Wednesday, November 03, 2010

The quandry is where were all the young voters yesterday?

You know this.  What was important to the young voter in 2006 and 2008?

Give up?

Voting for a President that ended the wars and didn't believe in the draft.  And.  A President that would support higher education.

Guess what?

President Obama achieved all that in his first term.


The young voter is in no hurry or is not disgruntled.  They are taken care of and have their 'American Path' clear in front of them.  They need to feel a stronger commitment to vote every two years to continue their contentment.  Sort of a way to say, "Thank you, President Obama."

Placing Worker Safety at the top of any Wall Street agenda is nearly impossible.

MSHA News Release: [11/03/2010]
Contact Name: Amy Louviere
Phone Number: (202) 693-9423
Release Number: 10-1533-NAT

MSHA asks for preliminary injunction against Freedom Energy Mining Co.

Action against Massey-owned mine never before initiated in agency’s history

ARLINGTON, Va. — In an unprecedented legal move, the U.S. Department of Labor's Mine Safety and Health Administration today filed with the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Kentucky a motion for preliminary injunction against Freedom Energy Mining Co.'s Mine No. 1. Located in Pike County, Ky., Freedom's Mine No. 1 is owned by Massey Energy Co.

Section 108(a)(2) of the Federal Mine Safety and Health Act of 1977 provides for injunctive relief against noncompliant mine operators who habitually violate health and safety standards. In this particular case, Section 108(a)(2) calls for an injunction because Freedom Energy is engaged in a pattern of violation of the mandatory health and safety standards of the Mine Act, which constitutes a continuous hazard to the health and safety of the miners at Mine No. 1.

"Freedom Energy has demonstrated time and again that it cannot be trusted to follow basic safety rules when an MSHA inspector is not at the mine," said Joseph A. Main, assistant secretary of labor for
mine safety and health. "If the court does not step in, someone may be seriously injured or die."

"Although this is the first time the department has utilized this legal remedy, it will not be the last," said Solicitor of Labor M. Patricia Smith. "The solicitor's office will work closely with MSHA to ensure that we use every tool possible to keep miners safe."

According to the brief MSHA filed, Freedom Energy is engaged in a pattern of failing to examine and maintain critical areas of its mining operations as evidenced by the quantity and gravity of violations in four critical spheres of safety: failure to clear the mine of excessive accumulations of coal dust; failure to protect the roof, face and ribs from falls and maintain an effective roof control plan; failure to test and maintain electrical equipment in a safe working condition so as to protect against fire or explosion; and failure to effectively ventilate the mine of noxious and explosive gases.

Freedom Energy Mine No. 1 lies in a particularly dangerous coal seam that liberates massive amounts of methane — approximately 1.8 million cubic feet every 24 hours — and is prone to roof falls. In the past two years, seven miners have been injured at this operation as a result of falling roof. Moreover, since Aug. 11, 2010, six major roof falls have occurred in the mine.

During the eight regular inspections conducted between July 2008 and June 2010, MSHA issued 1,952 citations and 81 orders (including 53 (d)(2) orders this year) to Freedom Energy for violating critical safety standards including improper ventilation, failure to support the roof, failure to clean up combustible materials, failure to maintain electrical equipment and failure to conduct the necessary examination of work areas.

On numerous occasions, MSHA district office officials have attempted to resolve serious safety issues at Freedom Energy, including meetings with upper mine management over recurring roof problems, ventilation and dust control issues, accumulations, electrical equipment maintenance and inadequate examinations. The inspections, citations and meetings with mine management have not resulted in changes in behavior. As such, MSHA is compelled to use its statutory authority to ask the federal court to temporarily shut down the mine until the safety issues are addressed.

If the U.S. district court in Kentucky grants MSHA's motion as proposed for a preliminary injunction, Freedom Energy will be required to close its mine temporarily and take specific actions before it can re-open. Freedom must correct all hazardous conditions in its mine and establish a health and safety management program for approval by MSHA before resuming production. Under its safety and health management program it must, among other things, establish an effective training and communications program; ensure that high-level mine officials conduct additional examinations; take additional air readings in critical areas; withdraw all miners when violations are found and pay miners who are idled by such withdrawals.

What is really KNOWN about the majority of newly elected Republicans of the Tea Party?

I am worried about what is NOT known about the new majority of Republicans coming to the US House.

Christine O'Donnell was backed by the very same people that are backing the Tea Party 'elect' Congressmen.  If they are as poorly qualified as she was, then what will occur in the House under Mr. Boner, sorry Boehner?

I think there is a lot to be known about these new Congressmen before they can be reliably counted on to do the people's business. 

Seriously.  The majority of Republicans taking seats this year are Tea Party candidates.  I believe there is going to be a very divided Congress and there won't be much resolved with Mr. Boner at the lead.

I think Nancy Pelosi and the current Congress has to address the needs of the nation and the incoming Congress has a lot to prove before they can be trusted with the future of our children.  There were too many House seats to cover every contest.  I am confident we have a group of newly elected Tea Party candidates that are sincerely not qualified to lead.

Brenanke throws power behind the Republicans with a purchase of $600 BILLION in Treasury Bonds. Hello?

Don't even try to tell me the Plutocracy isn't behind the outcome of the 2010 Election and is now reaching for 2012.

Don't even try !

Fed Will Buy $600 Billion in Debt, Hoping to Spur Growth  (click title to entry - thank you)

I want my country back from the Plutocratic Republicans.  They have willingly plotted against President Obama and a majority Democratic congress. 


...The Fed said it would buy an additional $600 billion in long-term Treasury securities by the end of June 2011, somewhat more than the $300 billion to $500 billion that many in the markets had expected....

The point in this election that is being completely ignored ARE FOUND in the facts surrounding its dynamics.

The Robert's Court betrayed the electorate and supplied large platforms for Rovian dynamics.

The FACTS are clear.  President Obama has DELIVERED on 70% of his campaign promises and his policies are CORRECT and WORKING.

Why was THAT message carried on only ONE cable station in the USA and not making headlines across the country?

Because the 'Capitalism' that has this country by the throat still does.

President Obama has delivered on 70% of his campaign promises and his policies are working.

There is nothing complicated to understand, but, yesterday's reality is that the country believes they have been abandoned by the Democratic party and the leaders of the House and Senate are falsely honest and working for the country's best interest and outcome.


A protest vote against anything legislated in the last two years exposing the fact the Republican policies are dangerous, reckless and work to disenfranchise the American Middle Class was never necessary, but, it occurred anyway.

The Democrats need to pass a separate bill to promote the Puiblic Option. The Health Care Bill is working to lower costs.

There was not a landside victory by anyone yesterday.  The liberal Democrats are sill out there and in large number.  The Democrats need to stop seeking to work with Republicans.  They need to pass a Public Option, especially considering the Wall Street Health Insurance companies are abandoning children with preexisting conditions.

Beaware, Jeb Bush will become emboldened by the vote yesterday and will seek to try to deceive the nation to achieve a position in the family dynasty in 2012.  Obama may have to run against a Bush and should be aware of that.  The Democrats need to continue to move the nation forward in a leftward trend.  Wall Street is in play and that is the issue, not  Democratic failure.  The Obama/Pelosi/Reid administration has policies that are working including economic strategies.  We have seen unemployment 'stabilize' with an increase in the private sector employment.  The reason the unemployment stabilized was because the State and Local governments have shrunk and put employees on unemployment.  As the States and Locals were downsizing to shrinking budgets post 2008 collapse (Two years residual effect is not unusal considering many State legislatures are only in their first year of Stimulus) the private sector has been expanding on their own steam without the benefit of bank lending.  That is why the unemployment rate is steady and not less.  The economy is still reacting to the 2008 collapse and hasn't fully re-organized into local strength of economic expansion.  As the 2009 economic expansion continues the State and Local governments will again increase and the unemployment rates will diminish.  The Small Business USA economy is expanding due to government help.

The DNC must carry that REALITY to the people through the next two years.  Otherwise, the electorate will become confused as to whom is sincerely responsible for a rebounding USA economy.  The Obama policies are working.  We need a separate bill for a Public Option to provide good competition in some areas of health care.

NEW YORK (AP) — Health insurer Aetna Inc. said Wednesday its third-quarter net income jumped 53 percent on lower benefits and expenses.

The Hartford, Conn. company said a series of cost management moves and lower use of health care services gave profit a boost during the quarter. The medical benefit ratio, which measures the percentage of premiums spent on medical costs, fell to 81.8 percent from 85.6 percent.

Last year, Aetna struggled with costs that rose faster than it expected when it set prices, due in part to the slumping economy. That caused it to reprice a big portion of its commercial insurance. Health insurance is the company's main product, but it also sells dental, group life and disability coverage.

During the quarter, the insurer earned $497.6 million, or $1.19 per share, in the three months that ended Sept. 30. That's up from the $326.2 million, or 73 cents per share, in the same period last year. Revenue fell 2 percent to $8.54 billion from $8.72 billion, mainly on a decline in membership....
Aetna 3Q profit jumps 53 percent on lower costs  (click title to entry - thank you)

Time to pass Middle Class tax cuts. Back to work, Nancy.

4 Billion US spent on 2010 elections. The Plutocrats won seats.

OVERBY: Four billion dollars. (click title to entry - thank you)

INSKEEP: Four billion dollars spent in this campaign?

OVERBY: Probably, or close to it.

INSKEEP: There's so many different kinds of spending here. Lets just go through some of the different ways that people spend money on elections. One is just the campaign contributions. Youre a congressmen, you ask for a contribution, you get it, it's under certain limits, you can spend it to re-elect yourself. How has that spending changed this year?

OVERBY: It is up 80 percent just from two years ago. Congressional races in 2008 compared to congressional races in 2010 is an 80 percent jump.

INSKEEP: Eighty percent increase, even though the limits on contributions haven't really changed that much, right?

The USA Democracy is FOR SALE and all the politicians are 'contrite' to recognize it !!!  It has gotten to be hideous in this country.  It isn't about the people and what they need, but, simply how does Wall Street harness the USA Treasury.

...A recent report states that the money (click here) spent on this election by candidates, political parties and other interest groups will break the previous record for a midterm vote by around $1 billion. According to the Center for Responsive Politics, total spending could reach as much as $4 billion this year, for a non-presidential, mid-term election. Is it just me, or is that an obscene amount of money, $4 billion dollars!?!? Keeping things in perspective, comparatively, the Obama administration recently pledged $4 billion dollars (over the next three years) to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.(1) This sum will go towards saving lives in the developing world and is allocated over a period longer than the time until the next midterm election....

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats were demonized by Murdoch and the House shows it.

"...It is the beginning of the next round...."