Monday, December 26, 2016

Every President has always said the soldiers would know their enemy in battle. That was never more a lie than the Middle East.

There is no way of knowing the enemy in Syria. The rebels are groups of people with different religious affiliations and allies. There is no way to know who the enemy is in Syria. 

Perhaps the only people who can tell the killers from allies are the Kurdish Peshmerga, but, according to Turkey they are enemies as well. To ask the Peshmerga to lead fights in Syria, given the Assad regime, would be asking them to commit suicide.

The USA does not belong in battle in the Middle East, every war in that region of the world is a civil war.

The lengthy battles in Afghanistan are civil wars with the Taliban. The Taliban are militias and not an ethnicity. The USA military does not belong in Afghanistan anymore. The al Qaeda of 911 are either dead, teaching in Pakistan's military institute or hiding in the tribal region. Nation building doesn't work. There is no mission in Afghanistan. It is promoted by the military itself to maintain a foothold for no reason except to have a foothold.

There are no more wars for the USA to fight. It needs to defend it's allies at a time when a global charasmatic movement could at the very least disrupt them and cause civilian deaths.

The global charasmatic war came as close to the USA as Canada when the entire Parliament was in session and a lone gunman attempted an attack to kill them all. The USA has much to do to protect it's allies and it is time to end the hideous USA presence via drone and send the troops home.
The great myth of the USA military is that it operates with cutting edge technology. 


The F-35 is a piece of junk. The Osprey is a piece of junk. 

The generals always say we go on what we have. That is mostly true.

In Iraq, the underbelly of Wall Street came into view. Humvees without adequate armor. Soldiers with no armor at all. Their families purchased body armor on line so their sons and daughters had half a chance. The new encounters of IEDs and RPGs the USA military was completely unprepared to defend from. Cities that were only protected by six or more layers of blast walls.

There were field Commanders that answered to the Commander and Chief while the Joint Chiefs were mute to the status of the armed conflict with Iraqis called insurgents.

We had attempts, no different than Saddam, on Shi'ite holymen and their mosques defeated by unarmed women and elderly men marching in the streets on a holy path to their Mosque.

The USA military has many strong points, but, what lacks is profound morality in battle and generals that accept what they are given. That is not a military, that is Pandora's Box.

The USA military needs to cancel anymore Osprey. They are still fallowing out of the sky.

The Osprey has been grounded in Japan. The Bell-Boeing Osprey is completely unreliable to take soldiers into battle. This is the first major accident in Japan, it is not the first major accident. USA Soldiers have died in training missions in this machine.

A U.S. Marine Corps MV-22 Osprey aircraft (click here) ditched off Okinawa on Tuesday night in the first major accident involving the tilt-rotor transport aircraft in Japan.

The five crew members aboard ejected from the aircraft and were rescued by the U.S. military, the Defense Ministry said. They were transported to a U.S. naval hospital to receive treatment for injuries, the U.S. Marine Corps said on Twitter.

The accident of the aircraft, seen by many in Okinawa as accident-prone, came at a time when a showdown between the central and prefectural governments are deepening on the plan to move the operations of U.S. Marine Corps Air Station Futenma within the prefecture....

The USA Marines are often the first land based operation by the military. The Marines need reliable transport, the Bell-Boeing Osprey is not that machine.

December 22, 2016
By Samantha Tatro, Astrid Solorzano and Monica Garske

A U.S. Marine aircraft (click here) made a precautionary emergency landing east of San Diego, near Mount Laguna, on Thursday afternoon, military officials said.

The unplanned landing happened during routine training, shortly before 4 p.m. The helicopter landed 30 miles east of the Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, USMC Miramar Lieutenant Gabriel Adibe said. Cal Fire spokesman Isaac Sanchez said the Osprey landed in an open field in the Cleveland National Forest in the U.S. Forest Service's jurisdiction.

The MV-22 Osprey made it safely to the ground with no reports of injuries, or damage to the helicopter, officials said.

"The aircraft was conducting routine training and the pilots landed the aircraft safely with no injuries to personnel," read a statement from Gabide....

December 2015 crash in Hawaii. Two Marines died. There are more incidents with and without deaths of USA Marines. The Osprey should be cannibalized for parts and new helicopters obtained for the Marine Corp.

It is a star chamber.

"W" and Donald Rumsfeld had a cabal. It appears as though Republicans cannot separate themselves from cronies even at the highest level. That is what Donald Trump's casinos and hotels are; they are cronies.

There is a profound difference in the administrations of Democrats and Republicans. Republicans are power players, while Democrats are legislators. Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi had the most prolific US House in history. The US House passed so much legislation the US Senate could not get to all of it. It was that reason The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was passed in the first year. It could have been buried under enormous numbers of bills and would never have a chance at passage.

This Trump administration harken back to when the wealthy landowners exclusively controlled the election system. I think it is shameful the Trump cabinet is filled with billionaires. Maybe that is the only way he is assured his wealth doesn't over shadow his cabinet officers, but, it is completely shameful.

I am certain the world was unaware there were so many billionaires in the USA. The global community knew the country was wealthy, but, in sincere debt. This administration's cabinet goes to prove where the money goes in the USA. The wealth accumulates at the top and robs the middle class forcing a much larger numbers of poor. This is the USA. It is completely out of balance in it's wealth. The wealthy exist in the face of a larger and growing national debt. I am certain the national deficit will increase under Trump. 

December 20, 2016
By Steve Goldstein

Two of Donald Trump’s adult children (click here) will not be participating in a planned fundraising event, after several media outlets reported that they were set to offer access during a hunting trip in exchange for donations of up to $1 million.
The presidential transition team in a statement said late Tuesday that the plan, to offer hunting and fishing expeditions with Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr. for donations of up to $1 million, were merely “initial concepts.”...