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"My first launch (click title to entry - thank you) commentary was for Atlantis, STS-27, my last, STS-135, is going to be Atlantis on Friday."

The Republican Plutocracy is attempting to ISOLATE the current economic picture as if...

...President Obama came into office and declared war on a Budget Surplus while driving the Natiaonl Debt into the $14.3 Trillion range after being $0.00.

It isn't the truth and it isn't going to hold up.

The USA has real problems and one of those real problems are the obstructionist Republicans that want to drop all their MISTAKES and cowardess for seeking 'a real economy' at the feet of Democrats. 

I don't think so.

I have a lot more  to post regarding the extremist 'faction' we now have in 'seats of power' in the House and Senate and the reaction of a nation, but, I'll have to wait until tomorrow.  There is another storm coming through.  Believe this mess?  This Climate Crisis is beginning to take on 'long term patterns' that may very well solidify the drought that is increasing every week now.

These two USA Drought Maps are three weeks apart.  I saw the one above on CNN over the weekend and knew immediately the drought was EXTENDING.  I wanted to post it here to validate that observation.  The drought and its damage is deepening and extending week by week.  The weather patterns due to the climate crisis has caused this for nearly nine years now.  Drought is a LONG TERM climate emergency.  It can be noted to be happening before it becomes obvious to the average person.

This isn't what I had planned for this evening, excpet for the "Janis" entry.  I'll continue the conclusion tomorrow.  My right hand is better this evening.  So, I doubt there will be an issue tomorrow.  I'll cover some of the news today then.  Have a good night.

The Reversal of Dodd - Frank by the Robert's Court. The law wasn't even dry IN PRINT in the Federal Register.

Janus Capital Group, Inc. v. First Derivative Traders  (click here)

Holding: Because the petitioner, a mutual fund investment adviser, did not make the false statements included in the mutual fund prospectuses of its clients, it cannot be held liable in a private action under SEC Rule 10b–5, which prohibits “mak[ing] any untrue statement of fact” in connection with the purchase or sale of securities, for its role in preparing those prospectuses.

Judgment: Reversed, 5-4, in an opinion by Justice Clarence Thomas on June 13, 2011. Justice Breyer filed a dissenting opinion, which Justices Ginsburg, Sotomayor, and Kagan joined.

"The Daily Kos" did an article about this.  I mean does the USA Middle Class actually trust Wall Street anymore given the hostility of the current Conservative USA Supreme Court?  Hell, I don't .  I like Credit Unions and it isn't as though Bush didn't try to attack them during the Global Banking Collapse compliments of Paulson.

As we’re quickly learning (click title to entry - thank you) these days–in case you weren’t already aware of it after witnessing the ongoing evisceration of Dodd-Frank financial reform legislation and/or dealing with the aftermath of the corporatocracy’s new “insurance policy,” a/k/a the SCOTUS’ Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission decision–when everything’s said and done in Washington D.C., one way or the other, the status quo’s bought-and-paid-for minions on Capitol Hill and on the U.S. Supreme Court are taking Main Street to the cleaners.
But, perhaps even more outrageous (or at least as brutal, in terms of its immediate impact upon most Americans dealing with our country's mortgage/foreclosure fraud crisis) than either of these two events are the virtually immediate implications of a decision announced last week by the SCOTUS regarding  Janus Capital Group, Inc. v. First Derivative Traders....

BASICALLY, "What consumer confidence in the economy exactly is everyone looking for?" 

To the right is a picture of gas pumps from the 'BUSH Gas Crisis."

Don't even try it.  The corruption that lies in the current Robert's Court in regard to the impact on REAL AMERICANS is hideous and the country is expecting unemployment to come down?  With fossil fuel energy costs being what they are?  President Obama has bearly escavated the Alternative Energy Industry from the point of experimentation to application to the 'future economy' and Americans want immediate results? 

Get for real. 

Tell the House and Senate Republicasn to 'GROW UP' and pass a jobs bill that President Obama has asked for.

Oh, yeah.  And make sure the Robert's Court knows its okay to allow the job bill to actually do the job it was intended to do.

There is a really interesting graph called, "Gas Buddy.com" and it shows gasoline pump prices.

To the left is a graph about CRUDE oil prices from 2000 to 2006.  (click here)  The prices in the USA are in that graph.  We really have to disucss this mess because of the ads of the Plutocracy which has started the Presidential races of 2012 already?

If one cares to the link is at the title to this entry.

According to Gas Buddy on July 5, 2005 the pump price of gasoline was about $2.20 per gallon.

By January of 2008 it was about $2.90 per gallon, the highest during the Bush/Cheney years hit $4.12 by June 1, 2008.  I remember that because at the time California was introducing a new GREEN diesel fuel to their trucking industry at a cost of $3.00 per gallon. 

The price then fell to a low during the 2008 elections of $1.65 or so.  That was to help cushion the blow of the global economic collapse for the hope that McCain and Palin would win that election.  It didn't happen.

In April of 2000, two months after George Walker Bush took office the unemployment rate was 3.8%.

That is after eight years of Clinton-omics, which recovered from the H. W. Bush-onomics of an all time high in June of 1992 ot 7.8% unemployement.

Bu July of 2003 the unemployement rate had peaked at 6.2%.  Now most people blamed that on the events of September 11, 2001.  And that sounded reasonable to most folks voting in November 2004, but, that isn't when the unemployement rate started to increase or the economics of the country started to stall.  That started approximately five months before when Bush and Cheney began empting the USA Treasury of its surplus for no real reason at all except that it was there.  Not that the country didn't have worries such as the Baby Boomer Social Security needs along with Medicare and Medicaid, but, just becuase it was there.  It was fun for "W" to act like Santy Clause to insure the nation that sincerely didn't want him in office by majority vote accepted it anyway and would return him in 2004.

That leads to the National Debt.  I haven't even bothered yet to figure out the percentages yet, but, I already know that the first and second four years of "W"'s administration saw increases in all those areas over 100%. 

But, to the national debt.  I mean there is a question about how high the debt got under the previous administration compared to President Clinton?  There was a surplus in January 2000 when Bush took office.  Hello?

Before I go much further with the 'audacity' of the Right Wing Political Machine in the USA I have to answer an advertisement ...

...I saw today developed to defame my President.  It is an ad that states hideous increases in unemployment, the national debt and gasoline prices in percentages. 

My first reaction was, "Is this a joke or what?"

Eleven years ago George Walker Bush and Richard Cheney took office.  Does anyone want to figure out the percentages of increase in unemployment, the national debt and the price of gasoline under their two terms in offce?  I mean the end of 2008 is a joke compared to the success in the Obama administration from allowing the USA to fall off the recession cliff into the depression cliff.

I remember this article in 2001.  That is how fast the economic deterioration of ANY Bush administration occurred including H. W. Bush. 

...The unemployment rate in the United States (click title to entry - thank you)  rose to 4.5% in June, according to official Labor Department figures.
The rise comes as economists said economic growth in the US was virtually non-existent during the months April, May and June.
Heavy job losses in the manufacturing sector and a fall in service sector demand to a 10-month low, helped cause the loss of 114,000 jobs during June.
The 0.1% rise from May's 4.4% rate lifted unemployment back to the year-high level last seen in April.
And economists say the jobless rate could rise again despite any boost to economic growth from recent interest rate cuts and tax refunds.
By the end of the year, US unemployment will have risen beyond 5%, some have predicted.
Temps hit
Most of last month's job cuts came in the manufacturing sector. About 113,000 factory jobs were cut, with almost half being accounted for by electronic equipment makers and industrial machinery makers.
But even the service sector was hit. About 5,000 new jobs were created in the sector, the weakest rise since August 2000 when 15,000 jobs were lost.
People without work security suffered in June too, with temping firms, hotels and amusement parks letting workers go for the ninth month in a row....