Saturday, July 18, 2015

Republicans need to stop winning on each others weakness.

Donald Trump is breaking the mold. It is interesting how the rich guy can have mud slung at him, but, no one else can be touched.

July 18, 2015
By Mitch Alborn

Why is everyone (click here) so worried about Donald Trump? Does anyone really think he’s going to be president? I’m not sure he even wants to be president. He’s a buffoonish businessman who seems to have dedicated his life to collecting piles of money, escaping debt, sticking his name on buildings, putting himself on television, overinflating his importance, and making sure he always has a beautiful young woman on his arm, perhaps to counter his haircut....

John McCain has had his run at the presidency and obviously was a disappointment to those that invest heavily in order to have a Republican party at all. The Republican party is still the party of the country club and not much more. All their policies are based in age old paradigms. 

Women haven't fought to have contraception since 'the pill.' The Republican entire idea of identity is to be a pope-wannabe while war is sexy.

Senator McCain is respected in this country, but, to if his only identity is a war hero, that got old with the lies of WMD.

John McCain used to be an ally to the American people along side of Hillary Clinton, but, he has not only retreated from reform of his party, he has buried the idea of achieving any kind of global peace and prudent laws to protect Earth when war became the only sexy idea for Republicans with the 2000 elections. 

McCain's run at the presidency never included the middle class, it was only about bailing out Wall Street. To think he is exempt from the reality he relishes the end of the middle class and unions is ridiculous. He, along with other Republicans like Walker, have no policy to elevate the people of the USA, they have demands Wall Street as a priority and nothing else matters. Their 'rich man' talk is very different than that of Trump. 

So, if Trump finds it better to state war heroes are not the best identity for the Republican party, then he's right. Who is the war hero in the more than dozen candidates? Bush? Walker? Jindal? Perry? Huckabee? Fiorina? Santorum? Kasich? Cruz? Paul? Christi? Carson? 

The only candidate for the Republican nomination that comes close to being a war hero is Graham. He was a in the service as a lawyer. So, now that Donald Trump has established himself as someone that measures success within the definition of success, he has a right to find the new path he sees as the future of the Republican party. 

Besides his statement was taken completely out of context to the speech he made. OHHHHhhhhhhh, Donald Trump made a statement the rest of the party can use to crucify him. Quick, quick, let's make some commercials we can use to destroy him. Never do the Republicans see that Trump can make far more commercials about success and Republican failure that will out number and out shine anything in other commercials, especially when commercials are suppose defame and dishonor their candidates.  

I've had enough of war and I've had enough of the empty suit of the Republicans "idols." "The Repubican-American Idol" can't even read sheet music yet alone sing along.

The presidential race between Senator Sanders, a self made leader that carries responsibility for the short comings of the poor and middle class held within the American Dream and policy and Donald Trump who has thrived as a million-billionaire most of his adult life should be rather interesting; if it occurs. 

Donald Trump is a Washington outsider. He has his own idea of politics and what is important. He is a sincere outside, not merely an outside that hasn't sat in the Oval Office yet.