Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The really sad aspect of Right Wing Self-Righteousness is their emotional content that lacks reverence for the citizen.

The Right Wing also believes they have an ally in Ginsberg, too. 

But, to realize the House Floor was a demonstration equivalent to an emotional revival is a disappointment. The demonstration had no real facts. There was no compelling testimony presented that demanded such a law. There was no balance in the comments and it sure as heck didn't look like a Congressional proceedings.

Much of what the House actually accomplishes these days are ceremonial votes. Naming Post Offices, bringing recognition for bravery. While that is important, it should not be their most dominant achievements. 

Real leadership would not only bring about an appreciation for the unborn, it would bring about an appreciation for the entire country. Women for the most part are treated as chattel by the Right Wing. Their bodies are property and they need to have respect for the demands on their bodies for reproductive capacity. Women seeking abortions are characterized with defaming and depersonalizing descriptions that have become iconic to the arguments.

Somehow women that seek abortions hate children and our national interests hang in the balance. ??????????????

There are crimes that occur across the spectrum of our democracy and the deaths of live fetus at the hand of a physician that preyed on the impoverished is such a thing. There are not a rash number of these clinics. To date it would appear to be a singular clinic. So, of course, today there were exaggerations and instillation of fear as if this clinic was the norm. It the poverty that is the problem, not the clinic. The clinic was a symptom of the poverty. But, of course that is just an excuse for making an argument, the Right Wing is not serious about legislation that could change the rights of all women, not just those at the Gosnell clinic.

If women legislators seriously want to carry out this debate; there are reasonable ways of doing it and it is not passing around pictures of aborted fetuses as with the Late Term Abortion Ban. That is less than dignified and while it has an emotional reaction, it is a contrived reality and AGAIN it is not epidemic in the country. 

To date, the USA has a growing population and to the joy of Jeb Bush there are many minority babies, too. 

The seriousness of the brevity of any of these topics deserves dignity and an intelligent debate. The babies the Right Wing is rallying about will grow up. They will need food and education and health care. For to have children born to poverty, misery and suffering that lasts a lifetime is not the responsibility of a government. The responsibility of any government is to relieve the suffering of it's people and provide purpose to their lives. A purpose beyond that of a military assignment and wars to fight. 

Based on today, the Right Wing isn't close to being prepared for the debate. Until they are, if they ever are, they will rally and raise monies for political power and the mess will go on. But, for Judge Ginsberg to entertain the idea Roe v Wade was too much is not correct. She has compassion for both sides I am sure and she worries about the health and well being of women, but, let's face it; either there is a right to have an abortion or there isn't. It is a yes or no issue and if that is extreme then she is sitting on the wrong court.

By Emily Bazelon
Posted Tuesday, May 14, 2013, at 3:08 PM
Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (click here) doubled down over the weekend on her ongoing criticism of Roe v. Wade. Ginsburg’s concern is about backlash: She says that by issuing the ruling that legalized abortion across the country in 1973, a group of “unelected old men” stopped the momentum that was building among the states. "That was my concern, that the court had given opponents of access to abortion a target to aim at relentlessly," she said at the University of Chicago Law School. "My criticism of Roe is that it seemed to have stopped the momentum that was on the side of change."

Ginsburg posed an alternative: “judicial restraint.” As she put it, “The court can put its stamp of approval on the side of change and let that change develop in the political process." This may have implications for the court’s twin cases this term about gay marriage: There will be no majority on the court for a sweeping “50 state solution”—a ruling that would strike down state bans on gay marriage, given the constitution’s promise of equality, and allow same-sex couples to marry everywhere in the country. Justice Anthony Kennedy sent a similar signal in March when he answered a question about whether the court decides too many issues that could be left for the legislature. "I think it's a serious problem,” Kennedy said. “A democracy should not be dependent for its major decisions on what nine unelected people from a narrow legal background have to say."...

Thank you. This entire community is breathing a sigh of relief.

These vehicles are a part of the family. When one feels as though they can't trust a vehicle where their child safety seats ride, it is a terrible feeling. It feels like a betrayal.

Thank you. Jeep has done the right thing and I have a tear in my eye to know people I know will be happier when this recall happens to their vehicle.

Please don't do this again. This is important. There are jobs and lives involved. Stop listening to stupid lawyers. We are a nation of people and we belong to each other. Kindly remember that.

DETROIT -- Chrysler (click here) abruptly agreed to recall 2.7 million older model Jeeps Tuesday, reversing a defiant stance and avoiding a possible public relations nightmare over fuel tanks that can rupture and cause fires in rear-end collisions. 

In deciding on the recall, Chrysler sidestepped a showdown with government safety regulators that could have led to public hearings with witnesses providing details of deadly crashes involving the Jeeps. The dispute ultimately could have landed in court and hurt Chrysler's image and its finances. 

The company said calls from customers concerned about the safety of their Jeeps played a part in its going along with the government's request....
I hope everyone, including Louis Lerner, sues Darryl Issa. This is malicious. This is not governance. People with careers, families and obligations take these attacks very seriously. They should have recourse against this level of malicious handling of a government inquiry.

This is a shame. Issa has no credibility.

President Obama is one of the finest Presidents this country has ever known and this is how he is treated. His approval rating has been effected which means some of the country actually believes Issa. This is really a shame.

There weren't even any 'rouge' agents. They were people willing to carry out the orders of the Supreme Court, but, struggled to do it. They were earnestly honest employees of the IRS, not rouge agents.

- On May 14, 2013, you stated: (click here)“This was the targeting of the president’s political enemies effectively and lies about it during the election year, so that it wasn’t discovered until afterwards.”

- On June 3, 2013, House Appropriations Committee Chairman Hal Rogers stated: “Of course, the enemies list out of the White House that IRS was engaged in shutting down or trying to shut down the conservative political viewpoint across the country—an enemies list that rivals that of another president some time ago.”

- On June 12, 2013, Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp stated: “We know it didn’t originate in Cincinnati.”

These facts are a far cry from accusations of a conspiracy orchestrated by the White House to target the President’s political enemies. At this point in the investigation, not one witness who has appeared before the Committee has identified any involvement by any White House officials in the identification or screening of Tea Party applicants for tax exempt status, and the Committee has obtained no documents indicating any such involvement....

Find good homes for your books.

While the Summer Sessions are engaged and the Fall Season is around the corner in most of colleges and universities, I decided to go through my bookshelves. I have some wonderful books. Many I will never part with, but, there are some simply collecting dust.

So, I thought I'd list those on Amazon. I don't ask much. Just a nominal amount for handling really. I just wanted to find good homes for them. See books are labor. At some point in time they were written so others could labor with the knowledge they provided. So they are important to me. The author(s), their work and the richness it has added to my life.

Today, my heart leapt when I received an order from a High School teacher for one of my physics books. I was smiling from ear to ear. She is a lucky lady because the book is in excellent condition with a few good notes in the margins. But, she got a real bargain and when I reflected on the reward of providing a teacher a book she wanted for a very good price I almost wished I never asked a dime.

At a time in our nation's history when so many teachers express their dedication by spending their own monies to support the learning of their students; find a way to share the books on your shelves you no longer want or need. It feels really good.

No respect. The gun industry has no respect. We knew they had no conscience, but, no respect is a new one.

With just two weeks to go (click here) before sales of high capacity magazines will be illegal in Colorado, Magpul Industries released a 40-round version of its popular PMAG magazine, offering a limited supply to Colorado customers hoping to beat the deadline.

“[T]he PMAG 40 provides 10 more rounds of capacity before requiring a reload — which could be a life saving difference,” the company wrote on its Facebook page. “This new ‘safe capacity’ offering is ideally suited for those who may need to respond to multiple threats without extra rifle magazines carried on their person, or for military members looking for an extra margin of safety in high-tempo operations.”...

"Life saving difference." It depends whom's life is trying to be save.

I didn't know the military freelanced. 

No respect for human life. It was enough to realize there were insults to 'life' at times for hunting and a purpose for guns, but, this is obvious disrespect for human life.

These CEOs know full well what tragedy these weapons cause in the USA. 

You know. Mexico needs to outlaw guns and high capacity clips. It should make it a priority for enforcement to protect police and military. This is a sure sign the gun industry intends to escalate the danger to people everywhere. This is nothing like I expected from them, but, I of course was counting on people being decent with a conscience. I would be wrong.

The UN needs to take a look at this. You know they are already being purchased by legally licensed gun owners to be shipped elsewhere in the world for a profit. They are also being sold by the manufacturer with the intention of 'picking and chosing' winners in any battle. Now, rebels everywhere can 'opt' for the 'expensive' engagement and out gun any authority.

The Olympics are at risk, everything is. Most militaries in the world are not prepared for any of this.

There needs to be a global ban on this junk. Seriously. If it isn't bad enough already, the intention is now very, very clear.

Mars? Really? I really think we need to pick up where we left off with the Shuttle though. Moon, first.

Then deep space. A lot to be done on the deep space front.

NASA should instill a sense of purpose to the American taxpayer. Their newest Astronauts would be the best PR program NASA could have. They need to talk to folks to bring the nation on board.

Don't leave without us. 

Victor J. Glover. Nasa has eight new astronauts – its first new batch in four years. Photograph: Nasa

June 18, 2013
Amanda Holpuch

Members of Nasa's (click here) newest astronaut class, a group that includes the highest number of women since the program began more than 50 years ago, have been speaking about their selection.
The agency's 21st astronaut class, announced on Monday, includes four women and four men, who made it through a pool of 6,100 applicants, the largest ever. Those who make it through the program will have the opportunity to be on missions to the Earth's orbit, an asteroid and Mars.
"My parents are going to be excited. They know this has been a lifelong goal," said Tyler Hague, 37. "My brothers, as they always do, will give me a hard time."
Hague said it was his third time applying for the program. Since the program began in 1959, 330 people have made it through the selection process....

Hillary needs to consider herself drafted.

"Hillary Clinton had to give up her political operation while she was making us proud, representing us around the world as an incredible Secretary of State, and that’s why Ready for Hillary is so critical,” McCaskill said in a statement. “It’s important that we start early, building a grassroots army from the ground up, and effectively using the tools of the Internet – all things that President Obama did so successfully – so that if Hillary does decide to run, we’ll be ready to help her win.”

Congratulations, President Karzai

I hope he holds room in his peace initiative for the Taliban to stop assigning hate of Americans.

I am more than grateful that man has a second term in the White House. We might actually be able to instill peace in the world.

NATO solders walk towards a Chinook helicopter after a ceremony at a military academy on the outskirts of Kabul, Afghanistan. (Rahmat Gul/Associated Press)

By Kathleen Hennessey
June 18, 2013

ENNISKILLEN, Northern Ireland (click here) -- Senior Obama administration officials said Tuesday that the Taliban has agreed to participate in peace talks based in Qatar, a key step forward in the effort to jump-start a political resolution of the war in Afghanistan ahead of U.S. plans to withdraw troops.

Officials said direct talks between U.S. officials and Taliban representatives could begin this week in Doha and would be followed soon after by a meeting between the Taliban and the High Peace Council, which will represent the Afghan government in the talks.
The opening of the Qatar office has long been a goal of U.S. officials seeking to move forward a diplomatic process ahead of the planned withdrawal of U.S. forces next year. Officials expressed cautious optimism about the prospects of the negotiations, and stressed that U.S. will act as a “facilitator” in the process....

September 11, 2001 was the first time the USA was struck by such attacks.

It became an opportunity to turn the USA away from it's foundation beliefs as reflected in the USA Constitution and Bill of Rights and create a culture of fear.

September 11th was never put into context. The USA treated it as if it were the first act of such violence on Earth.

Twenty years ago a dog by the name of Zanjeer died. On March 25, 2013 a grateful nation remembered him.

March 25, 2013
Stephanie Henkel, Global Animal

Twenty years ago, (click here) a series of twelve bombs detonated throughout the city of Mumbai leaving 257 dead and 713 injured.
According to Reuters, thousands of lives were saved thanks to a brave golden labrador named Zanjeer. The heroic canine detected more than 3,329 kgs of explosive RDX, 600 detonators, 249 hand grenades, and 6,406 rounds of live ammunition. Zanjeer, a treasured member of the Mumbai Police Bomb Detection and Disposal Squad, also helped avert other potential explosions by detecting three more bombs in the days following the initial blasts....

These are not the most recent Mumbai attacks, this happened in 1993. Just because Western politicians were not open and honest about what the world is really like to 'keep it simple' for election purposes; doesn't mean they are doing the right thing when 'the truth' is finally revealed.

My education to the real reality began when I started reading The International Herald Tribune on a daily basis. The IHT featured a 'peoples' and their culture everyday. It addressed their circumstances and their lives. It made real to me the cloistered lives Americans lead from day to day.

The Spindletop oilfield, (click here) discovered on a salt dome formation south of Beaumont in eastern Jefferson County on January 10, 1901, marked the birth of the modern petroleum industry....

Black Gold and when the wells ran dry on land, they went to the sea and when the wells were expensive offshore they took geologists and traveled the globe. USA foreign policy and interests empowered dictators to rule countries where American companies drilled for oil that would be used by The West. They caused and continue to cause hardship. 

Osama bin Laden caught up with it and made plans to destroy the West and all it valued. That same 'interest' in American expansionism still exists. People have risen up in the Middle East and there is no going back now, although those without ideas think they should and could. The worst possible reality Americans could have is to think they are immune from the anger their government has propagated in their interest simply because we are one decade out from that tragedy on September of 2001.

The USA has to begin the process of dismantling the fear of this nation across the globe if Americans are to have meaningful lives with any degree of safety. As the Middle East recovers from it's oppression, the worst that can happen is for Americans to believe they have to impose it all over again. It is that paradigm of willful domination at the end of a missile that China and Russia stands against. I suggest we take it seriously and find in roads to peace and non-proliferation at every turn.

The House Republicans have now set abortion on the national stage as an election issue.

This is not about abortions. This is not about babies. This is not about Pro-Life. This is about the very impoverished political agenda of the Right Wing.

The Right Wing doesn't mind pandering to babies when it SERVES THEIR PURPOSE, but, protect them from guns on the street; there just ain't no way.

If women were more important in the minds of the electorate, abortion would be open to all women. But, babies play well for Republicans and this is what concerns them. They don't care that babies are born into the impoverished South with no future and no upward movement. They care about making babies, THE UNBORN, more important than a citizen in the USA.

This is an outrage. It will lead to an increase in both woman, mother and infant deaths. With that a reality, the Republicans will do it ANYWAY they can. They have no ideas, they have only rhetoric and playing on the sympathies of their impoverished voters.

WASHINGTON (AP) — The abortion wars return to Congress in a big way with House legislation to ban almost all abortions after a fetus reaches the age of 20 weeks.

The legislation expected to pass the Republican-controlled House as early as Tuesday has no chance of becoming law in the near future: The Democratic-led Senate will ignore it and the White House has issued a veto threat. But the measure gives social conservatives a rare chance to promote their anti-abortion agenda and lays the groundwork for what could be a future challenge to the 1973 Supreme Court decision that confirmed a woman’s right to late-term abortions.

The two sides in the abortion debate agreed at least on the importance of the measure.

National Right to Life Committee legislative director Douglas Johnson said it was the ‘‘most significant piece of pro-life legislation to come before the House since the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act’’ that was enacted in 2003. Rep. John Conyers of Michigan, top Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee, said the bill ‘‘clearly is an attack on women’s constitutional right to choose and is one of the most far-reaching bans on abortion this committee has ever considered.’’...

This is what validates Republicans as DENSE. They never hear the truth.

George W. Bush and Richard Cheney DID disregard the USA Constitution. 

Republicans are DENSE when it serves their purpose, no different than when disregarding the USA Constitution serves their purpose.

This program went to crony interests for many, many reasons including 'growing an economy' because why? Why would this be seen as a real opportunity to grow the economy? The private sector? Why? 

Because Republicans have NO IDEAS ! 

So, what the heck, let's just break loyalty to the USA Constitution and throw it to the cronies who will treat us right in 2004! 

Of course, the cronies are interested in National Security and will guard it with their lives. No different than Wall Street was going to bounce right back and provide loans to a failing USA economy at the hands of Republicans.

Republicans are loyal to no one except Republicans and their funding sources. National security is nothing, the USA Treasury is LITERALLY nothing and lives of Americans are nothing. 

Americans made good soldiers and at least 47% of them are disposable during a limited nuclear exchange with Russia.

A man of great hope should not be denied.

TEHRAN, June 17 (Xinhua) -- Iran's president-elect, Hassan Rouhani, (click here) said Monday that his administration will build " constructive interaction" with world.
"Today, a new opportunity for interaction with the world has emerged," said Rouhani at his first press conference after his election.
"We hope that all the world countries take advantage of this opportunity, since using this chance will benefit all sides," he added.
The incoming president stressed that "interaction with Iran will be in the interest of both the Islamic republic and the world. "...

This map is from Wikipedia:

It serves a very profound purpose. We know it is fairly accurate because of the distribution of people in Indonesia.

I am sure I have addressed this before, but, since there is a new Shi'ite leader in the world it deserves to be addressed again. 

The Muslim faith has many faces. The majority of the denominations are noted above. What is profound about this map is the fact the people within this faith occupy a certain area of the world. Each denomination is nearly regional specific. It is somewhat natural for people of a faith to find themselves growing up in the faith of their birth and therefore higher populations exist of one faith or another in regions; except for any diaspora.

While Indonesia has been an established sovereignty for a long time, Iran has not. 

This is also from Wiki and it is more straight forward in outlining Sunni and Shi'ite.

The Shi'ites cannot be denied their homeland if the global community wants to be respected and have other interests such as a sovereign and respected Israel. 

I am not expecting The West to completely dissolve their apprehensions over night, but, what I am expecting is an open dialogue to renew understandings and bring Iran's Shi'ite leadership away from radicalization. 

Iran's transformation from Shi'ite diaspora to sovereign Shi'ite nation did not happen without a radicalization of the people. The same is true of the Palestinians under Arafat. What is so astounding to me is how The West expects immediate recognition of their 'saintly enlightenment' when it happens without backlash of recognized suffering of people under The West's thumb for decade after decade. 

The West did not accumulate it's wealth, which Wall Street has managed to fritter away without conscience, without oppressing peoples of other nations. I do not deny the right for any sovereign nation to exist, but, in the case of the Middle East there has been oppression of people during the 'oil years.' That has to stop. These people have a right to their sovereign nations and it that oppression being realized with the Arab Spring. 

The new President of Iran was blessed by the Supreme Leader of Iran otherwise he would not have been the choice of the people. It is amazing how the Supreme Leader has appealed to his people to realize their place in the great rise of the Shi'ite people. I expect President-Elect Hassan Rouhani to be respected for his willingness to fill a void of legitimacy the Shi'ites have longed for and deserved. 

I expect The West to work with President-Elect Rouhani to bring about a peaceful Middle East. This is a turning point for the Middle East. It can be a good one or a bad one and the opportunity before all of us will not occur again. I strongly suggest all nations welcome President-Elect Rouhani and direct admirable and peaceful conclusions from this reawakening event.

Good luck. I am quite confident all parties will need more than any luck I can wish them to accomplish greatness or this outcome.

The Indonesia government recognizes the needs of the poor and honors them. I wish they would build some wind turbines, but, this will do for now. They have amazingly horrible wildfires, too.

June 17, 2013

Indonesia's parliament paved the way (click here) on Monday for a jump in gasoline and diesel prices after months of delay that have undermined confidence in the government and the ability of Southeast Asia's biggest economy to continue growing rapidly.

The average 33 percent price rise will cut the government's costly fuel subsidies and could give support to the struggling rupiah after the central bank scrambled last week to prop up the currency as it was caught in an emerging market selloff.

After a 12-hour, often noisy session, parliament voted 65 percent in favor of a revised budget for the year, which includes cash compensation for the poor to help them cope with the higher fuel costs. President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono had demanded aid for the poor before he would sign off on higher prices....