Wednesday, June 22, 2011

In the Twenty-nine months President Obama has been in office he has accomplished a great deal.

He has brought troops home from Iraq as he has promised.  He will have brought home all the troops from Iraq by the end of the year. 

He has killed Osama bin Laden.  A feat others have stated was impossible.  For President Obama it was not only possible, it was a priority. 

He is deliberate in all he does and ending the troop involvement in Afghanistan-Pakistan is no different.  We do have allies there, including Turkey and India we cannot simply ignore and hope for the best. 

But, more than ending wars and killing terrorists, he has accomplished instilling a 'secure place for democracy' in the region.   The Arab Spring is as much a part of our leaving as the troops coming home.  The paradigm of oppression and war is ending in this part of the world.  It is happening without retaliation or escalation of USA commitment of troops, hardware or investment.

President Obama has encouraged a secure place for democracy and ended the demands of people to change their governments and to do so violently.  Al Qaeda has been defeated from wars, but also by changing the landscape to end the violence preached by so many. 

The USA involvement of military in overseas areas of the world is much different than it was 29 months ago.  President Obama has committed the USA on a path to peace and averted hostilities to provide the opportunity for peace and trust to begin to take hold.

I am not going to paint simply a rosey picture as instability is still everywhere with nation's such as Syria, Libya and Yemen.  Bloodshed occurs there nearly everyday, but, it is not at the hands of USA troops.  War is not going to change things there, but, only give rise to greater losses of life as we have witnessed in Iraq.  Keeping vigilance and working with allies in supporting changes the people of these nations demand is the best venue for the USA.  It is the best venue for any nation.  Escalation of any war will only result in more of the same and not less.

President Obama is limiting the involvement in war by the USA as he returns attention to the domestic needs of our nation and economy. 

I want every troop in harms way home now.  That is my sincere wish, but, my President is still a great man with insight I have to respect and admire. 

The wars are ending.  They are not forever.  We have a President we can trust.

Manchin walks with U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan  Karl Eikenberry during a trip to the region in February.

Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., (click here) related his concerns regarding government spending in Afghanistan during a telephone conference call with state media Tuesday and urged President Barack Obama to invest in building America....

The Commerce Department, FCC, FBI or someone want to investigate this mess that is growing now that Beck is leaving Fox.

He is beginning to remind me of the PTL scam with Jim Baker. He is claiming bankruptcy is eminent should they not get enough money for the "Restoring Courage" rally in Israel.

He has planned this big fanfare for his audience in Israel that is really a political rally to impact the politics of the USA, but, this is taking on the dynamics of a real "Con Man" event.  Quite frankly. 

I don't like to talk about Beck because it fuels the 'double down' strategy that Talk Radio thrives on and also because he is illegitimate.  But, he is really bordering on if not already criminal in his content of his audience.

This isn't about raising the esteem of "Media Matters" but it is their story, sorta.

"Restoring Courage" In Jerusalem: Glenn Beck's Latest Self-Aggrandizing Spectacle (click here)

May 16, 2011 7:45 pm ET

by Todd Gregory

Glenn Beck announced today that he will hold a rally in Jerusalem in August, called "Restoring Courage" -- sticking with the theme of his Washington, D.C., rally last August, "Restoring Honor."...

This is a man that has his own media network that is either 'worth' something like $40 millioin or earns $40 million per year (which are really different kinds of beasts).  But, today in his radio program, after he has pumped eveyone up and sold tickets, T-shirts and whatever 'sports' paraphernalia he could; is stating he does not have the $7 million it is going to take to put on the event in Israel.  He is looking for money to keep him from bankruptcy so he states.  He said it and meant it.

The entire time I was listening to this 'gaff' of his audience, it reminded me of the PTL (Praise the Lord) scandal where people bought into an amusement park and when the time came to build it the money simply wasn't enough or not there or whatever it was that brought the investigators.

It may be that Beck is catching heat from Israel and religious sectors of the planet in regard to a political event taking place in Jerusalem that has nothing to do with the citizens of the region, but, if that is the case then it is a matter of returning money for refunded tickets and apologize to his audience.  He'll lose credibility, but, anyone that can't organize an event like this where participants are paying a lot of money just to 'be there' and 'travel' should lose credibility when they can't even raise the monies necessary to pay for it.  I am assuming the people planning to attend assume their costs and donations are helping pay for this.

He is a Con Man.  I just don't know how else to put this.  An event whereby a noble cause is involved isn't properly funded through loans and sponsorships while 'throwing a bone' to the audience for sympathy to rely on people feeling generous to pay for it?  That isn't a Con Man. 

I sincerely believe Beck has become to desperate realizing he is leaving FOX and not having other options that he is too dangerous to continue to leave 'on the air' anywhere, including, Rush Radio.  Someone needs to do something, because, he is portraying himself as 'giving all he has' while 'rolling in dough.'  He is illegitimate right from the start and simply paraphrases 'populous' rhetoric such as "Plant my Flag," which he took from a comedian. 

This isn't funny anymore.  He needs to be stopped from scaming millions from people he has sucked into believing he is a benevolent entity to 'a cause' which really is UNDEFINED.  The cause is undefined and/or self created by Beck to benefit Beck.

I don't like the way this looks. It is a continuous system from tropics to arctic.

June 22, 2011
UNISYS Enhanced Infrared Satellite (click title to entry - thank you)

A midlatitude vortex manifested mid-North American continent.  The vortex appears to have a significant velocity fueled by water vapor from the tropics meeting with arctic air.  The vortex continued to grow to connect the tropics to the arctic air mass of the northern continent.

Thunderstroms broke out immediately along the course of the turbulence which built quickly and only along the path of the vortex.

Current temperatures
June 22, 2011

The current temperatures across the USA show a significant drop in temperatures, espcially where there have been significant storms over a long time period as well as drought.  This is primarily the center of the continent.

June 22, 2011
This is the temperature changes in the past 24 hours.  When the sun comes up again, look out !  What happens inbetween is anyone's guess.

The current drop in temperatures through the area dominated by the vortex shows double digits drops in temperature while there are increases both to the east and west of the colder air mass. 


Tornado warnings rattle upper Midwest as storms hit (click here)

Tue Jun 21, 2011 11:28pm EDT

(Reuters) - Tornado warnings were issued for parts of the Midwest on Tuesday night and the National Weather Service reported a possible tornado touchdown in a Minneapolis suburb that resulted in no injuries.
The renewed storm activity came less than a month after a massive tornado devastated Joplin, Missouri, and killed 155 people in the deadliest tornado to hit the United States in more than 60 years.
The National Weather Service said numerous rotating thunderstorms across central and southern Minnesota and western Wisconsin produced one report of a tornado. Warnings were issued for many areas, including the Chicago suburbs....

Welcome and the traverse of Sol southward.  The massive movement of the vortex north is mostly likely connected to the high angle of the sun today.  It warmed the northern airmass enough to make it more homogenous with the mid-latitude weather.  But, this 'connection' crosses three 'wind districts.'  It is hemispheric.  Like what?

Earth has six wind districts (that is what I call them), three in the southern hemisphere and three in the northern hemisphere.  This vortex 'system' crosses three of them in the northern hemisphere.

June 22, 2011

Arctic Ocean now.  That is one of the most pathetic looking ice caps I have ever seen.

Pacific Global Satellite
June 6, 2011
0331 gmt

Western Hemisphere
June 22, 2011
0319 gmt

Trains have been stopped (click here)and thousands are without power after severe weather, which prompted tornado warnings, moved through the Chicago area Tuesday evening.
The National Weather Service issued the warning as a dangerous storm swept through several counties, including DeKalb, DuPage, Grundy, Kane, Kendall, Lake and Will.
By 9:30 p.m., it appeared the storms were moving away from Chicago to the northeast.
Metra reported a “variety of delays and stops,” mostly because of high winds. At 9:30 p.m., “more than 10 trains” were stopped on all Metra tracks, said Metra spokesman Michael Gillis, who described delays as “extensive.”
An inbound train from Elgin to Chicago was stopped because of a tree that fell onto the tracks, Gillis said....

Africa-Europe Satellite
June 22, 2011
0326 gmt

Western Pacific - Indian Ocean
0422 gmt
June 21, 2011 Sea Surface Temperatures

June 21, 2011 1800 utc Antarctica Synoptic

June 21, 2011 0000 utc Antarctica Sea Surface Temperature Analysis

June 21, 2011 0000 utc Antarctica Ice Composition Analysis (Winter)