Friday, May 09, 2014

Fighting poverty takes many forms.

Right wing talking points now include how Boko haram is nothing more than criminals.

The Right Wing is stating the Democrats are cowards and substitute poverty as a means to avoid war. Do we need this type of inflammatory speech when 300 girls are missing? No one needs war mongering and political rhetoric when lives hang in the balance.

Jake Harriman is the CEO of Nuru International and a former Platoon Commander in both the Infantry and a special operations unit of the U.S. Marines. 

...Even though (click here) the settings are very different, my new work in Kenya is similarly critical to U.S. national security. In fact, thoughts of U.S. national security occupy my mind as much now (or perhaps even more) as during my seven years as an infantry and special operations platoon commander in the Marines. I served four operational tours in Iraq, the Horn of Africa, and areas of southwest Asia alongside some of the bravest individuals I have ever encountered in my life.  We fought side by side on the frontlines of the “War on Terror” – a war that has cost so many lives, including many of my closest brothers. But as we fought together in that war, I came face to face with an unnecessary evil that takes more lives each day than are lost in Fallujah, Gaza, Kandahar, Mogadishu, and Jaffna combined, an evil that is directly connected to the proliferation of the terrorism and insurgency that we were fighting: the evil of extreme poverty.

Extreme poverty is the greatest humanitarian crisis of our time and a fundamental contributing factor to 21st century terrorism and insurgency. I’ve discovered that it is controversial to make this claim, so don’t take my word for it. Brilliant people of our time have also made this connection, and are attempting to shake our generation from its slumber and catalyze global action in the fight against extreme poverty. Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu said, “You can never win a war against terror as long as there are conditions in the world that make people desperate — poverty, disease, ignorance.” Former U.S. Secretary of State General Colin Powell stated, “We can’t just stop with a single terrorist or a single terrorist organization; we have to go and root out the whole system. We have to go after poverty.”...

I agree with Former Secretary Powell. Rooting out the whole system is the real challenge we all face. If 300 girls are in danger than we all are. It is generational poverty.  

They have no morals. This 'idea' of defeating Kansas Wind Energy is PROOF the Kochs want a dictatorship and not a democracy.

By: Chris Frank
Wichita, Kan. -- With much of Kansas (click here) under extreme drought conditions it's not surprising the government's first forecast of Kansas' wheat crop predicts the smallest crop since 1996.

The National Agriculture Statistics Service is estimating a Kansas winter wheat harvest of 260.4 million bushels based on May 1st conditions. So that estimate doesn't include this week's scorching two days of record heat.
That forecast would be 18% less than last year's crop which also endured drought conditions.

Sedgwick County farmer Josh Patterson observes a field northeast of Wichita, near Furley, saying it looks good from the road. But when you walk into the field it's obvious the thin conditions....

Can't have food products without agricultural products.

April 10, 2014

Kansas (click here) has the second highest wind potential in the United States and doubled its installed wind base by adding 1,441 MW of new wind power capacity in 2012. Kansas wind projects have created economic development for the state....

If the Koch Brothers want to eat (click here) and feed all those employee-relatives, they need to leave all that wind energy intact. As a matter of fact, Kansas should export wind energy.

These guys are really dolts. What does it take to get through to these bozos?

It is no different than John Roberts. There are going to be something like 17 thousand people dead from lack of health insurance. He did that. He lead a Supreme Court into sentencing innocent Americans to death. This is post 2008 Great Recession. Do these people have no scruples? The USA is just suppose to let people die because their Governors want to play politics. That is suppose to be okay.

World Migratory Bird Day is nearly here.

Migratory birds (click here) perform important ecological regulating services. They have a vital role in seed dispersion and flower pollination. For example, Grassland birds rely on grasses as their nesting habitat and help to maintain their preferred ecosystems, which are in turn considered highly valuable as a wildlife refuge. By dispersing grassland seeds, these birds act as gardeners of these ecosystems.

The Migratory Bird Treaty Act (click here) makes it illegal for anyone to take, possess, import, export, transport, sell, purchase, barter, or offer for sale, purchase, or barter, any migratory bird, or the parts, nests, or eggs of such a bird except under the terms of a valid permit issued pursuant to Federal regulations. The migratory bird species protected by the Act are listed in 50 CFR 10.13. 

It is easy to see why protections are necessary for migratory species. This American Bittern in the Everglades is nearly invisible.

One has to value the fact nature provides services. Once that is a reality to life protections have to follow.

Sequoia sempervirens is an endangered species globally.

The giant forests are also a focus of political rhetoric. John Ellis, the cousin of "W," has been fear mongering about these forests. He writes for the Sacramento Bee and would like his readership to cut down the forest as a prophylactic measure to prevent fires.

 The thieves threaten the tallest trees in the world with their chain saws. (click here)

It is poachers.

According to forestry estimates (click here) in Burns and Honkala (1990) there remained by the end of the twentieth century a total of 260,200 ha of commercial forest with “more than 50% redwood stocking”, while a further 80,940 ha was ‘old-growth redwood’ mostly within protected areas. If the latter forests were also 50% redwood, this would translate in a minimal area of occupancy (AOO) of 1,400 km², to which would have to be added an unknown figure for redwoods occurring as a minor component. The AOO is thus likely to fall below  2,000 km², the threshold for Vulnerable.

Past decline is, as always, difficult to estimate as there were no accurate estimates of an AOO when logging operations began. It is almost certainly in excess of 50% over three generations, which in the case of this very long-lived species takes us back to the period before Europeans and their impact on the forest arrived in northern California.

Continuing decline is inferred from the fact that the proportion of redwood in commercially exploited forests containing this species is still declining, due to deliberate or accidental replacement by more competitive species in the early phases of succession after clear-felling, especially Pseudotsuga menziesii. Under the A2 criterion this species should therefore be listed as Endangered.
My mother is a 79 year old woman that has been Roman Catholic all her life. She prays the rosary everyday. She is a Democrat. She is also Pro-Life. Very strict belief system. When it comes to the issue of abortion she states she doesn't know the burdens of other women and she always hopes they make good decisions about their lives with their doctors. When I ask her, but, they have sinned. Isn't it your place to be sure they don't sin? She simply states, sinning is a relationship between a person and God. No one knows another's heart or mind and God forgives all.

The Republican's dialogue regarding abortion is misogynist. It is a dialogue that hates and oppresses women. It is a dialogue that exists in the USA. It needs to change.

Democrats have to develop a dialogue to "Pro-Life Advocates."

It is important. There are scientific findings, socio-economic studies and laws, precedent. If the USA is to honor a woman's ability to decide the path of her own life, that needs a dialogue which includes the options women face in viewing the future. It is a dialogue that addresses girls and teen pregnancy. It is a dialogue that values quality of life and parenting. It is a dialogue that addresses domestic violence, guns and women's risks. 

The Democrats have to be as comfortable for advocating privacy rights for women as the Republican ease in condemning women with their autonomy and freedom to choice.

The Democratic dialogue can also address relationships, both lesbian and straight and why they fail. It would be good for the country to have that openness. 

Included in 'choice' is the right to live within a chosen faith, maintain a pregnancy to term and even be supported by the government if the woman is not financially independent. All that information is important to create a scope of understanding and why Pro-Life has a place within the Democratic Party as well. Pro-Life is more about religious choices than is currently discussed.

There is nothing wrong with Pro-Life. They should not be isolated into one camp or the other if they are not empowered to see the 'world of choices' available to women. Women are capable of planning for a career. Preventing government dependency can start with the understanding women have the right to an autonomous life they choose. 

Emily has the right to make her own choices. She deserves the same respect as any other women making different choices. She is terminating an unwanted pregnancy, not killing a baby.

When Emily Letts (click here) tried to find a video of an abortion procedure online, she realized she couldn't find a single recording depicting how the surgical procedure pans out. The 25-year-old abortion counselor was pregnant, but felt completely unready to have a baby. After scheduling her abortion, Letts realized her upcoming procedure could also be a teaching moment for other women who have doubts about the process. She decided to film her own abortion....

President Obama given mixed reviews about his Walmart visit.

The people are correct in complaining. President Obama visited Walmart and it was their opportunity to bring a focus that is justified. 

President Obama was there to promote energy efficiency and alternatives that will actually reduce carbon emissions. He probably should have added a blurb about the minimum wage. 

His visits across the country should not be so sterile. He easily could have noted the energy efficiency as well as also stating the wages were too low. President Obama has enough finesse to carry off most any statement. He is quite adept at making a point clearly understood. 

The President visit my store Friday. He won't see how I sleep on my son's floor and eat potato chips for lunch (click here) 

Thursday, May 8, 2014 01:23 PM EST

When I woke up to see the news, I could hardly believe it: President Obama is planning a visit to the Mountain View Wal-Mart where I work.

But the excitement quickly passed when I found out the store would be shutting down hours in advance of his visit. I wouldn’t be able to tell the president what it’s like to work at Wal-Mart and what it’s like to struggle on low wages, without the hours I need. I am living at the center of the income inequality that he speaks about so often, and I wanted to talk to him about how to change this problem. 

My situation is not unlike that of many of the 825,000 Wal-Mart associates – and many other Americans – who are working hard, but just can’t keep up. Most of us aren’t even paid $25,000 a year even though we work at the largest employer in the country and one that makes $16 billion in profits
I wanted to tell the president what it’s like working – and living – like this....

Australia is measuring it's invovlement in USA Pacific focus. I congratulate them.

Australia is not Europe focused. It is Asian focused.

May 5, 2014
John Blaxland

...Political leaders, (click here) from Whitlam to Howard and beyond, have made their own assessments of what they perceived to be in the national interest. At times they've been contentious, to be sure, but the notion that Australia had no choice because of the US alliance stretches credulity. Similarly, the idea that an American clash in Asia would automatically trigger Australia's involvement, like it did in the two world wars of last century, simply does not reflect current constitutional reality. Australian political leaders have more options than that today. To think otherwise also neglects the vagaries of alliances and conflicts. The US, for instance, did not overtly back Britain over the Falklands in 1982 – but provided discreet intelligence support. All parties coped with the tensions this strange set of circumstances generated. Canada did not back the US in Iraq in 2003, but still had exchange officers in US formations and remained part of the ''five-eyes'' intelligence club. And the US did not back us over Confrontation in 1963, and had to be coaxed to assist in East Timor in 1999....

...Still, maintaining ties with the United States is not a zero-sum option. Developments over the search for Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 point to the merits of collaborating closely with China's armed forces, as we do with a range of regional security partners. Building bridges rather than breaking them is much more constructive and convenient....

Australia's vested interest in the Pacific and Asia my prove to be the best springboard to a lasting peace, while the USA's political dogma only creates uncertainty.

Exploiting the Open Window while it exists.

I believe it was 2005 when Cheney ran rough shod over the Clean Water Act to begin nationwide gas extraction. The petroleum industry knows this technology will eventually begin to be outlawed. That is why the huge push across the USA. We know it has nothing to do with cheap energy. Natural gas prices are at an all time high. But, if the petroleum industry can not only push more wells from being established, but, also national infrastructure like propane cylinder cars they have a better chance of continued exploitation of the people of the USA for profits.

It is important to get this mess stopped. Bush III wants to push the propane transportation industry over the edge and our country will be destroyed. The land will become worthless.

Oh, yeah. Energy independence? Wind and Sun are still free.

Kansas is already pursuing more vigilance.

A task force plan (click here) would allow state agencies to take action if they determine human activities are causing earthquakes.

The Kansas Geological Survey, Kansas Corporation Commission and Kansas Department of Health and Environment are leading a task force to study and react to “induced seismicity,” or earthquakes caused by human activity. Gov. Sam Brownback established the task force in response to recent earthquakes in Oklahoma and south-central Kansas.

Rex Buchanan, interim director of KGS, said Kansas hasn’t collected much data on seismic in the past because the state isn’t prone to earthquakes. KGS and the U.S. Geological Survey are adding instruments to better measure earthquakes so they can determine if human activity is playing a role, he said.

Under the plan’s current form, KGS would collect data on earthquakes detected by USGS, analyze the data and report to KCC and KDHE, Buchanan said. USGS typically detects earthquakes with a magnitude of 2.5 or greater, but most people can’t feel anything with a magnitude less than 3.0, he said...

We are used to thinking about earthquakes as 'fault' lines erupting in activity. In the case of "Induced Seismicity" there are NEW fault lines created by human activity. It is different. Now, every place there is a well there are earthquakes.

What does that mean? That means the fracking companies can NOT state their well casings prevent water contamination. If the well casings remain intact, which we know they don't, there is still going to be water contamination by "Induced Seismicity." The water contamination is basically guaranteed. Even though residents didn't feel the quake doesn't mean it didn't open up a path for contaminants to poison their water supply. 

The argument against this technology is moving to include more than well casings.

The gas wells are indeed very expensive to the land owners and/or the towns and cities, especially when it means insults to human health.

Fracking is proving to be more of a worry than believed. These small quakes can be cummulative to a larger disaster.

There is a technical term for these earthquakes, "induced seismicity” or man made earthquakes. It would be better to use the proper terminology rather than categorize these particular quakes with all others. They aren't the same and quite frankly, over time, these are more dangerous to human health. They carry a category that relates to human health differently than just the ground shaking. This is about chemicals as well as ultimately liquefaction.

There is a quality of any legitimate geological study in securing the understanding of water sources. In the case of "Induced Seismicity" there are human health imperitives that result in compromised ground water sources. Use the words, it matters. "Induced Seismicity" has an entirely different value system than the 'normal' earthquake. It is more than tremors. Tremors aren't chemically or hydraulically (water pressure) induced.

RENO (Texas) (CBSDFW.COM) – There have been more than 300 earthquakes (click here) reported in Parker County since December, according to just-published research conducted by an earthquake study team.

In preliminary findings released Wednesday, the team reported that the quakes show a complex fault system in the area near Reno and Azle, which started experiencing quakes for the first time in November.

The progress report from the SMU North Texas Earthquake Study said the relation of the quakes to two nearby waste-water injection wells remains a major question. Preliminary locations for the earthquakes show them occurring within one to two kilometers of the well sites.

The U.S. Geological Survey has stated wastewater disposal into deep geologic formations is a likely contributing factor to an increase in quakes. The USGS issued a joint earthquake advisory with the Oklahoma Geological Survey Tuesday, because of hundreds of temblors there....

These quakes are minor in magnitude, however, they are numerous. The more and more cracks there are can lead to greater instability. Once there is a larger magnitude the entire area could result in damage in a chain reaction to these smaller cracks.



Posted on September 24, 2013 at 10:18 PM

Updated Thursday, Sep 26 at 2:40 AM

PARKER COUNTY — Remember (click here) the images of Parker County residents whose water wells catch on fire? Now they say their problem has gone from bad to explosive.
They also say they have the test results to back up their assertions.
A handful of Parker County residents said it all started around 2009 when their tap water started to bubble and stink.
Their curiosity flowed into suspicion.
Their suspicion evolved into disgust.
Their water wells were filling with volumes of methane gas. Logic told them two newly drilled natural gas wells near their homes were to blame....

Police are first responders. Recently it was realized they could administer a drug called Narcan. It was to save those that were harmful to themselves.

The police need a new tool box. The majority of police calls don't require this level of killing power.

The mentally ill and the elderly. When are we going to stop killing them? Tranquilizers or something? What do you think?

We are suppose to protect the innocent. They are innocent. By the sheer fact they are vulnerable to the world the majority has created, they are innocent. I would think there should be better police work rather than acceptance of violence against those unable to discern their best interests.

The elderly are frightened. This should not be happening. She was not committing a crime. She isn't a 'bad' person. We have to do better. It was important Pearlie was alive. 

Published 12:23 am, Friday, May 9, 2014 

HEARNE, Texas (AP) — Friends say 93-year-old Pearlie Golden (click here) still shopped at the grocery store in the small Texas town of Hearne. Now they and Hearne's mayor want the police officer who shot and killed her gone.
Texas Rangers are investigating what led to a Hearne police officer fatally shooting Golden at her home after responding to a 911 disturbance call this week. Hearne police have said in a statement that Golden "brandished a gun" when Officer Stephen Stem arrived Tuesday night.
Prosecutors say a preliminary autopsy shows Golden was struck twice in her body and grazed once.
Dozens of protesters Thursday marched to police headquarters in Hearn. Mayor Ruben Gomez greeted them and said he will recommend that the officer be fired at a city council meeting Saturday.

The rightwing is this desperate?

Benghazi Cover Up T-Shirt (click here)

I didn't know there was an entire economy supported by political dogma. At least not this deranged. Wow. And, of course, this is out of respect of the four dead Americans and their families.

5/8/2014 12:25:00 PM
Cokie & Steven V. Roberts

Search the word "Benghazi," (click here) and up pops a paid link to a website that advertises: "Benghazi -- T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Mugs and More."

Click on the link and 401 items are offered for sale. They include a yellow backpack with red letters, reading, "Benghazi. Obama Slept Families Wept." A decal features former secretary of state Hillary Clinton and a bloody hand over the slogan, "Remember Benghazi." A steal at $4.29.

Our favorite: a powder-blue toddler outfit featuring an American flag and the always popular motto "Remember Benghazi." Except "remember" is misspelled -- no second "m."

This website is just one small example of the "Benghazi-Industrial Complex," a term coined by Michael Hirsh in Politico Magazine. For conservatives, Benghazi is big business: a full-fledged enterprise to exploit the tragic deaths of four Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens, in that Libyan city in September 2012....

Guts, Guns and Glory (click here)

Amazing. Nothing like keeping September 11th alive.

I have this idea that some day while we commemorate 911 as if Pearl Harbor, it will fade into the background noise like Pearl Harbor does. 

The video and the attacks were to commemorate September 11th, too. When do people stop dying for September 11, 2001? Tell me that. When do Americans stop paying the price for bin Laden's anger?