Friday, February 20, 2015

Active people don't eat junk. They respect their bodies. An active lifestyle is good for America.

 The cooperative I belong to takes themselves very seriously. They shop for products we like.

This is a snake food the cooperative has stocked recently. I like the Vadalia Onion flavor, which is not shown on their website, so the flavor is probably new.

There are no GMOs, no cholesterol, no trans fats, low sodium, Kosher, vegan, produced with green energy, no msg and certified gluten free.

Boulder Canyons Natural Food - Boulder Benefits (click here)

America's Best Potato Chips is voted #1 with Rachel Ray (click here).

Before travel is actually possible and life sustainable on any foreign body, the atmosphere has to be perfected.

At 6:31pm, (click here) Roger Chaffee reported “Fire, I smell fire.”  Seconds later, Ed White exclaimed, “Fire in the Cockpit.”  Several other voice transmissions included “They’re fighting a bad fire—let’s get out.”  “Open’er up.”  “We’re burning up….”  The last transmission ended within 17 seconds after the first report of the fire.  Grissom, White, and Chaffee perished within 30 seconds due to smoke inhalation and burns....

I am sure the International Space Station has addressed all that, but, changing a planet's atmosphere is quite different. Pure oxygen environments do not sustain life. That has to be perfected before life is viable anywhere else, but, Earth.

Thank you.

This is remarkable. We are all connected. We see values in the same light and can completely relate to the tragedies we have. This is quite a statement by "Pussy Riot." I deeply appreciate it. 

I prefer to admire space from a far.

February 20, 2015
By Alexandra Petri

A recent Monmouth University (click here) poll of Americans on the subject of space travel found that most people were not exactly screaming to leave Earth. “If you won a free trip on a private company’s rocket ship into space, would you take the trip, or not?” the poll asked.

Sixty-nine percent said they would not. Only 28 percent were keen on the idea.

Here are a few possible theories of why we’re chary about leaving terra firma....

There was a time when space travel entertained the imagination of Americans, but, that has diminished. It is kinda neat to look through the pictures of Mars, but, live there? It is somewhat unrealistic. There needs to be a lot more research to the idea of a livable environment on another planet that is far colder than Earth.

Mars and Earth are the same age. The real question is what makes anyone think Mars is the optimal choice for their next residence?

I think we need to realize we are launching into extra-solar system travel. If that is the case and any Mars launch means no one is coming back, then follow Voyager as a marker to exit the solar winds. The ship that will be their life long residence is complicated, but, it may possible. At least as possible as Mars.
"The LEGO Movie" is too violent for it's targeted audience. "How to Train Your Dragon 2" should receive the Best Animated Feature Film. This film was a sellout anytime it is shown.