Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The weather at Glacier Bay National Park (Crystal Wind Chime) is warming :

This NEED for documenting the 'mechanisms' of Human Induced Global Warming all seems a little silly to me, but, if it has to be, then it has to be.

Basically, having to 'chase down' the OBVIOUS is a waste of valuable fiscal assets that could be used elsewhere in any conservation effort to push back against 'the melting curve.'

...Lead author Dr James Screen of the School of Earth Sciences at the University of Melbourne says the increased Arctic warming was due to a positive feedback between sea ice melting and atmospheric warming.
"The sea ice acts like a shiny lid on the Arctic Ocean.  When it is heated, it reflects most of the incoming sunlight back into space. When the sea ice melts, more heat is absorbed by the water. The warmer water then heats the atmosphere above it. "
"What we found is this feedback system has warmed the atmosphere at a faster rate than it would otherwise," he says.
Using the latest observational data from the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasting, Dr Screen was able to uncover a distinctive pattern of warming, highly consistent with the loss of sea ice.
"In the study, we investigated at what level in the atmosphere the warming was occurring. What stood out was how highly concentrated the warming was in the lower atmosphere than anywhere else. I was then able to make the link between the warming pattern and the melting of the sea ice."
The findings question previous thought that warmer air transported from lower latitudes toward the pole, or changes in cloud cover, are the primary causes of enhanced Arctic warming.
Dr Screen says prior to this latest data set being available there was a lot of contrasting information and inconclusive data....

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Local Time  ::  9:10 AKDT (GMT-08)
Lat/Lon  ::  58.8 N and 137.0 West
Elevation  ::  33 feet
Temperature  ::  46 F
Conditions  ::  Overcast
Windchill  ::  45 Fahrenheit
Humidity  ::  87%
Dew Point  ::  43 Fahrenheit
Wind  ::  4 mph from the SSW
Pressure  ::  29.61. inches (Falling)
Visibility  ::  10.0 miles
UV  ::  1 out  of 16
            FEW  1700 feet
Clouds  ::  Overcast 3000 feet
                   (Above the ground)

...A World Wildlife Fund report (click link below) detailing "serious gaps" in global governance of the Arctic Ocean calls for a new international accord to regulate commercial development in the rapidly transforming region.

The WWF study identified "loopholes" in maritime law, pollution regulation, shipping rules, fishing zones and other spheres of activity "that could allow irreparable damage to the marine environment, its biodiversity and indigenous peoples."

The report claims there are "no clear responsibilities and mechanisms keeping marine resource extraction within sustainable limits, or for preventing and responding to pollution accidents and shipping disasters."

The WWF's proposed Arctic Ocean Framework Convention, to be administered largely by the eight-nation Arctic Council, would challenge the more exclusive "Arctic 5" grouping of coastal states, championed by Canada, that has recently asserted the special rights and responsibilities of states directly bordering the Arctic Ocean....

The Three Muskateers

The three Senators are having fun in a battle ground state.  Harry's friends aren't usually so challenged, so it is really interesting to see the senior members of the Senate bond over a challenge.

...That's the stuff of palace intrigue (click title to entry - thank you)  in the Senate these days. Why? Because both Durbin and Schumer, the second- and third-ranking Democrats there, seem to want to take over Reid's job if he loses in November. Which means just about anything -- including attempts to help Reid keep the gig -- is starting to be viewed by the media as an undercover maneuver designed to position his would-be successors for a leadership race-in-waiting....

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Third Strike for Senate Republicans.

He reminds me of Tricky Dick Nixon with his victory sign. That sums it up, the Senate Republicans ONLY hope for election come November is if they remain obstructionists.

The failure of the Senate Republicans on Finance Reform is that they are ASHAMED of open debate on the Senate floor.  IF they could go COVERT something might work out.  

...BOCA RATON, Fla. (The Street - Click title to entry - thank you) -- Warren Buffett, a big and vocal supporter of President Obama, is adding his veteran voice to the opposition to financial reform. In what seems like an about-face, Buffett is now attacking the administration for trying to regulate the very derivatives he has decried on many occasions....
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The Regulator Culture

When realizing the culture that Regulators existed under in 2008, it was developed over nearly a decade of loose and fast financial environment. The 'idea' was that huge financial institutions were able to discern their own best interests. So, when the banks want to point a finger at Regulators, that is simply scapegoating. There are absolutely no other parties responsible for the collaspe except the investment banks themselves. And what did they do in order to receive TARP funds? They had to change their legal standing. Yes? So, the Regulators were nothing but 'toys' to the investment banks. The banks didn't have to take anything they stated seriously, besides, there were almost instructed to get out of the way of ? progress ? !

And the "Stress Test?"

It is NOT a mechanism to stop the idiocy of Wall Street.  It only monitors it.  It has no authority to control, but, only to measure. It is empty policy.
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The Goldman Seven are really not very bright people. Sorry, they just aren't. They live with the word "risk" at the center of their work.

The statement that literally spells out the problem clearly was this one, "Customers came to us and wanted risk, we gave it them."

The Goldman Sachs 'model' for investment was to take any request and treat it seriously regardless of the fact it would run the company into insolvency.

It is a scam and they literally banked on AIG to 'bail them out of trouble,' WHILE they never checked to realize that AIG was unable to bailout any of the huge investment banks out of trouble, yet alone, one of them.

Not only that, but, AIG was not insuring companies that were PLANNING on bankruptcy, they were insuring companies that were supposed to be well run and able to produce a good product.  The reason why there was so much pressure on AIG to bailout their 'insured' was because the citizens of the USA were scared and other countries were either scared to using the opportunity to literally get money into their treasuries.

AIG was covering the investment banks from 'market fluctuations' that were somewhat unpredictable, such as, a war within Saudi Arabia that would imperil oil shipments or a revolution in China that would stop its economic engine.

THAT was AIG's responsibility, but, not this.  This was all premeditated.  It was a poor risk in the beginning, it continued to be a poor risk throughout its market and then all of a sudden and to no surprise from those that were watching it, there was collapse.  It was easy from that vantage point to demand the government to let them fail, but, they had no clue and they weren't watching the mess from day to day.

In all honesty, it isn't the government's job to be pre-occupied with private industry, in this case the financial markets.   Up to the collapse of 2008, the laws that were governing such potential were wiped off the books.  So, the government really had no PART in the way of oversight.  It is highly questionable with the removal of those regulations if 'regulators' had any authority either.

When all the regulations were removed it was with the understanding that the 'genius' of Wall Street could exceed the potential it had to make the global economy HUM.  All it did was to seek higher and higher risk taking and the only people that profited were the CEOs themselves.  Surprise.

It is not the sovereign authority of any country to 'take the part' of corruption and these dynamics are loaded with it.

The financial institutions are guilty as sin and they don't care.  They don't have to care, it is up to us to care.

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Voting for the Bailout has nothing to do with these hearings.

The 'Powers that Be' in 2008 were issuing the propaganda that demanded immediate attention to the problems that were soon to be owned by the USA citizens. There was no time for hearings and while the vote was sadly misdirected and citizens in the country knew it, the majority of the electorate were screaming out of fear and there was little that could be done to stop it.

It was all premeditated and if there is a single person in this country that doesn't understand that they are definitely fools.  CEO of Goldman Sachs was the USA Treasurer, what else does anyone need to know?  Only a minor conflict of interest.

These are the hearings that should have started in 2007 when the first signs of failure became evident, which in actuality began before then in 2006 or so.  If one knows the 'real timeline' it began with the resignation of Snow whom was completely inept.  "Good job Brownie and all that mess."  Same thing.

When Paulson came forward to take the Secretary's position it was believed he would be advocating a lot of action that would stem the incompetents that preceded him.  That isn't what occurred.  He simply spent most of his time in China, smiling and trying to make deals and preparing for what would occur before he left office with the Bush White House.

It is pure unadulterated corruption to the core.  All this should have occurred LONG BEFORE there was a financial collapse of the entire global economic system.  For the 'boys' at Goldman Sachs that are fondly thought of as 'Junior Executives' there is such a thing called "Whistle Blower Protection." 

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The Supreme Leader himself. Remember that movie "V is for Vendetta?"

They live in their own glory, okay?  I have said it and said it and said it.  They have an alternate universe and they don't care about the people of the USA or any other country.  They actually think what they do is valuable.

Yesterday, President Obama was touring Alternative Energy plants and it was REAL.  Okay?  This is all garbage.  I don't want to hear how they are 'in touch' with reality because they have trashed the global economy including that of the USA.

Should Goldman Sachs still be in business?

NO !

While the President was making the rounds to see where exactly the future of energy is going in the USA, Blank-en-Bozo stated, "We were part of a SYSTEM that OVER LEVERAGED the blah, blah, blah, market and then the bubble burst."

No clue.

But, see, Mr. Blank-en-Bozo seems to think he can talk his way out it by IMPLYING that others are the issue and somehow poor Goldman Sachs simply was running with the pack or is it 'the herd' as they love to 'masculate' themselves.

Mr. Blank-en-Bozo doesn't 'get it.'  Or so he wants everyone to think.

The financial market HAS  TO  DISCLOSE the instruments they are selling and Goldman Sachs doesn't even understand them.

THAT is FRAUD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

End of Discussion and if these folks feel 'disoriented' to the questions and concerns of the nation, they can sort it all out in a minimum security prison.

Oil Microbes - I suggest the University of California be consulted and some microbes imported from their site !

I remind, HURRICANE  SEASON IS COMING.  That is something that troubles California far less than the Gulf of Mexico.  When was the last time a Cat 3 to 5 storm hit Los Angeles?

Christopher Farwell, left, and David Valentine (original picture is rather small, but, these are the folks.)
...In an earlier paper published in 2008, Valentine and Reddy documented how microbes devour many of the compounds in the oil emanating from the seeps. The new study examines the final step in the life cycle of the oil.
"One of the natural questions is: What happens to all of this oil?" Valentine said. "So much oil seeps up and floats on the sea surface. It's something we've long wondered. We know some of it will come ashore as tar balls, but it doesn't stick around. And then there are the massive slicks. You can see them, sometimes extending 20 miles from the seeps. But what is really the ultimate fate?"
Based on their previous research, Valentine and Reddy surmised that the oil was sinking "because this oil is heavy to begin with," Valentine said. "It's a good bet that it ends up in the sediments because it's not ending up on land. It's not dissolving in ocean water, so it's almost certain that it is ending up in the sediments."...

The oil seep in the Gulf of Mexico is far larger than the "Coal Point Oil Field" in California.  The reason is it worse is because of 'so called progressive technology' by oil companies whereby they drill vast number of wells that are then routed to ONE oil rig.  

So the leak in the Gulf of Mexico is not just leaking ONE drill site, it is leaking many !!!!!!!!!

The oil companies do this to CUT DOWN ON OVERHEAD and then fraudulently sell it as environmental protection.  


The oil access only takes 'one crew' and 'one oil rig.'

So much for increased job rate.