad, and who fled the country several months ago. He is also the son of former Defense Secretary Mustafa Tlass. Tlass, who has since aligned himself with the rebels against the Assad government, said he would begin revealing the full range of cooperation between Syria and Israel is his Al-Arabiya interview, which will be broadcast in full on Friday.

Israel is affiliating with human rights violators that easily are considered war criminals. The UN Security Council now has a matter with Israel in backing the Assad regime in killing it's own citizens in large numbers along ethnic definitions. Considering Russia has the same alliances, the idea sanctions against Israel will go forward is unrealistic. The USA will also veto any such sanctions. However, the exercise of sanctioning Israel when it was sanctioned to protect people from genocide along ethnic lines, ie: Hebrews, has to go forward.
I have a question for President Obama. Are Republicans really for sale?

That is one area of The Jefferson Hotel. Nice. Nothing most Americans can afford which leaves one to wonder whom the Jefferson Hotel's frequent flyers sincerely are.

I sincerely apologize to President Obama for the pressure he must feel to seek cooperation from an extremist party currently organized in the USA. He should never have to pay a price out of his own pocket to solicit cooperation and/or understanding from such people. There are plenty of lobbyists he has to compete with and it is not in his job description to do so. I also believe it is an inappropriate precedent.

"The president greatly enjoyed the dinner (click here) and had a good exchange of ideas with the senators," a senior administration official said.

I am happy to hear President Obama enjoyed the company he found himself. It would be a double jeopardy to have him pay for a dinner that was also a very bad experience. At least all those involved had respect for the host of the party.

While this was more than gracious an expression by President Obama and a completely overt event deserving of media attention which sends a clear and concise message to the electorate, but, really?

This is disgraceful. I can't believe my President is so dedicated to his oath of office in seeking sustainability for the middle and low income citizens and a planet to live on that he had to go to this extreme to get past the rhetoric. I hate to defeat his prowess in holding such a party, but, has the rhetoric changed in the places these people were elected?

President Obama is a brilliant man, but, his 'logic' and 'statistical analysis' of the outcomes to this party at the Jefferson Hotel was really outside the margin of error.

Rick Snyder racism. Extreme and unlawful as determined in a recent election.

This is Thurbert Baker. He is to be the new Emergency Manager for Detroit. Nice looking man. Perfect in every way and that is what Rick Snyder likes about him. 

Mr. Baker's skin color is correct. His credentials are exemplary.

Mr. Baker is perfect in every way. He is the perfect black man for the Emergency Manager position in Detroit.

The only problem with this form of Racism, is that Mr. Baker is not from Detroit. He is not from Michigan. He is from Atlanta.

Gov. Rick Snyder says (click here) he has a candidate to be Detroit’s emergency financial manager. Is a person with the following resume the type of EM Snider is considering?
  • Served as attorney general of a big state.
  • Won office as state representative.
  • Is a Democrat
  • Is an African American.
  • Is a lawyer with connections in Washington.
  • Works in a law firm with well known colleagues who have city-turnaround skills.
That person exists.
He is Thurbert Baker, a former attorney general of the state of Georgia now practicing law as a partner for the international firm of McKenna, Long  & Aldridge LLP....

So, according to Dictator and Chief Rick Snyder, the perfect black man will result in solving all the problems that beset Detroit.

I want to know something. I want to know if Detroit is considered a blight in the USA where democracy can be trashed for dictatorships, why then isn't a cross roads town in the middle of Wyoming not considered a ghost town in need of an emergency manager, too?

North Carolina no longer funds education to all the children in the state.

North Carolina needs to stop defining support for schools through property tax assessment and needs to supply enough monies to school districts to education children. If local governments assign a portion of property taxes to the support of schools, that is their only way of obtaining income unless they have a city sales tax. But, for the state to seek to support school districts according to property values and/or population density or both is a completely wrong approach. 
If the USA military continues to allow victimization of military families this way, it needs a course correction. Why should military families suffer with insufficient education systems? The USA military needs to move their bases out of North Carolina to cities in the country that want their presence and will educate their children. There needs to be a requirement made by the USA Defense Department as to the quality of education the children receive no matter where their base is located, otherwise, relocate the bases.
In the case of North Carolina half the state's economy would disappear if the USA military pulled out to insure the quality of children's educations. It is time the military cared about their families and their quality of life as much as the nation believes they do.
I do believe this is an issue for the First and Second Ladies of the country. It needs to be resolved and NOT through federal monies either. The cities where military families live receive economic benefit that has to translate into a quality education.
Published: 09:16 PM, Wed Mar 06, 2013
Editorial: Skewed formula harms low-wealth districts (click here)
School districts across the state are being hurt by a funding formula that doesn't accurately reflect the state of their fiscal health. Military communities are being hurt worse than others. Cumberland County is looking at a $1.8 million hole in its school budget for the 2013-2014 school year. And ultimately, none of this can be reconciled with our state constitution's guarantee of a sound, basic education for all....

Abortion of a fetus is not an issue for the government. Plain and simple.

The abortion rights groups have to make it understood that Roe v. Wade is the only reasonable decision in regard to abortion. Even the prevention of late term abortion are unconstitutional. I don't care if an extremist court is saying the laws are constitutional, they are not!

Casey stands because it is concerned with minors and parents or guardians are required to supervise a minor's health.

But, all this other mess is just that.

The anti-abortion movement seeks to have the government decide how to define life. That is not the function of the government, that is the function of physicians.

If the government is going to define life, then when a person is on a heart-lung machine during coronary artery by pass are they alive?

When Dick Cheney was kept alive with a battery pack was he truly alive because he didn't have a pulse. The reason Dick Cheney was considered alive was because his mind still worked.

When a person has a Living Will that states when he or she is unable to direct their own body they do not want extraordinary means to maintain a heart beat through a feeding tube, is that legal?

The only concern the government has is to define a citizen. A citizen is defined by a birth certificate. It used to be defined by a name in the family Bible. And before there was literacy a person was a citizen if they could support their own life in the wilderness. But, at no point in time today or in the past was a person considered a citizen because they were a dividing cell in a woman's uterus. That is not realistic, it is highly invasive to privacy rights and seeks to control the life of a human being that happens to be female.

Today, medical scientists can grow ears on mice. They can grow skin for healing wounds, they can transfuse blood to deliver oxygen, they can do many, many things that require 'entities' of life. 

We sustain life through medical and surgical intervention. The future to the degree of which life can be sustained with quality of life is unknown. 

When the government takes over defining LIFE instead of citizenship it is a very dangerous thing. Would Frankenstein be considered a life? Would a clone be considered life? Could the entire country be replaced with the Perfect Aryan Master Race grown in a test tube while the imperfect humans are burned in a crematory?

Governments are NOT suppose to define what a life is or a life isn't. It is suppose to determine when a person is a citizen. When the abortion rights folks begin to defend citizenship and not fight for abortion they will win their arguments again and again.

Roe v Wade is the law of the land and there is no reasonable cause to see it differently. A person is a citizen when they are born and not when they are conceived. 

If we are to define life as a fertilized human embryo, that creates all kinds of problems. We can then say which embryo is a life. If we define life as an embryo what then is the sperm before the embryo is fertilized. What is the ovum before it is fertilized? Can a contraceptive diaphragm be considered a lethal weapon to stop life from happening?

If the USA government starts to define life it is a very slippery slope and more than likely it would reek havoc in our society from every wing nut under the sun.

Can aN in vitro fertilization clinic be legal or will an in vitro fertilization clinic be the only place a person can conceive an embryo? Guarantee a fertilized ovum?

The government does not belong in the business of deciding what is life, it's only interest is when is a person a citizen. That is what Roe V Wade decided. It didn't provide women with rights other than to have an abortion in a sterile clinic where their lives weren't at risk. Roe v Wade never made a determination about the beginning of life; all those arguments came when a political movement sprang up around extremism.

Roe v Wade delineated between the extreme oppression of women to have a clean and sterile environment to sustain their health DURING an abortion. In that understanding is a right for a woman to continue being a healthy citizen of the USA.

Roe  v Wade made no determination about a fetus being a citizen nor should it. Over the years following Roe v Wade and realizing the extremism "The Sath" has with religion a political movement garnered support and was able to harness money for candidates. It has absolutely nothing to do with the role of government, it is about money and power. Just that simple.