Saturday, February 05, 2011

None of what is occurring in Egypt is sabotage. Infrastructure deteriorates when people are occupied with achieving human rights.

Still yet another uncontrolled methane leak regardless the cause.

Egypt crisis: Sinai explosion blamed on gas leak (click title to entry - thank you)

An explosion at a gas terminal in the north of Egypt's Sinai peninsula has been blamed on a gas leak and not a terror attack.

The two hour broadcast of "Democracy Now" removed 'the veil' hiding 'the truth' surrounding the current demonstrations for rights in Egypt.

The broadcast PROVED conclusively thr hippocracy of the "Political Right Wing" in the USA and their fear mongering about the causes for the Egyptian peoples' demands of its government.  Sincere chaos simply scares the cronies to the Plutocracy to the bones as they promote propaganda of fear in the USA.

There are no terrorists at the heart of "The Every Man Protests" in Egypt,  Bigots all.  They hold on so dearly to their "Islamo-faschism" to promote war it even betrays their own "Democracy Rhetoric."

Four Egyptian patriots set on fire had their message carried by a single, brave female voice to the masses of oppressed.

That is inspration to freedom. 

Get used to it.

President Mubarak needs to hear the cry of his daughter as every other man did and be the leader he was born to be and institute the democracy his people long for.

"Democracy Now" - Egypt and the liberation of the Middle East

The West needs to 'suck it up,' this is what 'the promise' of 'freedom' brings and stop being afraid of the shadow it casts.