Sunday, September 18, 2011

I'll be back tomorrow to comment on many subjects including regulation, the military and Solyndra.

What is occuring in the USA House, in their own orbit, is nothing more than hubris on an expensive salary.  This 'ACT' is why the right wing media is focusing on regulation. 
This is a no brainer.  The USA needs protections to their environment through regulation.  They need protections  in their food supply and their medical supply and they are not getting it while their Senators are grappling with huge global systems to stem dangers to the domestic demands inside the country.
It is getting hideous and stupid.  With all this infrastructure spending there should be plenty of monies to subsidize small companies to faciliate compliance.  If they are helped to meet regulations they will have a secure market share and safe clientele.  What could be better.
Interesting.  The House GOP is willing to spend millions upon millions to defeat regulations without a single thought about spending millions upon millions to facilitate and enforce them.  In a society concerned about the cost of health care, regulations are the first measure that should be taken to reduce the need and reduce the cost.  I mean really, do I have to say all this?  And the media worries about 'spiritual nutcases' in need of exorcists.
The TRAIN Act would create a multi-million dollar committee to conduct cost-benefit analyses of 10 EPA regs aimed at curbing GHGs and other pollutants (click title to entry - thank you)

By Elizabeth McGowan
SolveClimate News

WASHINGTON—Those perceiving the Clean Air Act as a lumbering locomotive intent on flattening U.S. jobs, economic competitiveness and energy reliability hope the "TRAIN Act" makes more than a whistle-stop tour through Capitol Hill.

Conservationists, however, have an opposite take.

For them, the wheels can't come off soon enough from House legislation that is saddled with a cumbersome name — Transparency in Regulatory Analysis of Impacts on the Nation Act of 2011 — to create a cutesy but memorable acronym that lends itself to ridicule....

A legitimate appoach will be marred by the violence of Hamas.

Determined: Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. Photo: Reuters

Unfortunately, Palestine's claim of Statehood won't be received  with a warm welcome as it should.  The security problems in Gaza and the waters surrounding Gaza are still a huge problem for Israel.  That violence can't be ignored.

The real tragedy will begin when Hamas begins attacks on Israel following the defeat of their bid for Statehood.  But, Hamas would have begun attacks on Israel even if the measure at the UN succeeded.  Either way Hamas will see the issue as permission for warring due to lack of sovereignty or just plain war for the entire of Israel. 

Gaza is a problem.  It is a problem for Palestine, Israel and the Palestinians that live there.  I do not see any real path to peace so long as Hamas is tolerated and the violence continues.  The Hamas violence is another problem no different than violence in Northern Ireland was for generation after generation.  The higher the price the more likely the next generation will continue the violence.  The Arab League really needs to do something to change the paradyme with Hamas, without peace there won't be a sovereign Palestine.  Hamas has to stop their violent culture and adopt the reality that peace can exist with clear borders.

I am somewhat releaved the "Tea-vangelicals" missed the 'cue' of the Gardasil issue.

I would have expected more of them to relate to the spiritual complaint of the mother with the retarded child and not the medical complaint.

This is just a guess, but, it seem to me the woman was saying that after her daughter received a Gardasil injection she developed mental retardation because of the 'myth' of this being permission to allow sexual activity at an early age.

Sort of a God vs. Devil topic.  In other words after Michele Bachmann stated she felt offended for the little girls and their parents, the woman in the audience would have bonded with the 'spiritual' invasion of the devil to her daughter and 'magic' she was retarded.  I thought that was something the Tea-vangelicals missed.  It was a welcome disconnect and proves they aren't as 'god centered' with every thought. 

To evangelicals Gardasil is a dangerous drug for many reasons and not simply the physical side effects which brings me back to the Perry governorship to help out a crony.