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If the Bikers are threatening violence against police, then they mean it.

May 18, 2015
By Crimesider Staff

...Police say the deadly gunfire broke out (click here) Sunday following a dispute in a bathroom that moved into the parking lot. Police say 18 bikers were wounded.

Sgt. W. Patrick Swanton says 192 people were being booked on charges of engaging in organized crime.

Swanton also says law enforcement will continue to guard the town after receiving threats overnight from various biker groups. The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission, responsible for alcohol regulations and compliance, then closed Twin Peaks for seven days.

Names of the nine bikers who died weren't immediately released.

These groups are anarchists. They don't recognize authority. The fight last night would be considered their business and not that of government. In other words, this was mutual between all parties. If they died that is part of the anarchist contract.

Most places in the USA that have biker groups move through the town or on a local highway, simply leave them alone. They usually mind their own business. If they are confronted by other groups or police you can count on a fight or worse.

They don't take kindly to interference. That is why there were many people involved in the fight. I am wondering if any of those dead or wounded were outside the groups involved. There were four groups from what I've heard.

1997 isn't really that far away. This article outlines the belief system of some of the Biker groups. "Valhalla." Their theology is based in Viking Lore.

...I have been a biker for 22 years. (click here) I am female. I do not own my own bike. I am an ol' lady and part of the very extended motorcycle brethren. I have been involved very closely with infamous motorcycle clubs as well as with 'independents', throughout all of my adult life. Bikers and the culture of bikers are my roots. Whether we know each other or not, we accept each other at some level or another as family. As brothers, we can recognize each other in a crowd even if we are dressed as 'citizens.' We walk and talk a bit differently: body language is often the cue. As 'One Percenters' we are drawn to each other. We are the 1% that live outside the mainstream and sometimes outside the law. We pride ourselves in our uniqueness, individuality and nonconformity. We celebrate our sameness in our brotherhood through our shared beliefs and activities. We are often scoffed at, misunderstood, discrirninated against and even feared. The true, hard-core Harley-Davidson biker is both folk hero and outlaw in the minds and imaginations of mainstream Canadians....
Senator Ron Wyden wants to state his bill co-sponsored by Orrin Hatch regarding the trade agreements for the Pacific are good environmental protects. 

Excuse me? 

Senator Orrin Hatch just talked about his bill to remove states rights and enforce free will of the petroleum industry to drill anywhere in the USA. He is completely illegitimate in any idea he is going to promote responsible environmental standards in any trade bill.

I want to read it for myself and I'll let everyone know exactly how the proposed environmental standards shake out. Having a standard better than none is not a standard.

I never thought I'd ever hear a word from Senator Jeff Sessions I'd agree with. He did his homework. He states the South Korea trade agreement never met the promises for the USA that was written into the bill. Well done. I can appreciate a Senator that can back his statements and legislation with fact. 

Republicans should know that a trade agreement that robs income from Americans is an assault on the tax structure of the country which is suppose to pay our national debt and deficit. How? Because the lower the wages of the citizens of the USA, the lower the income to the US Treasury. 

Why hasn't the USA taken the South Korean trade agreement and broken promises before the World Trade Organization? 

"Fast Track" assaults the legislative rights of the US Constitution. President Obama wants to be trusted as other presidents before him in granting Fast Track to the trade deals on both coasts of the USA. The issue is not a matter of trust, it is a matter of providing Americans a sense of well being by providing time to review the proposed agreement. Not only just a review, but, the ability to address any provision by writing their legislators and demanding their concerns be honored. 

Basically, at this point in trade relations with the USA there is automatically red flags going up all over the place. I do believe federal legislators are insensitive to the struggle Americans have to make ends meet and small family businesses, including chicken farmers and other family farms. Currently, in the USA, family farms that produce chickens in contract with Wall Street companies cannot make ends meet. There is actually brutal treatment of American family farms that grow and sell chickens into our economy. If there is a potential for Wall Street to develop a chicken industry that make more profits than they already do, the American farmers will lose everything they have and Americans will receive inferior products.

There is a lot wrong within the USA by Wall Street that touches the lives of most Americans. Another assault by trade agreements will only serve to break the backs of Americans and demoralize them further. It isn't the time to open markets. I don't buy it that China will set the standards. What happened to our sovereignty by allowing Chinese imports that are egregious to our economy. That statement about China is designed to instill fear and aggravate the passage of the trade agreements. What is China going to do? If legislators state China will have some almighty power without this trade agreement, then where are the facts?

Senator Sessions should know the people of Alabama needs a far better economy than they have today. Another threat to their already tenuous economy will only serve to disparage them more. 

About 82% of Alabama's annual agricultural production is generated by livestock products. The other 18% comes from crops.

Alabama was also impacted by the BP oil disaster.

Alabama supports a fishing industry based on the saltwater catch provided by the Gulf of Mexico. Shrimp are the most important catch, followed by blue crabs and oysters. Buffalo fish, catfish, and mussels are freshwater contributions. Grain-fed catfish are raised on fish "farms".  

Government services (public schools, public hospitals, military) rank third.

Alabama's fourth-ranking services include finance, insurance and real estate.

Senator Sessions should meet with his agricultural sector to understand what these poultry producers go through with the companies they have contracts. The poultry industry in Alabama is significant. These farmers need to be supported and understood as to what their needs are. If trade insults this sector it will hurt Alabama.

Alabama Poultry Producers, (click here) a division of Alabama Farmers Federation, is composed of farmers across the state involved in poultry production. The Poultry Division has active committees in 35 counties throughout Alabama. Polices and programs developed at the county and state committee levels can be implemented into state and national initiatives by the organization. Alabama broiler producers marketed more than a billion birds in 2004, generating cash receipts that amounted to more than $2.4 billion.

All these people that Senator Orrin Hatch is calling up as if authorities about TPA is nonsense. No one, including all these CEOs have even read a bill yet, so what the heck is Hatch promoting "CEO wish lists?"  

Give me a flyin' break. There are not 60 countries signing on to TPP. There are only 196 countries in the entire world. 

This are the countries within the Pacific Rim; Australia, Brunei, Cambodia, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Nicaragua, North Korea, Panama, Papua New Guinea, Peru, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, United States of Americaand Vietnam. That is a total of 30 countries. All these countries are not part of the TPP. 

Senator Hatch has made a fool of himself by lying on the US Senator floor. I'm not going to listen to this. This is crazy, he doesn't even know the facts, but, he sure as hell knows his cronies.

It would seem Senator Orin Hatch and the USA House of Representatives did carry out necessary hearings and research to find the truth.

Senator Orrin Hatch stated today on the floor of the Senate that hydraulic fracturing has never been proven to cause any danger to human health and President Obama has stated the same. He has some kind of bill he wants to pass. Another ill intentioned crony interest.

Hatch has been trying to pass this bill since 2013.

U.S. Senator Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) (click here) today introduced common-sense legislation to protect American jobs and domestic energy production from costly and duplicative regulation from Washington. The Protecting States’ Rights to Promote American Energy Security Act (S.1743) would ensure that oil and gas producing states are protected from fracking regulations from Washington if states are already regulating the practice. Duplicative regulations over American energy production will lead to higher energy costs and job losses in an already struggling economy. Similar legislation passed the House of Representatives today by a vote of 235 to 187....

Orin Hatch wants to remove state's rights in regard to fracking. The Republicans are amazing. They'll try anything. The bill is unconstitutional.

This was published in 2012.

Human health risk assessment of air emissions from development of unconventional natural gas resources
Lisa M. McKenzie, Roxana Z. Witter, Lee S. Newman, John L. Adgate
Colorado School of Public Health, University of Colorado, Anschutz Medical Campus, Aurora, Colorado, USA

Results: Residents living ≤ ½ mile from wells are at greater risk (click here) for health effects from NGD than are residents living > ½ mile from wells. Subchronic exposures to air pollutants during well completion activities present the greatest potential for health effects. The subchronic non-cancer hazard index (HI) of 5forresidents ≤ ½ mile from wells was driven primarily by exposure to trimethylbenzenes, xylenes, and aliphatic hydrocarbons. Chronic HIs were 1 and 0.4. for residents ≤ ½ mile from wells and >½ mile from wells, respectively. Cumulative cancer risks were 10 in a million and 6 in a million for residents living ≤ ½ mile and >½ mile from wells, respectively, with benzene as the major contributor to the risk.

This is from "Physicians for Social Responsibility." (PSR is the US organization of the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War. The International Physicans for the Prevention of Nuclear War received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1985 (click here).

...the hydraulic fracturing technique itself, (click here) as well as associated processes including road building, pad clearing, truck trips, drilling, cementing, flowback waters, offgassing, fugitive emissions, compressors, and pipelines. Among the most serious sources of concern are:
  • Toxic drilling fluids and fracturing fluids, injected deep underground and then withdrawn, may contaminate underground aquifers and surface waters.
  • Air emissions including volatile organic compounds (VOCs) threaten human health, especially of workers and residents of the immediate vicinity.
  • Diesel pollution and noise pollution can be constant, as truck traffic is intensive and fracking continues 24-7.
  • Stress factors affect the quality of life in communities where drilling occurs.
  • Methane leaks accelerate climate change. Methane is 72 times more potent at capturing heat in the atmosphere than carbon dioxide over the first 20 years after release.
Due to the severity of these concerns, PSR believes it is critical to know and examine the health impacts of hydraulic fracturing. Learn more about fracking from the resources below...

The Natural Resource Defense Council (click here) states there are tens of thousands of drilling sites all over the USA. These sites poss great danger to Americans.

The article below was published in 2011 in "Human and Ecological Risk Assessment. (click here)

The really interesting aspect of this article is the FACT the researchers are endocrinologists. They compiled a list of 944 products containing 632 chemicals used in fracking operations. The article CLEARLY STATES nearly every organ and system in the human body is effected by the chemicals used during fracking. 

The article below appeared in "Elements" a professional journal of The Mineralogical Society. It clearly states there are problems in the FLOW BACK when the drilling is first engaged. As the drill is introduced to the ground and chemicals are added there is a flow back from the well that contaminates and pollutes the area surrounding the well.

Development of unconventional, (click here) onshore natural gas resources in deep shales is rapidly expanding to meet global energy needs. Water management has emerged as a critical issue in the development of these inland gas reservoirs, where hydraulic fracturing is used to liberate the gas. Following hydraulic fracturing, large volumes of water containing very high concentrations of total dissolved solids (TDS) return to the surface. The TDS concentration in this wastewater, also known as “flowback,” can reach 5 times that of sea water. Wastewaters that contain high TDS levels are challenging and costly to treat.

So from the initial introduction of the drill to the land, there is vast amount of contamination that is not regulated and is very costly to attempt to clean up. 

Consider this a submission and objection to the Senator Orrin Hatch bill he discussed on the floor of the US Senate. Besides being unconstitutional, it is also completely irresponsible when considering the health and well being of the American people. 

Interesting. Governor Christi spoke about Camden in his State of the State address.

This is called taking charge. Obviously, Camden appealed to the White House to end bad and expensive practices before they were cited in murder investigations. I bet, Senator Booker had incredible results in Newark when he was mayor. I didn't check the statistics on crime and murder in Newark. Governing means the elected officials take charge of the problem and solves it before it becomes trouble. 

Wow. Governor Christi was interested in improving things in Camden because the young people had no future, their educational system wasn't working for them. At one point when Governor Christi spoke about Camden he stated there were only three graduating seniors from the high school that year. 

Governance means an elected official has to know state resources can't achieve a goal. Then call the feds. That's the way to do it. I am sure there were enough murders in Camden to warrant such a study, but, the city wasn't ignored.

May 18, 2015
By Jim Walsh, (Cherry Hill, N.J.) Courier-Post

CAMDEN, N.J. — A presidential task force, (click here) charged with finding better ways to police America's cities, on Monday released recommendations that will be familiar to Camden residents.

The 120-page report, unveiled hours before President Obama is to visit Camden, calls for an emphasis on community policing and outreach efforts to residents of high-crime communities.

It includes comments from Camden County Police Chief Scott Thomson, who has stressed that approach for officers patrolling the city's streets.

Thomson has said creation of the county police force in May 2013 allowed him to instill a culture of "service before self" among all officers. The county department replaced a more expensive city police force that had been hit hard by cost-cutting layoffs.

Advocates note the level of violent crime has dropped sharply under the new department. But turnover also has been high for the force, which stresses a cost-efficient approach....
The problem with any tiltmotor aircraft is INSTABILITY.

First is to realize the cargo it is carrying is live cargo. The cargo moves and is in and out of the aircraft even when parachuting.

So, the Osprey has to compensate via the pilot for any instability in the main compartment of the helicopter. When soldiers are actively involved in dangerous circumstances they can't simply sit still to accommodate the aircraft. It is completely opposite, the helicopter has to accommodate the mission. If an aircraft can't do that, it is worthless.

Second the air dynamics once it is hovering is completely different than the air dynamics when it is flying. And there is no flying backwards, but, the transition of the tiltmotor creates it's own storm. 

I once had one of the early pilots from Camp LeJeune at the dinner table with his wife and we just happened upon his work and the Osprey. I knew very little about the aircraft, but, obviously he did. He stated, "It's a death trap." This was while I was going to college and never put physics and military flying machines together.

Now, i know there have been studies and modifications that are suppose to have changed all the dynamics and the Ospreys are safe now. How long are these disastrous machines going to kill people before they are finally turned into scrap metal and sold for recycling?

The Osprey kills another US soldier. They fall out of the sky,

This is a RH-53D Sea Stallion transport helicopters which is what the Osprey was purchased to replace because of the 'multi-tasking' it could provide.

...In 1983, the Navy awarded Bell Helicopters and Boeing Aircraft (click here) a $68.7 million joint contract to design an aircraft based on the XV-15. This was the V-22, nicknamed the Osprey. It would carry two dozen geared-up marines or 10,000 pounds of weaponry, fly 2,100 nautical miles at 25,000 feet with just a single, in-air refueling, and land anywhere, no runway required.

At least, that was the theory. It's been 22 years, and the skies aren't exactly crowded with Ospreys. After more than two decades and $16.4 billion, the history of the V-22 is a sorry tale of cost overruns, shoddy construction, and managerial incompetence. Thirty people have died in four Osprey crashes, making the V-22 one of the killingest experimental planes ever. The program has teetered on the brink of elimination since almost the beginning.

But it never went away, propped up by genuine need, pork barrel politics, and the hope that the money already spent wasn't money wasted. Now the weird hybrid plane has entered a critical test phase called operational evaluation - the last hurdle before full production. The Osprey made it to op-eval once before, five years ago, and failed spectacularly. After an intense few years of engineering and test flights, years of tearing the plane apart and putting it back together under a fix-it-or-kill-it threat from the Pentagon, the Osprey is back. At military bases across the country, from New River Marine Corps Air Base in North Carolina to Edwards Air Force Base in California, pilots and engineers are testing the plane under combat conditions: extreme heat and cold, desert sand, high-altitude flying, aircraft carrier takeoffs. If all goes well, the evaluation will end in July and construction of the fleet will begin in 2006, and the first Osprey squadron will fly in fall 2007....

The application of asking two different military companies to come together to produce an aircraft that would do it all. It was doomed from the beginning. The Osprey is the epitome of American arrogance. "Americans can do anything. For money I mean." If the US military wants a plane that hovers then make it so. 

I can only imagine sitting at a drafting table with Bell Helicopter and Boeing engineers as they began to build this 'idea' of military perfection. Says the Bell engineer to the Boeing engineer, "No, no the engine can't go there because the propellers are on top at some point. And don't forget the larger hydraulics engine so it can tilt the blades. That is paramount to the design of this thing."

Just as a side note:

EL SEGUNDO, Calif., May 16, 2015 – Boeing [NYSE: BA] (click here) is disappointed by the loss of the Centenario satellite on May 16, 2015. We stand ready to assist the Mexican government in any way we can to enable our customer to meet its communications needs for the people of Mexico. Centenario was the first of two satellites Boeing is building for the government’s Mexsat telecommunications system. We will continue to partner with the Mexican government to ensure its second satellite, Morelos 3, will be ready for launch later this year.

Now, Boeing gets to build the satellite all over again and make twice the money. It is a matter of who is going to pay for it, Mexico or Russia.

The Osprey is powered by Two Rolls-Royce AE1107C, 6,150 shp (4,586 kW) each. The gross capacity of each Osprey in lift including it's own weight plus freight is 52,600 lbs. (23,859 kg).

This is the specs on the Sea Stallion. 

The CH-53A (otherwise known as RH-53D Sea Stallion transport helicopter) carries a crew of four; pilot, copilot, crew chief, and an aerial observer, a load of 38 troops, 24 litters with medical attendants, an internal cargo load of 8,000 pounds (3,600 kg) or an external load of 13,000 pounds (5,900 kg) on the single-point sling hook. The CH-53A is equipped with a pair of 7.62 mm M60 machine guns that point out to each side of the fuselage.

Between the internal capacity as a transport of personnel, the lifting power exceeds that of the Osprey. The Sea Stallion was bigger with more capacity, but, alas the Osprey was the ideal helicopter that could turn into a plane. I would want to know what the fuel consumption is like for each of those machines? I betcha the Sea Stallion got better fuel mileage or however the military measures that stuff. It didn't have to use it's fuel for rotating engines. Isn't the purpose of aircraft and helicopters to fly long enough to make a difference in a hostile environment? War basically.

WWII was won with very simple military machines. They were easy to build, they were easy to maintain and they were RELIABLE to operate. Granted there are improvements made that are beneficial to missions today, but, there is nothing like the tried and true technology of plain, old, everyday designs and functions. 

The Sea Stallions, as the above article points out, were used in an attempt to rescue the Iranian hostages. The operation failed due to a sand storm. Hello? You know here is the thing, there are ways of making sure there is no weather pattern existing or expected to cause a mission to fail. Besides the lives of our military, there is the chance of capture that will ultimately compromise the mission and those machines are expensive. 

I can understand risking the odds if there are lives in the balance that need to be removed to a hospital, but, to carry out a mission where the hostages are okay for the most part. So, President Carter took the heat on this one. 

I remember the reporting of the activities in the room where all the National Security Council and military gathered to witness the bin Laden raid. At one point the report comes in that one of the helicopters was down and had to be destroyed and abandoned. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs (Admiral Mullens) and the Defense Secretary (Bob Gates) look at each other as if this mission was going to fail. I guess helicopters are a chronic problem for the military no matter how much is spent or how sophisticated they are. 

I have a wish list for the US Military and the only item on it is:

Military equipment and machines that protect the life of our soldiers and any one aboard; even in training exercises.

There are limits to the imagineering for the military and the Osprey is the best example yet.

Ramadi is not news. Wack a Mole. This is long known of how things go in Iraq.

May 10, 2015

Iraqi state TV (click here) described columns of tanks and other military vehicles entering al-Habbaniyah military camp.
The Iraqi government called for help from the Iran-backed militias after the military was routed on Sunday.
About 500 people died in the city - only 70 miles (112km) west of Baghdad.
Shia forces at Habbaniya, about 20km (12 miles) from Ramadi, were "now on standby," the head of the Anbar provincial council, Sabah Karhout, was quoted by Reuters as saying.
In a statement, the council said about 3,000 Shia fighters had arrived in Anbar to take part in "the liberation of all Ramadi areas in which IS militants took positions"....

There are no American forces and there won't be either! The Shi'ites are already organizing to push back against Daesh.

This is why the Iraq invasion has failed. The Iraqi army could never hold the land they would take. This is more of the same. There is nothing new here and this is exactly why a nation called Iraq will never stand. The three provinces at least are smaller and possibly sovereign enough to be maintained by local forces. But, to have the Iraqi army respond in the south only to loss land in the north will continue until the "Wise Men of the USA Congress" stop using violence and war as a political dialogue.  

People will die and there will be instability until the USA ends it's presence in the region. Saudi Arabia and Jordan and Egypt are able to defend themselves. This is not all that. Turkey doesn't even care.  The only bozos that care are the US Republicans with blood on their hands.
"Morning Papers"

The Rooster


May 17, 2015
By Dylan Tweney

Security researcher (click here) Chris Roberts got kicked off a United flight last month for tweeting a joke about hacking into its electronic control systems.

Now the FBI alleges, in an affidavit for a search warrant, it was no joke. In fact, the FBI claims, Roberts actually did such a thing, causing a plane he was on to drift sideways while in flight.

“He stated that he successfully commanded the system he had accessed to issue the ‘CLB’ or climb command. He stated that he thereby caused one of the airplane engines to climb resulting in a lateral or sideways movement of the plane during one of these flights,” the affidavit claims.

Roberts has been quick to deny that this was the case.

“Over last 5 years my only interest has been to improve aircraft security…given the current situation I’ve been advised against saying much,” Roberts said on Twitter. He followed up: “Sorry it’s so generic, but there’s a whole 5 years of stuff that the affidavit incorrectly compressed into 1 paragraph….lots to untangle.”...

Thank you, Mr. Roberts. I have been saying this for awhile now. Thank you so much. This directly relates to Fly By Wire, the Superjumbos that can't fly without computers. When the dependency of computers is out of the question, that changes the profile of any flying fleet including the USA Air Force. Thank you.

"Good Night, Moon"

The New Moon

29.5 days old

0.0 percent lit

This is the first time since I started "Good Night, Moon" that the New Moon was zero percent lit. It has always been at least a fraction of the surface lit as in the picture to the left. I'll be darn. I have to celebrate this day from now on. Let's see, May 17th. Nice. Did you know ET has a base on the dark side of the Moon? Think about it.

So much for anyone mining the Moon. Someone else got there already. If anyone doubts the potential to aliens occupying the Moon, ask the USA Men in Black. Seriously. The USA has it's own Men in Black. The movies are taken of the fact there are reports of these men harassing Americans that claim to have seen and/or experienced an alien presence.