Sunday, May 22, 2011

It is Harry Potter weekend, so the blog is taking a break.

I didn't see them in the cinema becuase I thought they were uninteresting, but, they are kind of fun especially when one doesn't have to wait for the next one to come out.

At any rate, President Obama did quite well with his speech regarding Israel.  It was sad he had to reiterate everything a second time, however, I found clarity in him being willing to restate his position.  He pledged transparency at the beginning of his Presidency, he has lived up to it.  In the case of Israel and Palestine; it is about time we were all let in on it.  I think it is a wonderful idea and high time to get on with it.

So, this week I want to concentrate on the DEVOLUTION of unions in the USA.  It is quite interesting.  It has a direct relationship with poverty and huge profit margins.  I hope you'll find it interesting, too.  I have some correspondence to finish this evening and Harry Potter is keeping me company.  I've grown to like the guy. 

Until tomorrow...