Monday, March 14, 2011

"Morning Papers" - Its Origins

The Rooster

To clearly illustrate the moronity that the RNC exhibits on a daily basis, today on Murdoch's "FOX and Friends" Karl Rove was asked to comment on the radiation leaks occuring in Japan.  The political rhetorical genius of Karl Rove, "Bush's Brain" relied on his "Economy of Words" to state; "The radiation we receive everyday in our lives is more than that anyone in Japan is exposed to, so the argument isn't about the dangers of nuclear radiation in these events but the actual reality of it and how dangerous it is to the events of daily living."  (Some of those words are mine so that everyone outside Rove's "Economy of Words" might begin to understant it.)

Now, the morons at Rush and Savage and all those interested in propagating a political infrastructure based in dangers and demoralizing standards that eek out profits for the wealthy while destroying the Middle Class of the USA will 'talk' about it in that way.                                                                       

Don't try and tell me the RNC is good for the USA.  Because it isn't and this mess goes on all the time and is destroying our democracy for the sake of 'political speech.'  Political speech isn't about lies and manipulation in the USA media, that is for Snake Oil Salesmen.  Do I value what Murdoch has to offer?  No. Why?  Because the rhetoric that is pumped out of that media service on a daily basis is poison to democracy and I can find HEALTHY points of view at places like NPR!

The Passive Journalists of "FOX and Friends" never questioned Rove either, but, only sought to have him offer a 'hug' to the audience.

Never once did the mindless idiots at the 'curved couch' say, but, Karl that would mean ADDITIONAL radiation to daily living. 

Never once did the mannequins on the curved couch say, if this is so benign then why are so many people being taken to the hospital in Japan?  Why is the USA military worried about exposure of their soldiers working in the area?  Why are people wearing contamination suits?

The good little mannequins at the Murdoch network simply drooled at having 'Rove' among them from a distant location and were more than happy just to 'GOOD TO SEE YOU."

The FCC needs to do something about the intended lies and manipulation of the Murdoch Media Mafia that delivers 'behavior' to people rather than information.  Dummying down the American people is toxic, literally.

Is there 'literally' in the word "Liberal?"  I guess not.