Friday, August 24, 2012

The water vapor bands are huge.

August 25, 2012
UNISYS Water Vapor GOES East Satellite (click title to entry for 12 hour loop)

The water vapor currently feeding Isaac extends from southern Florida, USA, NA to southern Columbia, SA.

It is that huge and actually increasing in velocity. Never thought it could reach that far in diameter and expect it to increase in velocity before it reorganized. It is reorganizing now. That is a gigantic water vapor field.

Earth never ceases to amaze me. When I think Earth's water vapor has reached it's limit it proves to be more amazing than before.

12A  16.90  -69.40 08/24/06Z   40  1001 TROPICAL STORM

Nearly an entire degree difference (.8) while dropping a millibar.

 13  16.10  -70.00 08/24/09Z   40  1000 TROPICAL STORM
13A  16.00  -70.30 08/24/12Z   45  1000 TROPICAL STORM
 14  16.30  -70.80 08/24/15Z   50  1000 TROPICAL STORM

The central pressure remained stable while the position of the storm moved in smaller increments.

A half degree oscillation while falling 3 millibars. 

14A  16.80  -71.40 08/24/18Z   50   997 TROPICAL STORM

A near half degree oscillation (.4) while falling another 3 millibars.

 15  17.20  -71.90 08/24/21Z   55   994 TROPICAL STORM

Fairly stabilized in latitude, it spun its huge reach another 5 knots and dropped another 2 millibars.

15A  17.30  -72.00 08/25/00Z   55   992 TROPICAL STORM

Oscillation is the way these storms find their power. They need water vapor. I had no idea Earth's physics would allow this this size storm. Wow. It is a hot planet.

The oscillation is easily noted with its latitude. Issac's progression west is fairly consistent, but, the latitude continues to wobble from higher to lower to higher. It is the size of the water vapor field that causes that.

I left off at location 13, 40 mph with a central pressure of 1000 millibars.The storm is very quickly becoming a major storm. It dropped its central pressure 8 millibars in 9 hours. It has traveled west by 2 degrees and north by 1.3 degrees; now at 55 mph. Unbelievable considering the size of the water vapor field.

Cuba Weather (click here for loop)

I was looking for Air Pressure readings in some wide bands. I thought Cuba might reflect a fall in air pressure and if there was a sincere decrease to lend information toward the storms movement, but, there are no air pressure records noted on the net as of right now. I think if there air pressure under the bands are seeing significant falls and sustained falls it would be an indication of the direction Isaac is taking. If the air pressure is after falling briefly (approximately six to nine hours) it would indicate an oscillation rather than a movement of the low pressure. That is what I was looking for, but, it is not proven scientifically to be proven. But, it can be discerned. The storm is not completely loose of its physics.

There is also vortices in the northern reach of the troposphere in this hemisphere. They are starting to lie up like a vortex street. It is easier to see in a hemispheric view.
August 25, 2012
UNISYS Water Vapor Satellite of North and West Hemisphere. (click here for 12 hour loop)

The air mass at the border between Canada and North America has air piling up and forming vortices. It has the structure of a forming vortex street. It prove to form a stable air mass keeping Isaac at bay.

Issac's stability will probably be realized within the next six hours and its path determined.

Good night.

How is it that Whistleblower Bradley Manning is imprisoned while a book is released without review by the Pentagon?

...The forthcoming publication of the book, titled "No Easy Day," was announced on Wednesday. It will be released on September 11, and has not been vetted or cleared by the Pentagon. The author is using a pseudonym, Mark Owen....

This book is not about conscience as the author has no remorse in contributing to a get rich scheme. It is about money and power.

Our gracious first lady represented us all for a very tragic event.

August 23, 2012|Brendan O'Briean Reuters

MILWAUKEE (Reuters) - First lady Michelle Obama on Thursday offered condolences to family members of victims of the Wisconsin Sikh temple shooting during a private meeting near the scene where a white supremacist gunman opened fire earlier this month.
The meeting was held at the Oak Creek High School, down the street from the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin, where six worshippers were killed and four others, including a police officer, were wounded on August 5.

While it is never prudent to underestimate an opponent; Sharon Angle? Really?

I don't think so. The attack against Senate Majority Harry Reid began at the same time President Obama was elected to office. The Right Wing Media was attacking him before the Inauguration, no different than President Obama. It was when the Tea Party was born. The attacks against Senator Reid and Representative Pelosie were vicious, unjustified and sustained for nearly two years.

Sharon Angle was never taken to task by her party either. I realize the GOP is seeking the majority of the Senate and for some reason believes this seat is the turning point, but, I think the dynamics are different. 

Senator McCaskill has been underseige for some time now, but, she is a woman and that has to be a viable alternative to the sexism of Akin. Unfortunately, Congressman Akin is not Senate material. He just isn't. He should stay in the House and serve a smaller district of the country than a State. The primary reason Akin is the candidate for the Senate is because of special interests. The special interests obviously believed if they could get him elected the law would be changed to victimize women.

It is conceivable a single congressional district would seek someone this extreme, no different than Allen West. But, to move such a person to the Senate isn't prudent. 

I think Senator McCaskill needs to campaign and talk to her constituents to reassure them and seek to be their problem solver, but, in my opinion this isn't a challenge to the level it was with Reid or Pelosi.

...When Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin (click title to entry - thank you) went on television last weekend and uttered the words "legitimate rape," veterans of the Sharron Angle campaign had a collective flashback, PTSD-style.
Angle, the Republican Senate candidate who ran against Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in 2010, is best remembered for out-there statements like suggesting that "Second Amendment remedies" might be necessary to restore liberty. Her loss to Reid helped ensure that the GOP would fall short of the Senate majority in the midterm elections.
Angle's candidacy is a case study in the ability of a deeply flawed candidate to squander an otherwise winnable election. Republicans' current panic over Akin's candidacy reflects a fear that history will repeat itself in Missouri. But to veterans of the Reid-Angle race, Angle's candidacy also suggests that Akin could still win....

Liar and corrupt besides.

If Romney were to be elected he would do away with the "The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement. He would forgive BP their fines and tell it to leave the Gulf Coast. Count on it. Romney is a wealth whore. He certainly keeps company with them.

...Days removed from fundraisers (click title to entry - thank you) attended by Exxon Mobil Corp. (XOM)’s Chief Executive Officer Rex Tillerson andContinental Resources Inc. (CLR) Chairman Harold Hamm, Romney called for the aggressive development of fossil fuels to make the U.S. an “energy superpower” in a 21-page plan released yesterday....

I think this is outrageous. Lance Armstrong had cancer. A very deadly cancer.

No one will ever tell me his cycling and the drive to compete didn't play an important part in his recovery.

As a matter of fact, if memory serves me, physicians began to examine physical activity with cancer patients as an enhancement to treatment after his exceptional career.

Nike Inc (click title to entry - thank you) plans to continue to support Lance Armstrong even after the seven-time Tour de France cycling champion is stripped of his titles for deciding to no longer fight charges of doping, while bicycle maker Trek is analyzing the situation.
"Lance has stated his innocence and has been unwavering on this position. Nike plans to continue to support Lance and the Lance Armstrong Foundation, a foundation that Lance created to serve cancer survivors," Nike said in a prepared statement Friday.
Late on Thursday, Armstrong said he would no longer fight allegations from the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency that he cheated throughout his career by using performance enhancing drugs....
The idea that Lance Armstrong had an advantage due to injections of erythropoietin as an adjunct therapy to maintain his blood levels while undergoing cancer therapy is simply outrageous. He was not 100% well. His physical condition was challenged standing still without a cycling. This is a hideous decision.

They are punishing a hero to many, many people inside and outside the cycling community. None of this makes sense. I think he should start his own cycling organization. Seriously. Set his own standards.

I want your money, not your jazz. Private Equity offers IPO. Really? They don't play by the rules, they don't want to pay by the rules.

The Carlyle Group Tries to Bar Investors From Court (click title to entry - thank you)

Posted by Mark Lebovitch, Bernstein Litowitz Berger & Grossmann LLP
Sunday August 19, 2012 at 10:26 am

As private equity giant Carlyle Group LP prepared to join rivals Blackstone Group LP and KKR & Co. as a publicly traded company this year, it made headlines with a stunningly “shareholder-unfriendly” proposal to eliminate the litigation rights of its future public owners.
On January 10, Carlyle amended its registration statement in advance of its forthcoming initial public offering (“IPO”) to include a provision declaring that any and all investor disputes would be decided in private arbitration proceedings rather than in a court of law.
Although Carlyle ultimately removed the provision after widespread publicity and SEC objections, it is likely only a matter of time before more companies attempt to insert similar provisions in their registration statements and corporate charters. Because class action claims are usually unavailable in arbitrations — Carlyle’s clause explicitly prohibited them — and because arbitration proceedings generally disadvantage individual plaintiffs to the benefit of corporate defendants, if such clauses become widespread, it will take away an important check on corporate conduct and deal a tremendous blow to investor rights....

Below is a Leveraged Buy Out diagram. Gosh, it is so good to target companies for exploitation. Feels like greed and war all rolled into one.

The real hurricane is happening over the north pole. (click title to entry - thank you)

The troposphere is shallower over the poles. More condensed due to the frigid reality there. So, the altitude to water vapor is less there. I would not recommend traveling to the North Pole right now. It takes heat to create a storm like that.

Satellite photo acquired August 7, 2012 
An unusually large, long-lasting, and powerful cyclone was churning over the Arctic in early August 2012. Two smaller systems merged on August 5 to form the storm, which at the time occupied much of the Beaufort-Chukchi Sea and Canadian Basin. On average, Arctic cyclones last about 40 hours; as of August 9, 2012, this storm had lasted more than five days....

Isaac is still pulling water vapor from any place it can find it.

August 24, 2012
UNISYS Water Vapor GOES East Satellite (click title to entry for 12 hour loop - thank you)

Adding water vapor to the physics of Isaac will drive the velocity of the storm. Right now the oscillation is driven between sucking up water vapor and using calories to increase velocity.

The latest turbulence in the Gulf I mentioned yesterday was drawn into Isaac's physics. It can be noted in the 12 hour loop. That storm is hungry for water vapor because it is not finding it where Earth currently has it, which in the upper troposphere. This is a water vapor satellite and according to what is visibly in the troposphere Isaac should not be this challenged to build velocity, but, it is. The water vapor at the altitude where Isaac lives is sparse. 

There is a third potential for a storm in the Pacific that has existed for about 2130 on August 23rd. It may have sustaining effect on the trajectory of Isaac as Joyce in the Atlantic still does.

August 23, 2012
UNISYS Water Vapor North and West Hemisphere Satellite.

August 24, 2012
UNISYS Water Vapor North and West Hemisphere Satellite. (click here for 12 hour loop)

Isaac is still dependent on direct solar rays. The Pacific system organized quickly in 13 hours.

11 16.00 -67.10 08/23/21Z 35 1003 TROPICAL STORM
11A 16.20 -67.80 08/24/00Z 40 1002 TROPICAL STORM
12 16.70 -68.70 08/24/03Z 40 1001 TROPICAL STORM
12A 16.90 -69.40 08/24/06Z 40 1001 TROPICAL STORM
13 16.10 -70.00 08/24/09Z 40 1000 TROPICAL STORM

Isaac likes it's water vapor. It moved back to the south. The reporting in bold is where I last noted it's activity. It is oscillating and building strength with every spin of the clouds. The central pressure in italics is still dropping. Isaac isn't finished building strength yet.

It is dropping central pressure, but, not speed. It is reorganizing where it finds water vapor.

The Byzantine Army lives.

Someone want to clue them in that the Crusades are over. We can go to Jerusalem with everyone else now.

...Breivik smiled with apparent satisfaction when Judge Wenche Elisabeth Arntzen read the ruling, declaring him sane enough to be held criminally responsible and sentencing him to “preventive detention,” which means it is unlikely he will ever be released....

Deepest sympathy to Norway, it's citizens and the family and friends of the dead. Senseless and stupid. Breivik is an example of the worst of the global community. How did he ever get weapons that don't make sense for a civil society?