Friday, June 19, 2015

The flags on Mr. Roof's jacket were check marks. The USA was going to be next.

In a different context and I apologize for the analogy but they were like scout badges, only he was recognizing the downfall of "the white man."

Add to that the confederate flag and the picture completes itself. The confederate flag is the action of reclamation. In South Carolina it is still a prominent symbol of a revolution. The Civil War was a southern revolutionary war. 

That is what I said before, his masculinity is all screwed up. He lives with symbols and not an intact sense of himself. Symbols are to remind people, right? A company, product has a symbol. A fight against breast cancer has a symbol. Symbols are source of social acceptance and even importance. 

He stated he was having a difficult time deciding about killing, but, he had the reason for his actions reminded to him by the symbols that represented his manhood. He'll find lots of very dangerous friends in prison. 

The confederate flag (and yes I refuse to capitalize it) is an American symbol. In Europe and even in the USA the White Supremacist uses the swastika. There are plenty of men that have a confederate flag on the back of their pick up trucks. It is a reminder and even an invitation to either friendship or fight.
March 28, 2013
by Earnesto Londono

Study: (click here) Iraq, Afghan war costs to top $4 trillion. The U.S. wars in Afghanistan and Iraq will cost taxpayers $4 trillion to $6 trillion, taking into account the medical care of wounded veterans and expensive repairs to a force depleted by more than a decade of fighting, according to a new study by a Harvard researcher....

The ACA comes with many measures to carry any expense incurred with it. The CBO has stated the ACA contributes to debt reduction.

When Congress repeals the taxes that support the ACA, they reek havoc on the national debt and deficit. Medicaid under the ACA is paid for; it isn't otherwise.  

President Obama should veto the measures passed by Congress to defund the ACA. 

Over the past several years, (click here) a number of proposals have been advanced for repealing the Affordable Care Act (ACA), which became law in March 2010. In this report, CBO and the staff of the Joint Committee on Taxation (JCT) analyze the main budgetary and economic consequences that would arise from repealing that law....

The states that have accepted the Medicaid Extension is 100 percent covered for the costs. The chart below is insurance coverage without the ACA and with the ACA. 

This is from Kaiser. It also states the uninsured seek health care far less than the insured. No clue. But, the consequences for those uninsured is all too often death. Having people uninsured is not an answer to stem health care costs. Most health systems in the USA will state that.

In 2013, (click here) the cost of “uncompensated care” provided to uninsured individuals was $84.9 billion. Uncompensated care includes health care services without a direct source of payment. In addition, people who are uninsured paid an additional $25.8 billion out-of-pocket for their care.

Part of the comparison is the very real fact, Iraq was never paid for except in innocent and soldier lives. That $4 trillion US is slapped right into the national deficit. 

It was only the Democrats with a couple of Independent Congressmen that passed the ACA. They learned the lessons from Iraq and decided the ACA had to be paid for BEFORE it went into effect.

The cost of the war that should have never been fought occurred while the Bush Administration cut taxes and provided fists fulls of cash to every tax paying American in what was coined as "An Economic Stimulus." 
There is absolutely no reason to allow Mr. Roof a bond. He may as well begin serving at least one of his sentences now. There is absolutely no reason to believe there is an error in these murders.

There is a whole lot more here than color of skin. This is profound hatred of any aspect of 'being black' or which skin color is a small aspect. There is an entire culture that breaths love and acceptance and empowerment. There is a lot here in regard to the crime of hatred, bigotry and racism. A lot. 

Everyone in this country should be completely abhorred at the idea those magnificent people heard those words before they died. Hate crimes are some of the most deeply seated content this country has to overcome and it needs to do it at every turn.

I live the truth of my roots. I called my mother, age 80, who completely identifies with the people in that church, because I knew she would be upset. She said to me, "Why is this country allowing such weapons within it's borders. Every US Marshall should be out there right now taking guns away from all of us." I am far more conservative than my mother, but, I definitely live my roots. 

My beliefs are very deeply seated as well.
FOX News is such a joke. They are calling for more guns in the church to stop the murderer. Did FOX News take a good look at the ages of these people? 

In stating there needed to be more guns in any place in the USA to stop gun violence also denies those that morally oppose violence any place on solid ground. Guns don't work underwater.

In calling for more guns, even mandatory ownership, FOX News is in direct violation of the United Nation's Small Arms Treaty. 

What next? FOX is a broken record.

Mr. Roof should never have received bond.

I can't believe that congregation is worried about a race war. This is 2015. They don't feel safe within their own lives. I guess I am just not that forgiving.

Zimmerman was given a million dollar bond and he got out on $100,000 from donations from a gun movement. 

Already the NRA is rallying the troops. There is a real threat for a race war.

June 20, 2015 
Christopher Ingraham 

Charles Cotton (click here) is a National Rifle Association board member who also runs, an online discussion forum about guns and guns rights in Texas and beyond. In a discussion thread yesterday which has since been deleted, a commenter noted that one of the 9 people slain at a Charleston church, Clementa Pinkney, was a pastor and a state legislator in South Carolina. Cotton responded:

And he voted against concealed-carry. Eight of his church members who might be alive if he had expressly allowed members to carry handguns in church are dead. Innocent people died because of his position on a political issue....

...In a phone interview from Texas, Cotton emphasised that his comments were made not in his capacity as an NRA board member, but as a private citizen who runs a gun discussion forum. "It was a discussion we were having about so called gun-free zones," he said when asked about his remarks. "It's my opinion that there should not be any gun-free zones in schools or churches or anywhere else. If we look at mass shootings that occur, most happen in gun-free zones."... 

One has to remember this is the south. This is where businesses hold religion over their employees heads. You better believe there is going to be many events that are attributed to god. It was the responsibility of the person that found Roof to call authorities. That's the law. I suppose a person could look the other way and assist the crime.

June 18, 2015
South Carolina is home to 19 known hate groups (click here) — including two factions of the Ku Klux Klan and four "white nationalist" organizations, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center. 

While police described Wednesday's massacre in Charleston, South Carolina, of nine people at one of the nation's oldest African-American churches as a hate crime, they did not suggest the attack was linked to any group. 

The SPLC's database records the distribution of KKK leaflets in a Seneca neighborhood was among four hate crimes committed in the state last year....

Roof is unsuccessful in life. He didn't have a job and has a signature of a second grader. He is either inhibited by a learning disability or by a completely dysfunctional South Carolina educations system or both.

The NRA needs to apologize for placing the blame on a deceased South Carolina state senator. This accusation by the NRA is meant to threaten every legislator in the country.

At this point the NRA has established itself as a supporter of domestic terrorism. One might think the NRA might actually know that guns are not a constitutional right.

The only power the NRA has, evidently, is death. They believe a man of peace was a threat to himself because of a VOTE in the South Carolina state senate. Death is the NRA's promise. Think about it. 
Proud to welcome at NYC naturalization ceremony. Congrats on this milestone—you're ! SJ 

This was televised one hour ago. (click here)

Bill did split off into two energy systems. The southern end is consolidating into a system over Mexico.

June 18, 2015
By Doug Stanglin

DALLAS — Although (click here) Tropical Storm Bill weakened to a tropical depression Wednesday, the weather system still packed heavy Gulf Coast rain that caused a new round of flooding from already swollen lakes and rivers in North Texas.

"Rainfall will result in significant flooding across central and eastern Texas and into southern Oklahoma through Wednesday night," AccuWeather meteorologist Chyna Glenn said.

The rain may cause life-threatening flash floods, the National Weather Service warned....

There is still flooding in some rivers. The extent of the rain now reaches north and there is flooding along the system. This is a map from NOAA. (click here)

Red markers are the highest flooding.

The picture below shows the system as it traveled over San Antonio. This is from the VIP Collection of The Weather Underground. (click here) 

Tuesday June 16, 2015
San Antonio, TX

Caption: Tuesday afternoon storms move across San Antonio

I thought this illustrated exactly what is happening with these weather systems. 

The picture below is from the same collection at The Weather Underground. This was taken at Aurora, Ohio. This clearly shows the turbulence realized when a hot weather system collides with a cold air mass. It's a shelf cloud. The character of the storm changes when there is interaction between air mass systems.

Sunday June 14, 2015
Aurora, OH

People need to take the instructions from their weather service seriously. Very seriously. We are entering a very dangerous time and there is no room for error or self-direction. Don't second guess instructions provided by weather prediction services.

June 19, 2015
UNISYS North and West Hemisphere Enhanced Infrared Satellite (click here for 12 hour loop-thank you )

There is a conduit over Louisiana and Mississippi between the two systems.

This is the prediction of precipitation for the country in the time frame of June 24 through June 28. The "key" at the bottom states "probability of below" and "probability of above." That refers to the percentage of CHANCES to precipitation. The brown color is for possibility below chance of precipitation. The green color is for possibility percentage above the chance of precipitation.

This is by NOAA (click here). There are other detailed maps about future weather expectations at this website as well.

The reason there is continued gun violence in the USA is because of Right Wing Politics. Take down the Confederate Flag while your at it, too!

Addressing mental health in regard to the violence in the USA doesn't work. President Obama signed an Executive Order after the deaths of New Town, Connecticut to end mental health problems. It isn't enough.

2. "Address unnecessary legal barriers, particularly relating to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, that may prevent states from making information available to the background check system."

3. "Improve incentives for states to share information with the background check system."

4. "Direct the attorney general to review categories of individuals prohibited from having a gun to make sure dangerous people are not slipping through the cracks."

5. "Propose rulemaking to give law enforcement the ability to run a full background check on an individual before returning a seized gun."

6. "Publish a letter from ATF to federally licensed gun dealers providing guidance on how to run background checks for private sellers."

We already know what works, ask Senator Feinstein!

The southern culture teaches revisionist history to their children. (click here)

Saudi Arabia can change their school books, but, when it comes to the politics of the south USA; it can't be touched.

Saudi Arabia (click here) has changed its schoolbooks because a post-Sept. 11 survey revealed that a portion of their contents were hateful and possibly anti-American, Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal tells 60 Minutes correspondent Lesley Stahl... 

It is an amazing conversation taking place in the USA media. They are calling this domestic terrorism, but, god help any politician if they touch gun laws or demand anti-racism measures to the country. The USA media is the worst in the world. The USA media and it's political dogma is directly responsible for these deaths and the continued violence in the country. The right wing media supports their militias, 5000 strong. 

The Right Wing media and their politicians get the Second Amendment confused with the First Amendment. There is no right to own a gun in the USA, it is definitely a privilege. If citizens were suppose to have a gun it would have been listed right along with religion in the First Amendment. Guns are not a right! 

President Obama is going to have to develop a protest about guns, violence and the relationship in domestic terrorism. I don't know what he can do to clearly protest the lack of gun control and racism, but, he needs to do something. Make it hurt!