Wednesday, May 23, 2012

So, let me get this right, Occupy Wall Street is a covert organization for Left Wing Violence. Is that Right Bill?

Let's look at the facts, because Murdoch's Boy has got any.

#Occupy Wall Street is not funded by the Institute of Policy Studies. If anything I would expect the Institute of Policy Studies to be seeking funding from #Occupy. If one recalls there funding was given to them as donations within the first month of their organizing. A total of $500,00.00 as a matter of fact. I doubt seriously the #Occupy Movement is going to be impressed with the grant from the Tides Foundation to the Institute of Policy Studies in the amount of $162,000.00.  In case one cannot read the numbers accurately the Tides Foundation gave the Institute for Policy Studies a total of One hundred-sixty-two thousand dollars in 2011 (click here). Page 20 on that PDF.

Jay Carney is probably not the best person to ask about #Occupy, but, Vice President Joe 
Biden would probably say they are not affiliated with any movement in the USA, they are affiliated with the DNC. But, Vice President Biden would more than likely go on to say that after the global economic collapse Wall Street bailed on the citizens of most major countries. 

See, Bill, it goes like this, when the bailout for $800 Billion came down most everyone believed the 'status quo' of the USA and the Free World would remain STATIC (the same). We thought all the banks needed was their cash flow back again. Boy, were we "W"ronged! 

So, when Wall Street left with the USA Treasury we were left in the breech. Now, someone like Bill O'Reilly, whom sells books to a right wing conservative audience would not understand that. He would not have felt the pinch of the Wall Street abandonment, but, for those that did; they quickly realized an entire generation of Americans were now abandoned and could not find work. Wall Street banks left without an apology, but, only the money. The job market hasn't been the same since and only lately the housing market is actually picking up steam. Bill, MIGHT remember; poor man at his age still cranking it out for Murdoch, no rest for the weary I am sure; the housing market in October 2008 had a glut of housing and business property and the VALUE of land and homes fell drastically causing huge problems for many, many people. I think about 1 in every 5 affected homeowners is still underwater. So the recovery is very slow. I mean we are not printing money fast enough to hand it out to everyone. But, then there is such as a thing as the VALUE of the USA Dollar.

Now, I don't know about Bill O'Reilly, but when I was younger and faced with seeking employment I was ready. Dressed for success and everything. So, was this generation of Americans and the hopes and dreams of that readiness was destroyed when Wall Street decided to gamble with their bailout monies instead of providing stability to an economy that was fairly good to them all these decades.

The #Occupy Wall Street movement makes strong statements about their insight to their lives. Lives I might add that no one outside that generation can even begin to understand. So, for anyone like Bill O'Reilly to presume to speak for them is outrageous and for him to scandalize a single incident of a movement anchored in peaceful protest is even more exploitative than outrageous.

Bill O'Reilly was frustrated with not being noticed after last night's program at the You Tube video posted above; so I thought I'd accommodate him so he wouldn't feel as abandoned in his point of view and passion as the #Occupy movement often feels. This is the United States of America, Bill and everyone is supposed to count, so since you "...have a powerful program..." that wasn't being very powerful I didn't want you to be frustrated. One American to another.

Police have dangerous work and no doubt Chicago Police have some of the most dangerous work in the country along with a number of other large cities. Having NATO in Chicago was going to INVITE controversy on the street. It just was. I am confident there were also globalists among the #Occupy people as well. So, the globalists tend to be more overt about their anger and I think it went very well, all considering.

I apologize to the Chicago Police Officer that was injured. It is not condoned by #Occupy and if it were one of their members, perhaps, they were afraid of the police. It was not long ago when a very talented and wonderful young USA Veteran was smoke bombed and nearly died. He recovered, thank goodness, but that certainly sent a chill down the spine of the people in #Occupy.

I like those kids, Bill. They are young, full of passion with the will their American heritage left to them. I am sorry you want to demonize them and worried about their demonstrations getting out of control. I don't them hurt. I don't want them shot. I don't want them beaten. I want their dream back and the American Dream returned to the citizens of this country. Maligning people like George Soros is not becoming. He is a hugely generous man that have improved the lives of people globally. He is a decent man, seems rather humble to me and his generosity at a time when countries like the USA can't provide all the help others need, certainly is welcome.

The Tides Foundation has existed for 35 years. I doubt they would allow any of their grantees to promote violence. I find Bill O'Reilly's critique wrong and offensive of people not able to change their circumstances. 

I hope Bill O'Reilly has a better week rather than a propagandized one.

There is a solution to the drone strikes for Pakistan. Hand over all your international murderers.

(Reuters) / 22 May 2012

CHICAGO - President Asif Ali Zardari (click here) pressed the United States during a Nato meeting on Sunday to help find a “permanent solution” to US drone strikes that have fuelled tensions between the two uneasy allies.

“The president said that Pakistan wanted to find a permanent solution to the drone issue as it not only violated our sovereignty but also inflamed public sentiments,” Zardari spokesman Farhatullah Babar said in a statement after the Pakistani leader met with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on the sidelines of the summit.
The statement did not specify what such a solution might entail. The tempo of drone strikes, the centerpiece of US strategy to fight militants based in Pakistan, has increased substantially since President Barack Obama took office in 2009....

Does Pakistan actually expect to receive praise for protecting Osama bin Laden?

...A tribal court here found the doctor, Shakil Afridi, (click here) guilty of acting against the state, said Mutahir Zeb Khan, the administrator for the Khyber tribal region. Along with the jail term, the court imposed a fine of $3,500. Dr. Afridi, who may appeal the verdict, was then sent to Central Prison in Peshawar.
He had been charged under a British-era regulation for frontier crimes that unlike the Pakistan criminal code does not carry the death penalty for treason. Under Pakistani penal law, he almost certainly would have received the death penalty, a Pakistani lawyer said....
No sovereign nation can respect this decision by Pakistan to say Mr. Afridi acted against the state. That would indicate Pakistan willingly protected the most dangerous international criminal in the world. And the USA wants routes through this country? You've got to be joking. There needs to be sanctions placed on Pakistan until there is a reasonable government in that country rather than anarchy empowered by archaic law that has no place in the 21st century. This is outrageous. Mr. Afridi should be pardoned for his bravery in acting to end the life of the Pakistan's ruler of terror.

Pakistan is an illegal nuclear power that is out of control both internally and internationally. They are a danger to the global security and the country needs to be treated as such.

The top of the government of the United States of America sat huddled together to supervise the final act resulting from the bravery of Mr. Afridi to stop an international criminal responsible for killing thousands of people, assaulting government installations on multiple continents, including, the London Bombing, the Madrid Bombing, attacks against US military instillation and deploying trained members of al Qaeda to seek to kill more innocent civilians on airlines and Pakistan jails the man.

Osama bin Laden took a religious sect that has no legitimate ties to Islam or the Quran and dominated killings and fear in a region of the world that cannot recover a stable government and this is the result? Pakistan and Afghanistan are in ruins with generation after generation of war weary citizens facing chronic impoverishment, disease and desperate lives. Has Pakistan no interest in the future of their children? This is not the Zadari I know. Has the will of the people of Pakistan diminished so much that the memory of Benizar Bhutto is lost to brutal regimes seeking power rather than prosperity?

This decision, to treat a hero as a criminal, is wrong. It is more than wrong, it is profoundly wrong.

"Bowling for Columbine" turns ten and Fahrenheit 911 will be soon enough.

May 27th, 2002 12:00 AM

"Bowling for Columbine" Wins Cannes Prize (click here)

Dear friends,
By now you may have awakened to the news that last night, in Cannes, France, my new film, "Bowling for Columbine," was awarded the Special Prize of the 55th Cannes Film Festival. It had already made history by being the first documentary chosen to be part of the official festival competition in almost 50 years. And, last night, it was the only prize awarded that received a unanimous decision from the festival jury. The film's crew and I have never experieced anything like this.
Now, you're probably wondering what happened to that guy who wrote "Stupid White Men?" I know it seems like I disappeared for the better part of April and May. Contrary to the wild rumors I helped to initiate, I was not abducted by the Ashcroft Aliens for violating the new Patriot Act.
In truth, the book tour spun out of control when I couldn't say no to all the places that asked me to come and speak. Before I knew it, I had done 64 appearances in a total of 47 cities. Then, on the morning of my birthday, I was awakened with a call from France, asking me if I would allow my film to be shown in competition at the Cannes Film Festival. What do you say to a call like that? "Hey, it's my birthday, dammit, I'm trying to sleep!"...

...To now have this record-setting response to "Bowling for Columbine" happen here at Cannes is beyond belief. It's more than I deserve and I feel truly blessed and privileged. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I wish there was some way to repay all of you, like an internet version of let's all go out for a pizza. Maybe someday!
Thanks again.
Michael Moore
Lifetime Member, N.R.A.

Michael Moore was victorious and as a consequence, so were we.

Two years apart, the victories were glorious.

BY ROGER EBERT / May 19, 2004
...In any event it was "the longest ovation in the history of the festival," according to Thierry Fremaux, the festival's director. At a party Monday evening, I asked Moore. "It depends on when you start counting," he said. "Do you start with the beginning of the closing credits or when the lights go up? When they just wouldn't stop clapping, I walked out and they kept applauding in the lobby."...

 'Fahrenheit 9/11' won the festival's top prize the
Palme d'Or on May 22nd, 2004 on its way to becoming
the highest-grossing documentary in history