Saturday, June 09, 2012

I went through this section ad nauseum. You know, Obama is a capitalist when it comes to making money for the country. His bill doesn't give this stuff away as if they were no bid contracts.

Part II – Public Safety Broadband Network
Sec. 281. Reallocation of D Block for Public Safety

(a) In General.—The Commission shall reallocate the 700 MHz D block spectrum for use by public safety entities in accordance with the provisions of this subtitle.

Sec. 282. Flexible Use of Narrowband Spectrum

The Commission may allow the narrowband spectrum to be used in a flexible manner,...

Sec. 283. Single Public Safety Wireless Network Licensee

(a) Reallocation and Grant of License.—Notwithstanding any other provision of law, and subject to the provisions of this subtitle, including section 290, the Commission shall grant a license to the Public Safety Broadband Corporation established under section 284 for the use of the 700 MHz D block spectrum and existing public safety broadband spectrum.

Sec. 284. Establishment of Public Safety Broadband Corporation

(a) Establishment.—There is authorized to be established a private, nonprofit corporation, to be known as the “Public Safety Broadband Corporation”, which is neither an agency nor establishment of the United States Government or the District of Columbia Government.

This is the difference between President Obama and predecessors. He creates non-profit corporations to govern use of public broadband in a way that raises funds for the USA Treasury. Can every other President say that? Can they say their handled USA assets to create wealth for the nation and relieve the citizens of the burden through taxes?

Sec. 285. Board of Directors of the Corporation

(G) CITIZENSHIP.—No individual other than a citizen of the United States may serve as a non-Federal member of the Board.

Sec. 286. Officers, Employees, and Committees of the Corporation

Sec. 287. Nonprofit and Nonpolitical Nature of the Corporation
Sec. 288. Powers, Duties, and Responsibilities of the Corporation
Sec. 289. Initial Funding For Corporation
Sec. 290. Permanent Self-Funding; Duty to Assess and Collect Fees for Network Use
Sec. 291. Audit and Report
Sec. 292. Annual Report to Congress

(a) In General.—Not later than 1 year after the date of enactment of this subtitle, and each year thereafter, the Corporation shall submit an annual report covering the preceding fiscal year to the President and the appropriate committees of Congress.

Oversight. President Obama is one of the more vigilant Presidents. He exerts a great deal of oversight and accountability with taxpayers monies. That was more than obvious when inspectors from the Department of Energy found extensive misuse of monies in the installation of weather proofing to homes. They found private companies invoicing the federal government 200% of market value for work done with substandard material. That tells me the contractors never expected to be discovered. This was not one or two contractors,this was many. Like what? It is not the fault of the government there was substandard work for exorbitant prices. That is the fault of the citizen and the willingness to exploit their own Treasury. At any rate, Obama believes in oversight and it definitely pushes back against defrauding the government.

Sec. 293. Provision of Technical Assistance
Sec. 294. State and Local Implementation
Sec. 295. State and Local Implementation Fund
Sec. 296. Public Safety Wireless Communications Research and Development
Sec. 297. Public Safety Trust Fund
Sec. 298. FCC Report on Efficient Use of Public Safety Spectrum
Sec. 299. Public Safety Roaming and Priority Access

The Commission may adopt rules, if necessary in the public interest, to improve the ability of public safety users to roam onto commercial networks and to gain priority access to commercial networks in an emergency if –
(1) The public safety entity equipment is technically compatible with the commercial network;
(2) The commercial network is reasonably compensated;
(3) Such access does not preempt or otherwise terminate or degrade all existing voice conversations or data sessions.

Accommodating to the joint ventures of public and private concerns. What more do the Congressional Republicans want? They weren't interested in working for the people, they were interested in obtaining power over them.



"Did he not get the message of Wisconsin?"

Sure we did. Money can buy elections no different than money bought Romney's nomination. I just don't know why Gingrich and Santorum are being so nice about it.

It isn't as though Romney won the nomination fair and square either. In rural America, when Romney didn't see the profit in running ads due to sparser population density, Santorum won without a doubt. In the South, when Gingrich had a bank roll to compete, he beat Romney. So, it isn't as though Romney is the sincere nominee of the Republicans. He ONLY received enough delegates a few days ago. No one can say he won handily, he didn't. Doesn't Mitt Romney learn anything either? Didn't he learn that money is power and when exerted over the populous it obtains the ego driven results he is looking for? Give me a break. Romney actually believes this Democracy's elections should be bought? For real. He actually believes if one is wealthy enough they can purchase elections? That is a patriot? THAT is unethical and ruthless. Don't tell me Romney cares about the American people. I'll never believe that one.

The election of 2012 is vital to the well being of the Middle Class. If Republicans can, at the very first chance, they will destroy Medicare and Social Security all in the name of paying down the national debt. The poor will be jettisoned when social programs are removed from the nation's budget. When that is done, the USA will be set back over 100 years, including laws like the child labor laws. Everyone in the USA will be on their own and the subjects of the plutocracy. Don't tell me this isn't Wall Street's war on our Democracy. I know better and Mitt Romney will be used to buy this election while Republicans already in the House and Senate held the country hostage to their political ideologies. 

The USA doesn't need infrastructure?

The USA doesn't need to improve their schools and hire teachers so their classrooms are not so over crowded?

The USA doesn't need more police on the street, when so many are killed in the line of duty?

The USA doesn't need more firemen and emergency workers in their cities at a time when a city's security relies on them?

If anyone believes the needs within those questions are not a reality, then they are really out of touch to their own neighborhoods, because that is what The American Jobs Act was all about. Go ahead deny the reality of life in this country and realize it will be far worse if the Republicans have their way this November.