Thursday, June 03, 2010

The reason Florida is receiving more oil is because the weather patterns are changing and carrying it there. (click title to entry for 12 hour loop - thank you)

Israel is always playing with fire. Security increased for Turkish Jews following the deaths of nine unarmed people.

Protesters burn an Israeli flag during a demonstration at Taksim Square in Istanbul. 
...Security has been stepped up at 20 points in Istanbul alone, where there are several synagogues and centers serving 23,000 Jewish residents, Interior Minister Beşir Atalay said Wednesday, according to the Associated Press. He added that measures have been taken at residences, consulates and places of worship in the city.... (click title to entry - thank you)

Everyone knows there are issues with Hamas, but, this level of 'control' isn't going to bring a focus on Hamas. It always brings a focus to Israel while giving Hamas greater validity in its arguments and violence against Israel.

Israel did not handle this situation well.  In the case of Turkey alone, there are 23,000 Jews at risk for violence.  No one needs this and Israel's strategy didn't come across to those anywhere besides perhaps the West Bank.

In anticipation of the flotilla and demonstrations over the weekend, Israel first tried to make an example of Fatah in the West Bank by opening up access.  Then it turned to Hamas within a day or so and opened fire on potential targets of weapons storage and movement.  Both actions were to make an impression on the Gaza citizens to stress how peaceful coexistance can lead to better relations with Israel.  It was a poor attempt at 'setting an example' and now nine innocent people are dead, Hamas is screaming louder than ever and the entire globe is concerned for their Hebrew citizens.


Israel needs to 'take the high road / noble road' when issues of this nature come up.  On one hand Israel stated 'aid' was not needed for the Palestinians in Gaza and then they began to distribute it after nine people were dead.  I sincerely believe Israel lacks profound insight into diplomatic relations.  There was no reason why a flotilla of innocent people should have been an alarm to Israel when they knew prior to their reaction that it was a peaceful mission and not 'boat people' looking for a home.

The people that are now dead had citizenship in a country that has been among the strongest supporter of Israel.  Turkey and Israel were suppose to conduct war games together and now diplomats are being recalled and the 'games' are cancelled.  Could Israel have 'done it' any worse?

All Israel had to do was to accept the aid for Gaza and distribute it.  They are doing it now anyway in reaction to the deaths.  When is the IDF going to reaize there needs to be far more insight to 'the best outcome' to these circumstances and others when the 'outside world' steps in to bring focus to compassion.

Taking control may 'seem right,' but, this flotilla had no intentions of causing harm to Israelis.  That should have been realized first.  If there is no danger to Israel and its citizens, then violence of any kind, aggression of any kind should be avoided at all cost.  The violence is what Hamas is seeking in having flotillas come to Gaza.  The violence helps them justify their actions against Israel and Israelis.  It should be the last thing Israel does in methods of control to protect its citizens.

Israel does not practice good diplomacy, if any at all.  Israel's actions imperils the lives of its own people, sovereignty and diplomatic relations with countries such as Iran which have been making progress.  There is no room in this world anymore for such irresponsible actions from the IDF.  Far too much hangs in the balance.  These actions by Israel can't go unnoticed or condoned.  The deaths of these people cannot go unaccounted for while realizing how important missions of peace sincerely belong within the waters of Gaza.  This is a tragic event which could have worked in Israel's favor, but, didn't.