Monday, May 31, 2010

On Memorial Day 2010, my Father, age 79 stated, "As a Korean War Veteran...

... I am disappointed in the loss of security experienced by South Korea.  Why is it in may older years I am still worried about my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildern?  Is my final wish going to be to have God bless my family as I could not secure their futures for them?

I watched Bush make a mockery of my sacrifice as North Korea began their nuclear program all over again and now the world has lost the security of our sacrifice completely."

In the year 2010, the USA has more domestic security issues than ever before in its history.  We have drug lords in Afghanistan dominating the efforts to bring security there, we have drug lords in Mexico attempting to bring war within the USA, we have greed merchants destroying our economy and now the work of generations of Americans along the Gulf Coast is being destroyed.  When does this hideousness end?

My father's sister, who was visiting stated (A woman that has a devoted Christian life all her life and two years older than he.), "I have never seen this country in such a poor state of morality.  They call themselves Christians these days, they talk about practicing a moral life, but, these same people don't recognize sin.  They don't practice any morality in their dealings with the economy, with protections for the heritage of our children and they seek to exploit good people and leave devastation in their wake.  In the USA, we are suppose to work a good job and not trivialize our importance in our work, but, today there is no respect for loyalty and there no regard for the love of our citizens for their country.  What has happened to our country?  What has happened to the sacrifices of generations?  How could this level of sinfulness have pervaded our culture to destroy all of our decency?"

Two very good Americans are looking at their 'aged years' in skepticism to the security of the families they leave behind.  THAT is a reality in my family on Memorial Day 2010.  It isn't good. 

I want to know what kind of sacriledge everyone thinks they can take license with in criticizing the President for wanting to honor the dead at Abraham Lincoln National Cemetary today?

Was it the fact that the dead at Lincoln National Cemetary were all known, is that the issue?  Or.  Is it that the dead at Arlington carry more clout than everyone else who gave their lives in service to this country?


This is Vice President Biden on Memorial Day 2010.

This was President Obama in 2009 on Memorial Day placing the wreath on the tomb of the unknown..