Thursday, June 11, 2015

NASA's Space Launch System, or SLS.

Largest Booster Engine ever built. It looks like it might get off the ground.

While the SLS and its huge solid rocket booster, (click here) which NASA calls the most powerful one ever built, aren't scheduled to blast anything into space until 2018, it conducted a successful two-minute horizontal test-firing in Utah on Wednesday. That's the same amount of time the system will fire to lift the SLS toward space, producing 3.6 million pounds of thrust (which, when converted to metric measurements, translates to a whole lot of metric thrust).

I just have one question. Just one. Is NASA sure this rocket is made for human travel because i can only guess how many Gs they are going to pull on lift off?

"No, it wasn't a UFO, it had an American flag on the side." 

Franklin Graham's deliberately misinterpreted the Wells Fargo Ad to his own purpose..

The Wells Fargo Ad is about recognizing all Americans, not just the Christian elite. The Ad is extremely well done and I guarantee you there are Americans, gay and otherwise, who are now looking for a handicapped child for their own because of the Wells Fargo ad. 

He has no business making a religious preference issue into a social complaint. There is no one stopping Mr. Graham from his own brand of evangelical worship. There are no members of the Gay Community making a mess out of his church and congregation. 

Mr. Franklin Graham needs to apologize to Wells Fargo for imposing his values on the expression of American values. Wells Fargo is only promoting their image as a bank that recognizes all Americans not simply Christian depositors. 

Mr. Graham did a very foolish thing and now he has to swallow his pride and apologize. People should seek a bank or credit union that meets their banking needs. Choosing a bank is not about match making. There are other businesses that specialize in match making and I think Wells Fargo would agree.

Shame on Franklin Graham and his open expressed maligning of the gay community and Wells Fargo. He is wrong, blatantly wrong and he needs to deal with it.

Money and church want a beautiful marriage.

She didn't break the law.

June 10, 2015
By Scripps National Desk 
A 51-year-old woman (click here) who worked in the Clinton Correctional Facility's tailor shop has admitted she planned to help two men who escaped the prison, but said she backed out....

Some one was paying her attention. She was completely safe to flirt and 'feel young' and fall in love without threatening her marriage. This is not new. It is not unusual. She is not some sort of sexually deprived woman. She became involved with men that carried the idea she would join them. Until there is more information and details about her involvement; she has not broken the law because the convicts had a dreamscape for their get away.

The fact she didn't participate and recognized her life was off the rails is very important. If she got to know the convicts she can provide a lot of information to police about their plans. She may have very well done the police a very big favor by allowing the convicts to imagine their life together after they escaped.

She is fairly innocent. She was approached and sexually harassed by two convicts. No one knows what the culture at the prison is like and if she was empowered to speak to authority about any interactions. AND. Her husband works in the very same place she worked. Huh????????

If she was not empowered by her husband to talk to him about her harassment, what the heck was this all about?