Friday, August 09, 2013

For the record, I believe Oscar Grant was in good hands in the hospital.

In sincerely believe they tried desperately to save his life.

This is what I think occurred with Oscar post TRAUMA. 

Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation (DIC) 

This is from WebMD (click here) 

...In DIC, the body's natural ability to regulate blood clotting does not function properly. This causes the blood's clotting cells (platelets) to clump together and clog small blood vessels throughout the body. This excessive clotting damages organs, destroys blood cells, and depletes the supply of platelets and other clotting factors so that the blood is no longer able to clot normally. This often causes widespread bleeding, both internally and externally.... 

No matter how much blood they pumped into Oscar, including platelets, could stop the bleeding. His wounds were incredibly traumatic to the body. The wounds were not at his extremities. The wounds were at the center of his chest dynamics. He was trying very hard to stay alive. His wellness worked in his favor, but, the longer he bled the more the platelets were used throughout his body and the gross survival reaction of his healthy body to stop the bleeding worked against his efforts and that of his medical team. He suffered a horrible death and the mental cruelty was beyond imagination.

The reason such efforts failed is due to the complicated syndrome called "The Clotting Cascade." 

The clotting of human blood is a complicated scenario. People rely on blood to carry oxygen and nutrients to nurture their body. Now realize the blood is circulating to every cell of body tissue. It becomes the body's defense as a survival mechanism. That is why there is a 'cascade' because the 'circumstances' have to be correct to 'stimulate' a clotting response.

If a child happens to accidentally injure themselves and bleeds; the bleeding doesn't stop immediately. It takes a fairly short period of time to form a clot at the site of the injury to stop the bleeding. The reason for that is because 'biochemicals' have to initiate this survival mechanism of circulating blood. That biochemical reaction occurs at the level of cells. Platelets are only a small part of the cascade. 

But, every aspect of the cascade has to be intact for it to initiate.

When a large trauma occurs as with Oscar the 'body's supply' of those biochemicals becomes depleted. When that depletion of the body tissues occurs; which are vitamins, minerals and biochemical compounds of the body's metabolism; no matter how much blood or platelets are infused as quickly as possible it is DIFFICULT to stop the bleeding because THE ENTIRE biochemical cascade is no longer in the 'stores of the tissues/cells.' 

Oscar was severely depleted and while the trauma teams seek to return the body to stability and reinfuse all those wonderful biochemical COMPONENTS to force the body to return to a normal balance, that doesn't mean the body is going to cooperate. Cell Death. There is cell death that occurs after the trauma and during the survival response. There is no way of infusing cells to the parts of the effected body due to cell specialization.

It is the trauma that is the enemy. The initial trauma has to end.

Oscar did not will his death. He fought hard to stay with all those he loved. 

My sincerest sympathies to all those whom's lives he touched. 

Another death by a Neighborhood Watchman in Florida. This time domestic abuse. Don't tell me, "Stand Your Ground and the Castle Doctrine." The wicked wife was punching him out.

I have a challenge to the leadership.

I know for a fact Black Americans and Brown Americans are very under represented in our economy. 

The challenge is to point to it. I want the Black Leaders to point to the disparity of minorities in our economy.

Example: There are 40% less Black Lawyers in Los Angles than Caucasian Lawyers and there are 60% more Black Americans that live there. I don't know if those percentages are correct. That was an example. 

Another, there are 60% less Black Physicians in Los Angeles than Caucasian Physicians while the population is 60% Black. 

Those statistics, across the nation, will bring about FACTS that cannot be disputed and why OPPORTUNITY and WEALTH still lacks in our minorities. 

I guarantee there are dearly few plastic surgeons in the USA that are minorities. It is a specialty occupied by physicians that want to be wealthy and I sincere doubt there are many minorities in that specialty.

How is a Caucasian lawyer suppose to represent injustice in our legal system if he or she has not got a clue what 'the street' is like to call home. By 'the street' I mean the CONDITIONS our minorities experience in their day to day lives. How is a Caucasian lawyer suppose to do anything except PROCESS a Black Man through the system if they don't understand the dynamics these men face? 

The odds of injustice are very high when even lawyers and legislators that represent Black Men carry out their JOBS without having 'been there.' This is not about 'brotherly bonding,' it is about WILLINGLY RECOGNIZING the fact Black American Men are 'against the ropes' with their first infant breath. They are against the ropes in utero for that matter. The quality of care their mothers receive isn't state of the art either.

It needs to be pointed out to the majority of the USA that they are not correct in their opinions that impact minority populations. That their entertainment industry discriminates in it's view of the world and enforces fear and loathing. I want the media to be saturated with Black Men doing magnificent things with their lives, being happy and safe with loving and successful families. As a nation we need to brag about the accomplishments of our minorities and their proportional appearance in our professions and prison system. The disproportion of both currently is a national shame and tragedy.

I want to brag about our minorities wealth, how they achieved it and where their future lies for their children. I want to see examples of the filthy rich being Black American Men and the opulent castles they have built for their families. I want Black Royalty in the USA. I want a Black Camelot.

National Urban League’s “Redeem the Dream” panel. (L-R) Rev. Al Sharpton, Rev. Lennox Yearwood Jr., Melanie Campbell, Marc Morial, DeVon Franklin, Barbara Arnwine, Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr. Photo: Lawrence Jenkins

By George Curry NNPA Editor-in-Chief | Last updated: Aug 8, 2013 - 12:04:45 PM

PHILADELPHIA (NNPA) - One of the primary goals (click here) of the 1963 March on Washington was finding or creating jobs for Blacks. At a panel discussion during the annual convention of the National Urban League, jobs was mentioned more frequently than any other topic as leaders discussed the famous march 50 years ago and an upcoming one planned for Saturday, Aug. 24.
Barbara Arnwine, president and executive director of the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, said employers are increasingly using measures that have nothing to do with job performance that disproportionately limits the ability of African-Americans to gain employment.
“I need you to make sure that your state has a law that says very clearly that you cannot use the fact that somebody has been arrested as a reason not to employ them,” she told convention delegates. “A mere arrest tells you nothing.”...

Lawyers are the difference. Not just any lawyer, well paid lawyers.

The police officer that murdered Oscar Grant was not unlike George Zimmerman. The community had to know when he was charged with First Degree Murder it was manipulation of the truth. The officer never committed First Degree Murder. Second Degree Murder, but, not first. There was no forethought to the death of Oscar Grant. It was at the very best opportunistic and that is according to video footage. 

But, the community was manipulated to prevent riots. I cannot believe that officer got away with serving 11 months. The deaths of Oscar Grant and Trayvon Martin have a lot in common. They were both police shootings in many ways; one an officer and one a vigilante, police officer wannabee. Both unjustified and both predatory. Both shooters tried and convicted their victims. Make no doubt about it both were victims. That is not always stated 'in those words.' Oscar Grant and Trayvon Martin were the VICTIMS of a gun culture that discriminates against it's prey.

There is a lot of fear in the USA and it manifests in victimization of Black American Men. There has to be fear of something in order for fear to exist. 

I remember, as a mother, wanting to put my young men in a bubble at times. Young people can do such stupid things sometimes and it seems no matter how a parent tries to protect them it happens anyway. Racism was never an issue with my sons. I don't remember ever talking about hatred of others. I guess that might be kind of strange, but, we never had those conversations. As a matter of fact my oldest son went to a private school where there were many young Black Men and not all were Americans. Any my youngest son attended a high school with high diversity throughout the classroom experience. Racism just wasn't in our language. In order for it to be in language it has to be in thoughts.

I some ways, as a parent, I had it easy. My sons were Caucasian. They still did silly things, but, it never amounted to false accusations and a threat of death in their lives. What kind of bubble as a society do we have to build for young Black American Men or Black American Men in general these days? We need some rules for the road to navigate this hell we as a society have created for our minorities. We better come up with some good ones, spread it through our society like wildfire and make sure our social contract with Black American Men is solidly enforced at every turn. This is deadly stuff we have created and we need to stop it with full force right now.

There was no public access to the internet 50 years ago, maybe more people will pay attention today.

August 7, 2013
Joseph Kenny | 

Ten priests and laypeople, (click here) including four members of a newly established archdiocesan Commission on Human Rights, represented the St. Louis Catholic community in the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, held 50 years ago this month.
The Aug. 28, 1963, march involved a peaceful gathering of 200,000 people, the largest demonstration up to that time in capital history. A number of priests, rabbis and ministers added to the atmosphere of faith and prayer.
"One could call it almost a pious crusade rather than a political one," Msgr. Daniel Moore, then-editor of the St. Louis Review, wrote about the march. "The people all seemed to evidence a spirit of hope that something concrete would result from their demonstration. And even though legislation requires political action, this demonstration was basically a religious or holy crusade, rather than a political one."
The march preceded the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex or national origin. Passage of the act ended the application of "Jim Crow" laws, which had been upheld by the Supreme Court in the 1896 case Plessy v. Ferguson, in which the court held that racial segregation purported to be "separate but equal" was constitutional. The Civil Rights Act eventually was expanded by Congress to strengthen enforcement of these fundamental civil rights....

There are some typing joblessness to the immigration bill. Although there are drags on the USA economy due to immigration that is not the complete picture. I think the border amendment is ridiculous. It is pork quite frankly. But, the immigration bill as it stands today is the best that can be had from this Congress. That is not saying much.  The legislation from this Congress is very poor quality, but, that is partly the electorate's fault and their populous agenda. 

But, the jobs issue is due more to a stagnant economy brought on by Wall Street profiteering. If Wall Street was investing in their employees by providing better pay and benefits there would be more disposable income.  Disposable income is 'circulating capital.' Circulating capital returns jobs to the economy and increases demand for services and products. Wall Street is still the problem. They are hording their monies rather than building the economies in which they seek profits.