Saturday, January 12, 2013

This isn't gun control. This is the right of self defense. This doesn't come close to gun control.

...The concern (click here) in Donnie Herman's voice was clear as day. So was his stress. With two telephones to his ear, he listened to his wife, Melinda, as she fled into an attic of their Loganville home. With her: Her two 9-year-old children and a loaded .38 revolver....

Very nice sentiment. Appreciation. So often the American people are dumped on.

The sentiment is fine and the initiatives portrayed in this video are great. But, there is one thing. Just one thing. I believe AIG had a noble purpose. Patriotic even. To save the USA from complete collapse of Wall Street. AIG was insuring the chance Wall Street would ? perhaps ? collapse. 

AIG was insuring a bubble. A bubble based completely in the American Dream, home ownership. At any point in time, did the promise to protect the USA from a Wall Street collapse actually seem like a responsibility rather than a sales gimmick?

I would expect. The word was expect. I would expect AIG would see the folly in insuring bubbles and back President Obama in all his economic endeavors in creating a real economy, based in reality, with real values and a solid basis for something actually worth insuring that has a very slim margin of collapse. 

That is what I expect from a thankful AIG, every bank that actually blew it and even Morgan to eliminate fraud, waste and corruption for the sake of a quick buck in pharmaceuticals best left out of the market place.

Basically, ethics. The USA, its people and its economy are no longer a toy, but, you all are welcome to invest. You are welcome for the help. It was not as though there was much of a choice now was there?

And to think the most unethical still standing actually complained about interest rates after taking the country hostage.

The USA needs to discern private industry that actually cares about it's economy, people, promises and future.

No more. The USA will insure itself from here on. Thank you, though.

I would not be so quick to criticize the United Nations or the efforts to date in regard to Haiti.

This behavior and abject poverty has existed a very long time and not with an earthquake.

Men bathe in the evening in a branch of the Artibonite River outside Saint-Marc. Haiti's cholera outbreak in 2010 began about 60 miles upstream from here.

In the events after Hurricane Doria in New Jersey in 1971, people waded through the stagnant waters. They succumbed to cholera and dysentery. The difference between New Jersey and Haiti is infrastructure. When the illnesses hit folks that never intended to contract them, we had emergency rooms responsive to their emergency. 

Cholera and dysentery are public health issues. Haiti has no sincere infrastructure to address some of the most basic needs of its people. Not even the idea of sustainable earthquake proof structures. So, to expect an international effort to operate in a void of government structure is completely unrealistic. These issues are huge investments by a society including education in basic hygiene.

Not quite 10 months after Haiti's devastating 2010 earthquake, a more insidious disaster struck: cholera.
Haiti hadn't seen cholera for at least a century. Then suddenly, the first cases appeared in the central highlands near a camp for United Nations peacekeeping forces.
Since then the disease has struck one out of every 16 Haitians — nearly 640,000 people. It has killed 8,000.
The disease struck with explosive force. Within two days of the first cases, a hospital 60 miles away was admitting a new cholera patient every 3 1/2 minutes.
"Part of the reason we think the outbreak grew so quickly was the Haitian population had no immunity to cholera," says Daniele Lantagne, an environmental engineer at Tufts University. "Something like when the Europeans brought smallpox to the Americas, and it burned through the native populations."...

Every nation contributing to the SURVIVAL of what remained of the Haitian population was extremely challenged to set up any form of triage, yet alone a national health department. Haiti is the type of country where when monies are moved to Haiti, the needs of the country soak it up like a sponge. When those dynamics occur there is no efficiency involved in spending it. The spending happens in emergent ways to serve the populous.

Now, to say that is exactly the problem is a gross error. The United Nations acted to prevent corruption within Haiti's government from removing benefits of monies given to Haiti. So, to say the United Nations is the problem is completely idiotic. The problem is Haiti's corruption and the complete inability of its people to move into productive lives, heck, even learned lives.

I really don't care how small the country is, building infrastructure from NOTHING, takes a lot of money and a sustained effort. This is ridiculous. 

What needs to be addressed is the lack of sovereign status of Haiti and whom exactly is able to lead and able to build the country into a civilized nation with sustainable jobs and growth from NOTHING.

There is also some very real and stark realities for the Haitian people. They live on a highly dynamic and dangerous fault. They live on a small plate chronically 'acted on' by the North American Plate. The NA Plate grids away at that smaller plate. It is that PROCESS that leads to 'the big one' from time to time to this nation. Japan is no different, but, Japan has infrastructure. Even Japan has woefully inadequate infrastructure to face down a dynamic Earth.

Criticism of the United Nations sincerely belongs to groups seeking to always defeat it like the American GOP. After all, the UN can't have its own assets, its own military or its own ability to support its mission. 

NOW. When Haitian sovereignty and the UN's right to exist is more than adequately addressed; then and only then any entity has a right to criticism!!!

I is astounding what we do not know about physics.

I believe what we do know is that Earth exists with biotic life at this distance from an amazing new reality. It give me sound reason to completely value the magnificent planet I live on.

Fabulous discovery.

Biggest Thing in Universe Found—Defies Scientific Theory (click here)

Quasar cluster is "challenge to our current understanding," astronomer says.

Andrew Fazekas
National Geographic News
Published January 11, 2013

Talk about a whopper—astronomers have discovered a structure in the universeso large that modern cosmological theory says it should not exist, a new study says. (Also see "Giant 'Blob' Is Largest Thing in Universe [2006].")
Using data from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, an international team of researchers has discovered a record-breaking cluster of quasars—young active galaxies—stretching 4 billion light-years across.
"This discovery was very much a surprise, since it does break the cosmological record as the largest structure in the known universe," said study leader Roger Clowes, an astronomer at University of Central Lancashire in England.
For comparison, our own galaxy, the Milky Way, is just a hundred thousand light-years across, while the local supercluster of galaxies in which it's located, the Virgo Cluster, is only a hundred million light-years wide.
Giant Quasar a Head-Scratcher...