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I don't think his recognition was a mistake. He needs the focus of communities that care.

I think Rove's abuse of the law had a lot to do with the IRS focus. Not that it was right to do it, but, I do believe the fact Rove misused the status caused a sense of responsibility within the IRS.

Wonder who is going to jail? What? No News Corp? The idea there are some involved here that might face prosecution and possibly their sources. It compromises the legitimacy of their letter's content. Sorry, but it does.

It would be helpful for those NOT involved with the Associated Press case were involved to advocate for the profession and The Shield Law. It would keep it clean.

When letters carry LEGAL BAGGAGE it causes skepticism to the purpose of the group, the letter and the letter's context. It would be better to set aside a group of representatives of these organizations that are FREE OF CONFLICT OF INTEREST to act to bring about focus to their letter. 

Not to instill fear or intimidation, at least entertain that concept when moving forward. 

Media companies around the country signed a letter of protest to Attorney General Eric Holder a day after learning about the Justice Department’s subpoena of Associated Press phone records. In the letter, the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press urged for a strong federal shield law to protect reporters and their news-gathering materials in a court of law.

Media coalition letter of protest to Attorney General Eric Holder (click here)

Letter from the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press to Attorney General Eric Holder, protesting the Justice Department's subpoena of Associated Press phone records.

The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press 

Bruce D. Brown, Executive Director,

Gregg P. Leslie, Legal Defense Director,

A. H. Belo Corporation

ABC, Inc.
Advance Publications, Inc
Allbritton Communications Corp.
ALM Media, LLC
American Society of News Editors
Association of Alternative News Media
The Association of American Publishers, Inc.
Atlantic Media, Inc.
Bay Area News Group
Cable Network News, Inc.
California Newspaper Publishers Association
California Newspaper Partnership
Cox Media Group, Inc.
Daily News, LP
Digital First Media, LLC
Digital Media Law Project
Dow Jones @ Company, Inc.
The E. W. Scripps Company
First Amendment Coalition
Forbes, Inc.
Free Press
Gannett Co., Inc.
Journal Communications, Inc.
Lee Enterprises
LIN Media
The McClatchy Company
Media News Group, Inc.
National Association of Broadcasters
The National Press Club
National Press Photographers Association
NBC Universal Media, LLC
The New York Times Company
Newspaper Association of America
The Newspaper Guild - CWA
The Newsweek / Daily Beast Company, LLC
North Jersey Media Group, Inc.
NPR, Inc.
Online News Association
Radio Television Digital News Associaiton
Reporters Without Borders 
Reuters America LLC
The Seattle Times Company
Society of Professional Journalists
Stephens Media LLC
Student Press Law Center
Time, Inc.
Tribune Company
21st Century Media Newspaper
The Washington Post


U.S. Attorney Ronald C. Machen, Jr.
via email: dc.outreach@usdoj.gove

Office of Public Affairs

via email:

Representative Sensenbrenner is a very frustrated man. He has been frustrated for at least two and a half years and according to him up to four and a half years since President Obama took office and AG Holder took his place on the President's Cabinet. At the point where Rep. Sensenbrenner painted his broad strokes of disappointment, sorry frustration, I can't take him seriously. 

When a House Representative is unable to focus his questions to the Attorney General, there is nothing to take him seriously about. Rep. Sensenbrenner has a political purpose on his committee assignments and it is all to obvious. He is not interested in serving the American people.

Rep. Sensenbrenner wasn't even prepared enough to denote AG Holder had recused himself from the INVESTIGATION of the Associated Press leaks. So, to simply ask the AG why he has no answers after he openly stated he recused himself an entire day before this House Republican asked stupid questions is PROOF of his political objectives without substantive work on his committee.

Such is the state of affairs at the US House.

Representative Lofgren is incorrect. Her reading of the provision of the law states clearly the Press can only report what it can investigate. She is implying the Press is allowed to investigate CIA agents embedded in classified service to the USA. Now, what good is the secret operations against al Qaeda if journalists are allowed to investigate it and leak the information? I remind, the issue is a LEAK, not a journalist investigation. Rep. Lofgren could not be more incorrect and poses a profound misunderstanding that undermines the sovereignty of the USA.

Some of the most interesting journalistic investigations REQUIRES the Freedom of Information Act. There is a reason why there are laws such as the Freedom of Information Act and Whistleblower laws, but, that does not include an assault against our CIA, FBI and Information officers or agents. The hideous implication that AG Holder and President Obama needs to have a message more supporting of the Press is ridiculous. It is an afront to the USA Constitution and that is putting it mildly.

Rep. Bachus is looking to victimize AG Holder. He wants to access 'the idea' there is a limit on the recusal. So, in Rep. Bachus mind, there needs to be an expiration date to the AGs exempt status from 'not knowing' the particulars of the subpoena of the Associated Press. The Republicans absolutely hate Holder. "I wish, I wish, I wish I could get rid of the man in the Executive Branch. Please God let there be a way and allow me to find it."

Is there any reason why the Deputy Attorney General would not be trustworthy enough to ask these questions? It is he that asked for the LAWFUL subpoena regarding the national security of the USA. The TOPIC of the subpoena ALONE eliminates any question to the scope of the investigation. And why would the AG Office ask the AP for cooperation if indeed they were the ones responsible for the leak that was a national security breech. Give me a break. There was more reason for the AP to NOT cooperate with a volunteer inquiry and ultimately hide evidence to the brevity of the issue and make learning about it without obstruction. Wouldn't have been great for the AP to tout they successfully disregarded the security of an entire nation to benefit politics intended to embrace the President, his Cabinet and ultimately to add to any reason for Impeachment proceedings. The idea there could be an Impeachment Vote in the House as a result of a leak only brings me to believe the SOURCE to the AP was a House Congressperson. 

This is a nice entry in Wikileaks about The Shield Law the news industry was unable to obtain into law before the elections of 2010 and all hopes was trashed.

shield law (click here) is legislation designed to protect reporters' privilege, or the right of news reporters to refuse to testify as to information and/or sources of information obtained during the news gathering and dissemination process. Currently the U.S. federal government has not enacted any national shield laws, but most states do have shield laws or other protections for reporters in place....

I suggest the Press ask for a Shield Law that will meet National Security interests and will pass Congress. It would be a good place to start and by every estimate, as of today, the Press has a the most cooperative Republican House than they have had in decades.

ISSA continues to be the incompetent while illustrates his only ability as a political hack.

Drought, freezes expected to cut Kansas wheat crop 22 percent (click here)

By Dan Voorhis
The Wichita Eagle
May 14, 2013

The Kansas wheat crop will fall 22 percent, to 299.7 million bushels, from last year’s 382.2 million bushel harvest, according to a forecast as of May 1 by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.
If the forecast holds, the number of acres producing wheat will be down 11 percent, mostly because drought has stunted so many fields in western Kansas. Yields statewide are forecast to average 37 bushels per acre, down 5 bushels from 2012.
In south-central Kansas, the state’s most productive wheat growing region, the crop is projected to be down 19 percent, to 75.5 million bushels....

I take issue with that estimation. Currently, South Central Kansas is experiencing severe drought with impinging extreme drought. I don't think this estimate is accurate in that it will be far worse than 19 percent.

Rep. Cohen is concerned about the liberty and would like to see the commutation of people currently sentenced unnecessary regarding marijuana. There is something to chase down. Marijuana is being affiliated with the Mexican Drug Cartel proliferation of violence. That is a real plus for the Pro-Marijuana movement. Rep. Cohen is interested in removing the stigma of legalizing marijuana.
Representative Randy Forbes is putting on a show for the media to create the idea there is 'entitlement' of the AG and the Former Secretary of State. That is not a solid understanding of the law or anything short of political directives at a House Hearing. "Anything you should have done before hand" is the problem.

Fast and Furious was an extension of a Gun Walker Policy of the previous administration. The problems under the direction of the ATF occurred very early in this administration. The administration was completely reliant on the ATF to determine the outcomes of these programs. It is irresponsible of Rep. Forbes to insinuate there is some kind of omnipotent knowledge the AG should have acted on. It doesn't provide a reason for a resolution of the issue, but, the continuance for political fodder.

Representative Hank Johnson is concerned about the issue of the integrity of the First Amendment as it applies to the Press. Rightfully so. However, the problem today in regard to any 'cool breeze' as a result of a letter sent to the Associated Press is THE PROBLEM of the Associated Press. The government did not publish the legal requirement of notifying the Associated Press. The AP shot themselves in the foot over this entire issue. There has been no legal actions taken to date except for the subpoena. The AP could have pursued a much different path to answer the letter supplied by Justice, but, they decided to become a tabloid and publish something that has not served their best business ethic. That is not the problem of US Justice. I simply isn't. As a matter of fact it could be estimated the AP pursued this path because they want to distract from the investigation and it's brevity on national security of the USA. Basically, the AP violated ethical standards to leverage public opinion in their favor before the results of the lawful investigation has come full circle. In other words, they sought corruption of the facts before the charges are filed. I remind, the Press has a legal standing in the USA and could literally carry out fraud in their favor.

I sincerely believe the longer the hysteria over the subpoena goes on the more compromised the AP becomes as time goes on. If the Associated Press continues to corrupt the public record the less competency there will be in that capacity for the Press.

...Gary Millershaski, a wheat farmer in Kearny County, west of Garden City, said that two years ago his wheat got hailed on, cutting yields to 17 bushels an acre. Last year was OK, at 34 bushels an acre.
This year, he said, may be worse than two years ago.
He said the freezes weren’t that important, but the drought has been punishing.
This year a third of his fields have potential for 25 bushels per acre, a third have a potential for 17-18 bushels per acre, and a third is already “zeroed out,” he said.
“I’m seeing it, I’m living it, but I can’t say I’m loving it,” Millershaski said.
The central and north-central regions are down only slightly from last year, while the less important wheat-growing areas in the eastern third of the state may even be up slightly, according to the USDA report.
USDA will make its next forecast for the wheat crop after assessing conditions on June 1.
I do believe Mr. Millershaski backs my point of view in regard to the outcome of the USA wheat crop.

This Polar Bear cub, named Kali, is a victim of the violation of the USA Endangered Species Act.

..."He followed the tracks back to the den, (click here) crawled down inside, found a cub, pulled it out, put it in his coveralls, rode it back into Point Lay and then got hold of U.S. Fish and Wildlife," said Patrick Lampi, executive director of the Alaska Zoo, which has cared for the bear since.

Subsistence hunting is allowed in the area, but hunters aren't allowed to shoot females with cubs, Lampi said after accompanying the cub to Buffalo....

I wish the plight of this species were brought up in a US House hearing with the Attorney General.

The Gosnell Case is not about Pro-Life, it is however about proverty and the status of poor women. Representative Trent Franks, "Born alive infant protection act." (click here) Will the AG enforce it? Has he not? This law is no different than any other federal law in the USA. If it applies anyone can enforce it. Rep. Franks assumes the Attorney General is aware of every case where this applies in the USA. That is not realistic, nor is it appropriate to place that 'case load' on the highest federal officer in the country. It is over reaching to have the AG involved in every case where this law applies. Rep. Franks is seeking political statements and not effective use of the committee's time.

Rep. Ted Deutch is correct. There should be no blanket permission for 501(c)4 status to any of the organizations in question because the IRS applied standards not provided for in the law. The organizations in question STILL have to be certified according to the law.

Ah, Rep. Gohmert. Congress needs to be allowed to have boxes and boxes of copies of documents about terrorism in Texas. Mr. Gohmert has not provided contact information regarding this issue. Incompetent. Unless, of course, Gohmert simply wants to have footage with the AG for his 501(c)4's political commercials. 

"The FBI blew the opportunity to save people's lives, blah, blah, blah...I know what has been purged...Islamic...I am concerned about religious freedom which is another issue with the IRS." The mosque in Cambridge descended against the Boston bombers interests. What is the point Gohmert?

Rep. Gohmert needs to submit a bill to the House floor which provides funding to Mosques to REPORT to an intelligence agency when there is descent by a congregation. The religious freedom of the USA DOES NOT require 'a sanctuary' to cooperate with USA intelligence. 

AG Holder set the record straight in that Gohmert does not know what he is talking about. That is SOP for Gohmert. It is not acceptable for the AG to direct the error of Rep. Gohmert to him because it is a personal insult to Rep. Gohmert. BUT. It is okay if Rep. Gohmert levels personal attacks of the AG. Okay, good. Rep. Gohmert wanted answers regardless of on going investigations. Amazing.

Rep. Karen Bass notes when African American churches were targeted by the IRS. She wants to know if there were any investigations of those churches that went forward to prosecution. Good call.

Oh, the AG proposed a Shield Law. I'll be darn. And appropriately, there was a national security exception. Rep. Bass wanted to know what happened to the Shield Law. The AG stated it was never passed. It probably had something to do with the Right Wing and their profound fear of that law. What's the name of it? It demands EQUITY in representation within a broadcast program. Lord knows that is not a priority of the political Right Wing media.

Rep. Jordan is a political hack. Ms. Learner is a liar. Rep. Jordan can't see the 5th Amendment applies to Ms. Learner. She has does not have to testify against herself. That is basic understanding of a witness. This is nonsense. AG Holder has no control over the outcome of Ms. Learner's testimony. An ongoing investigation is an ongoing investigation, but, that is not an issue that still does not insure her cooperation.

Rep. Cedric Richmond states the law and publications point to the demands by the AG to secure the USA from leaks. AG Holder validates the demands by Congress for seeking action against leaks and now that US Justice has done so they are under fire for carrying out the demands of Congress. Federal agents will use drug dealers to get other drug dealers. "Please don't forget the people killed in the community by the drug trade."

Rep. Ted Poe has seven questions in a letter for the AG to answer. Not a bad idea. At least it can't be interpreted as a publicity stunt. "Government Action" is an issue for Rep. Poe. He submitted the Shield Law from 2007 for passage. Rep. Poe reads letter of complaint from a Tea Party group about the IRS. The FBI, ATF and OSHA. Oh, here we go, Mr. Poe wants supervision of voter ID groups to end.

I guess Attorney General Holder needs to decide if there was harassment of "True the Vote." Who knows, except this 501(c)4 is unnecessary when one considers there is virtually no voter fraud in the USA.

Rep. Suzan DelBene "Should emails be completely out of reach of the Justice?" "Should the laws be updated to reflect the way we live.? STOP voting for the continued abuses of The Patriot Act. Why doesn't the AG say that? 

Geolocation privacy. Good idea. Woman's issue. "Electronic Communications Privacy Act." Having a warrant to obtain information from a 'service provider' is something US Justice supports. Good. That means the free and easy use of information by the tech sector is actually a violation of privacy rights. I mean they aren't actually enforcing laws per The Patriot Act, are they?

Rep. Chafftez - General Petraeus - Mr. Clapper of intelligence was notified in relation to when Petraeus knew about his predicament. Was there any national intelligence indication? AG Holder believes there was no national security breech. "Hacking investigation." Ongoing investigation. The AG did not believe there was a national security problem. There was no national intelligence problem, though. So, what's the point by Chafftez? Why not notify under the law? AG Holder doesn't reveal ongoing investigation to the President. Chaffetz doesn't believe AG Holder trusts the President. "We do not share ongoing criminal investigations." Okay then.

I think AG Holder needs to apologize to Rep. Chafftez in that he hasn't played footsie with him for political reasons.

Rep. Joe Garcia. Mr. Perez. Labor Secretary. Experience in Maryland and distinguished career. Responsible to working class people. He is not an ideologue as he has been portrayed. Cuts in The Sequestration. Prolonged detention - "Serious problems with sequestration. The docket has gone up every year. Sequestration runs in the opposite direction in removing funding to this purpose. The President has asked in the 2014 for funding more immigration judges for the purpose of addressing the growing docket.

Rep. Tom Marino - The living Boston bomber in the hospital. Charges had to be filed. "Why did or who did make the decision to file charges at that time while he was in the hospital?" Rules and only 48 hours. Rules are rules. There was still time though in the Public Exception Rule before Marandizing. Files were charged in 46 hours after capture of the individual. Was Muller aware that charges were going to be filed? For god sake, this is a US Citizen. On to recusal about AP. Ah, the written paper trail was not secured by Holder. If it wasn't required then what is there to demand such a thing. They need legislation. Should someone other than The Deputy handle the investigation about the AP? Possibly US Attorney of Maryland. Maryland? This occurred in Maryland?

Rep. Hakeem Jeffries is troubled by the lack of consultation with the Associated Press. I am not. I have to question whom side the House is on when it comes to securing information that impacts CIA agents embedded with al Qaeda. Why would the AG contact the Press when there was a life on the line in hostile territory? Why would anyone see that as debatable? "Systematic racial profiling ... Stop and Frisk." It is under review at DOJ. IRS and George Bush was president and seeking re-election. Okay, the NAACP issue. Seven members of US Congress had written letters to IRS to investigate NAACP. Was there ever a criminal investigation launched? AG Holder does not believe there was any investigation.

Rep. Trey Gowdy wants statistics regarding the law 922 g. Has not heard back about the statistics. One seventh in the federal system are gun cases. Background cases 83,000 failures. A small number was prosecuted. "Lack of jury appeal." Not a good steward of the current background check system. "Creating a pathway to earned citizenship is estential to human rights..." AG Holder made speech at Anti-Defamation League. Oh, hear we go, now Gowdy wants to control the AG's speech. So, the USA government can control the speech of the AG at a private speech, but, not the Press. Sure. "You have a human and civil right to citizenship." - 11 million undocumented people that contribute to this country and are often in a difficult position because they are illegal immigrants. Gowdy -  "All 11 million are not validictorians" Gowdy is a bigot. I suppose the AG needs to parse his words and focus only on the WORTHY illegal immigrants that would benefit Wall Street. 

Rep. Raul Laborador wants AG Holder to put everything he does in writing. Recusals are the issue. You know, the House needs to institute legislation that provides for a judical document in regard to recusal if it is PERTINENT to the purpose of the recusal other than seeking removal of AG Holder. Mitt Romney tax returns leaked to the Press. Was the IRS leaking Mitt Romney's tax returns? I don't recall leaked tax returns of Romney. I thought he withheld all those documents, except recent ones. Rep. Laborador wants to have information about liberal groups targeted in the past three years. The problem with the conservative groups were their donors and the fact they were reliant on the SAME donors. It is about whether or not the Koch Brothers were seeking unfair advantage over donation laws and hideous increases in ads that serve their practices. AG Holder is not responsible for others action in the IRS, but, Rep. Laborador believes he implied through 'mind meld' it was okay to 'go there.'

Rep. Bob Goodlatte is going to submit questions by letter. I think that is a good idea. It is not only permissible of more information to be obtained but also provides the Justice Department with a written record to the need.

Rep. Farenthold wants information and AG Holder states he has been acting in good faith. The Justice Department does not want to chill the Press. Hypothetical. Hundreds of journalists have records collected, Is that offensive? AG Holder states it would depend on the need and yes his telephone records were provided to the investigators on request. FBI delayed by 17 days to Benghazi. Unsecured crime seen. AG Holder states it has not effected DOJ investigation. BECAUSE, there is a video record. But, the question by Rep. Farenthold was necessary for the record.

Rep. George Holding. Commendation for AG Holder of law enforcement community in NC. AG Holder stated in a speech he criticized length of prison sentences because they do not serve their purposes. Wants AG Holder to elaborate on his comments about prison sentences. AG Holder states "National Action Network" speech is a part of his options to speak to the public. AG Holder is concerned about Mandatory Minimum Sentences in regard to drug prosecutions as being too long and does not serve the purpose of the sentence. Holding - gun cases - average sentences of 10 years - significant impact on deterrent - believes AG Holder and DOJ has slacked regarding 922 and 924 case statistics. "There has not been a policy decision to de-emphasize those cases." AGAC Reviewing these cases and they will advise the Representative.

Rep. Doug Collins "Era of good government." Limited government should prevail. The words of AG Holder states "The Role of the Executive." So, therefore Rep. Collins believes there is a Role of Congress. Okay, Collins is offended by the AG's answers. He believes the answers truncate the ability of his office. Okay then. Oh, the AG has lack of preparation. Did Rep. Collins and the entire House Committee send questions to be answered before the AG  got there? 

You know the process with the House Judicial Committee isn't one of disciplinary and verbal abuse, it is about interfacing and bringing information BACK to the Justice Department. This isn't an investigative hearing. This is the hearing that occurs between US Justice in the Executive Branch and the Congress. Some of the House members used their time effectively to bring issues they have within their jurisdictions to the Attorney General. Some of the Committee members use their time to verbally abuse AG Holder to bring attention to their frustration. Some of the House members use their time for political upticks to their chronic campaigns. Whatever.

The AG states, "There is a toxic partisan atmosphere." I agree. AG Holder would like respect when he provides respect. Good. I am not sure all the House members agree you should be talking at all, so well done.

I am not going to follow this online. The House members are welcome to carry on without me. I give permission for them to talk ad nauseam.


Carney and Holder handled their responsibilities exactly as they should.

It is amazing to watch the Press fall all over themselves while they estrange a great White House.

The AP was going to out a CIA agent imbedded with an al Qaeda cell and the USA government with allies are suppose to give them a citation for "Great Work." I don't think so.

But, hey, if Dick Cheney can out a CIA agent then why can't the AP?

There was no pass for liberal groups in the IRS either. They had to apply and get their designation with the same process as everyone else. The difference between any supposedly liberal group applying for a 501(c)4 and the conservative groups was the SAMENESS of their donors. I don't have to 'think' about what the IRS was finding. I know what they were finding.

President Obama is now a zealot. Where have I heard that word before?

The Press doesn't have a leg to stand on and they know it. See that, Manning and Assange should have outed a CIA agent and they'd be heroes. See the Wikileaks scandal made a fatal error, they didn't include the AP.

At least the White House is doing the nation's business. Now the AP can join the House Republicans in their attempt to wage the dog. How is Bo doing anyway?

Evidently, Bo has his own activist group, the Washington Dog Association.

...Lobbyists are rodents. (click here) As dogs, we like everyone, except the lobbyists. We agree with the cats. Lobbyists should be caught and eaten.
Stop letting lobbyists write legislation! Even the felines agree it is like letting them into an aviary. There should be a law against it!
More voters need to demand their elected officials stop letting lobbyists draft legislation. Instead of hiring inept political hacks for staff positions, hire competent people who can draft bills to serve the nation, not special interests....

The American Press is becoming laughable. If the White House didn't stop the AP from outing a CIA agent the Republicans would be screaming impeachment and how the country was no safer today under Obama. I would love to know who the source to such a leak was. THEY GOT CAUGHT !

They got caught in outing a CIA Agent.

They got caught at the IRS.

Boy, oh, Boy what is a White House suppose to do?

The complaining by the Press is Boooorrrrrring. LOL.

Currently on C-Span is the author of "The Torture Memos" (click here)

Later. The discourse today has little to no interest.

The Koch Brothers are becoming dangerous political figures in the USA landscape.

They are methodical in their manipulation and corruption of our laws and politics. They have used a strategy to over run the coal industry because they need a lot of money.

They want to build their own nation of schools to educate the American children to their own standard. A prime example of their handy work can be noted in Synder's Michigan.

Now, because the inspectors at the IRS found the applications of the Koch organizations 501(c)4s strange enough to be concerned still yet another of their secret agendas are revealed.

The IRS may have sought unreasonable information based on the standards that exist, however, they were finding something else more disturbing and now at least we know what it is.

I think it was less about victimizing the Right Wing and more about defending the sovereign USA.

Page 1

...More than 20 months (click here) after the initial case was identified, processing the cases began in earnest. Many organizations received requests for additional information from the IRS that included unnecessary, burdensome questions (eg. list of past and future donors). The IRS later informed some organizations that they did not need to provide previously requested information. IRS officials stated that any any donor information received in response to a request from its Determination Unit was later destroyed....

It is kinda interesting. The IRS focused on the donors actual and potential. Many of these organizations have the same if not similar donors. The Koch Brothers are known to finance many of the Right Wing groups. It is interesting the donors would be a consideration because literally, the Koch Brothers could impact the outcome of American elections unknown to the electorate while being the only financier of the entire movement. The Koch Brothers could have manufactured the number of organizations applying for this IRS status to exceed legal spending limits and hide the entire amount.

I think an investigation beyond this assessment by the Inspector General is in order, but, not to support the deception but to disarm it.

There is much here to be suspicious about. I am sure I am not the only one that sees this for what it is after all.

It is good to know the Russians never felt threatened by the state of the art USA spy network in Russia.

A table behind Ryan Christopher Fogle shows some of the items that were allegedly confiscated from him.
00:12 15/05/2013

(By Carl Schreck for RIA Novosti)

The alleged espionage (click here) arsenal that a purported American spy was carryingwhen he was caught Monday night in Moscow – including a compass and a map of the Russian capital – looks decidedly old-school in the age of iPhones and GPS navigators.
But when it comes to spy tradecraft, newer isn’t necessarily better, a veteran clandestine services officer with the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) told RIA Novosti on Tuesday.
“Just as espionage itself is very old, many of the tradecraft methods for espionage are still valid,” said Peter Earnest, who operated intelligence collection and covert operations in Europe and the Middle East during a 35-year career with the CIA....