Sunday, December 16, 2012

Everyone needs to leave the investigators alone. They are only human.

I could understand pumping authorities for information if they weren't forthcoming or not doing their jobs. That is absolutely not the case here.

The shooter didn't prepare that much, except, in his own fanatical thinking to carry out the killing. His arsenal was in his own home.

His mother had everything in the house he needed. The only opportunity to stop him was when he tried to purchase his own gun and ammunition. When he was rejected it could have been reported to the local police that someone in their community is looking for guns and has been refused access. It could alert local police and investigators to a potential danger that he was looking for guns, but, that has its own shortcomings. Some people without such intent can be refused and they just don't know it.

As far as the shooter's mother. We have seen this before. Gun fanatics have all kinds of powerful weapons and ammunition. If a person is going to practice with powerful weapons at a shooting range the ammunition is very expensive considering the number of bullets delivered to a target in a matter of 60 seconds. So, she well stocked. She bought ammunition whenever she could afford it and possibly if there were lower prices than normal. We know that as soon as this gun community thinks there is going to be restrictions on access to guns and ammunition they are a run on them. I am sure it's going on now.

The shooter didn't have to look far. She probably tried to stop him. He killed her because of whatever was going on in his head. He wanted guns. He wanted to kill for his own reasons.

Unless there is a psychiatrist or councilor somewhere along the way that stated the shooter was planning this and for what reasons, his thoughts that day are buried with him and all those he killed along the way. This is senseless killing. It has no logical conclusion.

This is a tough case on everyone and the investigators are getting through it, but, this isn't easy for anyone. We need the investigators to carry out their responsibilities. They are forthcoming. It isn't necessary to stress them any more than they already are.

There are assumptions that this would have happened if he were able to purchase guns. The rejection could have triggered the anger. If he was autistic and raised as a marksman by his mother, there is nothing to say he was exercising his freedom to protect himself no different than his mother. When he realized he could not be that person he lost his bearings. That is just a guess. There is no way of knowing and not magical thinking is going to change that. That is why as a society we have to put guns in their place. 

I believe there is a great deal of misinformation.

The shooter was not within the authority of any school district. He was 20 years old, so the discussion about how intervention per-Columbine is the way to effect a defeat of the shooter is completely outside the possibility of such intervention.

There were statements about an unconfirmed altercation between the deceased school principal and the deceased shooter the day before the killings. I believe someone is making it up to propose the 'idea' the principal had power that could have stopped the killings. That scenario sounds like an NRA strategist.

Creating myths is the purview of the NRA. It is difficult to confirm events of a deceased individuals.

I am not surprised the social media is taking on a counter culture all itself to justify the idea that guns are safe. They are not.

The shooter is as much a victim of the violent gun culture in the USA. If the guns were not available he could not purchase any.

There is no absolute control of a gun. It is designed to kill. There has never been a gun in the possession of a concealed carry license or permit that actually ended and/or stopped these killings. That reality alone speaks eons to the wrongful existence of guns within the American landscape.

The shooter in Arizona that wounded Gabby Giffords was taken down by the unarmed citizens as a community meeting during the brief period he was reloading.

Looking at some of the pictures of these children my heart aches. They are gorgeous kids that were happy, loved and secure. This can't happen again. Guns are out of control in the USA. We can't even stop them from migrating out of our borders on a daily basis.