Friday, December 18, 2009

I want to thank the President for his delayed arrival in Copenhagen. He didn't have to do this for us. He did.

President Obama gave a stunning address to the delegates at the climate conference. From this side of the vantage point, it followed a very interesting speech by the Ethiopian President.

Ethiopia is in very bad condition. It was once a paradise where flora flourished and there were abundant regions of water. Today, due to Climate Change spawned by Human Induced Global Warming, Ethiopia is a parched desert with migrating people to find relief from their suffering.

The Ethiopian President stated, "1.5 to survive." He stated his concern revolved around a reality that is dearly not spoken to enough and that is the fact 'the species' of human being might not survive Climate Change. The reference to 1.5 is the number of degrees' Celcius he would like to have the temperature of Earth maintained in order to insure a rich biotic Earth.

It was good to hear from him. It is not many world stages where these leaders can be heard. The criticism of many of these small countries by the so called 'civilized First World' is that they have too many problems to even trust them with monies that are suppose to be targeted for protecting their lands, hence their people.

It is an unfair and biased assessment of the very neediest of countries on Earth. Their people are allowed to survive no different than any other and it is they that have the greatest risk to die. Providing water and food isn't the only aspect of 'care' these people need. They need to move from poverty and provide protections for their land. Poverty is the greatest threat to any Climate Change. I look forward to the conclusion of the conference at Copenhagen and a strong resolve for these very brave countries. They don't need nuclear energy either.

Thank you for your consideration of any of these views.

Some 74,000 Africans cross Gulf of Aden to Yemen in record-breaking year (click here)

...In some cases they are beaten, raped, killed or just thrown overboard into the shark-infested waters. In addition, the overloaded and overcrowded boats sometimes capsize, resulting in the drowning of many onboard.

According to the latest UNHCR statistics, at least 309 people drowned or did not survive the trip this year. In 2008, some 590 people died during the crossing. Many more people went missing and are presumed dead. The mixed migration route through the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea is presently the busiest and the deadliest one in the world.

Unlike in previous years, Somalis are no longer the majority of arrivals. With nearly 32,000 Somali arrivals this year their number remains steady in comparison to 2008. However, the number of Ethiopians reaching Yemen more than doubled this year to above 42,000.

While virtually all arriving Somalis approach the two, strategically positioned reception centres in Mayfaa and Ahwar, where they receive protection and assistance, only some 9,000 Ethiopians went to these venues this year. Most press on towards the Persian Gulf states in search of job opportunities....

..."We entered this negotiation at a time (click title to entry - thank you) when there were significant differences between countries. Developed and developing countries have now agreed to listing their national actions and commitments, a finance mechanism, to set a mitigation target of 2 degrees Celsius and to provide information on the implementation of their actions through national communications, with provisions for international consultations and analysis under clearly defined guidelines.

"No country is entirely satisfied with each element but this is a meaningful and historic step forward and a foundation from which to make further progress."...

Below are adult deaths due to NO health insurance coverage. Yep.

The difference between having a Public Option and not having a Public Option goes beyond simple competition. That is definitely a consideration, but, it also allows States an option in applying the expanded rolls of Medicaid that may work better for them.

Jeff Sessions, Alabama

Alabama - 541 Adult Deaths Annually. Alabama is one of the poorest States in our nation, if not the poorest. It is States like Alabama that needs health care insurance reform the most and definitely need to expand Medicaid. Absolutely. They won't be able to do it alone and that is why the Public Option is so valuable. If a State like Alabama cannot include more on their Medicaid rolls, it will fall to the federal government. However, the best way to deliver that care is to offer a Public Option so people can directly apply for an insurance program they need. Absolutely.

Richard Shelby, Alabama.

Alaska - 124 Adult Deaths Annually. I don't know how many are Native Americans.

Lisa Murkowski, Alaska

Kyl. What is his first name? Jon Kyl. Jazzy 'Jon' title I guess. This picture was interesting, I guess he and Limbaugh the master of mirth for the Republicans have a lot in common. I thought it was a strange combination of images.

Arizona - 1185 Adult Deaths Annually. Arizona has the two most right wing extremist Senators in the Senate. That is by voting record, not, by personality or some faux pet name of "Maverick." Sorry, don't buy it. It is NO coincidence that Arizona's death rate is like fourth on this list. That isn't a mistake. The people of these highly conservative states aren't being well served by their government because they 'bought into' the ideology and NOT 'good conscience.'

John McCain, Arizona

Connecticut - 326 Adult Deaths Annually. And these annual deaths that repeat year after year. This is just THIS year, this is every year.

Joseph Lieberman, Connecticut

Florida - 3542 Adult Deaths Annually. Now, I don't know about you, but, I am getting a very creepy picture right now, considering the Governor before Charlie Crist was Jeb Bush. You know the guy, the Former Texas Governor's Brother. That a lot of dead people compared to the rest of the country and both states had the Bush Brothers as Governors. It is NOT a coincidence. NOT!!!

Let me remind of The Iron Triangle. They are suppose to be 'the rock' and center of the Republican ideology. To begin with when a party has these kinds of problems and rely on image making to have folks elected to office, it is a superficial reality for the constituency.

The sincere issue regarding any of the people listed within these two entries is they chronically want to 'downsize' government. I have already stated there was a coup against the Constitution under the Bush/Cheney administration for eight years. Oh, didn't I use that word? My bad. See, if oneis employing 'a hammer' to the USA Constitution while placing at the center of the Federal Budget outside of military spending, the American entitlements trying to make them more than 50% of that budget and it is a PLAN then I call it a coup.

The purpose of the Republican leadership under the Bush Brothers has always been to LIMIT the size of government and eventually eliminate it. For the most part. That is why citizens have to be armed, etc., etc., etc.

So what is transpiring here are politicians with an ideology to implode the USA infrastructure from the inside while making it appear as though it is the best thing that God has ever done for the nation. Sorry, but, there is nothing godly about the Bush Brother's agenda.

One might recall the scandal in Florida when Jeb Bush LOST something like 500 children within the social service network there. THAT occurred because of the downsizing of the State of Florida infrastructure. Oh, sure the 'social workers' were scapegoated, but, what is sincerely boiled down to was too large workloads for the people that were the lifeline to those kids. So, the methodology of Jeb Bush was to assign MORE GOVERNMENT to the issue and supposedly solve the problem and scapegoat the victimized. The children were never safe under the Florida Social Work system because there were more children than the workers had 'quality time' to follow them. It is just that simple.

The governments of the Bush Brothers did not serve the people, but, they seem like nice guys though and after all we always get those great rebates and tax cuts.

The people listed here are not good leaders, they should not be in government and they certainly aren't moral leaders no matter how many church services they attend in any given week.

Florida has a disproportionate number of adult deaths here compared to the other states with RED representatives. Yes, Red. If you ain't taking the issues of the people seriously you are a RED representative to the House and Senate. Don't care the party. People live otherwise their representatives are giving EXCEPTIONALLY poor serve to the people that elected them over and over and indoctrinatedly over again.

George LeMieux, Flordia. (He and Crist the current governor are known to be chummy.)

Saxby Chambliss, Georgia (Was that 'bliss' in his name? Well, I found this 'insight' to his 'philosophy' interesting. Ignorant man evidently. This is a direct quote.) “First of all,” said Chambliss, “I am not a health care expert. I tend to rely on our health suppliers [sic] for a lot of the information that we’ve used in developing our ideas and our thoughts.” (Oh, it was Cham-bliss. Like Sham Bliss. Like a faux bliss. You might say that. So, let me see if I can tease out a reality here based on his statement.)

Basically, he is not an expert. I guess that means he does not have an MD. I don't know what it takes to be an expert in his estimation as he never really said. But, you know one doesn't have to be an expert when elected to office, but, only consult with GOVERNMENT AGENCIES that tract deadly trends in citizens well being. I would not put a 'supplier' in that category. So, if Shambliss turning to private industry 'suppliers' for information on deciding about the wellness of Americans and the 'intervention' government needs to take it would seem a conflict of interest at the very least. He is NOT a competent Senator. At all. Government is not suppose to turn to those that are 'causing harm' to citizens to find the problem. I won't show up there. Government is suppose to ask the 'Agencies' to reply to issues found within the citizens of the country. And then a Senator is suppose to 'think,' followed by legislation to stop the harm to citizens.

Buoy, what a mess.

Georgia - 1640 Adult Deaths Annually

Johnny Isakson, Georgia (You know the state directly north of Florida.)

Mike Crapo, Idaho

Idaho - 217 Adult Deaths Annually

James Risch, Idaho (Cheney on the right in case one forgot about Darth Vadar. A touching moment, I am sure. The last name is Risch, not Reich.)

Indian - 727 Adult Deaths Annually.

Richard Lugar, Indiana (That is a Judd next to him.)