Friday, May 18, 2012

Will the G8 become overrun by Wall Street?

 "...Italy and, in particular, Spain must be offered hope (click here) — an economic environment in which they have some reasonable prospect of emerging from austerity and depression. Realistically, the only way to provide such an environment would be for the central bank to drop its obsession with price stability, to accept and indeed encourage several years of 3 percent or 4 percent inflation in Europe (and more than that in Germany)."...

There are bigger problems. I agree with Dr. Krugman. The European Union took on a protectionist approach when it comes to the 2008 global economic plunder of Wall Street. The UNION never really was a union so much as a skeptical group of countries minding their own business. The countries still struggling after very strong austerity cuts were never rewarded for the bravery in agreeing to them in the first place. There was never any growth potential introduced by other member nations to assist with austerity.

In other words, while austerity shrunk the GDP of these countries, there was no effort to replace the austeric losses with new economic trends by boosting local economies and infusing economic expansion to assist in growth while still reducing the debt.

The approach by the EU was very draconian and never applied optimism to a better outcome.

Gang arrested in Beirut for assaulting foreign workers (click here)
May 18, 2012 02:50 PM

BEIRUT: A six-member gang wanted by the Lebanese Army for assaulting and blackmailing foreign workers has been arrested, a military communiqué said Friday.
“As part of its fight against organized crime, and as a result of investigations and follow-ups, Lebanese Army Intelligence in Beirut managed this week to arrest a gang of six people for attacking and blackmailing foreign workers,” the statement said....

I am curious as to why Russia believes Iran is not a nuclear risk. Do the Russians actually believe Iran would never nuke "The Dome of the Rock?"

11:08  17/05/12
MOSCOW, May 17 (RIA Novosti)

The Group of Eight (click here) industrial nations meeting outside Washington on 18-19 May will begin with talks on Syria and Iran, a Kremlin aide said on Thursday.
"The G8 meeting will kick off with a working lunch, which will be devoted to the issues of global security and national scenarios, inlcuding, of course, the problems of Syria and Iran," Arkady Dvorkovich said at a news briefing in Moscow. "Here, the most important question for us is to follow the principles we have declared previously."
"We would also like to eliminate attempts to include in the G8's declarations... the points which were being imposed on the UN Security Council as it prepared its decisions," he said.
Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, who is attending the meeting instead of President Vladimir Putin, will hold bilateral talks with U.S. President Barack Obama, Dvorkovich said....
It is not estimated there are 10,000 dead in Syria. UN Secretary General Ban-Ki Moon states al Qaeda was responsible for an attack within Damascus.

3:10PM BST 
18 May 2012

Ban said President Bashar al-Assad (click here) has still not implemented a peace plan agreed with UN-Arab League envoy Kofi Annan.
"Very alarmingly and surprisingly, a few days ago, there was a huge serious massive terrorist attack. I believe that there must be al-Qaeda behind it. This has created again very serious problems," Ban said at a youth event at the UN headquarters.
Suicide attackers detonated huge bombs in Damascus on May 10, killing at least 55 people and wounding nearly 400....
Al Qaeda in Syria, what a joy. Assad has brought this new violence upon himself. Rather than seeking peace at every turn to quell the unrest, he has been aggressive and unwilling to show good will to the people of Syria. Assad may be defeated, but, it won't be by the West, it will be by the surrogates of the Arab nations. If al Qaeda defeats Assad to stop the killing they will hold a far better standing than the West would care for them to hold.

10,000 people dead in Syria !

10,000 people dead in Syria !

10,000 people dead in Syria !

Police are paranoid of the public and looking for excuses.

Police have so far declined to discuss or even acknowledge the arrests, and the details of the alleged raid are murky.
Police reports obtained by the Tribune show that nine people were arrested Wednesday in the 1000 block of West 32nd Street for allegedly making or possessing Molotov cocktails....

Facebook? I don't know, as an IPO I have some moral issues with it.

People are trying to tie Bono with it, but, it is an IPO. Ya know?

Mark Zuckerberg's IPO challenge: A company that can 'friend' the 99 percent (click here)

Will the new publicly traded Facebook cater singularly to its wealthy shareholders? Mark Zuckerberg must strive to include ‘we the users,’ who made such a megabillion dollar concept possible, in his corporate model. He can start by offering a free share to each Facebook user.

By Alexander Heffner / May 18, 2012
...Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s chief executive officer, contends this maxim remains at the core of the organization’s purpose. And on the pages of Facebook, these words still ring true, from facilitating communication between people who reside hemispheres apart, to disseminating the messages of citizens protesting repressive regimes like Syria’s, to connecting organ-seekers with potential donors....

I may simply leave the community. I can intellectualize the 'good side' of Facebook and Bono's involvement to whatever extent he is involved, but, this is still Wall Street.

I never participated with "My Space" as soon as I realized it was connected to FOX, so why patronize a site I no longer agree with in its moral content?

I don't see a benefit to allowing Wall Street stockholders dictate the destination of the social media. I simply don't. Facebook will change hands at one point and then what? I sincerely believe there is a moral danger to being involved with the site now and I can't believe having friends on this site will be benevolent to our understanding of each other. 

I want this generation to be successful, but, will that happen in a financial environment as hostile and volatile as Wall Street? Makes no sense to me. No different than the Republicans seeing an opportunity for profit taking from any community funding site. Doesn't that defeat the purpose?

It is more than obvious what happened. Those are minor injuries to Gangsta Zimmerman.

This Feb. 27, 2012 photo released by the State Attorney's Office shows George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watch volunteer who shot Trayvon Martin, with blood on the back of his head.(Associated Press / May 17, 2012)

"Free Country" Really? The question that comes to mind is "free of what?"

May 17, 2011
5:11 p.m.
...Officials late Thursday afternoon (click here) released a massive cache of documents, photographs and investigative reports on the Feb. 26 confrontation between Zimmerman and Martin, a fateful meeting that left Martin dead and Zimmerman eventually facing second-degree murder charges. The documents include the medical examiner’s report on Martin, photographs of the scene and of Zimmerman taken that night, and investigators’ recommendations that Zimmerman be charged. The file, called discovery material, was turned over to the defense this week....

The evidence is more than clear. Trayvon Martin in a hoodie carrying his Skittles and Arizona Iced Tea walking home found himself followed by "Mr. Free Country" in his fan. In his progression home Trayvon Martin was INTERRUPTED. He was interrupted by a man determined to make a point about the lack ability of the police to respond in a timely way to stop criminals.

Mr. Neighborhood Watch was emboldened with a side arm and proceeded to take the law into his own hands. He followed Trayvon Martin and confronted him. Trayvon Martin did the only thing he could and punched a 'would be assailant' in the nose. The punch was strong coming from a young man and knocked Mr. Neighborhood Watch Gangsta to the ground. In fear of what was now a reality of his own making he pulled the gun and shot Trayvon Martin standing at least 3 feet away, at point blank range. 

Trayvon Martin has probably never held a gun in his hands or fired one and he certainly had his mind on his own business in conversation with his girlfriend. Trayvon Martin had no 'mind set' regarding danger or the danger of guns or the idea his Father's neighborhood was riddled with gun violence. He felt confident enough to take on someone who decided to act in aggression while following him. Trayvon Martin acting to protect himself from an assailant was killed by that assailant.

Trayvon Martin was labeled by Mr. Gangsta Zimmerman from the "Free Nation" 'mind set' as a hooded criminal causing loss of property in the neighborhood with absolutely no proof and not even knowing whom Trayvon was to his Father whom lived there. 

So, let me get this right, Gangsta George was a neighborhood watch person but didn't know SHIT about whom lived there or whom there guests were.

Zimmerman has money and he will run. That head wound is NOTHING. Scalp wounds bleed a lot by any means obtained. How many times does a child receive attention for 'splitting open their scalp' after falling. 

Trayvon Martin had a small abrasion on one hand ONLY because he never was allowed a second punch or a chance to run. On the other hand, Zimmerman had a chance to 'cry chicken' and leave, but, never did.

George Zimmerman was not pummeled by Trayvon Martin, there are no RACOON EYES, broken cheek bones or any other facial lacerations. Trayvon Martin landed one good punch of which he was completely within the laws of self defense to do when he was gunned down by a self-righteous right wing gun slinger.