Friday, May 28, 2010

It also seems farily obvious to me, from the testimony, that BP is very autocratic based on 'fiscal strategy.'

What do I mean by that?

The testimony to date has revealed a 'crew' in 'observation' of the dynamics of the rig and its drilling into Earth.  The vat in the case of the Deepwater Horizon is over 3 miles below the surface of the ocean floor which is one mile below the sea surface. 

Drilling that deep in to the crust of Earth can be interesting, but, also very dangerous.  A single jointed metal structure 4 miles long gets respect from the people that are working around it.  So, it seemed to me the crew and their supervisors were very 'in tune' to the way the drilling was proceeding.

When they decided to call off the continuation of the drilling, it was the right thing to do based on their observations and sensitivity to the work environment.

The danger became worse when BP demanded they proceed to 'maintain a schedule.'  I have no doubt (and that is testimony or records we may never see without formal proceedings) that schedule was based upon 'fiscal ambitions' at BP with top decision makers.

It was still up to TransOcean to simply state "NO" to BP, which they didn't do.

But, it was the autocratic, probably predetermined decisions, that caused this entire calamity.

A decision tree, if you will.

It is why the workmen / women need to have contact with higher authority to relay 'facts' to 'adversity' when 'decision tree - autocratic' mechanisms are at work that do not react to 'conditions on the ground.' 

The industry has problems.  Lots of them.  From working conditions to what they are calling 'good enough research' to proceed with deep water exploration and drilling. 

If the petroleum industry was up to actually running deep water drilling well, there would be 'evidence' to that effect and not just 'dumb luck' that it hasn't happened elsewhere.

I sincerely believe it is the conditions of the oil and methane that will prove to be the underlying cause to the explosion contributed by 'lax standards.'  

This was 'exploration.'  There should have been complete control by Transocean and the Deepwater Horizon as they knew the 'conditions' on an 'exploration' contract.

If keeping the oil out of the Gulf means continual pumping of mud into the well until a relief well is dug, then it should continue .

I prefer to blow the lousy thing up, but, if this is the methodology that works best in the opinion of OTHERS, MUD (providing we know what is in the mud) is better than oil coming out of that hole. 

BP may have found a way of 'containing' the mess until a permanent fix can be made. 
WASHINGTON - The flow of oil from the broken well (click title to entry - thank you) in the Gulf of Mexico has stopped, the Coast Guard Admiral Thad Allen  claimed Friday, but BP warned it would be a further 48 hours before it was known whether the "top kill" procedure had been successful....

The discharge from the 'top fill' will have to be analyzed to realize what could in the water column that might still be harmful, but, even if the 'plug' isn't complete, the steady stream of mud might be the answer for now.   

And to be completely honest, I am very worried about the vat that caused eleven deaths in the first place.  I sincerely believe there are real dangers affiliated with the high methane content when it is taped into again.  

As much as BP might want to pump that vat, the relief wells should be focused on shutting down the damaged well site.

I really believe that vat of oil and methane is a dangerous combination.  So, that is why closing the well head by disrupting the pipe to the vat seems like a far better solution.

Not for me to say, I guess.  

It is prudent at this point, to review the testimony of the eyewitnesses before Congress.  They will give real clues to the danger of the 'gas pressure' within that vat.  The 'pieces' of 'seal' that worried the Deepwater Horizon crew that proved to be fatal, might have been damaged by the pressure from the methane and then a release of it simply ignited it when it came in contact with oxygen.

I really think we are playing with fire and a whole lot of pressure within that vat.  The oil and methane was just 'jetting' out of that rupture at about a 50/50 mixture.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with adding 'perks' to a House members position to keep him in a seat he may be disenchanted with.

He should have luck in running for Senate and if Sestak is playing up the rhetoric surrounding this issue, it is because he is trying to enamor himself with an image that will win him a Senate seat.

For all Bill Clinton knew, it was what he wanted and simply asked if that would change his idea of leaving the House for the Senate.
Sorry, the Right Wing Media screws up again.

It is about that time of year, right?  Last year it was the Health Care Bill and how there were 'Death Panels.'  This year it is about Sestak and his ambition beyond anything the Democratic Party could satisfy him with.

Same old lies from the Right Wing.  I am sure no such activity ever took place with Bush and Cheney.


End of discussion.

...The report of the exchanges by Bauer (click title to entry - thank you) concluded that nothing improper had taken place and that "allegations of improper conduct rest on factual errors and lack a basis in the law."
Bauer found that, contrary to allegations by many conservative pundits, Sestak had not been offered the position of Secretary of the Navy. Bauer concluded that discussions about "alternatives" to a Senate campaign by Sestake were proper...

I am sure Rahm was being his usual self and stated, "Bill, will you please talk to this guy and see what his problem is with his move to run for Senate.  Maybe he needs more of a challenge in the House or something."

Thanks, Rahm, we all really needed that.

This has been the time honored harassment by the Petroleum Industry of governments everywhere.

There is no form of employment the petroleum industry can offer that is actually worth the environmental risk.

When are the leaders to this industry going to get it through their heads that their industry has destroyed an entire coastline economy, killed citizens and still has an unstable set of circumstances in the Gulf of Mexico that is imperiling the entire global ocean circulation and food sources of an entire planet.

He also blocked planned drilling in Arctic waters this summer and canceled long-planned sales of leases in the western Gulf of Mexico and a tract 50 miles off Virginia's coast. At the same time, Obama lifted a ban on new drilling in shallow waters, where generally less than 500 feet separate the seabed and surface.
“I continue to believe that domestic oil production is important, but I also believe that we can't do this stuff if we don't have confidence that we can prevent crises like this from happening again,” the president said during a White House news conference. “It's going to take some time for the experts to make those determinations.”

We don't want what they are selling and whining about ANYMORE.

There are families and communities that have their economies completely destroyed and somehow the pathetic jobs they offer to the citizens of the USA are suppose to outweigh the damage their industry is causing and has caused.

Not very smart are they?

Drill suspension sparks economy fears

By Ed Crooks in London
Published: May 28 2010 02:30 | Last updated: May 28 2010 02:30

President Obama’s decision to suspend all offshore oil and gas drilling, even for wells that are already under way, would create a “moratorium on economic growth and job creation”, the industry association warned on Thursday.
The waters of the Gulf of Mexico and the Arctic are the most promising regions in the US for oil development. They are the focus both for companies hoping to grow in a country that is much more welcoming to private sector investment than most oil-rich nations, and for American hopes of raising domestic production to curb dependence on foreign imports.

I suppose stocks will go down.

Should have thought about that before.  The petroleum industry is grossly negligent in their practices and offer nothing to the world in the way of a 'valuable product.'  Why would any rational government want to continue in this manner?  The Petroleum Industry is incapable of 'sound science' and completely incapable of 'self regulation' and 'decent values.'  

We simply just don't want it anymore.

There is not a company on Earth that has not been guilty of grossly endangering human life and well being including the masacres in Nigeria, the cancer deaths in Ecuador and the chronic issues of oil spills.

The Petroleum industry has never been self regulating, has woven the NEED for hydrocarbons intricately into the lives of the people of this planet and it is time to end it.

RUTHLESS is only the beginning of the names of this industry.