Thursday, March 31, 2011

No political traction for Neocons with the NATO support for Libyan citizens.

"No Joy" on Libya.  It is NOT going to become another Iraq.  Absolutely not.

...Generals Yunis and Heftar (click title to entry - thank you) are said to be back in Benghazi in charge of the grand strategy for the military campaign. Criticism was also levelled at others at this week's London conference on Libya. "I saw the people who had gone to England on television, in their nice suits, talking about how they were leading the war so successfully," said Ali Slimani with a dismissive wave of his hands. "They were never here. The foreign governments should come and see for themselves what is going on."...

Rebels flee as Gaddafi's forces advance on Ras Lanuf yesterday

The USA will never fight another war in the Middle East again.  When Iraq was invaded we were handed a bunch of nonsense by "Curveball" now the foreign minister wants to go belly up to hand over Gadaffi to the world courts.  Fine.  But, we are not committing soldiers ever again to a war that turns into target practice on American military.

Arizona Republican John McCain (click here - thank you) says the U.S. should not be handing command-and-control of the Libyan military operation over to NATO.
   Senator McCain called it a mistake, saying the U.S. should be doing "what is necessary, not as little as possible" in Libya.
   McCain, the top Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee, supported President Obama's decision to commit the military to the UN-authorized no-fly zone over Libya.
   Obama said from the outset that NATO would assume control of the operation within a matter of days.
   The U.S. will continue to be part of the ongoing military operation with NATO coalition partners.
   The international operation was authorized to stop Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi's attacks on rebels....

There will be no occupying force.  If the coalition is successful against the Gadaffi dictatorship in the world court then it will be a matter of removing him to justice, but, Resolution 1973 is about providing protections for citizens being targeted by Gadhaffi's military.  The airstrikes can be effective.  It can manage his aggression, but, the resolution never provided for a military confrontation of any kind.

The Libyan military can be stopped from killing citizens by setting up 'zones' where it is NEVER going to be successful.  That becomes difficult if the citizens' militia continues to move their position throughout the country and confronts the Libyan military.  The citizens 'capitaled' in Benghazi should continue to form their own leadership as they will be successful in being protected, if not in domination of the country.  The Libyan civilans have to provide a clear boundary for NATO enforce rather than simply attempting to expel the dictator.

It is the way a no fly zone is enforced.  With a clear 'line of defense' for the people the bombings can be effective to stop the aggression of the Libyan military under the direction of the Libyan dictatorship. 

Libya: dilemma over defector's 'electrifying' Lockerbie information (click here)

...Yesterday the Prime Minister said he would not block any attempts by the police to question Mr Koussa.
Mr Cameron stressed that Mr Koussa had not been offered a deal in return for fleeing to Britain and had not been granted immunity from prosecution. But if the defector is arrested and charged with crimes, it may undermine attempts by Western governments to encourage others in Col Gaddafi's inner circle to flee from Libya, a key aim of current diplomatic efforts.
Mr Koussa may also be reluctant to co-operate fully with British officials if he is not given guarantees about his future....

The experience of the American military in the past decades has been one of encountering those that exploit all the best intentions with exploitation for wealth.  We saw it in Iraq with the former Minister of Oil.  What the heck was his name?  He was in the USA courting USA officials under Bush to enter Iraq, he was found to be corrupt and removed from the Ministry of Oil position that ensured a great deal of wealth.  In Afghanistan, it was Karzai and his brother.  Now, whom is it going to be in Libya?

Chalabi.  That was the snake.

Issam Chalabi, stresses the necessity of building new refineries for oil derivatives

2009-03-24 09:28:26
He and former oil minister Issam Al-Chalabi Ahecip accelerating the building of new refineries and calling companies implementing parts of the oil projects.

He said Chalabi told the independent press (Iba) today, Tuesday, it is necessary to speed up the construction of refineries and other special Msfii Nasiriyah and Karbala, which have been approved since the seventies and the eighties, according to the technical and economic studies with a further study to determine the locations of refineries and the rest of the accessories stores and the liquidation of units and to focus on cracking units....



The USA will never fight another oil war. 

Ever.  We will never trade war for the sake of war while killing 100s of thousands citizens while sparking the creation of another al Qaeda operation.  If the global community hasn't learned yet, they never will.

"We don't belong in Libya, we never will."

...Also, New-Fields (click here) confirmed that the leading oil service company in Iraq OilSERV has joined IOGS as an Iridium Sponsor.

The 2-day event is open to all interested businesses and organizations from all countries.

Over 300 corporate leaders are expected to attend representing companies and organizations from around the world with the intent of forming partnerships for a wide range of economic opportunities in Iraq. The event's mission is to provide clear strategies and positive solutions to the companies interested to Participate in the oil, gas and petrochemical industry in Iraq....

The global community needs to put their evidence together to indict Gadhaffi on human rights abuses and attempts of genocide.  It would be good to have a clear destination for him.