Thursday, April 26, 2012

One innocent Secret Service is a credit to his dedication.

...Despite the employee’s denials, (click here) agency officials did not believe him. The hotel kept records of which guests had had women in their rooms and required the women to leave copies of their identification cards at the front desk before going to a room.
As the employee was preparing to leave the country with the others who had had women in their rooms, the agency officials determined that he had been wrongly accused.
According to a senior American official, the agency uncovered evidence from the hotel that on the night before, an unknown man who took a woman back to the hotel had given the employee’s room number at the front desk when a copy of the woman’s identification card was made.
The agency told the employee that he would remain in the country and be part of the team protecting President Obama.
Meanwhile, the Secret Service has begun to change its policies after the scandal. The agency plans to bar employees from drinking alcohol beginning 10 hours before their shift, the senior American official said. The previous cutoff was six hours....

I thought bin Laden was dead?

More repressive government by the GOP in the House.  This is a bill that panders to Wall Street, it includes invasion of privacy by CEOs gathering information about customers.

We put up with privacy invasion by the phone companies, but, at what point does the USA protect citizens again?  Never?  Forever, CONSUMERS are suppose to have their lives open to Wall Street for marketing purposes?  That also interprets to selling marketing information for political gain as well.  Is there any wonder the GOP House passed this?

The Senate has another cyber security bill, but, are running to pass it.  I would think at this point in time if the national security required chronic protection from its own citizens, they would return to PAPER and files and microfilm and leave the rest of us alone!

26 April 2012 Last updated at 19:52 ET
The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (Cispa), (click here) would allow the government to access web users' private data on suspicion of a cyber threat.
It would also allow easier information-sharing between security agencies and private web firms.
Advocacy groups claim that it is aimed at file-sharers rather than hackers.
They also raised concerns about the transparency of the act.
In a statement on Wednesday, the White House said Mr Obama would veto the act if it reached his desk....

There is great hope for a stable democracy in Paksitan, today.

Supporters of Pakistans prime minister Yusuf Raza Gilani (centre) shower him with rose petals as he arrives at the supreme court in Islamabad. Photograph: Faisal Mahmood/Reuters

Keeping politics out of the court is huge change in the landscape in Pakistan.  I congratulate the Prime Minister on his victory today.

The charges against President Zadari are false.  Everytime a PPP takes the Presidency, the opposition causes decent and division in Pakistan by finding some charge to assign their leaders.  

And prison is always the remedy.  The Former Prime Minister Bhutto's father died in prison due to political leanings.

Today is a good day for Pakistan.  Let's hope it continues.

JON BOONE in Islamabad
PAKISTAN’S PRIME (click here) minister yesterday served a token jail sentence of a few seconds after the supreme court convicted him of the “wilful flouting” of its orders.
The latest twist in a tortuous drama is likely to create further problems for Pakistan’s unpopular government as it gears up for re-election. But it is unlikely to immediately unseat Yousaf Raza Gilani.
The long-running contempt case against him stems from the prime minister’s refusal to accept a supreme court order demanding he write a request to Swiss prosecutors to reopen a dormant money-laundering investigation into Pakistan president Asif Ali Zardari....