Tuesday, February 02, 2016

I want people to understand how the safety of our drinking water is completely reduced to costs by Republicans.

Bush Mandates Arsenic in Your Tap Water
by Rachel Massey

...The 10 ppb arsenic standard (click here) would have put the U.S. squarely in the mainstream. In 1993, the World Health Organization (WHO) set 10 ppb as the recommended limit for arsenic in drinking water. The 15-nation European Union adopted 10 ppb as a mandatory standard for arsenic in drinking water in 1998.[6] WHO says even this level is not safe; for example, WHO estimates that lifetime exposure to water containing 10 ppb of arsenic will lead to six cases of skin cancer per 10,000 people....

The first law passed to regulate arsenic in USA's water supply was 1942. Decades had gone by with more and more information about arsenic and how tragic it's presence in drinking water had been. It caused long term effects. Under the Bill Clinton Administration EPA was mandated to change the current standard from 50 ppb (parts per billion) to 10 ppb. The standard was delayed for a long time, but, under Bill Clinton it was due to go into effect in 2001. 

Letter to left click here.

Lowering arsenic in USA drinking water had been a Congressional mandate for decades.

...Congress (click here) has directed EPA to update the 1942 arsenic standard three times -- in 1974, 1986, and 1996. A court ordered EPA to complete this task in the early 1990’s, but several extensions were granted. EPA still has not updated the standard. In a legislative mandate in the Safe Drinking Water Act Amendments of 1996, Congress again directed EPA to publicly propose an updated arsenic standard based on current evidence by January 1, 2000, a deadline that EPA has now, again, missed. EPA is then required to promulgate the finalarsenic standard by January 1, 2001.
The current scientific and health risk assessment status of arsenic within that mandate makes it clear that EPA’s current MCL of 50 µg/L is grossly inadequate for protecting public health. The extent of that inadequacy is effectively captured in the NAS report, Arsenic in Drinking Water (NAS, 1999). The report focused heavily on risk assessment estimates for human cancer frequencies as a function of drinking water and food arsenic and derived cancer risks for arsenic in environmental media, particularly drinking water. Our analysis concurs strongly with the academy’s findings and recommendations as well as the following conclusion:
On the basis of its review of epidemiological findings, experimental data on the mode of action of arsenic, and available information on the variations in human susceptibility, it is the subcommittee’s consensus that the current EPA MCL for arsenic in drinking water of 50 µg/L (50 micrograms/L is the same as 50 ppb) does not achieve EPA’s goal for public-health protection and, therefore, requires downward revision as promptly as possible (NAS, 1999, pp. 8-9)....
At the very time, January 2001, the tighter standard was to take place, nineteen days later George W. Bush ended the regulation of arsenic. 

This is Massachusetts: (click here)

...If the arsenic level in your well water is above 10 ppb there are a number of treatment methods available. However, before selecting a treatment method, there are a number of factors that need to be considered....

The cost for testing well water in Massachusetts is $15 to $30 depending on the lab one uses. Easily affordable by any private land owner with their own well.

The treatment is a little more, but, affordable for well owners. The maintenance is about $30 to $50 per month once the initial cost of installation was made.

...Reverse osmosis (RO) and adsorptive media are most commonly used for point-of-use systems. A recent cost survey conducted by New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (NHDES) indicated that the median cost to install a point-of-use treatment system was $1,200, with median annual maintenance costs of $343. RO treatment systems are generally less expensive than adsorptive media systems.

Adsorptive media and anion exchange are most commonly used for whole house treatment systems. The same NHDES survey indicated a median cost of $3,000 to install a whole house treatment system, with median annual maintenance costs of $550. Anion exchange treatment systems are generally less expensive than adsorptive media systems....

One has to ask if they want to be safe from arsenic effecting the family's health in the long term. The alternative is for water delivery to the house and it is questionable they might not have such tight standards either. Delivery of water is far more than $30 to $50 per month for a family.

The optimal action is to protect the family and then gather the neighbors and go to the town council and demand finding of the cause of the arsenic and then demanding the containment or removal of the arsenic to the environment.

George Walker Bush made the decision that the federal government had no business in protecting the long term health of the people of the USA because it cost money. That is not a President that deserves respect, it is a puppet to cronies and Wall Street.

Rick Snyder had the very same issue with Flint's water and willingly and consciously made the decision to allow poisons in the Flint water supply to SAVE COSTS, not lives. These are horrible men with an agenda and it needs to stop!!!!!

Maybe NOW the American people will understand why the Republicans hate government run healthcare. 

What is water quality?

Is it safe for drinking? (click here) Can fish and other aquatic life thrive in streams and lakes that are affected by human activities

Do you know how many impoverished people fish for dinner on a regular basis in the USA? I doubt that question is on any USA Census.

What is the water quality? To answer these questions, it is helpful to understand what "water quality" means, how it is determined, and the natural processes and human activities that affect water quality.

What do we mean by "water quality"?

Water quality can be thought of as a measure of the suitability of water for a particular use based on selected physical, chemical, and biological characteristics. To determine water quality, scientists first measure and analyze characteristics of the water such as temperature, dissolved mineral content, and number of bacteria. Selected characteristics are then compared to numeric standards and guidelines to decide if the water is suitable for a particular use....

...How can I find out more about my water quality?
Contact your local water supplier and ask for information on the water quality in your area. The USEPA requires public-water suppliers to provide water-quality data to the public on an annual basis in an understandable format. State agencies that deal with health, environmental quality, or water resources also can provide information on the quality of your water. Additional resources can be found on the Internet at:

Water quality reporting annually applies to public suppliers, like the local water treatment facility in most USA towns.

There is no question about the law. The water at any faucet in the USA is suppose to meet standards. 

April 14, 2008
By Allison Van Dusen
...In its 2005 report, (click here)  “A National Assessment of Tap Water Quality,” EWG (Environmental Working Group) found that water suppliers in 42 states collectively identified in treated tap water: 83 agricultural pollutants, or pesticides; 59 contaminants linked to sprawl and urban areas, or those from polluted runoff and wastewater treatment plants; 166 industrial chemicals, or those from factory waste; and 44 pollutants that are byproducts of the water treatment process or leach from pipes or storage tanks....

EWG State Data Base (click here)

Water quality in areas of the country is effected by the type of industry of that city or town. Vacation and recreational areas such as Miami, Florida will have better water quality, while, industrialized areas will have challenges to that water quality. In some areas of the USA, like the NJ Meadowlands before the clean up, had illegally dumped chemicals in it's wetlands. At the point where human contact is going to be a problem there needs to be EPA Superfund Sites or Brownfield Sites. They are federal programs, that is a city qualifies can receive monies to correct the land and improve it's use.

There is no excuse ANYWHERE in the USA for pollution that effects health.

Flint, Michigan's Mayor Karen Weaver has a moral mission in her office. She MUST speak up for the people even with an emergency manager.

Better said, she MUST speak up ESPECIALLY with an emergency manager. There is no law that stops her from being Flint's Mayor and demanding what is right for the people of Flint. Her responsibilities are demanding and difficult, but, requires her to look out for the people. She seems perfectly able to be Mayor with the problems Flint faces.

February 2, 2016
By Ron Fonger

Flint, MI -- Mayor Karen Weaver (click here) is calling for immediate removal of lead pipes from Flint's water distribution system, and is expected to detail her request at a news conference later Tuesday, Feb. 2.
A news release from the mayor says she will be joined by mayors from Baltimore and Lansing in the news conference as well as former Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin and "Flint community leaders."
Replacing all of Flint's lead service lines has been estimated to cost more than $60 million.
The lines have been blamed for lead that is leaching into Flint tap water after the Flint River was used as the city's drinking water source from April 2014 until October 2015....

The Republican Establishment is scared to death of the Flint Water Crisis. The Flint Water Crisis is real and was caused by the self-righteous Republican Governor Rick Snyder. The Republican Establishment knows this is going to blow up in their face. There are cities and towns all over the USA now examining the lead content in their water. This is going to explode.

Look. That is just to bad. I was appalled and completely astounded by the fact George Walker Bush's first action as President was to return arsenic to the USA water standards. 

I don't know what it is, but, Republicans hate public control of anything and they make water a danger in everyone's life. How much bottled water is pouring into Flint, a city that had some of the best water quality the USA could have for 50 years. Glacial water from the lakes. 

EPA Secretary Gina McCarthy stated, "...the water supply to Flint was switched to untreated water...with high caustic qualities that introduced lead in high levels to Flint's water..."

UNTREATED. That is what Republicans want. They want disdain of government to end it. What better way than poisoning the public water supply.

What else did the US EPA Secretary Gina McCarthy find in that water we aren't talking about?

January 31, 2012

By Monica Eng

Chicago water sampling shows high levels of lead (click here)

Current sampling methods may not be detecting all the lead in Chicago tap water...

I am sure this is not the first go round for the Obama EPA Administration and water quality. HOWEVER, the problems that exists around the county, including Chicago, is a matter of discovery, finding the source and ending the pollution. That is primarily the issue.

But, Flint is different.

Flint had clean water. The Republican majority Michigan legislature in the first months of Snyder's governorship ran to create an emergency manager law that did everything including pretending to circumvent federal laws. 

This was a new law unlike any other. Michigan had Financial Emergency Managers with the purpose to act before and TO PREVENT disastrous economic conditions for a city or town. The law Snyder wanted went far beyond that law and sank city and town after town into bankruptcy selling every asset to his cronies and private industry, INCLUDING, the water pipeline that brought clean water to Flint for fifty years. He did it without any reverence for federal law.

He did it regardless the health and safety of impoverished children that are now damaged for the rest of their lives.

Snyder and his demands for fiscal efficacy of Michigan cities and towns is criminal. His actions in administering the legislated law is heinous and predatory.

A governor is suppose to care about the people of his state, not look for every place to rob them and pad his cronies wallets.

The Establishment Republicans are afraid of Snyder's antics and now the entire country is going to take a long look at whom exactly is compromising their public water supply. There is no reason for it. The American people should be able to turn on their faucets without fear. But, to have a city's water UNTREATED and allowing that to permanently damage children is unconscionable.

The sale of the water pipeline to Detroit was sold so Flint COULD NOT hook up to the Detroit water system again, because, the elected Mayor and Council wanted it back even if it had to wait until the emergency management was over. Snyder DELIBERATELY sold that pipeline to end Flint's ability to receive clean water from Detroit again!

This is no mistake. This is Snyder.

Mimicking Bernie Sanders on a New Hampshire political stage isn't exactly honest.

January 31, 2016
By Ryan Struyk and Josh Haskell

A controversial campaign mailer (click here) from Ted Cruz’s campaign is raising eyebrows across Iowa in the final hours before the caucuses.
The campaign literature, paid for by the Texas senator’s campaign, is labeled "Voter Violation" in bold red letters, with the words "official public record" across the top.
The letter lists the name of the resident -- as well as the specific names of their neighbors -- along with a grade for how often they’ve voted.
"Their scores are published below and many of them will see your score as well." the mailer says.
The Cruz campaign came under fire from Iowa election officials, who blasted the mailer as misleading....

This is new. Sexually transmitted Zika virus.

I hope the WHO was notified. Here we go again.

A fumigation brigade spray an area of Chacabuco Park in a Aedes mosquito control effort, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Wednesday, Jan. 27, 2016. Zika virus is spread by the same Aedes mosquito as dengue fever and ...

Austin, Texas, Feb 2 (Reuters) - The first reported case (click here) of the Zika virus contracted in the United States has been found in Dallas County, local health officials said on Tuesday, adding that there were no reports of the virus being transmitted by mosquitoes in the Texas county.
Dallas County Health and Human Services said the case in Dallas was acquired through sexual transmission, adding that it received confirmation of the infection from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
The person infected did not travel and acquired the virus from someone who had been to Venezuela, the county health department said on its twitter feed. It did not provide further information on the Texas infection due to privacy concerns.
The CDC said it did not investigate how the virus was transmitted.
There have been eight cases of Zika in Texas, seven of which occurred through foreign travel, the Texas Department of State Health Services said. Six of the eight cases have been in the Houston area and two in the Dallas area, it said.
In medical literature, there has been only one case of Zika transmitted sexually and one case in which the virus was detected in semen. (Reporting by Jon Herskovitz; Editing by Jonathan Oatis)

The virus came to the USA. Can you tell? The poor Mayor of Dallas seems to be the manager of ground zero most of the time.
I cannot believe Ranking Member Waters has so many amendments to this bill. That is not right. A Ranking Member should not go through this. Her amendments only go to prove there was little cooperation when the bill was written. 

Amendment 2 was to allow children to live with their parents in public housing WITHOUT a rate increase. You've got to be joking!

The average apartment is $2500 per month for housing in New York City. Rep. Nydia Velazquez seeks help with these costs by ending the hardship this bill presents by altering the deduction of child care from their rental applications. Being unable to include child care costs on the application is a rental increase. She calls for bipartisanship humane standards to improve the outcomes of families in the USA.

The amendment is passed. It should have not been in the bill in the first place!

Amendment 3 - Ms Sewell of Alabama - Requires the HUD Secretary to assess the living expenses of applicants including health costs, etc. for 10 million individuals across the country of the elderly, handicapped and poor with children. She believes it will make the lives of those helped with their rent better and not defeat the purpose of the housing assistance. - Approved with no objection.

Amendment 5 - Mr.Hinojosa of Texas - Well he is making all kinds of thankful acalades, but, I don't know what the amendment is about. A User Fee for single family loan program for house purchases. The fee would not be more than $50.00 per application. 2 million families. That is a lot of fee. That is for 502 program. $100,000,000.00. The monies are suppose to be used to upgrade the underwriting system. Well, if the original health care website is an example of the technology used to SPEED loans along, I am sure it is lacking. - Passes without sincere objection.
What does this program do? 
Also known as the Section 502 Direct Loan Program, this program assists low- and very-low-income applicants obtain decent, safe and sanitary housing in eligible rural areas by providing payment assistance to increase an applicant’s repayment ability. Payment assistance is a type of subsidy that reduces the mortgage payment for a short time. The amount of assistance is determined by the adjusted family income....
Amendment 6 - US Rep. Grace Meng - Minimum heating guidelines for public housing units to low income residents. She provides an example of the cruel nature of the landlords currently involved with public housing. Why can't the USA government mandate heating of public housing? One in five public housing residents are elderly and many more are children with a real peril of death and carbon monoxide poisoning when gas stoves and space heaters are used to supplement the heat to an apartment. - Passes with no objection.

Message from President Obama in writing by Page delivery to House Speaker.

Amendment - Rep. Steve Palazzo of Mississippi - Managerial oversight while meeting residents needs - PHA in three states and one county that oppose a board member of any group receiving benefits. One resident is suppose to be a part of the board. The amendment makes the requirement permanent rather than annual renewal. Ranking Member Waters objects. She feels it is important to have a resident on the PHA Board. There are PHAs that receive exemptions and fall into non-compliance with resident contact is a matter of annual issuance of exemptions. She does not believe any exemption should be permanent. She offers an example of public housing units that were being sold without any notice to residents or otherwise. It occurred because the particular PHA was given an exemption. Rep. Palazzo believes he is correct because of conflict of interest. Basically, he thinks people in public housing cannot be objective to serve on a Board. Actions on this amendment is postponed.

Amendment 8 - Rep. Peter Welch of Vermont - He wants to extend the benefits of HR 3700 to folks in mobile homes facing economic challenges. The amendment would allow through Section 8 inclusion of the rental of the mobile home and not JUST the land underneath the mobile home. Ya, think. Rep. Jeb Hensarling believes it is an equalize and a step forward for pre-manufactured housing. Passes without objection.

Amendment 9 - Rep. Scott Peters of California - 130 thousand veterans and about 56 percent have disabilities and are without housing. Homelessness of veterans is a shame of this country, quite frankly. The amendment will create new employment for a person to serve as a liaison between the VA and HUD to prevent homelessness. Rep. Hensarling claims his time but has no opposition and strongly stands in recognition of the need for the amendment. Passes without objection.

Amendment 10 - Rep. Scott Peters of California - Homelessness 'continuum of care.' Homeless count on the street. San Diego had far higher numbers of homelessness but received far less funding than needed. HUD is to open the public comment period to supply input from the people who know the homelessness of their cities and towns. IT BETTER HAVE A PUBLIC COMMENT PERIOD. The people that work with these population are magnificent and dedicated and are COMPETENT to supply comment about the funding. Passes without objection.

Amendment 11 - Rep. Keith Ellison of Minnesota - 50 million Americans lack a credit score or have too few trade lines to a credit score. FICO has been building more paths to a credit score in the State of Minnesota. This is to help the people in HUD housing that pay 30 percent of their income for rent, yet the on time rental payment is never entered into the credit score. They are noted for late payment, but, never for the on time payment. Empirical evidence exists that rent reporting helps credit scores. The "credit invisible" residents were able to build a score of up to 684. These people were able to relieve the monies they owe by seeking lower percent interest rates with these new scores. Rep. Ellison is also on the House Finance Committee. Rep. Hensarling speaks in opposition because he is holding a hearing to accept testimony regarding this issue. He does not believe this bill is the best place for this concern. Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer of Missouri seems to think on time payments are not made by anyone else in the entire country. Rep. Luetkemeyer doesn't like the idea of people on housing assistance receiving good credit scores. He just doesn't like it. The amendment is not passed. 

Amendment 12 - Rep. Al Green from Texas - The amendment is well known and quite simple - HUD may include credit reporting. MAY is the primary word. HUD May include a pilot program with credit reporting. This is additional information and not a substitution. Rep. Hensarling is opposed to this, too. President Obama thinks the "MAY" has been available before and was not acted on. FHA. Rep. Hensarling is FEARFUL such an idea is what caused the 2008 global financial collapse. Sorry, but, this is prejudice and needs to be challenged in a court of law based in grossly invalid reasons. Hensarling and Luetemeyer have not basis for their bias. THEY DON'T THINK IT IS FAIR. People outside of public housing would be upset if they were faced with poor credit rates and those folks in public housing have better credit scores. Even though such a RECOVERED or NEW credit score would allow movement out of public housing it is simply NOT FAIR. You know. Those public housing folks might buy a Cadillac or some darn thing like that. Better they should sell $1.00 cigarettes and end up unable to breath. - Roll call vote requested so the vote will be postponed. Good for you Rep. Green.

Amendment 13 - Rep. Jackson Lee from Texas - Reform and real housing issues. People who need housing and people that have poor housing and young people that do not have housing, etc. HUD Secretary along with Labor Secretary to submit a report annually to improve family empowerment which should include child care, transportation, meals and job training. She is right. Supportive services to those in public housing does create the OPPORTUNITIES to move out of public housing I am a witness to it. Something magic happens when a person is given an address. They can and should turn their lives around if they are ABLE. Rep. Hensarling believes this is a good idea. - Passed without opposition which includes Del. Bordallo.

Del. Madeleine Bordallo from Guam - Housing became short supplied because of migrants taking residence there. She wants to change existing law. Rep. Hensarling supports the changes in the wording of existing law to protect existing Americans in Guam. It has been the practice of Congress to include all territories of the USA in laws. The language used by Congress does not exclude or include any people living in the territories. That is why this came up.

Amendment 14 -  Rep. David Price from North Carolina - To update the peoples with AIDS program. It would base the distribution of these funds depending on the number of AIDS cases existing today. Currently, there are far less AIDS persons living and simply doesn't need the funding. The Ryan White program has been adjusted according to the population of AIDS people still living. The amendment is to parallel the Ryan White program for funding based in the living. A stop loss provision is also included. The Accountability Office has seen need to update the formula. 115 jurisdictions would benefit with new funding formula. Carrying out this housing funding would eliminate any additional funds into the program. Rep. Jerrold Nadler opposes the amendment. He states the amendment would not do anything to improve the funding, it would shift funding around and cause problems. A quarter of the population in New York would lose housing if the amendment passes. 

Housing Opportunities for Persons With AIDS (click here)

They need housing. I think the US House is arguing over the LIMITATION of funding. The HOPA program needs to be reassessed. These folks cannot become homeless. CANNOT. - The amendment passed unfortunately. I think the HIV population in the USA when housing is needed should be provided with it. It protects their longevity and putting them out on the street will cause them more stress, exposure to disease they would not be exposed to with housing. This is simply wrong. HUD should be provided a program to reassess the needs for funding which can be supplied by housing authorities and/or volunteers that work with the homeless.

Housing doesn't get cheaper. We have already heard how the average rent in NYC is $2500 per month. The reason the funds are still allocated in the same manner without interruption is most likely because of increased costs.

Amendment 7 Palazzo of Mississippi has a five minute recorded vote.

A vote on the Veto override that would have repealed the health care law. Budget bill. 

Rep. Tom Price extends 30 days to receive all remarks regarding this revote. Ah, the Congress is fighting to support the will of the people. Obviously, the Republicans haven't checked with their Wall Street funders. Price is a liar. I have the doctor I always had. Oh, they have a solemn responsibility. Businesses are downsizing. People are being put into part time employment. The President is the only person standing in the way of what the American REPUBLICAN people want. 

Mr. Price wants to reinstitute those policies that never pay a dime on claims. Come to think of it, there is also major healthcare companies that like to say no before accepting their responsibility. There should be a law.

Rep. Chris Van Hollen from Maryland notes the only thing historic about this vote is that this is the 63rd time for such a vote. The GAO has stated to eliminate the ACA would cause loss of insurance to Americans. This vote is suppose to end the ACA and funding to Planned Parenthood. Did they not hear about the new indictments? Hello? 

Here we go, the US House floor was empty and now it looks like bees to a hive. They make honey. They don't flock to it. Bears look for honey.

The Amendment was adopted. 

Amendment 12 which is reintroduced for a recorded vote of Rep. Green and it is defeated.

Two thirds vote is needed to override ACA and Planned Parenthood.

Do Republicans ever have a moment of sanity when they realize the country's well being hangs in the balance? They never stop to think, they only ride the politics. That is a shame. It is also very unethical.

HR 3700 final passage vote is passed with a vote of 427 with 7 not voting.

HR 3762 is called "Restoring Americas Healthcare Freedom Reconciliation Act" - Restoring? If this bill ever passed it wouldn't restore anything it would collapse the entire healthcare system.

Vetoed (No Override Attempt) on Jan 8, 2016
This bill was vetoed by the President on January 8, 2016. The bill is dead unless Congress can override it.

Republicans simply don't care about Americans. HR 3762 is rejected. 

HR 3662 was passed with opposition.

The truth is this bill is completely unnecessary. The USA has other sanctions with Iran. This is pure politics intended to paint the Democrats as weak on terrorism.

January 26, 2016
By Jim Zarroli
...But doing business (click here) in Iran presents special challenges, and the reasons have to do with U.S. policy.
While the U.S. government has agreed to lift the nuclear sanctions against Iran, it continues to impose other sanctions over Iran's human rights policies and support for terrorism. These sanctions bar American citizens and companies from most forms of investment or trade with the country.
In theory, those sanctions should affect only U.S. companies — but in reality, the law's reach goes well beyond U.S. borders, Habibi says.
The U.S. financial sanctions "can still cause some problems and make some of the European businesses and banks subject to U.S. economic punishment," he says....

Rep. James Langevin speaks about the Perkins college loan program. It needs reauthorization for skills that matters and work that pays. 

Rep. Peter Olson talks about a business that made contact with the SBCC and he now employes 30 employees. 

Rep. Ted Pope talks about WWI and the large number of deaths. War story of a Medal of Honor winner. Hundredth year anniversary. I am not sure what anniversary he is referring to. These are the years of WW I - July 28, 1914 and lasted until November 11, 1918. Sorry, he was referring to the 100th anniversary of the actions of the Metal of Honor winner.

There is concern about the approach of police and Homeland Security regarding human traffiking taking place with the Super Bowl. The new approach is to treat those traffiked as victims.

Boko Harem in the past 48 hours have burned children by pouring gasoline on them.

Oh, Gomet could you ever stay away. He is complaining that the Obama adminstration hasn't prosecuted any Palestinian terrorists that have acted against Americans in Israel.

This is an example.

A Palestinian man (click here) fatally stabbed two Israeli men during prayers in Tel Aviv on Thursday, while three people — including an 18-year-old American volunteer — were killed later Thursday in a separate attack in the West Bank....

These people are prosecuted in Israel if they are alive to be apprehended. This is nonsense by Gomert and an example of how far Republicans will go to say there is incompetency in the Obama Administration. The Republicans have set up an entire office to carry out such prosecutions. There is no way this is going to happen. They all have to be extradicted. Leave it to Gomert to carry on about nothing.

Here is the reason the political office was open, "...Benghazi..." It is all political and has no place anywhere. It is up to the US Justice Department to carry out such issues.

I want to know what other ghost offices the Republicans have created for political purposes. The law is the law, no political office is going to change that.

Go home, Gomert, your politics is showing.

Gomert, you are a bigot, shut up.

Gomert, you are a US House of Representative, you can run your own war. Why not do that and do something to earn your pay. I am sure the members of your district will cheer for your invasion.

Oh, here is another Republican political movement, "Nebraska Values." Every Republican is going to have their own "Homeland Values." Just what we need more rhetoric.

The next time anyone disses and defames public housing remind them Texas has them, too.

North Loop (click here) is a Low Rent Public Housing Community for senior and disabled residents that is operated by the Housing Authority of Austin. This property was built in 1975 and consists of 130 rentals. They are located on W North Loop Blvd. These rentals are income based and the eligibility guidelines are set by HUD. There may be waiting lists for these apartments and at times the lists may close to new applicants based on the size of and length of wait on the lists. If you are interested in renting at North Loop please contact them directly to obtain more information about eligibility requirements, availability of rentals, the status of any waiting lists and their application procedures.

And there are plenty more in Texas, too. (click here)

Yes, indeed, the petroleum capital of the USA have poor people and plenty of them!

The West Virginia political myth about coal as a saint to employ the people of West Virginia is a lie, too. Look though the West Virginia mountains and count the number of wealthy lining the scenic views. The fact of the matter is coal mining is so automated there are far, far fewer with a pay check than ever before.

Believe me, it was not difficult backing the US EPA and watch coal fired plants disappear from the American landscape. McConnell is a liar as well. Forbid my criticism should not be bi-partisan. I guarantee you the mine owners are not out there digging with pics either.

Representative Barbara Lee states in her community housing payments have risen to 70 percent of a families income. 

SEVENTY PERCENT of a family's income.

There are several problems there. 

To begin the country needs a new minimum wage. The subsidies to Walmart in the way of food stamps and Medicaid has to end. If that means it ends Walmart small market stores that employ all of 4 employees per week, I can live with that. When Walmart shuts down it's hideous hold on the USA economy, the local economy will bloom again. The Local Economy was in the neighborhoods Walmart occupied and they'll be back better than ever.

Sometimes unemployment is a good thing. It is a chance to begin again.

Those that lost their jobs with Walmart, can apply for unemployment to find new skills and better jobs than they ever hoped for. The renewed Local Economy will be providing jobs and PROPERTY TAXES to the cities and towns where they prosper.

In addition to poor wages, the cost in housing escalated BECAUSE, BECAUSE, the Republicans cut their subsidies at every turn!

Seventy percent of a family's income is outrageous and is not the USA we are proud of. Republicans are ruining this country and everyone needs to see that.

I heard Ted Cruz talk in New Hampshire today; I thought I was hearing Bernie Sanders and something was wrong with his voice. Two Faced Ted!

The Republicans have been beating up the housing programs.

This is a bill that passed the US House last year. Maxine Waters is the Democratic leader of the committee. 

June 11, 2014

On June 10, the House passed (click here) by a vote of 229 to 192 its FY 2015 Transportation, Housing and Urban Development, and Related Agencies (T-HUD) appropriations bill, H.R. 4745....

...The House accepted by voice vote an amendment offered by Representative Ed Royce (R-CA) to prevent any funds in the bill from being used for the Housing Trust Fund.  As pointed out by T-HUD Subcommittee Ranking Member Ed Pastor (D-AZ) during floor debate, the bill does not contain any funding for the Housing Trust Fund.

The Housing Trust Fund puts monies in the hands of states to bring about improvements. I am quite sure the Republican housing programs creates homelessness and does little to none to end it. If one recalls, there were apartments emptied in New York City of families with children that had to take up residence in shelters.

...The HTF (click here) was established under Title I of the Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008, Section 1131 (Public Law 110-289). Section 1131 of HERA amended the Federal Housing Enterprises Financial Safety and Soundness Act of 1992 (12 U.S.C. 4501 et seq.) (Act) to add a new section 1337, entitled "Affordable Housing Allocation" and a new section 1338, entitled "Housing Trust Fund."

Program Requirements

States and state-designated entities are eligible grantees for the HTF. HUD will allocate HTF funds by formula annually. A State must use at least 80 percent of each annual grant for rental housing; up to 10 percent for homeownership; and up to 10 percent for the grantee's reasonable administrative and planning costs....

The Republicans aren't interested in helping any impoverishment in the USA. They bailout banks that cause homelessness, but, when it comes to protecting the American people they are grossly lacking the desire.

The House accepted an amendment offered by House Financial Services Committee Ranking Member Maxine Waters (D-CA) to prohibit funds from being used to relocate any asset management positions within HUD’s Office of Multifamily Housing.  Waters said her amendment would effectively stop HUD from closing any of the offices where asset management staff is currently located.  Waters is opposed to HUD’s Multifamily Housing transformation plan....

The housing bill below on the US House floor now, is a new attempt to instill more dysfunction and corruption into the USA's landscape. Chairman Waters would not recommend the bill to her members in the US House until the committee accepted Rep. Water's amendment! That should tell anyone all they need to know.

Housing Reform is being acted on by the US House.

H.R.3700 - Housing Opportunity Through Modernization Act of 2015 (click here)

US House Representatives need to receive comment from their constituents. The bill is being targeted for more than ten amendments that calls for repeal of everything except the USA Constitution. The reason this bill is targeted for activist legislators in the Republican Party because it touches on the very programs that begin the growth of wealth to those that rarely have that opportunity.

Good wages has an effect on Wall Street. It brings out the Bears and ends the adrenaline of greed.

The DAVOS crowd was complaining about Wage Inflation. It was noted that Wage Inflation is a lie and the chronic complaining only gave Wall Street an excuse to raise prices of their products for the past decade.

Wage Inflation is an absolute and complete lie. When employees are paid a living wage they move out of subsistence living and move into homeownership and the beginning of building wealth.

Is there a need for a strong real estate market in most First World countries? It is the backbone of First World economies. It is where citizens build equity and have broader opportunity as they age. Investment in housing for citizens is a magnificent way of life and provides stability to communities and countries. Wall Street should never be allowed to play with real estate. Never. Wall Street only appreciates the money without any regard for the human being.

When the employees have increases in pay, they have more disposable income as well. Recreation grows, leisure activities such as book reading grows and celebrations such as Christmas takes on wonderful times of life. When people are allowed to wallow in celebration it is when religion no longer is deprived of it's attendance as well.

Growth happens with wage increases to citizens and the ONLY institution that guarantees the concern for citizens are unions. 

Good wages also ends the USA's 51st state, "Corporate Welfare."
The growth of Health Care Service Jobs. (click here) Those jobs are all a very important part of THE LOCAL ECONOMY.

See that index? Isn't that interesting? It really took off in 2014, Didn't it?

Hm? I wonder what index that is? 2014? Hm?

Bernie? Bernie what index is this?

I betcha Obama(care) can tell us what index this is, huh, Bernie?

The S&P 500® Health Care (click here) Index comprises those companies included in the S&P 500 that are classified as members of the GICS® health care sector.

Don't you wish now you got in at the entry level?

The trend is global. Be grateful the USA has a strong dollar considering all the Chinese manipulations.

The Blue Chips (click here) are least effected. Forget the specialty markets, they are not doing well, but, there have been set backs in that sector.

Local economies have been blossoming for a time now. It is the most secure method of protecting an economy against all these issues that Wall Street faces. These losses are just more indication of the poor insight to Wall Street. There isn't anything that is going to change this. Wall Street has been riding high on air and not much more.

The USA is a stable market and that should be appreciated and emulated. The rest of the world will catch up after they have lost their shirts a few times. Each country should have their own manufacturing sector that hires their own citizens receiving good wages. It is only then the world trade markets will come alive. Wall Street should pay attention to the need for a stable middle class globally. 

February 1, 2016
By Shobhana Chandra

U.S. manufacturing shrank (click here) in January for a fourth consecutive month as businesses cut staffing plans. Growth resumed in new orders and production, indicating some stabilization in the industry.

The 48.2 reading for the Institute for Supply Management’s index followed December’s 48 level that was the weakest since June 2009, data from the Tempe, Arizona-based group showed Monday. The results were lower than the 48.4 median forecast in a Bloomberg survey of 79 economists. Levels less than 50 for the gauge indicate contraction.

Factories are buffeted by persistent weakness in the oil industry, the stronger dollar and cooling overseas markets that also limited growth last quarter. The report showed the gauge of new orders, a leading signal for production, grew for the first time in three months, which would help manufacturing eventually strengthen.

“Manufacturing is the weakest part of the economy,” Brian Jones, a senior U.S. economist at Societe Generale in New York, said before the report. “It’s to do with what’s going on in the petroleum sector, and sluggish overseas demand. The stronger dollar is also hurting manufacturers. We’re hoping things have bottomed out, but it’s only a hope at this point.”

Economists’ estimates in the Bloomberg survey ranged from 47 to 50.5....

I believe there is a larger picture to exmine with filovirus family.

I believe this has been President Obama's effort with Ebola. We are starting to grow opportunity to filovirus and if we ignore President Obama's efforts it will continue at the peril of our children.

Earth's warming climate is giving rise to the filovirus.

Marburg hemorrhagic fever (click here) (Marburg HF) is a rare but severe hemorrhagic fever which affects both humans and non-human primates. Marburg HF is caused by Marburg virus, a genetically unique zoonotic (or, animal-borne) RNA virus of the filovirus family. The five species of Ebola virus are the only other known members of the filovirus family.

We now have an additional member of the filovirus family.

Marburg virus was first recognized in 1967, when outbreaks of hemorrhagic fever occurred simultaneously in laboratories in Marburg and Frankfurt, Germany and in Belgrade, Yugoslavia (now Serbia). Thirty-one people became ill, initially laboratory workers followed by several medical personnel and family members who had cared for them. Seven deaths were reported. The first people infected had been exposed to imported African green monkeys or their tissues while conducting research. One additional case was diagnosed retrospectively....

These virus are finding their origins in a similar geographic region of the world. It is profound and persistent poverty. The latest outbreak of Ebola was begun in a young boy exposed to bat vectors. The world can no longer pretend it does not exist.

We are seeing yet another vicious virus that are attacking the genetic content of the fetus. If the Zika Virus does not scream out a message about Africa's most poor, then I don't know what does.

To ignore the challenge of removing dangerous conditions of Earth's deepest secrets of rebalancing biotic life still remains among a world that values life far more than any other generation before us. These breeding grounds need to end and eliminating the mosquito will begin to end the nightmares yet to come.

The food chain of these regions are well known and eliminating the current mosquito population will be welcome and a good beginning. There is nothing to say a substitute for the food chain should not be considered, but, it has to be a food source that is as abundant, but, unable to serve as a vector. Genetic sterilization of a mosquito will only last for a few generations before it returns.

The ultimate answer is to remove poverty from the face of Africa. The people in poverty are no different than in First World countries, they are forced to live on the extremes of society. In the First World it is the thief and the homeless that attract attention for social programs to remove that reality from human life. But, in Africa it is still the neglect of the world that allows such conditions of human beings.