Thursday, May 18, 2017

The Foster Care System doesn't work. It benefits lawyers, judges and social workers and destroys families. 

There is more money dumped into Foster Care than the US military annually and the families are suffering under it including and especially the children. As adults they become involved in crime and either are jailed or in prison. It doesn't work and the monies are best spent on a better program that improves the lives of the parents and lifts them out of poverty. 

You won't find rich kids in a Foster Home. Group homes should be demolished and family members or friends of the family found.

The best outcomes of these children are when they are placed with family or friends of the family. 

Now, as to the racism.

The African - American citizen is the focus and has been the focus of politicians like Newt Gingrich for decades and the ridicule has brought them fame, power and wealth. Nothing rings louder in the baseline Republican montra than putting children to work cleaning toilets. Enough. It is all a political lie. All of it. 

The backbone of the African American community since the end of slavery has been the local preacher and minister. This community is among America's finest citizens that lose control of their young people because of abuses of government, bigotry and racism. Let me not forget the biggest offender to the African American citizen; POVERTY.

The African American infant is born with a predestined life of poverty that is mitigated by a drug economy that will either cost them their life or put them on a path of being a career criminal. That drug economy is violent and brings with it corruption of women into prostitution.

The child placed in the Foster Care System loses all sense OF BELONGING. In order to mitigate that the government, in all of its wisdom, has created incentives to adopt these children. That mitigation is  called "adoption subsidies" and are nothing more than glorified welfare payments.

These payments vary state to state and increase with the age of the child. The adoption subsidies are at least $500.00 per month and last until the child is 18 years old. There is no indication these adoptions are due to love of a child. As a result there is no way of knowing the success of this particilar form of welfare.

The monies used for the Foster Care System needs to be used as subsidies to the natural parents. They  have a love for the child and when a family is lifted out of poverty anything is possible. The Foster Care Program currently returns ONLY ONE PERCENT of children to there natural parents. The system exists to replicate the need for it to exist. There is no statistic of any government program at ONE PERCENT that is considered successful.

The current Workfare program is only for five years and has created the "Working Poor" and does nothing to enhance parenting and is currently a source of Foster Care Children.

The Workfare system is not entirely bad, however, it discourages effective parenting by putting  parents at long distances from their children creating again an impossible situation to mitigate for the parent either financially or in his or her ability to effectively parent.

The Foster Care system needs to be DEFUNDED while Workfare is reformed to realistically reflect successful FAMILIES that include a marriage certificate and two parents. When the current Adoption Subsidies are handed out there is no requirement a parent has to be single. A single parent can adopt and receive subsidies, but, there is no requirement for a single parent family as does Workfare.

The Foster Care system has to be DEFUNDED, as the funding for Workfare increases and stronger families take shape and move out of poverty. The problem with Workfare is the permanent under class that results in institutional poverty. That form of poverty can only be addressed by a strong minimum wage that removes all forms of government subsidies from any family.

This must be done to promote belonging and citizenship.