Friday, April 30, 2010

Gee, do you think the Stimulus and the Health Care Bill are working?

Dell postpones NC plant closure to early 2011
The Associated Press
Friday, April 30, 2010

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. (AP) -- Computer maker Dell Inc. has postponed the closing date for a North Carolina manufacturing plant a fourth time, now pushing the target date into next year.

Dell spokesman David Frink said Friday the Texas-based company has seen improved demand for personal computers and will keep production humming in Winston-Salem until early January.

The plant has 400 employees and a number of contract workers Frink wouldn't disclose.
The company announced last October it would close the plant within three months, eliminating 900 workers.

The massive computer assembly plant was offered more than $300 million in incentives to choose the North Carolina site in 2004. Most state incentives were never paid, and Dell repaid local governments $26 million in upfront incentives.

Prevention and Preparedness is what needs to be electable, not SCRAMBLING RESPONSE.

This is not the face of success as a Governor.  This is an emergency coordinator, not an economic strategist.

This is exploiting the natural resources of a State beyond what is reasonable to pursue.  This is answering to Wall Street and NOT Main Street.

This Governor has destroyed his tax base both from the potential of harvesting Natural Resources and preserving the vital areas of the marine environment. 

Has he ever said, "We need a moratorium on drilling offshore?"  No.  He and his party has said, repeatedly and frequently,  "Drill, Babe, Drill."  When will the independent business owner, farmer and fisherman ever begin to realize where their best interest lies?

I believe it was Murdoch's visual media again that lied by stating the safety device failed. Well, only if it had one.

Whom exactly was the former President and Vice President that were the oil experts in the White House ?  Oh, yeah, the CEOs that could never turn a profit.  I am sure there was no 'bonding' issue with failed banks.  But, then again, when was there never a failed something going on with Wall Street?

11 HUMAN BEINGS are dead, along with still more of the USA 'CRASHED ECONOMY.'  

The success record of these folks just never seems to get better, now does it?  Who was it that decided to leave the Republican Party in Florida?  I don't blame him.

APRIL 28, 2010

Leaking Oil Well Lacked Safeguard Device 

...U.S. regulators don't mandate use of the remote-control device on offshore rigs, and the Deepwater Horizon, hired by oil giant BP PLC, didn't have one. With the remote control, a crew can attempt to trigger an underwater valve that shuts down the well even if the oil rig itself is damaged or evacuated....

This is not a joke. They simply don't care and that is what makes this serious. They are all about money and nothing else.

The Republicans have brought us nothing but destruction.  

...illegal wars

...collapsed banking institutions

...and now collapsed food webs

...phytoplankton, algae produce 60% of Earth's oxygen 

A livable environment requires regulation and active listening to people who know better than to give credence to plutocrats.  Profit with abandon is not sound policy. 

Oil spill reaches Louisiana shore  (See link below)

State officials focusing on cleaning up coast

By Mike Hasten • • April 30, 2010
BATON ROUGE — Efforts to keep some of the millions of gallons of oil spewing from an offshore well from hitting the coast of Louisiana were unsuccessful as waves carrying raw crude moved overnight into delicate estuaries at the state's southernmost point, Pass a'Loutre in Plaquemines Parish....
...That includes seeking to call out the National Guard. Jindal sent letters to the head of the Department of Defense and Homeland Security seeking funding to pay up to 6,000 members of the Guard to help the state handle what could be a major disaster.
St. Bernard and Plaquemines parishes, two areas still struggling to recover from Hurricane Katrina, each requested 75 miles of booms to try to corral as much oil as they can before it hits the coast.
Jindal, who declared an emergency Thursday calling for the state to take any action it can to protect the coastline, said the Coast Guard has made it clear that it has full authority in battling this disaster.
The state has taken some steps. It opened up two Mississippi River diversion projects to force more fresh water into the area in an effort to keep oil from penetrating deep into the marsh....

If the world intends to place oil booms around the entire Sargasso Sea, it should begin now.

This tragedy is going to cost BP it's treasury, not several million.  The company is now worthless and it will be the most destructive ? accident ? this planet has ever seen as the plankton communities shut down one by one by one.

Because once the oil makes its way around Florida into the Gulf Stream, its all over for the Atlantic circulation.