Thursday, May 15, 2014

Russia is being inconsistent.

How can it be stated that an aggression against a Russian anywhere is an aggression against Russia while at the same time the communists are recalling any health benefits to Russians abroad? Does that mean the communists are carrying out an aggression against Russians? And what indeed is then Moscow's answer? A new political party, maybe? One that actually does care about Russia AND Russians.

Karl Rove is attempting to prove to donors he "still has the stuff" and the media is letting him do it.

Karl Rove has no place in political speech anymore. The nation is trying to recapture civility AND PURPOSE to the political dialogue in the county. Karl Rove has absolutely nothing to add.

Karl Rove needs to move on. The country does not need anymore Valerie Plames or Judith Millers. Karl was instrumental in the Iraq War and outing a CIA agent. His idea of political fun is actually detrimental to the best interests of the USA. He lies, uses half truths, defames and victimizes the morality of the Democratic Party. He is inept and we've been on to him for some time now.

How many times did Karl Rove have to return to the Special Prosecutor for the Plame case? He was avoidant to see what he could get away with but when it comes right down to it he was scared skinny of prison.