Thursday, April 09, 2015

Some of the commentary I've heard about the police car video states there was another person in the car; who was that?

April 9, 2015
By Jeff Pegues

Ron Hosko is the former head of the FBI's criminal investigative division. (click here) He now runs a legal defense fund for police officers. He's watched the video of Walter Scott being fatally shot by Michael Slager from beginning to end and says he's never seen anything like it.

"Arguably what he should be doing, before pulling out his gun is chasing him, right? Foot pursuit. Happens every day," Hosko said. "If he's unarmed, and presumably he is from the background, chase him. Cops chase every day. Call for backup. Have others come help chase."

But did Scott pose a threat based on what is on the video?

In this piece of video, I don't see the threat," Hosko continued. "I see a man trying to flee the scene, running away. And if that's the case, to shoot this victim in the back multiple times while he is merely trying to flee from a non-violent crime, is deeply troubling and I think is likely to result in the conviction of the police officer."...

I also heard a speculative statement about the awareness of Mr. Slager to the other killings in the USA by police. It was a valid point, but, the aggressiveness of the police in the country has not changed. Why should they? Whenever citizens have been successful in having an investigation move to court, the defendant is found not guilty. Not innocent, but, not guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. There is no reason for any police officer to change their approach to citizens. After all, citizens are the enemy, right? If not the enemy, they are at the very least the bad guys.

This is just perfect. Now, there is a wacko security guard gone berserk.  

April 9, 2015
By Julia Zauzmer

A security guard was critically injured (click here) in a shooting at the U.S. Census Bureau headquarters on Silver Hill Road in Suitland on Thursday evening.
Prince George’s County fire department spokesman Mark Brady said that an adult male who was standing guard at a gate to the facility had suffered at least one gunshot wound to his upper body. Brady said the victim’s condition was “extremely critical.”
At about 7:45 p.m., roughly two dozen military-clad officers with rifles entered the Census campus and began sweeping through parking garages and lots. It was unclear which police agency the officers represented....

We'd all be better off if President Obama would just call the USA a Police State. At least there would be no doubt where the citizens of this country stands. We could all walk around with our hands raised. 

At this rate, by November 2016 there will be a referendum to confiscate all the guns in every city, including the police. 
Dear Senator Paul,

The difference between the men and women journalists is not sexuality, it is GENDER. It is becoming very obvious the Republicans don't even have the language to discuss gender differences. 

But, when it comes to gender differences in journalism it is a huge mistake to even 'go there.' Any difference in the way journalists approach a subject or information is based in the 'style' they bring to their audience.

So, it would be best if Senator Paul would eliminate the focus on sexuality and look to the style of the journalist in any interview. I am sure patience rather than impatience will win out the day and provide real information to the audience.

Try it out. You might like effective communication rather than fumbling.

Take care now.

Have a better day.

Marketing of a failed Sea World stock.

That would prove a challenge. The planning for that event should go along with the establishment of any trust fund to support these mammals to the end of their lives. But, it is doable.

First hold a garage sale of any items not needed by a benevolent enterprise. Things like the screens and projectors can be sold. Transportation capacity would have to be considered important. But, the monies raised from selling commercial equipment and the outsourcing of commercial merchandise provided by leases to those willing to respect the species can be part of the plan.

Eventually, the property itself can be sold as the numbers of individuals falls with time. The entertainment folks are needed and the only staff required would be those that competently care for them and speakers for tours of the property.

The educational quality of the enterprise would be the viability of such a purchase. Scientists can consult to discern which individuals if any can be introduced to the wild. That is an expensive proposition with marine mammals, but, might be okay for seals and dolphins. I can only guess and it would need the opinion of professionals, both legally and ethically.  

The idea is to close the properties and end the stress and cruelty of these animals. Those vacationing to Orlando would consider a stop at a modified Sea World realizing the animals were living the best lives they can post commercialization. There would opportunities for non-profits to support this type of outcome.

It is substantial challenge, but, I am confident if the people worried about these animals can bring an endangered status to them, they can do anything.

There are many people upset about this latest video ad to exonerate "Sea World" from responsibility regarding Marine Mammals.

"Bloomberg" only addresses the challenge to a CEO regarding customer relations. "Bloomberg" does not bring ethics or the law to their article. It is so Wall Street I can't let it stand.

There are huge problems with the "pets" at Sea World. There is no respect for the species requirements and there are times when there is blood in the water that is not human blood. 

The pools at Sea World are far too small and too shallow to accommodate the INHERENT nature of the Marine Mammals. These mammals don't give up their instinctual behavior because they have never known ocean life. As a matter of fact, the 'behavior' of these mammals are harnessed to teach them tricks. And let's get this straight, they aren't employed. They don't receive salaries and benefits or travel home to their PODS every night. Trying to attribute human qualities to Marine Mammals is not appropriate in a pool at Sea World. 

The fish and marine mammals are fed everyday at "Sea World." They are not able to hunt, yet their instinctual needs don't disappear. They are hunters. Orcas, by nature, are considered the wolves of the ocean. They hunt in packs otherwise known as pods. 

They are successful hunters, often of the young of larger Marine Mammals such as Right Whales. They are categorized/listed as a species as odontocetes, "toothed whales." They feed on many types of sea life including seals in the wild. So, given they are in close proximity to seals at Sea World and may be detecting them somewhat speaks to their agitated behavior from time to time. This species wants to hunt and blood in the water doesn't bother them.

The legal status of these marine mammals is obvious as endangered species. That status was enforced by a USA court to include those in the possession of "Sea World" and other such facilities. The captive whales, however, are not included in the "Endangered Species Plan" to return larger numbers to the oceans. How could they be? They are alien to their own species in the wild and were never were exposed to any other habitat.

That is problematic and there is a movie entitled "Free Willy" with a story line of a young boy that seeks to return a Orca to the wild. Such enterprises have been tried with mixed results.

The conflict, to be completely honest, is that when a scientist studies the ocean populations of marine mammals, that scientist is allowed to have what is called 'takes.' Takes can be carried out in many ways. One extreme defines takes as physical and end in death of the species to conduct necropsies (autopsies). In the past that was necessary because humans didn't really understand the species, their anatomy and physiology. The other side of the spectrum in the definition of 'takes,' is simply taking pictures. The best example of that are the whale groups throughout the coastlines of the USA that raise money with pictures of the tail flukes of Humpback Whales. 

The reason 'takes' exist is to limit the contact with these marine mammals. Most scientists studying animals in the wild respect the need for distancing themselves from those mammals. In the case of marine mammals providing a healthy population to grow the species back to their original status in the wild provides the caution of scientists to have physical contact with them. 

We know for a fact marine mammals alter their communications when having contact with human beings. They use sonar. That sonar will pick up the vibrations of language of human beings and seek to understand it because their survival relies on knowing their environment. These marine mammals are survivors. They have survival strategies. They do not seek human beings as a part of their pod. In the ocean vast distances exist between human beings and marine mammals. 

Their world is about each other and not about each other in relation to the existence of human beings. But, their survival instincts will pick up those vibrations and accommodate it. The whales don't discern danger. They are huge and have their way most of the time. An occasional loss of a young member from the side of it's mother is not welcome and the female tries to protect their young by increasing speed to out run any predator. The predators of marine mammals are limited primarily to human beings in whaling ships and Orcas. 

There in is the problem. The Sea World marine mammals have a relationship with human beings and they would carry their language into the wild. Other wild marine mammals could become compromised if human language confuses their communication.

There is no changing that reality. These species are very intelligent. No matter how that intelligence is measured it surpasses that of human beings. People should try to live in the ocean forever, it requires a lot intelligence to communicate 1000 feet down.  They can't build ships to the moon or computers to accommodate fish finding, but, they are measured at intelligence above that of human beings. That is just a fact. Because they don't communicate the same way doesn't make them 'dumb animals.' 

The challenge to the Animal Conscience Societies is to find a way to end the breeding program at Sea World. These mammals will never know the wild. They most likely won't survive in the wild. That is my opinion and the opinion of others concerned about the world's oceans and it's inhabitants. The fact the marine mammals at Sea World are valued in the same way of their brothers and sisters in the wild is a proud moment for those that care for them the most. 

The Sea World marine mammals that include dolphins and beluga whales are in distress most of the time. The fact belugas are in warm water in Florida tanks causes them to suffer and become sluggish. The belugas are cold water species. Their blubber proves that out. There are no wild belugas in Florida waters, except Sea World. 

There are whales that frequent Gulf of Mexico waters for birthing and breeding, but, they don't feed there. if their young are lost due to attacks by predators, it usually happens in their semi-annual migration to their feeding grounds. The young whale will tire because of an accelerated migration speed that the female hopes will provide fatigue to Orcas or ships before her young is lost.

The only native species to Florida waters are Dugongs. (click here) otherwise known as Manatees. There are also dolphin species closely studied and known as the Sarasota Dolphins. They and their young were effected by the BP Deepwater Horizon tragedy. There were also eleven people who never made it to shore in that disaster. They are as important to recognize as well as wild species.

Don't get me wrong that the scientific community wants nothing to do with groups that seek protections of these species; that is not the case. Most marine mammals scientists realize the very important work Conscientiousness Raising Groups carry out with the public and otherwise. While their work doesn't rely on these groups; the protections afforded these animals are vital. The public is welcome to understand these species and find importance for them in a world challenged with a warming planet.

But, as to Sea World's species of mammals. In recognizing the endangered status of most of their marine mammals, if not all of them. Some of the seals are probably not challenged in numbers in the wild. These animals as individuals are stressed. They live in far smaller pools then their instincts tell them they should exist. They have young in captive waters alien to their instincts. The males are used as if a prized bull. Bulls do not have the legal status marine mammals have. They also don't migrate which provides still another issue for these animals.

To be compassionate, these mammals need to be cared for all their lives. The propagation of circus animals should never be a priority. There is nothing wrong with finding alternate options for them, but, returning to the wild is like teaching an old dog new tricks. The young don't have the benefit to succeed in a way their instincts tell them they should. It is that reality the breeding programs have to stop. Ending the breeding program will result in less captive mammals. 

Look, the Wall Street stock of "Sea World" isn't really sustaining, is it? It is becoming an understandable reality that many Americans don't want this for these animals. What happens if the stock falls below viable options? What happens to the animals? Something needs to be done to end the breeding program and there needs to be an option for those animals should Sea World become a penny stock.

Perhaps the best option is a separate "Trust Fund" that will provide care for them should the fiscal integrity of Sea World fail. I am curious how much of Sea World stock prices are buoyed by the 'fish inventory?' It is just that the threshold for a viable stock price may have already failed.  

I would think such a trust fund could be pursued by the groups most concerned about these Marine Mammals. Buy them out when the stock price fails! 

Best of luck. 

Atchison in Shamu Stadium, Orlando

November 201, 2014
By Kal Tao Greenfeld

Jim Atchison, (click here) the chief executive officer of SeaWorld Entertainment (SEAS), holds morning meetings in a conference room down the hall from his corner office, the one with elephant carvings and a ceramic white tiger. On a typical day, Atchison and a team of executives, including Chief Financial Officer Jim Heaney and Chief Zoological Officer Brad Andrews, review various SeaWorld KPIs, or key performance indicators.... 

...SeaWorld acknowledges that ticket sales have declined because of changing perceptions of killer whale shows, as well as competitive pressure. Rivals Disney (DIS) and Universal (CMCSA) have recently added crowd-pleasing Pixar and Harry Potter attractions, respectively, that SeaWorld has yet to counter. On Nov. 12 the company reported a 28 percent drop in profit and a 5.2 percent drop in attendance, to 8.3 million, in the three months ended Sept. 30. It also announced a $50 million cost-cutting measure. For SeaWorld, whose logo features an orca’s dorsal fin, Blackfish has gone from being a public relations problem to a potentially catastrophic threat to a $1.4 billion-a-year business.

A little known fact.

Mika Brzezinski, Joe Scarborough and Rachel Maddow are among the 35 Most Powerful People in New York Media. That is no small achievement and a remarkable place to carry a message to the American people.

Host and co-host, 'Morning Joe'; host, 'The Rachel Maddow Show' (click here)

The article rants on about ratings and if it were FOX there is nothing that matters more. I think the tone and information brought by these very talented people is an acquired understanding. In some ways, the audience has building blocks they bring to the view of the shows. Being an intellectual is a lifestyle and not a seasonal migration. These talented people don't mine the topics, the sense of humor or the tone of their viewers. 

Mika Brzezinski has taken on the challenge of empowering women to be their own best advocate and best friend. Her priority in moving women forward is in the form of books, advocacy and meetings. She is a friend to many people the average American woman doesn't meet in their lifetime. Her current advocacy is in the form of  “Knowing Your Value,” (click here).

The first such event begins tomorrow. There are several applicants from the viewership chosen to participate in a program that will concentrate their efforts to improve their professional qualities and ambitions. It is admirable. It is one thing to achieve a best selling book; it is quite another to share a personal journey to empower others. Mika is successful at both.

MSNBC has become a haven for the often forgotten people in the USA. Their focus on minorities and their lives, lifestyles and problems, which are substantial in the year 2015. MSNBC should be applauded to their focus on the underserved in USA media. Indeed, these populations have been voiceless and complacent in their lives. I look forward to the ladies coming to the forum of ambition which is Mika's brand and she does it well.

Put your finger down.

Senator Paul will not achieve the position of nominee if he battles with the media.

It would appear as though Senator Paul does what most Republicans do; externalize the responsibility for their lack of acceptance. 

As a rule, Democrats look at a situation and decides what is within their power to change it. I have my ideas as to why that is, but, if Senator Paul sincerely wants the nomination rather than fall in line with the heirarchy, he has to internalize his frustrations and find a way to be understood in the media regardless of their leanings.

The American media is not a child - adult relationship. Quite the contrary. It is probably more an adult - child voice that does not insult the integrity of anyone. At least the US media isn't suppose to. FOX is always a problem child when it comes to ethics.

Senator Paul is capable of changing his ability to communicate his qualities and priorities to all Americans if he chooses to do so. There will be Americans that disagree with some of his views regardless of political party. He needs to seek their understanding and not their victimization.

The diversion of another A380 for medical reasons.

From RT:

April 9, 2015
By Daniel Munoz

An Emirates plane flying (click here) from Dubai to New York JFK has declared an emergency and diverted. The aircraft will probably land in Manchester in the UK due to a medical situation, media reported.

At the moment, Flightradar24 website lists the flight as delayed. reports that the aircraft is heading to Manchester and will land in 25 minutes (around 13:20GMT). The website says the emergency is of a medical nature. 

The plane is now on approach to the city and has descended to around 1097 meter, The Mirror reports. Manchester has the third busiest airport in Britain after Heathrow and Gatwick. 

The Airbus A380, a double-deck wide-bodied jet, is among the world's largest passenger airliners, and provides seating for up to 525 people in a typical three-class configuration, or for up to 853 people in an all-economy class seating plan....

"The Mirror" is tasking the airline industry to know the decline of aircraft as well. Well done. It is scary to think about. The current tragedy was downed in the mountains. I don't believe that was the priority of the co-pilot either. He was taking an opportunity not planning the safety of those on the ground. He obviously didn't care who died with him.

Additionally, we have witnessed the outcome of a commercial jet over a war zone as well. 

This should be simple to stop. REIMBURSEMENT for services.

April 9, 2015
By Margaret Hartman

President Obama (click here) has taken another step in his evolution on gay rights, but the LGBT issue he promoted on Wednesday night isn't the one everyone's been debating for the past two weeks. In response to a We the People petition calling for a ban on LGBT conversion therapy for minors, the White House posted a statement condemning the debunked treatment that aims to "repair" gay and transgender youth. "While a national ban would require congressional action, we are hopeful that the clarity of the evidence combined with the actions taken by these states will lead to broader action that this Administration would support," wrote Valerie Jarrett, senior adviser to the president....

There should be a study done to determine the reimbursement system of these damaging therapies. The reimbursement should be ended. There are probably Christian organizations supporting these therapy services. They should be known and their members made aware of how their tithing are being spent.

There should be no government reimbursement for these services. Perhaps we need a Hyde Amendment for these therapies as well.

"The Unraveling." Emma Sky states the Iraq War opened up sectarianism in the region. We are seeing the tragic reality of that today.

There is no such thing as nation building. 

The Unravelling: High Hopes and Missed Opportunities in Iraq (Hardback) (click here)

This is her article in Politico. (click here)

Then trying to explain the current unrest in the Middle East, from Iraq to Syria to Yemen, American officials often resort to platitudes about Sunni and Shia Muslims fighting each other for “centuries” due to “ancient hatreds.” Not only is this claim historically inaccurate, but it also ignores the unintended consequences that the Iraq War more recently leashed on the region. That war—and the manner in which the United States left it behind in 2011—shifted the balance of power in the region in Iran’s favor. Regional competition, of which Iran’s tension with Saudi Arabia is the main but not only dimension, exacerbated existing fault-lines, with support for extreme sectarian actors, including the Islamic State, turning local grievances over poor governance into proxy wars....

I am not going to change my mind about the current reality. The Arab Coalition is the best outcome to all the countries in the region. They have to resist the influence of Superpowers and the only way to do that is for the development of a coalition of security initiatives. 

It was the USA invasion into Iraq that destabilized the region and another USA presence is not going to improve the situation that a coalition would do better. 

I believe what Ms. Sky points to in her book is the fact that George W. Bush never bothered to understand the impacts of the USA into Iraq. That is true beyond any other reality. After he was in Iraq he then went, "Oops." to realize there was a power shift taking place and it was contrary to his politics, namely in the direction of Iran. 

Iran is a much larger player these days and should be considered as a coalition partner to all other countries and nations of people. It will be necessary for Iran to be involved for stability to return. The region does not need civil wars breaking out along sectarian lines. In the same understanding, Iran should not underestimate the resolve of other regional neighbors to quell over reaching. There is a balance to the region and it needs to return. Peace is a very good idea.

The region has a mutual enemy and that is Daesh. The defeat of this genocidal regime has to take priority. To embark on civil war would only increase the chances of defeat and the spread of Daesh. 

If I may? 

Iran should not underestimate the importance of this moment in time. The Shi'ites were under threat in Iraq. They have made the most of it to bring about the safety of the people. I am sure Iran has had a hand in that reality. 

But, today, there is a greater enemy in Daesh because of the instability in the region. Iran has a the chance of a lifetime to stabilize the region, position Shi'ites into acceptance and end the heinous definition they were given over decades, namely terrorists. It is a time for Shi'ite leaders to bring their flocks into sincere ownership of their own citizenship in the countries where they live. 

Iran can prove Shi'ites and other ethnicities can live among each other for the better outcomes for all. There is no room for fear or wrongful ambitions. Iran needs to be the international partner it is capable of providing. Iran can lead to peace for decades to come and perhaps forever.

The Boston Herald points to the fact, the victims to the evil act of the Tsarnaev brothers are international as well local.

April 9, 2015
By Joe Dwinell

Mery Daniel took a walk in Galway, Ireland, (click here) yesterday — a long stroll along the ocean to reflect on the day her life changed forever when she lost her left leg in the Boston Marathon bombings.
When the 33-year-old Mattapan resident and former medical student returned to her hotel room, she learned of the 34 guilty verdicts against Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Daniel, a bystander at the marathon at the time of the attack, has remained silent for more than a year, but yesterday she opened up. Here’s what she had to say to the Herald’s Joe Dwinell:
“It’s a really big day in Boston but I have mixed emotions. It took me back to where I was that day. I don’t want to say I’m happy, but the sense is that I’m putting an end to that chapter. I was doing a lot of reflection today. This feels like closure, relief.
Evil did not win that day....

The Boston Marathon attracts people from many other countries. It is considered an important event in the international community.

Countries of Residence Represented (click here)

The statistics of the April 2014 Race prove the diversity of people participating in the Boston Marathon. Besides being an opportunity for all countries, it is also an inclusive event in providing a space for the handicapped to participate.

Iran's contributions ot the international community could be greater after sanctions are lifted.

Senator Barasso believes the people of Iran would do just about anything to get the money. Republicans understand that priority, don't they? They understand paying big money to corrupt the election system and they understand voter suppression.

Now, what gives Republicans any right to corrupt the negotiations with Iran? I am more than happy President Obama will veto the unconstitutional political legislation coming from the Senate. I am confident Democrats will participate for that reason alone, right Mr. Schumer? There isn't anything like equal opportunity for corruption.

The Republicans need to stop parroting, "The President said...." It sounds like a child on Allowance Day.

President Obama incorrectly stated the USA could stop any nuclear development in Iran. That would be counter to international standards. The Non-Proliferation Treaty would become more meaningless than it already is if that was enforced as an unwritten standard. 

It would appear Senator Barasso is incorrect in his statement. Poor man can't seem to do accurate research before he attempts to inflame 'political speech' across the globe.

Let me help.

This is a global map of poverty (click here) recorded after the year 2000. The world is a big place and surveys take time, so the year each country is represented is different, but, within a reasonable decade difference. It would appear Iran has the same poverty rate as the USA.

The map was produced by Mundi.  

Definition: National estimates of the percentage of the population falling below the poverty line are based on surveys of sub-groups, with the results weighted by the number of people in each group. Definitions of poverty vary considerably among nations. For example, rich nations generally employ more generous standards of poverty than poor nations.

Strange, you know, Iran being so completely backward in it's theological society is more competent than the USA Senate in identifying greenhouse gas emissions. Go figure.

January 17, 2014

The head of Iran’s Environmental Protection Agency (click here) is warning that Iran is one of the biggest producers of greenhouse gases in the world—and is getting worse, not better.
Although Iran ranks 17th in the world in terms of population, Masumeh Ebtekar said Iran is now the seventh-highest producer of greenhouse gas emissions in the world.  Two years ago, it was ranked 10th.
She also said temperatures across the country have risen 1.5 to 3 degrees centigrade, the Mehr news agency reported....

Well, lookey thar. The Iran EPA is lead by a woman. I'll be darn. And it would seem as though Iran has really terrible smog. This is Tehran. 

And this is the smog over Tehran. Honestly, now. I would think the Supreme Leader would put forth a greater effort to protect the paradise provided by God. 

That level of smog is very dangerous for people. Seriously. He needs to pray about this and move forward to correct it. I am sure any added income with sanction relief will provide much needed monies to make that initiative possible.

You know, I hope Iran will be a part of the environmental community. The Iranian people are concerned. That is obvious. There could be information and initiatives Iran could participate in within that environmental community. Most are organized within the United Nations.