Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Where are the LD50 studies for the Airport Full Body Security Scanner? There is absolutely NO 20 year study.

When are the media and the public going to start using EFFECTIVE language to facilitate discussion about full body scanners?

I believe it is the FDA that tests X-Ray equipment for safe operation to protect consumers.  Where are the reports? 

Every Full Body Scanner OPERATOR / SECURITY OFFICER should be wearing radar badges no different than X-Ray Technicians in any clinical setting.

There is also no reason why FREQUENT Flyers or any consumer that are patients of radiation therapy or have X-Rays recently aren't issued X-Ray badges either at their own discretion and/or by order of their MD.

There is also the issue of 'radiation leaking' in the 'vacinity' of the unit.  It IS a clinical setting, not just a security area where 'pat downs happen.'

What has been completely astounding to me is the willingness of consumers to comply with scanners that are not fully explained to them OR have signed consents no different than consents signed in a clinical setting.

What is occurring is a 20 year study among consumers.  In 20 years from the 'mass' use of these scanners, there will all kinds of information regarding disease processes resulting from their use.  What is "W"rong with people these days?  Is money and movement EVERYTHING?  It should not be.

WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO OSHA AND POSHA?  They need to regulate the operations of these units.

Corruption on Wall Street will also impact the economy. When crime sprees occur, even White Collar crime sprees, the economy always takes a hit.

...The Complaint alleges that, (click here) from June 2009 through at least September 2010, the defendants raised approximately $5.6 million from 74 investors who invested in promissory notes issued by an Isle of Man company. Although investors were told that their money would be used to repay certain debts of the issuer's parent company, and thereby release assets that would be used to secure their promissory note obligations, the Complaint alleges that nearly all of the offering proceeds were transferred to BIG and its subsidiaries. According to the Complaint, in addition to misrepresenting the manner in which the offering proceeds would be used, the defendants failed to tell investors that BIG and its subsidiaries were in a precarious financial state....

The Complaint


Defendants, :

The United States of America needs a new tax. Called. "The Simpleton Tax."

Guaranteed to keep Republicans and Tea Baggers out of office.

...It all sounds so easy during campaign season. (click title to entry - thank you) This year the mantra of those who would govern by sound bite was this: When the federal and state governments cut taxes and spending, the economy will rebound with jobs for all.

If only it were so simple.

Some people label campaign time a silly season, but I think these days it's more accurate to honor autumn's dominant species by calling it Simpleton Season....

99% him, 1% her, she should have been out of the competition weeks ago !

It is another 'political media' event STAGED for Palin.  No doubt about it now.  Everyone knew from the beginning this would be the outcome.  It's fixed and I don't care if it is 'fixed' in an audience vote.  It isn't about dancing, technique or perfection.  It is a political POPULOUS show and like Sarah Palin's political credentials, there is no substance here either. 

...Some studio audience (click title to entry - thank you)  members booed in the final minutes of Tuesday's results show when host Tom Bergeron announced that pop singer Brandy was out and Sarah Palin's daughter Bristol had made it through to the final round of competition next week....

The people suporting Palin will point to Brandy's partner as the problem and the correogrpahy as insufficient.  It's bullshit.  If Brandy's partner was the problem then it was intentional.  Just that simple.  The program was never worth my time of day and it continues to earn that priority.