Tuesday, October 23, 2012

President Obama proved his competency as Commander and Chief in the last debate.

His opposition was challenged for competent answers and the Right Wing rhetoric is that any Wall Street Venture Capitalist can become as competent as Obama once in office. I think the Former Senator Obama would disagree with that.

But, I noticed some interesting realities other than the sweat on Romney's brow.

While the debate was transpiring CNN had a 'undecided voter reaction ticker.' It showed some interesting things. The undecided voter was more comfortable with President Obama's answers, but, the women didn't like him 'taking on' Romney. They much preferred to be hearing about this competent answers, the values emulated through his foreign policy and the future of the country.

To some extent both gender voters thought less of the comparisons made to Romney while pointing his deceptions and shortcomings to the electorate. They wanted to hear about the President, his policies, our values in those policies, how he transacts policy and what the future will be like.

it is my opinion that the President needed to address his base as well during the debates and did so by taking on Romney and handling his deceptions. That was just as important if not more so. But, he should consider leaving that dynamic at the debates and address the future of the USA under his continued Presidency with Vice President Biden as Partner and Chief in the White House.

The Undecided Voter, especially the female voter has a softer side that wants to hear positive dialogue without negative attacks. It is my opinion the President and his campaign need to focus more on the future and what the next four years will look like. 

He mastered that debate last night. I congratulate him. There is no doubt we are safer today both domestically and abroad. He is a strong and competent leader with the respect of the international community. i was a little disappointed his Nobel Prize didn't come up because it does reflect his policies. They are policies to support the movement of democracy.

i found it very sad that Mitt Romney was attempting to be the best Obama-wannabee he could. It only proved he is not ready for the presidency and unpredictable in any policy goals. And Ryan should never have been placed that close to the Oval Office.

Have a better day.