Sunday, February 27, 2011

"Morning Papers" - Its Origin

The Rooster

Tonight are the awards for exemplary films. "Gasland" is a profoundly important film without any awards. Enjoy this evening.

Come 2012 the RNC plans to make the action Republicans are taking against unions a directive of the "Race to the Top."

It was noted that there was legislation in Florida that was vetoed by Former Governor Crist to break unions.  That same bill is being introduced into the state legislature with hopes of passing this year.

...Several school districts (click here) around the country have experimented in recent years with tying teacher pay to student academic growth. President Obama and Education Secretary Arne Duncan have also used federal grants to promote the idea – raising concerns that too many good teachers are driven out of the profession because they aren’t rewarded for the great strides their students make. But they’ve been careful to emphasize that performance pay systems are complex, and need to be developed in cooperation with teachers, not imposed on them.
Research shows that “involving key stakeholders in any pay-for-performance effort is vital to future success,” says Susan Freeman Burns, program manager at the National Center on Performance Incentives in Nashville, Tenn....

Florida was a winner in "Race to the Top" without destroying unions or their current compensation.  Crist was correct, there was no need for the legislation and ultimately it would hurt the children of Florida.

The link at the title to this entry arrives at the Wisconsin state government website that recruits teachers to work in Wisconsin.  The pay rates are listed there; the average Wisconsin school teachers earns $47,602 while starting with $31,753.  The administrators are far fewer in number and earn much more, but, those salaries are more than reasonable through collective bargaining.  Pubic employees compensation packages cannot be compared to the private sector to 'bring them into line.'  If that is going to occur, then their salaries have to be adjusted up rather than receiving delayed compensation at retirement or through their health care dollars.  Health Care Dollars to TEACHERS that come in contact with children need to be in place and should never be a burden or short changed for the benefit of the general health of the children, their familes and the well being of the teacher.  The attack on eduction unions and public employees is grossly unwarranted.

Republican House Representative Peter King, new title by the RNC strategist for 2012 "Religious Bigot and Zealot Czar."

Everyone knows there is nothing but political strategist Karl Rove and the Murdoch media mess behind the 'concerns' of Mr. King.

This is a waste of taxpayers dollars AGAIN for the purpose of setting a stage for 2012.  I hope this permanently damages the 'career politician' and most likely least damaged at the center of hatred toward "The Ground Zero Mosque" in New York City.

This "King Circus" goes to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Republicans are PUPPETS for Murdoch's 'power play media.' 

The Republicans are running out of strategies for 2012.  They have turned viciously on the Middle Class and they are now trying to 'drum up' more hate and fear at the very time when the Middle East is celebrating huge steps toward democracy.

Does King actually think he is going to get away with this? 

I don't think so.

Republicans are corrupt to the core and this is more and more and more proof.